It might be the iphone with mcdonalds. It might be the cheeseburger if we come into cars with porsche its the 911, with vw, its the golf and for mercedes, undoubtedly that headline product that, if they could sell nothing else, would be the s class, because it so succinctly encapsulates everything about the brand. From its long history in forming the patent motor car, to begin with to our first ever car that actually looked like a car rather than a horseless carriage and all the safety innovations that the s class and the technological innovations that mercedes have brought have all come Via the s class and thats, why many journalists, myself included around the world have always referred to it as the singular best car in the world? We have the new generation that weve covered a few times on rbr now and today were going to look at two of the most popular engines, the s400 deformatic and the s 500 4matic along the ride. Today, im going to remind you of all the changes and the technical innovations that this new w223s class brings well also have a deep dive into the incredible mbux software user experience, because it is my opinion that the battle for the best luxury car going into the Future is going to heavily rely upon user experience and software within a vehicle, and in that regard, the s class is once again the king of cars, so guys lets dive in lets, check out every detail of the new s class and then take both of these New engines out for a drive Music.

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What has changed well, first of all, the size hasnt changed that much versus the previous car. This is the long wheelbase that we have here today, but the interior occupants, both the driver and the rear passengers actually get more space. Now, when we talk about the body in white, weve got more use of aluminium than the s class has ever had before, with over 50 percent usage and this time within the construction, particularly with the surroundings of our window. Sills weve got more singular piece structures rather than things with joints, to allow less noise nest, wind, wind, etc. Getting through and weve got far more noise insulation installed throughout the body panels of the car as well. So a really great start in terms of making this a proper luxury quiet car, then you look at the aerodynamic value, despite the car having a larger front end its 0.22 cd, which is almost the most aerodynamic car in the world. The title of that actually held by the electric version of the s class, which is the eqs that is the most aerodynamic, but for a more traditional shaped car to hold that value again. What a great start for the s class, then, of course s for safety. So important with s class, this version has rear airbags because the rear occupants so important for both s class and for my back so big innovation in terms of safety for the rear passengers. Thanks to that, then we have something called digital light, which is actually fascinating.

These lovely lights that we have on the newest class here within them, we have 1.3 million micro mirrors and 2.6 million pixels that provide the light and they provide it in such a detailed way, thanks to those pixels that it also allows for road markings on the Ground, for example, to show the width of the vehicle to show warning signs for ice or roadworks or warning signs for people on the road as well its highly sophisticated and again another innovation brought on by the s class, then suspension so important with s class. This has got the e active body, roll suspension, which is an optional extra that works in conjunction with your air suspension, managing at each wheel, both the springs and the dampeners, depending on how youre driving to either make the car more dynamic or more comfortable. Now this is something that a lot of manufacturers do dabble in as well, but check out the safety innovation in the s class. If the car thinks that youre going to be t boned by another car, it will raise the side of the car up in order to protect the passengers and for the impact to be on the lower end. And this guys is what s class is all about. Its safety, innovation and its so important goes to the core of this product. Then we have rear wheel, steering which youve, seen and heard of in other cars before, like the a8 etc.

However, on s class, you have up to 10 degrees on the rear which reduces the wheel base on shorter turnings by up to two meters. So essentially, youve got the turning circle of a little a class with this gigantic s class long wheel, brace again, that is pretty amazing, well get more into the interior infotainment system later, but just a note on the heads up display, which actually appears to the driver As big as a 77 inch monitor, which is pretty amazing and then the brain of the car, mbux, mercedes, benz, user experience and interior assist, is incredible, it takes the luxury experience to another level, its like having a brain in the car thats, consistently watching and learning What the driver likes to do and then saving it to the user profile will go into a deep dive on that in a minute, then a word on the hybrid s cast. There is a plug in hybrid, available of the s class, and that is the s. 580E, it is in fact an inline six engine and it produces 510 brake horsepower over 700 newton meters of torque 5.20 to 60., but whats really impressive is that the ev electric only mode gives up to 100 kilometers of electric only range when you think about it. Thats, like a third of what a fully electric car like the thai khan, so again s class, bringing the hybrid game forward in terms of range as well in terms of variants.

Dont expect any escu payor cabaret that has been cancelled and replaced by the brand new mercedes, sl and potentially a coupe to come lower down the line elsewhere, but there are other s class variants. Of course, youve got your short wheelbase and the fantastic mercedes myback s class as well that we will cover deeply in another video on the channel. Okay, guys lets talk about the two engines that were looking at today. First, the s 400d. I personally still believe in the diesel and ill explain why later in the video, because this is a fantastic inline, six diesel engine it produces 320 plus brake horsepower, a massive torque figure of 700 newton meters and a really respectable 0 60 of 5.4 seconds. Its a hell of an engine and im going to talk about it more later, the other one we have is s500. Historically, this has been a v8. That is not the case in this generation. This is the inline six hybrid engine, which in turn produces four three. Five brake horsepower less torque than the diesel at 520, but a quicker 0 60 of 4.9 and again we will dive into this engine and see whether it deserves that s 500 name or not in terms of the design of the s class. Its an evolution of the last w 222, you can see a sleeker more aerodynamic front, end less lines on the side, especially with regard to those awesome flush door handles that are such a signature of s class and now flowing into other cars like the new sl.

As well, you take a look at the rear of the car again sleek, probably the best application of the new rear lights on a new mercedes, in my opinion, other than something like the sl. So the design really nice, but immediately recognizable as s class, particularly in obsidian black, is there going to be a v8 amg version. Of course, there is therell, probably even be a hybrid assisted one. Its gon na look pretty mean from what weve seen in the spy shots im super excited about this. Given my amg addiction, i think its gon na be one hell of a car. Okay, guys first party trick with s class as soon as you approach the car, with the key as the driver, those door handles open up for you now as i get in. I want you guys to pay special attention to the welcome that you get and its across the two digital screens and the ambient lighting so keep an eye on those okay, you guys ready. You can see. We had some ambient lighting played an animation play across our front two screens here, as well, all very very nicely done. So that is your first look as soon as you get inside s class. You see the rest of the ambient lighting comes to life as well, and it all looks rather quite good, now doesnt it so guys. This is your main view, as you come into s class, very, very different to s classes that weve had in the past, or is it because it actually looks very very similar to what we had in some of the past s classes, some of the originals most Of all the w116, where the vents at the top within that car and the vents here match kind of the shape and the way they look and then the squariness of your dashboard here kind of matches it.

The squareness of the middle center console ignoring the fact that its a screen but thats, where your controls are yeah, that whole kind of shape actually mimics. That car, which was the first s class of its name, as we said so, not perhaps quite as alien as you think it is now all of the luxury cars you would drive today, whether its s class 7 series a8 rolls royce, bentley, flying spur, etc. All of them will have really really nice comfortable seats. They will have a really opulent looking interior, an intimidating, looking exterior, but the one area where they will have to fight and theyll have to fight hard is on software, because, generally every new car is really really well made in this day and age. You dont really get a dog in any manufacturer, and this now is where the s class is going to maintain its position as the king of cars. In my opinion, because this next generation of mbux is so intuitive dont get me wrong. I dont like the screen. Any more than you guys do, okay in terms of its shape. I think all of that could have been done better, but all of this falls to the background once you start just driving the car and doing what you would in a vehicle ignoring the fact that youve got touch screens here and there and you guys know historically, I hate touch screens, okay, i think theyre unsafe, but i never have to touch this thing whatever im doing so, if im driving and its a chilly morning in the uk, as it often is, i dont need to look for any of the temperature settings that are Within the touchscreen here i can just say: hey mercedes increase the temperature to 24 degrees, so there you go, the temperature is now already set to 24 degrees and the vocal assistant is actually still listening to me.

Look its pulsating now whats great about the vocal assistant, is how it interacts with the ambient lighting while youre talking, and let me show you that now essentially, these light bars will pulsate around the person who is talking whether its driver, passenger or rear passengers, because the Car is constantly watching and its constantly listening, and it knows who is talking to it – hey mercedes. Take me to heathrow airport here is what i found. Where do you want to go one? I am calculating the route and change the ambient lighting color to red. Okay. Im changing the color and turn on my heated seat. Seat heating is on so there you go. You can actually keep talking. You dont need to use the command hey mercedes again and again, because the car will just continue listening, as you can see its still pulsating in the back. Seeing if i need to give it any other commands which is brilliant and it makes the car like. I said when were talking: luxury were talking user experience its all about how easy it is to use a vehicle and calling the vehicle again and again is not user friendly, whereas when it keeps listening to you and its smart thats the best way to do it. The spec of this particular interior is actually fantastic. This car, of course, the amg line, so weve got the nice amg line, steering wheel here i say nice, i dont like the touch buttons here.

I prefer the ones on the older steering wheel, but the actual shape of it. Its quite sportive – and i know a lot of people do like it. Then you have your two digital screens, particularly that one which is very famous indeed, maybe for the wrong reasons. For a lot of people saying that it copies tesla, but in terms of the ui of this as well dive into later, it is actually very, very good, similar case with our driver zone, its one of the best driver zones ive ever used its so easy to Change design on here it is actually ridiculous, particularly versus the previous cars and then in terms of how the competition just doesnt have anything like this in terms of customization. In terms of what you can do to make the car more individual to yourself – and indeed, and indeed just in terms of how good the digital screens actually look in terms of their animations now, the other simply amazing thing about that driver zone. Is this over here 3d? So then, the screen in front of you becomes a 3d screen kind of, like you, remember the nintendo, 3ds and im sorry that i keep using this example, because i cant think of anything else, thats kind of how it is, but even more advanced. So when im looking down it, its kind of like looking at an actual watch or actual analog dial, like my lovely iwc time zone here.

So when im, looking down that sport design barrel those circles on the side like the ones close, the ones furthest on the side seem closer to me and the ones further back look further away and you actually get that entire tunnel look. And similarly, with like the side elements for me, they pop off the screen. Obviously you cant see it on camera. This is something that only the human eye can perceive, but essentially what it does is it makes digital screens look analog and if you love analog screens like i do like a good watch, then this is the best of both worlds and it really is incredible. No one else again is doing it, and this is a big win and, of course, across all the designs as well and then in front of you all you see, is this giant heads up display which again totally customizable, i dont think its? Not a 77 inch monitor, i know they say it is, but its significantly bigger than another heads up display units its just not the size that theyre claiming it is. In my opinion, and in here youve got the augmented reality. Navigation with the arrows youve got your sports display, which mimics the cool amg light display in the front. You can go totally minimal and not have that much information, so its totally customizable based on what you want as the driver. So i absolutely love the drive zone. I love the ui behind that now lets look at some of the switch gear because all of this is brand new in s class.

You can see the door handles all of this. All of these buttons here made brand new 4s class, now trickling down to c, etc. Theres, your lighting controls very nice, very tactile. The vents here, theyre nice, actually theyre quite different. You can see that when you tap here the led lights within them. Tell you how open they are, which is very nice here. We have further vents in the middle. These i think, mimic our previous s class quite a bit, but theyre not symmetrical to the screen, which is a little bit strange, and here youve got your engine start. Stop button and auto start stop at the bottom. Our wiper blades here have changed as well with some nice use of aluminium same with the gear. Stick here feels a little bit more substantial than what we had in the a class, but overall a really nice swooping interior. I think the c class dashboard is actually a bit more interesting. This whole area its a little bit plain to me in terms of whats going on in the back there. I think this could be a bit more interesting in terms of the structure and then youve got your center console here. Plenty of storage space, two cup holders youve got your wireless charging map back there as well, a couple of usbcs and indeed loads, more storage and usbcs in here, as you would expect, and a bit more storage over here god, im sounding like bloody matt watson from Carwell now our infotainment screen – this is so so important in the s class.

This is the new mbux and its actually quite brilliant. So this is your home screen. It sits, as the navigation is always there, its your main layer, its the one thats most important, because youre in a car. So most of the time you are navigating and the bottom part very similar to the previous mbux, again very easy to access everything that you want to access here. Parts of the car, for example, youre massaging weve, got 10 different, massage functions in s class weve got so much customization available for our seats as well, not just for the driver, but for the passenger as well, and the system is so close because its watching you With cameras, it knows who is operating the screen at any time and will only adjust that seat. Ambient lighting well thats another one that ill get on to in a minute, because its brilliant and then youve got energizing comfort, which essentially it keeps you energized. While youre driving. It can move the seat very slowly, while youre driving as well, and it can play music and give you certain scents within the car. Its really all about wellness youll know at the bottom here, something that looks like an old iphone home button, and it should because this is a fingerprint reader. So you can actually access all your settings or your user by a fingerprint, via facial recognition via voice as well or via just a traditional pin, so security, again very good within the s class.

Again, your climate control is always here on the touchscreen because again its a very important first layer to the car, so they keep it here. All the time now check out the ambient lighting. Just how easy is it to change all the ambient lighting in the s class here simple tap of a button or dragging the slider across to get the color that you want? You can also go for the multi colored ones, as you can see here very easy to access these and change them and again, like i said you can do with the vocal assistant or, for example, lets say, were changing temperature. You will see red pulsating through our ambient lighting bar there or, if i make it colder, blue and again its interaction with the car right. This is all user experience, its kind of telling you whats going on by using lights and sounds etc, which is very good. Okay, guys now rear passenger space again super important for us class and indeed the rear experience is very important as well right. Its a little bit dark in here at the moment so lets get our top blind open and let in a little bit of light so guys here we are in the rear of the s class. Again, very nice finishing you still got your thick ambient lighting bar here, which again it works with the vocal assistant as well, and then you control your roof. As i showed you, your rear roller blind as well, and indeed weve, got blinds here on our windows, which is a very nice feature in a luxury saloon and then, additionally, in our premium plus executive car.

Here you get an mv ux tablet which is based on samsung tablets, and then this will do all the functions that i showed you in the main system but available for our rear passenger here and, as you can see, we can have a little play with the Ambient lighting here, just via our tablet, so you dont need a rear, entertainment screen or anything here to control the car, and this is very important for a luxury car where likely youre going to have someone important sitting in the rear in order to control the main Functions of the car, and, of course that can be docked in here and used again in the same fashion, as i just showed. You now guys time to go for a drive and see what the new s class is like on our horrific uk roads. Now, when we talk about s class, i reckon most people are going to assume that youd want to sit in the rear, because the car to be driven around in thats a typical use that most people assume and youve got the lovely rear seats, the legroom, etc, Etc, but for me theres nothing, i enjoy quite as much as driving an s class dynamically. So if its not a performance mercedes by amg, forget everything in the middle. I love driving the s class fast and the reason for that is throughout all the generations. Just how brilliant the s class is suspension, steering the ability to handle unevenness of road surface.

The general dynamism for such a large vehicle and every engine that mercedes ever put into an s class is just simply effortless. Just like this one. Today, Music, we are starting in this s500, which is its weird. I think s 500 and i think v8 sure is same for a lot of you guys. This is, of course, the inline six hybrid weve tested this engine in loads of mercedes and mercedes amg, mainly so its that familiar unit that youd find within all of the 53 amgs and, as you might have seen in some of my other reviews. When i talk about those cars, its an amazing engine, because you have that little bit of eq hybrid assistance from the starter generator that gives you immediate torque and power, just like an ev before the turbo kicks in and essentially youve got again a lag free engine Which is essentially effortless and thats what you want in something like an s class. It has to be effortless thats. What defines the drive of an s class when i drove the eqs, i mentioned just how easy it was to drive how effortless it was to drive. How it reminded me of the s and, of course, new generation – 223, its just so good. Oh my god! This is what i mean. You cant drive another luxury car, the size of the s class. The way that im driving this car now, the air suspension, particularly paired with the e active suspension, makes the car not only good for comfort, which, of course, the s class is but then so good dynamically as well, that you genuinely have fun driving this car fast.

On countryside b roads, so speaking of which lets actually put the car now into sport mode, we even have a sport plus in this s500, so lets stick it into sport plus. Now one thing you wont find in the 400 diesel that well drive later is having a nice rumble and exhaust note like this, its not really an exhaust. Now i think you hear the revving more than anything, but its nice, you dont, get any of the kind of pops and bangs that you associate with the same engine within the 53s. That would be really weird in an s class. Instead, its got a powerful kind of drone and a rev build up, which is quite exciting, particularly with our sport mode screen. Here with the 3d screen on Music, the engine is just effortless, theres no lag at all. So, of course, you expect the car because of the suspension to be good in terms of comfort, especially if you get the active suspension. But what is surprising is how the breadth of ability is increased on the dynamism side, because the suspension is analyzing the way youre driving its scanning the road for bumps already. So the suspension is ready and what you end up with is a car that is actually dynamically better, as well when youre driving faster, which is fantastic, but of course its not just the suspension. Its also the steering mercedes now so much better at getting good steering.

Feel out of their electronic setups, i mean this is a 4matic car. You would expect quite a bit of numbness, but genuinely you get some half decent feedback and on this level of car, which is not really sportive its nice to see that, particularly in sport plus mode, the car is mighty fast, its mighty dynamic. But how much better is it than the 400? What i love about that 400 is how torquey it is because, more than horsepower its talk that you actually feel as a driver in terms of speed and power in the 400d formatic. You always have enough to make the maneuvers that you want to make, but, but regardless of what mode you go into in dynamics select when you put the power down, we start to break no power is delivered abruptly. No braking is done abruptly. Everything is very, very smooth and thats exactly what you want of a luxury car like the s class, while theres no delay in power its gradually given and its done in a way to make sure the passengers are comfortable and that the overall ride experience is that Of s class, the car never feels underpowered for overtaking or maneuvers, and when you do those maneuvers it does it in a smooth way. The steering is great, its full of feedback gets heavier on motorway driving, it gets lighter in and about town, and this is without our rear wheel. Steering option which makes things even better and the s class still has the dynamism.

Despite being such a large car that when you need to make more sporty maneuvers, you can do it, you know all of this is true of the previous chain of s class, where this is really taking it to the next level. Is the technology aspect so its things like the light bar that surrounds the interior of the car? That really adds another level to your driving experience, not only in terms of interaction with the car, but interaction with your surroundings and stuff like safety. So if i veer off to the right here without indicating youll notice, look red flashing lights on the ambient light bar now indicating it goes and its the same. If you have someone in your blind spot and youre trying to turn in this light here, will flash and tell you youre doing something: damn you idiot and then the silence within the interior, its so s class. You hardly discern the engine. It could almost be like youre driving an ev and then the mileage and consumption that youre getting out of this 500 plus miles on this s400 diesel, its pretty amazing, now being a 500. You want the acceleration to be quite visceral and i think its actually really quite good in this car. Listen to the engine, note thats nice and it is quick. It builds up speed very quickly to be fair. The 400d, no slouch in that you do feel the torque as well, of course, its not quite as quick as this, though, so, if you want the quicker car its the 500.

. So personally, i enjoy driving the s class like a bit of a hoover game, but i appreciate that many of you wont be interested in that. So lets go back into comfort mode, and indeed i will change my screen here to classic, which is so easy to. Even do on the fly and looks fantastic with the 3d screen again now again, im still driving pretty quick, but i can barely discern any body roll the roads in south bucks and im sure you can perceive them a little bit from my camera. Here are absolutely god awful, but i cant perceive anything in here im going to go on top of some bumps on purpose. Yes, i can hear the suspension. Can i feel anything i cant feel anything and its so quiet. I mean when its in comfort its almost as quiet as the eqs was and thats a bloody ev, and this is your s 500. Now, then, you turn on driving assistance package and even on a country road like this, the s class is just effortless. I dont need to actually do anything im, just kind of totally chilling out here. There is no safer or better car to drive autonomously than this forget about your teslas and your auto pilots, and that i mean that is a very badly named system, because its not an autopilot is it. But this driving assistance package is literally that it is driver assistance and it does it fantastically well, i can see now my augmented reality.

Navigation in the front of the a class in front of me is being highlighted by it in green, its just such a clever system seriously. Is that not incredible how the hud and the driving systems work together and again? This is luxury to me. It has to be software as well, it has to be software hardware and all the usual stuff weve got the biggest wheels available on this car. At the moment. Still, the air suspension of the s class is, as always, legendary its such a comfortable car to drive its such a comfortable car to be driven in, and you can now see why mercedes my back didnt even have to make any major changes at all. In fact, no technical changes in terms of suspension made in order to make the my back version of this car. As i always say, such an easy car to drive s class, you immediately get an idea of the shape and the dimension of the car, even as an amateur driver, because theres so much communication, its easy to drive fast and its easy to ride slow in the Only thing im, sad about ive, driven three or four s classes. Now, at least since its launched. I still havent had the chance to drive one with the rear wheel steer. So i could perceive a bit of that: better stability in high speeds and some of that shorter turning cell circle. You know in low speeds, apart from the my back, which which did have it but of course thats a different type of car.

You really dont drive it the way, im driving this so again, theres still one thing to discover im sure it will make the cars dynamic ability even better. Sadly, i cant tell you about that today now the question now is s 400d or s 500, which is the one to go for, despite how nice this engine is, and i am a big fan of it. I am still a big believer in the diesel, partly because the s400d has such a fantastic torque figure, which is so much higher than the 500, and that is really what you feel when youre driving – and this is an absolutely wonderful feeling as a driver. The car. Never feels slower than the s500 and, of course you have the inherent benefits of a ridiculous range number thanks to such an efficient diesel engine, but its a diesel engine that never sounds that way, its always quiet its always refined, just as its always been in the S class and its just simply the best engine choice possible. In my opinion, for the standard s class, its going to be the most popular it should be, it deserves to be, and i just wish the diesel would survive longer. Otherwise, if you have your heart set on a mild hybrid as weve tested in the 53 amds, this is such a capable engine in the 500 no lag whatsoever, a nice rumbly engine note as well, but where the s class stands out now is the luxury within Technology element that weve been talking about its the things that you just wont find in any other car, not just of this class but of any class and its those things that you end up missing when you go elsewhere and the fact is it doesnt matter where You go elsewhere, rolls royce bentley, bmw, audi tesla; none of them have the luxury within technology that the s class has so ive really enjoyed driving the s class a bit more dynamically.

Finally, here in the uk now i love this car. It is still to me the king of all cars, if mercedes could only make one car. It would be this one, and i think we all would be happy about that. I hope this has been useful for you. If youve been weighing up the different engines as well, if youve enjoyed this episode, please like and most of all, subscribe to, rbr hit me or follow on instagram as well to keep up with the daily behind the scenes at rbr and to sign off.