We are seasons all of us Music growing in the light fading in the dark Music. It was the same yet never changed. Music, Music, Music, ugh dont be afraid, Music, bruh, ah youre, fine get up. Youre good brothers dead. Only call one seven five, its call of duty time boys. I know youve been waiting for this one. Here we go call of duty, gameplay man, it looks so beautiful call 175, oh hes, so slow and not agile, like the channel, no channel, agile yeah. What do you want? Worms have swarmed the sector, but we will prevail. You will prevail. Okay, so, first of all it you notice very clearly from the start that he is wounded. Hes, like oh im, limping im limping, but he good. You know the like eye. Doesnt bother him, you know he he is like super strong. I super strong, bro, Music youre getting star wars crash call pilot call finish, mission. Okay, i can now fire the queens i can have ammo and stuff on the right side of the screen. You see that i got some stats there. I can even sprint. I can jump, cannot pull a jump. Cant roll die, sentience, gumbo, very atmospheric. I love the feeling. Man got myself the grakata here we go reloading. We got me. Yeah baby eat this machete dude. You got ta play this in ultrawide. You see everything so much cooler man, you got ta, try it guys middle mouse button does nothing.

So first ability is like a napon grenade of thing. You see that you can throw a grenade like that. Second, ability deploys a frontal blunt: you can hide behind like this right. You can crouch its vertibility doesnt do anything. So i got one and two thats it pilot is dead. Oh Music. What is mission now Music missing, that bloated conscience? Swats us down like flies, were grounded, call, stop, tell call, call stop bruh impossible, so the blunt is highly useful. Actually, you dont take any more damage when you hide behind its perfect alive. What if food is bomb im telling you dude call brother, yes, find something with a high enough yield hurry up, thats it. I got two abilities one and two one is from grenade. Second, one you deploy blunt Applause, ammon needs to for recharge queens yeah. We come into full of damage there im out of ammo on the way i saw some ammo things on the ground, but ive ignored them. My i dont have any more grenades: either Applause, so i got ta meet him down, so dont spam, your stuff for the sake of spamming. It, like you, normally do with a warframe right, because we dont care. If you go out of ammo its, not a good thing, as you can see – oh my god, the ray of death of doom ill just stay out of that. Thank you very much. Wheres ammo. Look for the ammo thing.

You guys know with the green thing we used to track and down and the planes at bubala. We dont do that because you know we got ammo coming out. Oh my god, i made it mama. Okay, so far is awesome. Bb, Music, Music, okay, so drop some stuff off, or did it drop or suck some stuff? I think those are like. Oh i get it. I get it like in the show there, so you got ta stay out of the light. This is call of stealth. Mode searches must not see, call yeah. I must not see out of the way out of the way the way the way the way the way the way. Oh, oh, oh yeah, you didnt, see me im here. I am call of duty. Okay, you didnt see me you didnt, see me, you didnt see me im super stealth mode. Super sneak! Oh you didnt see me im cloaking ill, just make a run for it. Good yeah cause think really good its just that the enemy saw you and its shooting at you, but the rest is fine. Ammo, a burrito, perfect size, burrito get it for the queens Music. These are not like cut scenes cutscenes. These are legitimate like gameplay right with just like zoom ins and outs and stuff, so theyre not cgi at all, and they look hella cool man im noticing some frame loss here and there. But what can you do? The brothers attack big jump? Oh, i mean poor call getting tossed around like a ragdoll again.

Hes only got one good eye and one good leg for the love of christ. This is call of use Music, thats nasty, oh theres, a rhino theres, a rhino confirmed, call next rhino. Oh daddy got gun there, we go. I love the fact that shes just spitting you are so close. Look at the reflections and stuff and your brothers shall live to fight another day, theres the secondary fire. There thats it detonate at the base of that logic contracts. Oh ammo, okay, dont, ignore these, like i have. If you go in and you press x just to make sure you got enough, you know take them from behind this. Guy is like a mini boss. Im a dodge shoot you! I got ta get behind that stupid shield of his wait. Do i shoot the center of the shield or no? No, i got ta get behind him. I learned this one from the meta you press e for wind, see what i got ta do is eat. I think one more ought to do it, but i dont want a suicide dude. I like playing call of duty, get your handkerchies out hallmark moment: king Music, Music, Music, so metal, Music Applause, Music, dont be afraid, like dont, be afraid. Dude, have you looked in the mirror, lady dont be afraid. All i am is afraid thanks so much for the subscription guys. I appreciate that cheers and the cheers love that too. I love you guys its just that im focused on the quest.

This is a loading screen, its so its not interactive. So i cant do things like you. Do the orbiter, but its like pretty hey vessel whats going on bruh, you seemed a little uh stressed: hes got a plinks, of course. Hes stressed. I would be stressed too. If all i had was a plinks so heading straight into vessel huh all right, it is me a vessel. I have noticed, oh god, fast to your stations cruise. Our glorious victory is close at hand. Oh and uh. Any remaining tech support. Narrowbanded me at once, confirming tech aboard visa dash are at your service, Music, iso, most lucrative and sagacious visionary. Yes, i can try theres a trace conduit nearby. I can buy power. Yes, do your thing theres a nice bonus in it. If you can all right, i only got one question: what does the geishas mean a breacher moa could clear that spree. I wonder if the robotics dispensers are still functional. Uh, someone watch him ill call it press one all right that might so much hey. Can you clear out that hey clear it off you go, do that youre so proud to do things shoot your breacher moan? Oh, wait, wait! Wait! I got a feeling hes gon na? No, no, you go there. All right, dont, look! Dont! Look this way! Nothings here see: okay, so thats my first ability. What about my second, its, not accessible? Your xbox is broken. Of course your xbox is broken.

You should be on pc and enjoying the ultra wide experience be still here. Her robotics have gone rogue. The sentients must have latched the grid. Someone has yes ill. Pull some meat cruise to cover. You just get look outside and planks right, yeah. What a plinks like, i said, see he watches my guides. He knows whats up, not a boy v, so miso soup im deliberately going slow, so you can take it all in all right. Come at me this weapon too good for you, please more abilities. Okay, so you see the moas there with the little sentient thing. On top of their stupid heads theyve been taken over okay. Finally, i got my sprint cannot bullet jump, but i cant do everything else. Hmm i need to get there call them all hey come preacher moss can fit into places. You cannot. Yes, i am aware, i think you cant call it from there. You got to come here. Hi hey come with me. I got a nice big juicy steak for you come here. Okay, you! You go sit there there over there yeah attaboy. Can you hear that somethings falling down or up get him there? Preacher moans wait! Oh oh, i think i im gon na need another one. Oh okay, sorry i had to sacrifice him. He was getting too fat from all that steak, not falling for the glass good. I need another one. Please add a boy come here come here.

Finally, a useful maw thats mean biker birds. Do it again goes through the lasers like that? What are you ivara, a functioning shield, drone dispenser? Oh, nothing, profit, hey profit. How do i get it? Oh press two hey now, i got two friends with me – see that hes giving me shield all right guys. Oh now, just me its giving the little moa too my way through this im gon na send the thing go. Go doesnt seem to want to go quickly. Now, okay, you, you go all right ill wait here! Your shields are too strong to shoot through. Maybe if i boosted mine, somehow off you go go there, my shield should hold up if im fast, okay. So the point here is to boost your shields right and the way you do that you press two, while aiming at a little more and you get like a lot more shields and then you run like a chicken and do this okay. So that was the point there not to actually destroy the thing, as i thought a little more, not more weird, looking spacey thing, osprey, yeah dont. Look at me like that guys. All i got is a bloody planks. How many hostiles ahead? I cant do this all the whole styles. Okay, i got a striker striker moe. Yes, i pressed the button. I won. Okay, i got a striker mob. Go striker, go strike, him look at striker, more go dude.

He knows how to mod these weapons watch the little lg v on youtube. Have you had a boy maw go go over there thats the ospreys causing the issue, but i got rid of it. I think my little uh striker thing died and i cannot resume another one youre not supposed to spend that much time there youre supposed to go through like this, i believe, see, got my striker out wait. Can i get uh one of those uh stupid? Looking mods too, i have it here: okay, so im full of more now im mowed out time to go. You got a striker one. Turrets ive brought a friend this time, hello again, turrets go there. Oh my god, get him well go fire yeah! Well, win! We won over there. I just wanted to boost shields, and i did uh keep in mind that when youre playing these characters, you do not have vacuums so make sure you run over like stuff like health globes. Yes, yes, you dont need to worry about the ammo because its the planks, maybe the only good thing about it, wheres my striker. I would like health bars for my companion, but i guess, oh, i know im supposed to wait. Wait i dont want to blow up my striker more, so you go there, but the stupid mo go there, hmm that generator scene better days or whatever that is im guessing stay out of the all be sucking things tickle whats taking so long, sir.

You want to disengage fire control from the fleet. I i dont understand how outside okay, i need to get there. I dont know how we need to figure this one out, gentlemen, so this wont open. Oh, i have even a profile. Look i didnt know i have made it. How am i gon na do this? I called in one of those stupid moas. It should be here any minute now because it said ready, okay go over there. Here we go that did not work. Aha, oh okay! So if i send it over there, it goes through the electricity and it dies, so that wont work. What if you go there and you open the door? Okay, pulling the glass, oh yeah, i didnt see the hole in the glass all right. Little more go over. There, no no over here a bit more to the left, a bit hey that didnt work that did not work or someone more okay. Why you why you know blow up? Obviously this is what you need to do over there! Wait! What, if im supposed to blow the glass instead, no all right, listen, moa, okay, go heck over there. Go there, wait a second! What? If, what? If i, what if i spawn a little one of these blowy moas, then send my two on it to give it the shield and yeah give it the shield all right, good and now make it super shield, with my two ability and now make it do things That was it.

That was it. You got a teamwork bruh, you got a teamwork ec that was fun figuring. That out follow me, shoot their mamas wait. I want to use the meat. Not this way wait. Am i supposed to like get on that all right? Fine! You know how different it is from the perspective of somebody who cannot bullet jump. I come back bruh. I screw that one okay, wait can just my moas get on. Am i supposed to put a maw on and then because i cant i cant move. While i press wait okay, so i stand here and then i make my moa over there all right hack that, ah here we go go there. Apologies ideally over the striker mo ill. Put my little shield boy like that: hey par foss, whats up im, looking off to the side, there huh wait. What is he hold on just a second i wan na yeah. I thought the statue was different, ass barbers for help. He always wants money. Never does stuff for free its part of his random. Oh the jackal fight. Wait. Am i supposed to fix you hey little more go fix them, uh! Oh! This is why we need that commando right, back, oops cant face reality. So whats your plan, you mean, i have to okay, i guess hit him in the knees trigger his attack routine. That should leave his shields vulnerable in theory. Clever, get to it um. Am i a traitor to the board? Yes, sir, look a god of damage.

Applause dont blast those shields. While i can trade no shield and that will force your self repair routine, all his power is going to his attack shields. Incredibly dangerous off. You go oh great, more jackals, not taking any damage im missing a trick. Oh, oh, can i jump okay, i can shield and that will force himself for parity. Okay, i need the heck of my thing. Okay, little more go and hack them come on. Come on, come on. Let go let go. Let go oh thats, one way to heck. Oh god, no! No! No! No! No! No! I am so dead. Now i didnt know the electricity floor would be a thing in my defense. Okay, so electricity floor is a thing spread out one more time spawn all the moss in for the assault one to attack. Music. Okay, go go! This should be it. I got the shield on the little one. This should be it. Yes, i was right from the start, thats exactly what you needed to do, but you just got to time everything right. So basically, it works like this deplete the shield using your free ability, so thats the assault mala after that. You use your first moa to blow up damage to get damage on the uh on um on the jackal, but in order for the little moa to actually reach the jackal, it needs the shield from your two ability from your osprey right so directly from the star That was the strategy right there.

Now we shall continue on an automatic way. He no lose im assuming ill just check to make sure got it. Wait, which way? Am i supposed to go? Oh, i never didnt see the waypoint there its not the easiest of fights, but i think that was the last thing you need to do as vaso or viso visa. Oh, look, a heck cannot use ciphers, though attention crew stand down. All stations youll be pleased to know that i am negotiated a peaceful and profitable transfer of power to our new fleet control firing. Sync re engaged authorization, corpus, tech, first class, viso dash r, take your shot for profit; oh visa, going wrong baby, oh so much for visa. What do you know its a jackrail looks like my jackrail guess: whats next well, hello. There tenno! Just let me get out some energy for me quickly, press onward, open fire quest, objective, much where hey, i got people with me here. I dont know if theyre actual people, though youre sure about this, it should be me no tenno. Your warframe will be useless. I clear the orthx fields, then we will meet inside, we will meet inside what if the lotus wont. If i must, i can make the harder choice, you mean, kill the lotus. I want to kill the lord, a human, a slap dash alliance, making a feeble last stand. If you all crave death and a final flash of glory. I am more than happy to oblige intruders.

Assuming you want me to kill him hi. Oh hes me repaired Music. You will need to get closer to your mothers ship. You got it bro on the ways to our diversions damaged its not terribly tough thats. Why im flying around doing nothing, because you dont really need to do much of anything. If you have a decent rail jack, you just need to wait for the slingshot repair for launch protection ill, be awaiting your signal, so i can bring her home ill, clear, the orphics and well do it together. Hashtag together, go testion slingshot, like you, never sling before! Well, the rail jack is pretty aim im in the mothership. I think i rammed her too hard im inside now go testion thats his birthday just stand here. Wait for the locking on thing there. He goes bye session. You get this little progress saved in the middle of your screen, just to reassure you that youre good, how did you beat the jackal in the new war yeah? I was expecting. A lot of players will have problems with that fight. Badassery time bruh, you got it. Buddy here we go the section you all been waiting for the blending section, tension futuristic blenders. Oh one, two and three imbued weapon with things. This is heat thing. Heat damage can memes strike. Most important thing watch me mean strong. Please excuse all this. Who is called? Freeze electric lightning, electrolyte, alright, uh latch on wait, one on the left haha? Yes, this is a cold one, and this one wants heat.

So you got to switch the heat. You slice them. You dice them its basically its its basically the same thing like when you normally meet in warframe. You spam one button now, but i fell off and i dont know what to do now. So how do i get back up? Oh my god. Look at this theyre taking us hostage. Can i free you? I will free, i cant for you goodbye youre on your own bye. I tried. What can you do? Okay were gon na to get back up. There actually were gon na be using this wee. I am spider tension observation. A power field requires a power source. This is the power source right. Okay, i got 18 seconds one out of free energy notes, but where the rest of them, oh, i understand what it wants me to do. I think first, let me kill these guys: okay, thats dead, so essentially after you activate one of those, you got 20 seconds to hit the the other two of them. You get it it slices it dices its tension. Okay, okay, were gon na. Do it this time? Here we go here, we go, you guys, ready you guys ready here, we go. You slice, some, your dyson! You see that you got a trail of energy to the next one, so you dont need to guess or anything right. So you use your thingy and then you home tension, spider tension there. Then you look at the trail of light.

Oh spider, tension, easy wait there. Three out of three easy is that that better than bullet jump, uh, no, its a lot slower than pogba, ah normally in when youre playing your warframes, those things are really a non issue. I wish i could free these guys, maybe its a thing about choosing the right energy. If i choose heat because it looks red no its, not that i will free you now, you will die here alone. Sorry bye mission, where you need to get three codes im stuck in the second one. I dont think i i dont know if i blasted through that part, but so far the most difficult fight was with the jackal by the orphex im fighting i slices i dices, depending on the energy that you chose. I think the animations change as well. The most wait, i think it needs heat right. All right, go heat for teshe, Music. The devil sends their relic to do the deed. I am not a relic. I am a space blender and i will blend old man. Is that all of them yep looks like it yeah the blinking mark is different from your oath. Did they does that absolve them of their sins? I dont know what i destroyed, but i destroyed it. I think this one needs gold. Oh fire, yep fire. This one electricity, the electricity one it has like a purplish hue thats. The way you can tell what levels are the sentience? I dont know it doesnt matter its a quest thing, uh, doesnt say the level.

The level is not there good. So grave damage is appropriate. Too, so, if you change your damage, it changes for your glaive as well, which seems to be a much more powerful attack than anything else. I dont know what these are. What are these medusalis towers? All right lets continue on our merry way. Hashtag many way. Now, if you guys remember you, can you can hit these things and they transform into platforms. I dont know how long they stay platforms, though, now that you actually needed them, but still ah its another thing. Like that, okay, so you hit it once like that, and then you follow the red light, see that one over there. Ah i missed it. Two wheres the next one, gotcha Applause 12 seconds, so theres more than enough time Music. You can get a new armor set. You can get the two new skins and you can get uh. You shouldnt have come here, siandona to answer your question profession. Are you losing it Music? Oh its that boss fight here we go. Yes, fighting aerial enemies is not ideal as a primarily miri character. Before this, though, still happy to help generator down Applause. Well, you want coal damage. First. Here we go. Oh, my god, Applause! Okay, so you get like a big warning that youre about to get hit, so i did it get out of the way, switching to heat. Ah hes doing the spin around electricity should be dead by now bro ill.

Take that you dont need it anymore anyway, too. Easy just blend around blender action. Just one left and orders will be able to safely signal the operator to join. I will decide when it is safe. She and her void. Brood toppled a golden age of order and honor. Do you really believe this chaos is freedom, that one is coal damage and that wants a fire descend upon them? I mean you, you know what i like. You dont do overly too much damage. You know you legitimately get a chance to swap him a couple of times. If you know what i mean, what is this place with the black and the oohs and the oozing of the black thing smog? Looking thing i like how they can kind of like keep them alive like this subject, is that vaso? Is that you buddy? No, it doesnt. Look like vaso looks great so far, madame banshee, i love it so far. Its amazing, my favorite one is electricity because its slices and dices its dices and slices ones, electricity and ones heat. I wonder if you can combine them like you do with lavas. You guys know lavos is mechanics right Music. I tried to keep too pressed at the same time. It didnt work, im, not sure, im supposed to waste time with sentience here, but im like what, if i dont, kill them now and then they swarm me later in the objective you know is that a ship wow everything kept kind of like in suspended animation.

You see that okay were gon na get to do the same thing again. Here we go starting here. The first one is right over here. Second, one, second, one way over there. Normally this is when i would use my channel to dash. I wonder if i can hit it from here: yeah i can next one over there lets do a little bit of a jump dammit. I want it to be cool and like destroyed next one way over there thats it nice and easy if it goes into the the problem is like its a cool ability, but if it goes into the landing animation, then you cant grapple to it anymore, to pull Yourself to make like really cool moves, goodbye sentience, i keep trying to bullet jump. He doesnt know how to pull a jump, but he kind of disliked this hunchback of notre dame jump. You see this kind of doesnt feel good. A jumpy told you theyll be coming for me, hmm. What is this a generator? How to change elements with tension? Your elements are your abilities, one two three, and there is no combination i tried and then you slice them and dice them, like so spaceblender.com at warframe. Beautiful okay, now what oh wait do they keep coming im wondering if im supposed to wait, fight or fix defenders, no thats? What im supposed to be doing? Look like an orpheus defender to me! Oh hey, twinkle toes whered, your been bruh get cold damage up here.

Watch me press my e button in such a glorious fashion d. You should have made him slower, hes too, quick too quick, hes too quick with that you know whatever shall we do heats up? Oh okay! So when he goes heat, he charges at you and he seems to be a bit faster when hes doing heat instead of coal, maybe its the fact that i cold proc him and, oh god now i can do the backflip. Wait. Wait ill! Do a front! Flip electricity im over here now over here now im here: oh oh, wait! What i am collecting these uh light core things to make a siandana. True story: office fields are disabled. The operator should be cleared to walk hashtag the operator. No too easy. Let me nudge. The snares first nudge, the snares thats it come to me old man. I am eager to show you how this war ends not with brutality but with hope not with lies, but truth, a truth for all who are strong enough to believe. Even you, you guys ready tension away. We thank you shiro for the sub man youre going to want to see this watch. The veil do its work. The veil call behind a cloud. They programmed you in your kind. It is a program summon your devil. Its time is this nutella watching this was the valeria, see the feel work. Turning his memories inside out, making him see the things hes lost, putting pain where it serves us.

Her life cuts short by the very old man, give her justice. My head, not my head. No did he kill tension. Whos gon na guide me in conclave: ew thats nasty – oh my god. Oh my god that is rough to watch dude. That is so rough to watch. Oh, my god, Music goodbye, my love Music. You got ta be kidding me. Let me go child. Let me go. I so want to kill that guy. You cannot kill the devil tenno, but you can send it back to hell Music, Music Applause. What what? What? What Music Music, of course, theres more you cant! Leave it like that! It wants me to log in now all right. I want a recap of what happened there, so balas up to his old tricks again right, sent him to fight and all what not lures intention boy fishing boy comes in slices, dices blends finger round, yeah and then ballas uses the veil to pervert his memories of Somebody named something with a va forgot, victoria, vidya veronica, something with a v, probably a important person for him, a lover or a daughter or something i dont know: whats the lore behind titian im. Sorry, im not that big of a lower ball valeria thats it valeria, yeah, valeria, chad thanks he, then he calls out to us. I guess all the while balance making the lotus watch the entire thing. Then teshin gets dispatched with a little exclusively like that.

He does. This and then this and dies Music palace kills lotus, which has some sort of significance, because lights were going on so some sort of programming or something get to see the lotus like that, which, i will admit, was hard to see the lotus like that. It was hard to see the lotus like that who is valeria, i dont know i dont know maybe well find out and the rest you saw tenno comes out, we do whatever we can to save the uh, the the lotus and then using the parathesis. If you saw their ballast cuts off the hand of the lotus and sends her off into what exactly and then stabs us from the back and sends us to the same portal, thingy thats, where we are with the story right now, what do you say? Music Applause, Music: what is normal, show him. The finger hes gon na show him the finger got ta, be the finger as one think you are optimus, prime. What is this? I stand before you last of my kind, an orphan of tenno massacres, but their violence did not end with me. Did it it carried on to all of you, grineer languished in their tortureplexes or strong clades starred for tenno time corpus pupils, weeping, tenno, praise, underblade, solaris souls blackened the skies of tenno foundries, but now is our time an era of peace. The devils have been cast out and by the void, the tenno shall never return: Music, Music, thats, a new gun, thats, a new gun or a new skin Music.

All right hold up hold up hold up. I back up back up. What does not whatever mean was the name of the first pharaoh irl? How many prisoners do you think Music dont? Do that all right, so essentially from what i can gather this is sometimes later, and the system has been taken over the sentience or mo better said ballas right, and this is where we are. It feels like all roguelike, cloak and dagger dont. Let them see me – and you can see here – this is like a proper yeah. I was just about to say a propaganda thing with ballast on it. Can i pull it? Okay, press r, reticle window to overcharge tap r in the reticle window for overcharge. I dont know what that means. Okay, my one ability i dont know what that did screen is my two ability. Free is some kind of a drone. Can i escape and look at abilities? No, i cant okay, so i dont know well just keep working and well find out as we go. We can sprint, we can roll. There is no bullet. Jumping theres, no bullet jumping field kills. Oh, i got the overcharged mechanic. Look at the reticle from when and there so thats, both okay, so that thats a new gun. This is how it works check it out. If you reload from theres a small little window there, like you, do with mining for example, or like you do with repairing your rail jack right, you had a little small section there in the reticule.

You need to press r on it and then you get the overcharge and the overcharge. Essentially, what i can tell is like a secondary fire mode that does this reload and got overcharged. You see that okay, apparently im all cloaking dagger. I do not know what the first one does. It looks like it gives me some sort of health pack, its got a 15 second cooldown. Second ability smoke screen its a smoke screen. Vertability is called target radar and it lets out this like radar, repo pulse and the first ability name is actually restorative, not a great name for an ability. All right lets see whats going on nice pistol. This is so awesome. I got ta be honest with you guys. I think its active is this act two i feel like. I should be all cloak and daggery to the place. Knock screen emitter, oh its an emitter, okay, its an emitter, its not like, okay gotcha. Why would i want to do that, though? Can i hack this okay bypass? What the i dont? How does this work its a new, its a new hacking? Thingy we get new hack things, new hack things, new hack, things, 12 sounds good. You got it buddy 12. That is just for you just because you asked for it im getting frame drops this. This is not optimized. Okay, do i want to go full hem or do i want to be like reveal enemy? Okay deployed smoke screen here i dont see the enemy.

Oh hes down there, you see that you see him like a like a like a see that okay theres something there, what the hell, okay, theres one enemy over there and one enemy over here here, man ill! Let you free! What is that? Is that a channel? Oh, its an awesome prisoner, all right, right, cool cool, all right. If i want to come here all right, i am cloaked you cant see me. What is that gotcha whats going on here? Oh its just ammo, all right cool. Can i have a better gun. Please Music there! It is you see that okay, so i got ta rescue ten of these prisoners and bypass security notes, thats. What i got ta do theres! Guy up here this guy up here: hey buddy, hey how you doing man you chilling yeah! You good come out, do not concern yourself, rescue the others surah. I concern myself with everybody, for i am the hero of the story. I cannot jump back up. This is like so weird. Let me deploy a smoke screen, wait heres. What im gon na do? Im? Gon na charge, my pistol with a big bada boom get the wrecked thing. You like that you like that. Of course, you like that that was good, see this guy over there got him lets get over. There got him, you cannot see me. I am cloaked. I cannot be seen where are you? Where is that son of a i cant, see him anymore over there? What is this, so this will take a little while to uh.

Okay got it hold on. Let me put a smoke screen over there. All right got a charge shoot that guy projectile based attack lead your targets is a thing. I never played gameplay like this in warframe up until this point, even when youre doing spy missions theyre not like this, i mean one uh to tie my sobas shoot. There got it im getting the hang of it. Hashtag the hang okay get out bro. She was, i dont know what swaz dula means, but im assuming its something like hello, whats up. Is it me youre looking for that kind of thing? I wonder if i should go up there or down here just so, you know im not being slow on purpose. This time you cant pull a jump which is a little bit confusing Music. I dont have radar anymore uh uh. This is, i dont know how it looks on stream, but believe me, when you control this thing its not as intuitive as it may look its weird look. The controls for the that hacking thing are are funky theyre, cool, funky good, but still funky, Music, its inverted. Yes. Thank you, sir. I know that steve has ambitions to introduce rtx to the game. If that counts, for anything thatd be cool. Okay, i got a charge out of this gun. This is a nice gun ill kill that guy over there raiders operators up release me yeah yeah i did. Who are you calling the nuts huh guys whats the nuts im supposed to go that way, im fully aware, but im exploding this way im just i know this style said this is not a new tile set.

I know this place im just making sure there might not be some easter eggs or some cool things. I know big, so i love you buddy whats, going on, i dont picks all the way from egypt, south of the sphinx hes chilling khans, always saying swast. Yes, i know, but i was i was curious, what it actually meant: okay, we got enemies over there. Im gon na put a smoke bomb over here. Theres another guy over here, see that cant see me im cloaked, not clogged actually theres. Two guys here see that thats a corrupted heavy goon thats a corrupted goon all right all right ill. Go this way. Yeah. I didnt hear anything. Brah nothing happened there that didnt die from a char shot. All right got it Music, hey breakfast time. Dont worry, im! Good, i got this wait. What is that? What is that? What is that over there see that guy see that guy theres, two guys there did? I got him. Didnt die from a single hit. What annoyance theres a security hes got a security thing. Did you see that got him who modded these weapons give me some real speed and fire right? Okay, i got that guy got that guy got the guy. I see you, i see you, okay! Is that everybody? I think i got everybody. My minds blown. How hard do you use more particle graphics options in the game or the less performance? One? No, everything is absolutely maxed.

Everything is absolutely max. Little torrent got vaulted for this gun and the particle effects are set to ludicrous levels for your enjoyment. My friends, i dont personally enjoy that many particle effects, but it looks cool. So i thought why not you know what would be good faster. Oh didnt, see me didnt, see me Music. Can i execute him? If i get him closer lets? Try yeah! I can look like a parazon thing. Oh sorry, i just just trigger finger just trigger finger thats, what i told her the dub and then she was like yeah. Oh yeah, theres me. You got like a little theres, a knife, an energy knife. You see that did that mess yeah, okay, that ones dead, got it Music. I trigger alarms and the game. Doesnt like it, Music, where the enemies at theres got ta, be at least one more enemy lets go midi there you go wait. I hear more somewhere here. Music, hey buddy, uh, uh, uh, Music, success, stay cool experience so far is absolutely stellar, love it nick Music. You hear that its like footsteps – railway all these creeks and cracks you guys picking up on that. Oh, oh crouch is a toggle since, when oh its, not oh, v, v press v. If you want to toggle, yes, you think its the awesome person with the help of solaris is this the new rule, a new room, no its actually its, not exactly new. I know the tile set, i know the mission is just a few.

Things are new yeah, definitely and its a whole different perspective than before its not warframey, its very slow and steady, and but i even took fall damage you got, ta be screwing with me. There was fall damage there. Luckily, my one ability does things its insta health by the way and it restored something like 50 or 60.. Okay, so its like its its a weird mix of like its the old tile set, but its like modified for the new war. Remember when b said, post new war world, this is what they meant, and i was right to assume it would be something like what cataclysm did to world of warcraft its the same title said, but theyve been modified heavily affected by the new war and the sentience. Taking over you guys get it. Of course you guys get it youre geniuses, you have great tasting content stuck on jackal endless killing legs wont die help ideas yeah. I actually got yelled at at somebody because of that, but my idea was right from the get go. This is how you beat him all right when youre at the face, when it just has two orange health bars and a lot of shield. You deplete the shield in the face where he goes up into the air and does the lasers yes to get that youd shoot him normally yeah and one of his legs after you deplete the shield. You take your number one more all right.

You use your number two ability that is your uh shields. Uh osprey. You put the shield on the number one more, then you send them more quickly. You got to be quick because i spent like 10 minutes in just getting the timing right for that right. Then you send the number one more at the uh at the jackal to do the damage. Okay, while he goes into that repair phase, you get it. You got ta. Do that successfully twice. It becomes harder in the second one because in the second one theres electricity on the ground, all right do that and youll be fine. Timing is key in the second phase, its not particularly difficult. Oh wow, look at this look at this stream. Look please brainwashing all the apostasy, wow new enemy types. I will admit to not knowing what apostasy means. Oh dad, didnt kill it die. Its all beat im smoke screen eat my electricity dagger shield, healing it looks over there buddy its like a brainwashing visor of death of them kind of looks like something out of doom doesnt. It easy now im not going to hurt you. Let me get that thing off your face: oh hes, going to die. If you do that, i can feel that head will blow blown head. That was short, i was sure of it or did something fire on him. What was that whats that you cant see me? I am cloaked Applause is that a wharf is that mag whatd you do to man holy guys, thats meg, look at it its mad.

Is it that its mag smack primal wheres, the health bar, though bruh yeah theres a whole lot of good thats going to be now hold on? Let me heal up a little recharge properly. I got big charge for you, dad yeah cow wait. Am i supposed to hit the head, no seems to be doing the same damage. What you do to my warframe? How did you do that to mag? I keep dodging out of the way so hopefully thats good. Okay, its a run situation yep its chasing me that mutant looking mag is chasing me. Wait which way which bloody way yeah the projectile is going for. Walls thats, cheating damage gives soap, makes it realistic yeah. They had me there because, when i saw the damage, i thought it was a stay and fight situ. Oh mag give me back my framework. Its got like a serpent head on top of it. You know where the head used to be theres like a serpent thing notice, the obvious looking stone for the neck thing sentient mag, i i dont. I think that stone that she has jam for the throat has something to do with that bro they using mac. Prime yeah man, how long has it been nora since the tenno left, without saying goodbye since normer and the masks since truth became a luxury? Few can lay their hands on whoevers picked up the mantle, the tenno dropped drifting, wild popping masks and loosen bombs, whoever you may be.

We salute you. Drifter drifter check the scene right here, boy theres, my orbiter, look at the view. Theres, a big orphex should be looking. Oh wow, cynthian ship in the sky. Is this. The plains of bubalan got a bit of a waterfall thing. Going there, everything wrecked the wow, my orbiter just chilling, you know just chilling. Is this well no wait. This is the landing craft. Excuse me, i always get the two complete, so this is the landing craft. This should be the orbiter. It wants me to go this way, though you hear that you guys hear that. Oh, i dont think i ever saw the orbiter from outside before you guys ever seen it. It was it possible to see it from outside before drifters camp yeah. This is my new base of operations. What is this oh welcome home tenno? Where are my decoration, hey? Give back is this okay, what the wait, what what the wait? How does that work exactly? What is that its like? Oh, oh, oh, oh, i get it. This is a be me up down kind of situation. Up wait its up see that low look at the view outside you see that im up in the cockpit see the waterfall and everything and, of course, the orifice ship over there looking all menacing and stuff, i cant do anything here. Weve been scanned. All right lets continue onwards. My friends theres nothing here that i had so much stuff.

I been saving it for years. I cant access my arsenal. What about the the helmet left me? This wont hope you hear that on the other side of the door, you hear that achievement get discovered the elevator all signs point to here. My friends hey give me that my gun thats, not me whos, that what is that? What is that? What remains of the lotus or this? What do i think i think, whats left of her – is just wasting away. Weve tried everything i have no care and feeding of eidolons. In my data arrays we dont know what were dealing with is that the lotus yeah whats remains of terms, but you know someone that does Music. I know someone that wait operator you cant be serious. I told you dont call me that sorry up, sorry, if you want to get to the outer systems. Past narmer well need a corpus shuttle, Music, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa whoa. What is this? Oh, my god, the entire star chart has changed. No void powers, yes, no void powers. This is humongous huge lists. Are these new? Oh my? Did they remake everything? Wow i dont know i i mean for the time being, i dont know whats the scope of this. Obviously wow. They did really emphasize at the press. Thing that the whole post new war world, so that means theres gon na – be a lot to explain. Okay lets go here. Lets do this.

Well, the the seating is everything its changed like the framing and wow wow. They did say it would be 12 hours negative. Four hours for a veteran six ish for not a veteran, they did not say there was 12 hours. I think you misunderstood, oh and by the way, no bugs so far like zero heal, bugs pain of independence, strong our wise and trusted friends. We united in one vision, rise to sing of sorrows he the bringer of the vision Music, gives you answer to his call Music. Oh my god, really: Music, foreign Music Music is Music Music youre on your own. Here, keep your head down and get topside as quick as you can im shocked what wait deacons theyll sense, if youre not failed, give them a wide berth or youll, be sucking blackamooze before long give them a wide berth all right very well. What do you guys think of that huh? How cool is that going to do fortuna so that guy helping you was avatar of solaris, yeah, so 20 hours for you for 20 hours, for your with your face dude? What do you mean funky, rg 20 hours. Try like 50., if not more, im, really enjoying this song was beautiful, even though it was about ballast and stuff, okay, okay, so ill. Try to avoid these guys should. Should i try and take one out lets, try and take one out. Nope did not work and i got no weapons and i cant move oh and they put the helmet on me.

Gg well played okay, so no you cannot stealth, kill them or anything of the sword. This section is legitimately gone, full stealth. Okay, so the beginning is simple or i can go that way. Okay, good! Thank you goodbye! Oh you, didnt see me its good okay go through here. What? If i okay, if i go forward its hard to like overcome the guy, did you see that i put the smoke screen down and he came after me? What, if i go from behind him and just go to the right, you think that would work. He keeps turning around you see that left one two three four right. It might be a better idea to go this way. Lets try this way. Excuse me didnt, you see me didnt see me. Did you see me not here, didnt, see me totally clogged bro. You will never see me okay, so we go this way guys coming guys coming we go here. Look good, cannot see me, i cannot be seen. Can you see the guy anything here? Can i do anything here? Look at the guns. Look at the fish Music avoid the deacons or theyll seal you in yeah, which way to go. Then i got ta plan a route here, wheres biz, i dont know buddy. Okay. If i go that way, then that guy will see me right. I need to, i cant believe this. I need to go for the middle dont. I i think i do okay theres a deacon coming to the right from there.

I think this is my only shot. Oh no! No! No! No! I know how wait wait. Wait! Dont move: okay, im! Good! Excuse me: bruh! Excuse me: bruh hahaha, you didnt, see me man, you dont, see me. I am too stealthy for ya. No! No! Oh! I didnt know you come this way. Dude now. Do you go away to the other side, because i got things to do: okay, good mhm im? Not here, im, not im, not here. Oh, oh, hmm Applause! I got it mama oh jesus was there rats was that rats space rats hashtag space rats? Yes, you do have save points. Definitely you do have save points friend, theres a k drive here that wasnt scrapped you mean damn it yeah lets disable this alarm. Out of all the things that could have gotten lost with the new war. Gay drive is one of them. You know what i mean wait. There are no enemies here. Oh what you doing guys. No, no freaking way you, oh my god. They even did it to the kids. Oh wow. Are you serious? I was hoping i would find rocky and the gang here you know doing a little resistance thing, but doesnt look like thats. The case have a good day at work. Dude, okay, i got ta get there and avoid all of these archons or whatever theyre called come on, go away. Turn around there. We go hello, hello, missing your brain buster.

Then little duck ignore her. We cant risk it cant risk war. Jack cypher comes already blew it, but listen if youre here to mark with nama im keen. No, no, he didnt see me he didnt see me was that was optical. Illusion off see nothing here, nothing to see here. I think you might have had an option there to go and talk to little duck nope didnt work, then youll be wanting to pay a visit to that bleeding brain buster factory. I know a shortcut might grab yourself a coat rise if youve got the legs for it. Okay drive me ha ha ive been born, ready, not really not a fan of kate right, but hey, look how much this has changed. It looks so much better. Now look – and this looks good before what do you want? Headshot boy lead, your target, gentlemen, lead your target reload your gun optimally like this. Where are you guys? Oh hi feels good to shoot a gun again in warframe all right lets, grab a k, drive and go. We had our fun look, theres a thing on top of fortuney, one of those ballast mind, control. Looking things brainwashing, i tell you brainwashing or wash braining, so god decay draw. Oh this is it little duck. He must be that stick in the spokes, something like that wait. A second green. Was there grass on the plains and not the plains or valles. There was no grass on our valleys.

Was there look theres grass guys? I forgot how to grind you guys remember how to grind you. Do this? Ah yeah whoa just grind baby grind, like the leveling kind, i mean like play. Wawa online, you guys know the song. Of course you dont know the song beautiful beautiful. Is it actually not? No, that was little duck. We got to meet nora earlier. The only way inside is wearing one of those sticky things. What, oh you dont know what effect it will have on you. Theres got to be a better way. Okay, im supposed to eliminate the guards which i will do. Can i spawn my k, drive whatever i want it? No, i cant eliminate the guards. Are you not guard look im playing methods, my plugs to think that some people take the veil by choice? Warm lies are more comfort than cold hard truths. Eh. I found the jack rail steel, narmer veil, all right right, im, stealing wait. I spent all that time. Not getting really big, cheeseburger, big cheeseburger, so beautiful to behold, how do you feel hungry could go for a pizza or two? Do i still need to kill this or im? One of you hail, uh, hail balls, a ballast all hail, ballas all hail balance yeah! Just ignore me, you saw a lost child in lead of a father as you recover. He noticed me less and less. What good was i to them? Music dreams of mother propaganda.

I do not believes it. Your shaming brainless, real nice, but id give those deacons a wide berth. They smell a rat. Your veil, detonates, take your face off and no mistake. Are you serious? It didnt occur to you that you might want to mention that before we put one ill avoid this man and i didnt needed – you focused yeah, well, do that in a second guys you got you got to. Let me know how do you like the questing experience so far, man, you guys like it. I love it man, its its its really great. I am having an amazing time and i think i know how i saw how what if i take the no actually. This is fine. Well go like this. I need to go behind that guy, its my only hope, thats cheating anyways, should i let me gun from there um just dash thats. All you can do, okay, essentially what i want to do now: Applause, nope, that wont work. I want to get down. Actually i need to go around. You see that oh im, safe here, Applause, hashtag, safe, oh crap, yeah, i will use the elevator go up then go around like you guys suggested. It looks pretty good to me this way, yeah that this is the way what hes watching this side now. Oh, wait. Wait. I think i can go over this guy hold control to crouch. Really, okay. Can i what do what? Now? Oh okay, go on the railway? I have found a way.

Excuse me. Excuse me what the um he saw through my deception and my judgment was swift and true Music check the drop stuff check. What exactly friend my child? Forgive me awake from this horrid dream of hers. The world outside is waiting for you. These horrors of zero man are lies only to hold you ill. I love you drops work, fine drops work. Fine, we checked 15 times its fine people already got like a thousand drops. The whole exclamation mark drops command. I have not set it up for anything, usually that just tell you what the drops are, but you are getting drops happy.