I dont do a lot of unboxing videos, but i thought this one was worth it to do. An unboxing video because the product in here called the splash drone 4 is not like anything else on the market that ive ever seen or heard of so i want to check it out by doing an unboxing, video and then im going to follow up that unboxing Video with a flight on land to see how it works with the camera and everything else, and then im going to do a flight over water and in water to see how it works as well. But this is just the unboxing video when i show you this drone its almost like taking this. This is a dji phantom 4 pro, and what, if you put this drone on steroids and you made it waterproof and you made it able to fly in every weather imaginable in a long distance land in the ocean land in lakes, look under water with the camera. Come up and fly flip over if it gets upside down in the ocean. Everything else well thats what this one does. So what i want to do is unbox it here and show you what uh we have in the box now, let me just put it down! So i can take it out there well its huge, so it comes in a carry case pulling it on the box and these guys here swell pro. They sent me this for review.

So i reviewed drones on my channel. As you know, and companies contact me every day, i have probably about 50 or 100 companies. That contact me wanting to send me stuff and im very picky, because i only have so much time. So i only say yes to certain things and thats. Why, when you see reviews on my channel its usually reviews of things i really like, and i dont review crap, so i say no to the crap and yes to the stuff. Thats not crap, and this company here has made some really awesome drones in the past, and i had one on my channel called the spry plus and they are not a company that makes crap so yeah. So were going to take a look at this one today. I will warn you, though, when you check this drone out. It is very, very expensive because it is the only type of drone like this on the market, so theres, no, no competition, no comparison, so you have to really want a drone like this to buy this. So lets take a look at what is in the box that you get for your money. So this is how you carry it around and i will say its got a bit of a weight to it. Its got a bit of weight with that box. So lets open it up ill see. If i can. Oh, i just smashed everything over there ill see. If i can show you whats in the box, all right im, gon na tip it this way.

So here we go, and this is what they sent me theres. Our drone, you can see its massive in size this thing here. This drone can lift a huge payload like. Let me see, ive got it down here. It can lift 2 kilograms in payload, which is 2.2 pounds. That means this drone is designed to lift a huge fishing lure far out into the ocean and drop it. It has a release system in it to drop things now, if you notice the color on it, its also designed for search and rescue and the camera underneath can come with three options, so you get three different types of camera im, not sure which one they sent Me everything is waterproof on here, including the controller and its a digital signal that comes back to you. Instead of an analog signal, so its pretty sweet flight time with the included battery up here, maybe you cant see it looks like they sent me. Two batteries uh flight time per battery is 30 minutes, so thats a good flight time with this thing range is about five kilometers and, like i said, the video signal back comes back to an app on your phone, which is connected to the controller, and everything is Waterproof here motors on here, you can already see as im holding it. They are massive in size. Look at look at how bring a phantom over here lets see, look at the puny phantom compared to this thing.

This is a phantom 4 pro with the little puny motors on it. This thing here has massive motors designed to be used in the ocean in the water, all corrosion resistant, massive strength for lifting and flying its really really rated for flying uh all year long. So you got winter, you got arctic, you got uh out in the waters on windy with the ocean waves. If you live in ireland with the winds blowing all over the place, this is the drone for you to do everything and, as you can imagine, this here is really sold to people who own boats and who are on the water a lot. So the controller down here has a dynamic gps and the new gps. In here from the specs, i read its super sensitive, so no matter where youre standing on a boat. With this controller, the drone will come back to you. It doesnt matter where youve moved the boat to, since you launched it its always calculating where you are, and it will return back to where you are so now lets uh, take each component out and see what they gave me here. All right so lets put this here and try not to knock over everything. First thing i pulled out of the box is one of these compartments and its got a bunch of cool things in it that i cant seem to pull out there. I got it out. Oh, i see there its got another little piece here: ill pull this out and some other items here.

So this would be your release system. There you go. You can see that thats the payload release. This is an option. So when you order this here drone you have to order this separately or at the same time, and it will come. This fits on the bottom and you flick a button on your controller and you can drop whatever you were. Holding next thing, im going to pull out is one of the batteries. They are massive in size. What size are they does it say it on here: 14.8 volts, 6, 600 milliamp hours, so they are massive inside lipo battery and look at them theyre, waterproof theyre. In a waterproof case – and this button here would be this water sealed button here would be to show you how much power is remaining yeah, so the charging system would probably hook onto this section and you charge it up see if i can pull out the controller. This controller here is all waterproof check that out isnt that the coolest looking controller – you have a display down here for your telemetry, and it also tells you stuff – you hook your phone to this unit up here. You flip this out its all aluminum, so itd be corrosion proof waterproof aluminum, i like the texture. The texture is really good. You can tell its definitely made for the water, because its got one of those textures on it for a device that would go in the water, the ocean, all the buttons on here.

You can see theyre all uh sealed so that you dont get water in them. The joysticks as well, you even have dials on the back here. Everything is labeled on the front. Let me see if theres any power ill hit the power button here. Ive never turned this on. So oh look at that lights up so there we go. It says something that i cant read because its facing you but anyways theres everything and you have these little dials here you can adjust for sensitivity certain aspects from what i was reading with these two dials and i just looked at the back, and i think this Is where you charge it up its a seal? There looks like you would plug something in there to charge this unit up, so lets see im going to yank out the drone itself and everything is falling out here. What do we have all sorts of stuff falling off here so lets smash my mic up there. You can see theres no camera attached at the moment. So if i turn upside down, you can see thats where youre gon na put your payload system and your camera on the bottom and it hooks on somehow, which i dont know. Oh its got little so it says on the bottom payload and it says usb pairing button and it says sdk. Oh so i guess theres an sdk for this. An sdk is something i can there an sdk if youre not familiar with an sdk and sdk means that developers can develop new software and applications for this product, so its yeah.

Anybody can develop something new for it and it has gimbal camera at the top. So everything i just read ill show you the bottom again and you can see it there we go. Can you see? Oh everything is labeled and its on the bottom. This thing is very large in size and you can see on either side here. I believe that would be your antennas looks like antennas, yeah and theyve got two on either side and theyre, held on by aluminum struts right here and so yeah. You probably push them out like this. When you go fly it. So it has a really good signal range lets. Look at the top there we have the top right there. You can see this where your battery goes back here. Theres a cover so youd have a dial to pull off to access the cover to put the battery. In there we go ive, just unlatched where the battery would go. You pull this out and you would put a battery in and holy crap. Is that a third battery not a sec holy crap? They sent me three batteries. I could fly all day with this. Yeah ive got three batteries, one in the drone and two in the case theres. Those giant motors im interested see how the props will come because look at how they are very different than im used to yeah, so pretty sweet. The legs on the bottom – they do look like they are removable.

If you didnt want these legs. These legs are obviously designed for going in the water, their carbon fiber. As i look at it with little rubber things here, uh yeah, it looks like if you had to take them off for some reason, you could say you land in the water like this, a wave hits it puts it upside down. It has the ability to just cause itself to flip back over lets, see what else is in the box. So you get some instructions here and i havent read them open them. I know nothing about how to operate this thing. Yet uh you get props. Do you give to get spare props so one two, three four? Yes, i have props here and i read that they are not your normal chibi props, theyre, actually, carbon fiber since youre landing in the water. You want them light and strong, and oh my god they are carbon. Fiber check that out carbon fiber props are very expensive, thats for sure, usually thats. What everybody upgrades to so this is very high quality and ive got one two. So ive got four for the drone and an extra set here. So if i break any ive got an extra set, so thats good. What else is in here? Another thing theres all these compartments in this case, so they give you two usb, oh, so this would be to charge up your controller. You see its got the round end on it.

If i bring that close, the camera doesnt focus on me and instead focuses on this item. You can see its got a round end and then a normal usb here that was in this little thing. Then there we go thats what i was looking for. There we go so we have a power brick for the battery to charge up the battery and it looks like you can only charge up one battery at a time. There is not a multi brick charger device at the end at least i cant see so its charging up one battery at a time, and then you have this box, which i believe would be the camera they sent me. So they have three different types of cameras and im showing you that on the screen right now and lets see the one they sent me, they know im im a photographer, so they probably sent me one for filming, which would be the most common that most of You would get unless youre into search and rescue or something. So let me just show you what it looks like so inside the case its a very nice uh, aluminum structure, thing here, design and uh. Somehow it comes out there we go. I got ta pull this other thing to get it out, just make sure dont lose anything theres, all sorts of hardware, parts falling out and theres our camera. So let me just pull this off well see what they sent me yeah, so thats a three axis: gimbal uh, 4k camera.

So bring that close. There. We go three axis: gimbal 4k camera. How is it i have no idea, i havent tried it yet. So i have to check that out, but it is designed to shoot uh in all types of weather, as well as land in an ocean. Oceans are saltwater and very corrosive, but this here, obviously the gimbals and everything on it can withstand the corrosion and they dont corrode. So this is designed to be in the water and look around and look around the water and check it out. Apparently, this drone actually has a new type of boat mode in it where you could drive it around like an rc boat. So in other words, you can land in the water and then go into like some sort of rc boat mode cruise around the water. Like an rc boat with your camera, looking underwater to look for things or check out stuff, one thing i have to say is: i have no idea how this all goes back in the box, but im gon na guess, because this is how you take it out To the field to go, use it so ill have to figure that out, uh ill have to charge everything up. I do want to show you this, so the drone here once again im just to put this drone here and let me just grab a phantom 4 pro so heres this drone with no props on it.

Can i even fit this in with the box, but let me see if i can do this, so i just want to show you to give you a size comparison everybodys used to a dji phantom 4 theres a phantom 4 pro – and here is the splash drone. 4., you can see theres a massive difference, so this here can lift a little bit. This can lift a lot and this can fly in massive winds and this can fly in okay, wins so thats. Why? I say the person who buys this uh youre going to be looking for a specialty type drone for a purpose. You have not just flying around filming the kids, but if youre somebody who has a boat and does a lot of boating activities on the ocean or lake, then this is the drone youre going to want, as well as, if youre, a person who fishes out in The ocean uh: this is what youre going to want, because its designed for fishing with its release mechanism thats, underneath you could also use that payload release to release other things. You know fly around and have something hanging off the bottom. That weighs like two pounds and then drop it someplace its up to you thats why they say its good for search and rescue as well so uh, and that – and i guess they have cameras for search and rescue as well. For that sort of thing and other options uh that i can see its its pretty its pretty well designed theyve configured this here product to work with many applications all right enough of me chatting.

This was just an unboxing video next thing. Im gon na have to do is charge up the batteries read the manual learn how to fly it and then take it out and then show you some video of it flying on land and flying in the water and showing you all the features. Those videos will be coming up in the future between those videos and since youre, watching this video theres probably going to be other videos of other products, but eventually theyll show up where i have this out and do some video of this. Its just that i have so many things to review that i cant just focus all on one item, all right guys, thanks for watching this video. If you have questions on this drone, you can only ask me questions right now about the unboxing as more videos come out with me flying this and doing all the features and everything then youre gon na learn just as much as im gon na learn. At the same time, alright guys until then take care. If you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and i will catch you in future videos with many more reviews till then bye, Music.