I got three people right here: four people Laughter and its a jager, bro, youre, sideways Music, sideways Music, Music and nip have been really enjoying playing someone off on the road looking to play this catch game and faze have just not entertained the ground before at all. Absolutely beautiful Music just lay there Music, foreign, Music, hmm, Music, grizzled vets who have bounced around a couple teams before coming back to phase, and they are now in a buy back full position to be able to do something. With this i mean hes in hes, almost in the sight, hello, theres one kill for him. How many does he need six to break the record, which hes two away? One away? Can the record be oh there? It is cyber sets the record cameraman finding the bird on topino, and this is looking to be a flawless round coming in for faze. Unless kamikaze can do something at the man playing on cocktail window lets get cyber again trying to find this opening. He might be able to do it lines up for two. How did the man keep getting away with this Music is is Music? Thank you. It is Music. Five seconds. Music hell continue to charge forward, but bullets out of time. He needs to get to the bomb site quickly, cyber just right now on a wing and a prayer, but he does it all himself: Music, Music, look at that Music, swapping Music Music.

You lose a ton of utility, you forfeit basically all of your map control with these two kills from camera. Man. Look at that. No look at this look at look at the little hole. I found dude. Look at this. No, i heard him. I heard him and i was like wait where oh, what Music opportunity uh Music im reloading watch foreign – i guess you dont need utility if youve got guns. Diffuser is down, though, and youve got the final boss, america, right now, cyber inside of aqua gets pino in a 1v1. Will pino get there in time six seconds? He definitely can. But cyber knows this coming around the corner: Music. Music! Oh hes right there on the angle, i let she kill i shot.