I think for the next five days, its rain overcast cold weather. So i got to come out here and do reviews regardless so today, im out here with the get bar c cine log 35. This is new on the market and it is massive in size matter of fact. Let me show you the size difference. If i look down here, this is the get bar c c log 25, so theres a 25 and theres the 35 and then get bar c made the 30. get wheres. It cine log 30 right here. So you see, the 35 is massive. So if i can hold it up here, you probably cant see that so the 25, the 30 and then the 35 here and each of the numbers. 25. 30. 35 just references the size of the props and inches. So a 25 is 2.5 inch. Props 3 inch props for the 30 and 3.5 inch props for the 35. Now the cool thing about this one is gepar c says it can carry a gopro hero 10., so thats. What i have on it. Normally in the fpv world you only put a gopro hero 10 on a 5 inch drone, so a drone with 5 inch props because it takes an awful lot of power to lift this, but get rc says it can lift this plus a battery. So the battery im going to use today its pretty heavy, its 1100 milliamp hour 4 cell battery.

So let me bring this close mine is the hd version, which means its all digital and its got the nebula pro in the front. Mine is also the 4s version. It does come in a 6s version too, but i have the 4s version, so i have 25 50kv motors on it inside you have an f7 flight controller with the vista unit back here you have the lhcp antenna, its a mo moda. I think it is antenna version by get bar c, so im gon na fly this at first without the gopro hero 10, because it is pretty darn heavy. Let me show you the weight when i put this battery on in this hero 10 here check out the weight thats, how much it weighs its a lot for a little 3.5 inch, pusher style drone. Today, its windy youll see the trees moving. As i fly around the trees around here im at my beach, you can see some place over there. You can see the water its hardly anybody out here, so it should be a good flight. Now they do say you could put all the way up to a four cell 1400 milliamp hour, lipo battery, but thats pretty heavy, so thats. Why im just going to fly it with 1100s today so uh? Let me put my gopro hat cam on and well fly this around. I just want to show you how it flies without the hero – 10, just right here beside my jeep and then im going to take it for a real flight.

All right, can you make me out here its so dull, im, probably dark so for this first flight i got the hat cam on, so maybe you can see it this way, ive taken out the gopro, because im gon na fly it with the least amount of Weight because if you look up there, look at the trees, its windy im at the beach and the wind just blows all the way over here over the water and where i am so here we go now, since it is digital. The receiver in here is nothing im using just the normal receiver that comes in the vista unit, so that means im going to use my dji fpv radio, the black one, is what you use in the fpv hobby. So here we go plug this in its all set to go. I should get a green light on here. Yep there we go, ive got my beeper on im, going to turn the beeper off right here there we go and were ready to fly arm it. Here. We go Music, okay, well its extremely powerful, because im hardly moving the throttle. I got a car coming at me, probably wondering what the hell is. This guy doing here check that out very stable in the wind. This thing is massively powerful, so i guess it can lift the gopro well heres. What im gon na do im gon na, take it for a flight without the gopro first, just using the pilots, camera thats, what youll see and then im going to put the gopro in it and well take it for a flight with that.

So lets break it down its going into the wind lets, bring it back over here, all right, so for this flight, the 1100 milliamp hour lipo battery is going on and once again no gopro is in the front. So i want to keep it as light as possible, so i can get used to how it flies, because it seems like its really powerful. All right were all set to go so im using the dji fpv goggles to fly this, since it is digital with the cadx vista system in it and im just going to keep it around me here and check out what the video is like im going to Show you the video recorded in my little fpv, dji goggles here so lets arm it and its ready to go its so quiet. I cant hear it with the wind, but here we go all right. Lets bring it back to me, nice and smooth there. We are thats just what i want to show. You is flying around this way, so thats what the video looks like coming from this little cad, dx camera in the front, the pilots, camera and you can see im barely well. You cant see, but im barely touching the throttle, but it really seems to be wanting to go even with this wind. The wind is not affecting it at all, so lets try a few things here lets go. This is just beet sand here: beach, sand, im, just gon na go a little higher and take it up and come back to me and just do slow, twirls, oh yeah, it just stays right in the air whoa.

I spoke too quick on that one. I didnt have enough height for that one all in all, though its really good look at that eh so smooth to do flips that you can hear the sound well theres two little boats in there thats odd, who would leave little boats down here, motorboats strange all Right, so you know what im going to try it with the gopro hero 10 and see how good it is go around my jeep ill come around this way. I put a little red pylon over here, so nobody would park beside me right there and were going to bring it down here nice. So now we have the gopro hero 10 right here and i am going to put it in slide it in the holder. Oh, my fingers are getting cold, so thats a lot of weight now. So let me power this on. We are recording, so lets see what the gopro hero 10 looks like before. It starts to rain all right. If i havent told you the temperature yet out here right now, its like seven degrees celsius ill put up, what that is up in fahrenheit up here. Seven celsius is that in fahrenheit its a little chilly, i dont expect what the weight of the gopro for the flight to be very long so im just going to keep it nearby all right same thing as before, lets make sure back in acro mode. Yes arm it and lets see if we can lift it here, we go.

Oh, my god, it lifts it. You can hear the motors pushing a lot more since youve got the tent up there, but here we go got some speed happening too. Wow wouldnt want to get hit with this because it weighs quite a bit: Applause, theres, the boats, pretty darn sweet theres, some birds up here out of the way birds out of the way out of the way get out of there all right. Okay, that was getting a little worrisome. I thought i was gon na whack into what him lets come back this way, all right yeah. I can really feel the weight with the 10, but honestly you can fly with a tent. All i can tell you right now. Is that its cold? It says right now my voltage is getting low, so i have to slow down it says: slow down youre using too much power, so i cant show you whats in my goggles, but its exactly what i expected with putting all that weight on and if you cruise, Like i was going really fast, you burn up the battery power like like crazy, so ive got the battery power back now. It was starting to sag right there, but its good now. So as long as i fly slow, if you fly it low and slow uh, you probably get a better flight time. There we go, it is fall weather and it is about to rain and it is getting kind of cold.

So anyways lets go this way. Uh lets cut this way, Music and low. It really wants to go fast. Its got a lot of speed in this baby, so what im going to do is im going to keep it flying low and slow. So i dont uh kill the battery too much because yeah i could just see the battery its going into the red every time. I push it too much, so i dont know how much flight time ill get. I dont think itll be that long. I think its just going to be a few minutes with the 10 on it. You really need a lighter camera. So where am i going im going to go? Lets go down. This pathway lets go down here. Oh my god, thats too low nobody walking down here. Thats, just full of leaves how good is the reception? Oh theres, a car out here see i got ta go back this way. Yeah, i dont want to lose it back here i got ta come back. This way lets go low, close to the leaves not too low low enough, though fall weather. Here we are wow, pretty sweet, so flight time on this with this here, uh gopro, hero 10 is not very long, not very long at all, not with an 1100 milliamp hour. Lipo battery im running out of power, ive got red flashes happening in my goggles now and theyre, not returning to white, so its getting low im going to get some sag here.

So any second now is just going to fall out of the sky. Lets just see. If i can go over here, a little bit pass the boats not crash into them going back this way. Oh, i just made her over that trailer and then back this way, well, im still flying okay! Now i see its getting pretty low. All right lets break it back for a landing lets, bring it back for landing. So here we go coming around the jeep and lets spin. It lets miss this pylon. Well, that was a pretty good landing. Didnt damage anything here. It is right here. Look at that. Thats pretty good, so i am surprised i did get as much flight time as i did with that little battery its just so friggin heavy all right. The next thing i want to show you is what came in the box when i received this here, get bar c cine. Log 35 now get brc, probably sent me a few extra items because since im, a reviewer ill show them off to you so ill show. You everything came in the box, you may or may not get everything i received if you buy this drone, so check it out. Here we have the box, your get bar c cine log comes in and youll see its nicely packaged. The build quality is a mixture of carbon fiber and plastic 2.5 mil carbon fiber on the top and 2 mil carbon fiber on the bottom.

Total weight of the drone is 236 grams, make sure when you buy batteries for this drone, they have an xt30 connector. The items i received with my drone would be spare props spare battery strap bottom plate protectors, antenna protectors, battery sticky, plate vibration, dampeners spare screws, naked gopro power, cable, miscellaneous tools, gopro hero 10, mount geparsi key chain, the best instruction manual ive ever seen for an fpv Drone honestly, this is a really detailed and very simple instruction manual to follow for beginners ive, never seen this before on an fpv drone details about the flight controller and finally get rc stickers. Now the first thing youre going to want to do is attach that bottom plate sticky protector. It just sticks right on the bottom and keeps moisture and water out when youre landing. You also have the sticky battery pad like a grip. It holds your battery in place when its on the drone, the cine log 35 – already comes with a camera mount. But if you want to install the gopro camera mount, then youll have to remove the initial one and install the gopro mount all right. So now. My final thoughts on the cine log 35. Well, i will say that the cine log 25, the original one they made in my opinion, was the best its just the right size. You put a little naked gopro on it or some tiny camera and fly it around its really really good.

Then they made the cine log 30, which is still pretty good, but i still like the 25 a little bit better. Then they came out with this one. When they came out with this one – and i saw you could put a gopro hero 10 on it, i was like oh thats going to be incredible, except its very heavy. I think they did that just to show that you can do it. Certainly you can fly around see. I use this 1100 is that upside down 1100 milliamp hour lipo battery on here heres my recommendation: if you buy this drone, certainly you can use a gopro hero. 10, a nine, an eight or a seven. Each gopro is less and less in weight of the hero brand, but you can also use other cameras, put a naked gopro on here. If you put a naked gopro on here and you put this little 1100 milliamp hour, light bulb battery youre gon na get a ton of flight time and youre gon na have the greatest time ever. I did not do that because i wanted to try this out. If i had done that, i would probably be telling you right now. This is the greatest drone since sliced bread, because i think its because honestly, this has a lot of power. I was surprised when i flew without the gopro, how much power it had and its so smooth that i think you could have a lot of fun and do some pretty amazing things.

I think you could use this like a race drone, a freestyle drone and a cinematic camera drone as well, and i like the fact that in the front here, i dont know if i showed you that i like its full of beach sand, i like the fact That the pilot camera theres dampening on everything, so youre not going to get jello. You shouldnt get jello in the video or anything like that. It should be pretty darn decent. Now. What did i do? It was just my camera turning off, but enough said maybe thats the beeper to tell me. Okay times up, youve talked too long, so ill sum it up. There ill say the links are below go check it out to find this get bar rc cine log 35. Its new on the market, its probably gon na, be a hit like all the other sceni logs thats why they make it. I do like the framing on it too, its quite solid, its like double double made. So the only thing i noticed it has a spot here to put the bumpers on, but i didnt receive any bumpers. You know like theyre, foam bumpers for when flying indoors. I didnt receive them with mine, but im pretty sure its designed that you put the bumpers right there for flying indoors, all right so once again, links are below go check it out. If you have questions on this drone anything you want to ask post them below ill get back to you and if you enjoyed this video me freezing out here with my little finger sticking out, please give it a thumbs up.