You know its rush, so were here with another drone video, so definitely stay tuned for some aerial action. Music done, Music, Music, hey rush fam welcome, welcome back so were in the arbor view shopping center. This is the commercial era for abba vue, so this video is really a drone. Video so were doing a drone. Video of the arbor view community um well be highlighting. This cm shopping center well, be highlighting the arbor view, stadium, um, ill showcase. Some sun mining thats happening in the riverbed as well and ill highlight also a housing development, seascape being developed by a weekend construction, its a tone house complex. I did a previous video on it with um a little bit more details so ill put the link for the previous drone video on the seascape. So this is another glimpse just to show the progress of work on the seascape, so youll see youll, see um shots of the seascape and then youll see um some drone shots of the wider arbor view community and, as i mentioned, this is the town center. Lots of different shops, you have the supermarket in the middle, with a circular design, which you guys will see from the june the drone video as well. So you guys definitely stay tuned for that um. So this era basically have you know all the amenities that you would need as a resident living in arbor view. So you really dont have any need to.

You know, go downtown or go in kingston, so its another drone. Video of the arbor view community well be highlighting the arbor view community um, along with the seascape i was in development, and now also i like the football field and other areas in arbor view as well. So you guys definitely stay tuned. Remember to like remember, to comment and remember to share and subscribe. So this is the shopper sphere, supermarket arbor view so stay tuned for the drone video.