Road im gon na check out the nitrons today, all right guys so were taking a quick look at the night runs of waterloo right here on 44 upper waterloo, road kingston, it um this project has started a while now, but it has been on a pause. They have paused for a while as well, so basically no work is happening over there, so it was being marketed marketed as a luxury apartment, complex apartment, complex, sorry um, which was next door to the echelon which ill show you guys a glimpse of, and when i Set up the drone, you guys will be able to see um the echelon, much clearer as well. So this is where the nitrons of waterloo is right here on upper waterloo. Road few minutes from mega mart waterloo ill. Show you guys that on the drone video as well, so you guys definitely stay tuned um for the drone video, so you guys can see some aerial shot. So its a couple seconds, literally from the hlan and also close by, is to recent commercial development ill show. You guys a glimpse thats one of them and then the other is in the corner. But again, when i set up the drone, you guys will be able to see those two commercial developments a bit clearer. Along with you know, the foundation work that that has started over by nitrons uh. You guys were able to see the echelon as well from aerial view, and also you know, the mega mart area so definitely stay tuned for the drone.

Video remember to like the video. Remember to share the video remember to subscribe: subscribing subscribe Music. Let me show you guys a glimpse of the echelon from here all right, so its kind of hard to see the echelon from here, but the june will show it up better. You can see the top right there and before the echelon was finished, i did a full walk through um, a full video tour of the hlan so ill put that in the link for you guys. So you can definitely check out the echelon apartment from a walkthrough standpoint before they were finished, so definitely wait for that ill. Put it the link in the comments for the edgeline walk through and tour all right. So this is a apartment, complex uh, john blair court, and then these are the two relatively new commercial developments. Music, all right guys so were gon na set up the drone.