You know its rush. The discover boss so were back on wellington drive did some recent videos with the covered ambani estate. You can check that out ill put it in the comments. If you havent seen that luxury town house villa development prices range up to 2 million us uh, we did um ‘w as well. Thats another luxury, futuristic design apartment complex. You guys can check out those videos, so today were taking a look at wellington. Roads thats been under construction for quite a while its moving a bit. You know too slow for my liking. Um. The billboard has lost this color, but you guys can probably see the design what it should be like when its finished so thats how it should look when its finished wellington rose right here on wellington drive all right, so its moving a bit slow. So not much has changed since the last time i came here um, but its close to the ‘, w close to ambani estates close to ligoni and its the wellington rules. Of course, this is a drone video, so you guys definitely stay tuned, so you get some drone shots when im finished with the intro ill. Try to send a drone into ligonier as well. So you guys get some glimpses of ligoni um, which is the the tone close to this development, so guys stay tuned for that wellington rose remember to like remember, to comment and remember to definitely share the video as well, and if you have watched a few videos And havent yet subscribed not sure what youre waiting on but subscribing is free, subscribe, join.

The family were growing and were heading to 20 000 subscribers all right. So what i want to show you guys a glimpse off as well is a toenails very close by, like ten five seconds drive from here um. They did a really good engineering job with it. They dug down the stone off the inside and created three toe noses. So im gon na show you guys a glimpse of that. Every time i come and look at the wellington rose. I always um. I like it as well so lets head on out all right, so the rain was falling earlier. So its literally right here right at the foot of ultra road but im gon na, pass it and then get a better shot all right. So this is a look from the other angle. So we have wellington, rose down the road, and then this was just an ill style. Sorry ill side basically stone, so they they dug down the stone and created those three tonnos units see that three are two though it could be, could be two probably one with with more bedroom than the other, but um its a real good use of space and Its its some real engineering, artwork um, it was built very quickly as well, its not a very large, you know complex, so they finished in no time all it needs now is some color and some tenants to enjoy uh. They wont have any neighbors, though well were not too close by, but yeah.

I just wanted to. I like that as well. Um, as we are like the wellington roads they when i set up the drone ill, try give you guys some error shots of that small toenails development as well, so stay tuned, guys stay tuned for the drone stay tuned for the rest of the video. Thanks for clicking, thanks for watching thanks for subscribing thanks for commenting thanks for all those who do need through paypal thanks to everyone. So thanks for clicking on this video and well set up the drone, now: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music Applause, Music, Music.