Drone were taking a look at the holy stone drone. Why do i say that holy stones newest release? The hs720g is gon na by far be their new flagship. The 720e has really been their flagship drone for the last few years and its got a lot of good features, but ive had a love, hate relationship with it. Ive always said holy stone makes the best beginner mini drone in the hs210, which is a very important drone to learn on. So you can learn the orientation of a drone and man when you go from the 80 to 150 range. I think i have over 20 holy stone drone reviews, ive done almost all of them are in that range. Just like i did with my first holy stone drone. I got the 700 and it was a good drone to learn on very inexpensive, but then, after a few years, when i had this one man, they came out with my favorite holy stone drone, which is the hs700e, even though they look just alike man. This one outperforms it so much drones are like dog years two or three years later i mean this thing flies so much better, better camera, better connectivity, uh no latency like this one had all around. I really enjoy flying this drone for the 300 rings. So, just as they improved the 700d over the 700 now theyve really improved the 720 g over the 720e. So the 720e, the e stood for image stabilization for the camera, because it was a one axis gimbal, so it would go up and down, but this one is just like the 360 and 600: its got a multiple access gimbal.

So, instead of just going up and down and when youre flying it, when the camera rolls to the left and to the right, the camera stays still so the horizon doesnt move in your shot, so it gives much better videos. It doesnt have the third axis, which is a pan, which the camera can turn to the right and left, but most people that even have that dont even know how to use that on a drone. So at least they have that one also thats one more thing that could break so its great that they went to multiple access gimbal. But let me tell you the best thing about this drone. They went on a major diet. This one weighs 477 grams, this ones 360., so its lost over 25 percent of its weight. I mean look at the motors on this thing, theyre tiny, so you may be thinking james. I mean this ones going to be a lot slower. No, even though, look at the battery size difference on these two, even though the battery is way smaller with the new technology of batteries, this ones more powerful and it has a longer flight time also comes with the same remote but theres. Only one thing missing: light switch, so this one doesnt have the lights, so you got to theres some compromises. You got to have how important are the lights when you really want to save weight? How often are you flying your drone at night, where the weight savings on this one make this one is sporty flyer, just like the 510, and now this ones more powerful, 25 percent lighter and it turns on a dime with no latency and its way faster.

So yesterday me and my son took them out and we flew them both outside in the wind. It was 25 mile an hour winds. The 720e just struggled to hold its position. Sometimes it was even going backwards and youll see in the video this one ripped into the wind. The only problem i had on the way back. We were using the speed gun just to get the speed on it, and it was. It was even faster than the 720e, but ive been flying. My fpv drone for the last few months and i havent been flying camera drones. A lot a lot and flying line of sight sometimes is harder. I clipped a tree with it. I cant believe i did that i havent clipped the tree in years. It fell 25 feet into my driveway flipped over hit, my rock retaining wall and flipped into the creek and im, like i havent done all the testing on it. Yet i need to do the return to home. How far will it fly? How theres so many things i wanted to do with it and im thinking ive ruined it theyre going to send me another one. You know what look at this. It did fantastic. Its got. A couple few scratches on it and im not telling you to crash yours to test it. I tested it for you. It crashed really well, and i know that, because on this other one heres, my other 720, he i clipped, i clipped a tree on it.

It barely fell and it broke this arm off, so this one seems to be much more durable ill show you when were going over the app how its much more vented in everything also so today, weve got 35 mile an hour winds, so im going to make Another video in a couple days when the winds die down and ill. Do the circle me the follow me: how far will it go until it loses connection? Does the return to homework? So this is part one just a review of the drone and show you some footage from yesterday, the embarrassing crash and then well go and ill go over the features of the drone and its got a new app thats real important too uh. I know that philly will go. Sometimes it kept crashing so now theres a new app with this drone. So let me quit talking about it. Let me show you the footage and ill show you how the app works, all the features of the drone and then ill come out with a part two and ill fly it some more and go over all the flight features of it. So lets go put her up in the air whats up guys, welcome to before you go today were going to be comparing the holy stone, 720e and 720 g for flight times and speed tests. Let me start out by saying i cant believe how fast this thing goes into a 25 mile an hour wind.

The 720e would only hold its position and even fly backwards, but with the lighter weight, the stronger battery stronger motors, it was doing really good, but you got to be responsible when youre flying a drone, no matter how many years youve been doing it and how good You are, i wasnt paying attention and i clipped that tree coming back across okay, so its three miles an hour faster there. It goes so anytime. You switch back between fpv and camera drones. You need to reevaluate how youre flying i wasnt being very sensible here and i havent wrecked a drone in over a year. I was in shock when i went down and found out that it was really okay, yeah holy cow, its okay. What did you see that yeah it slammed on the concrete, no way that was me being stupid? Oh no way so we put her back in the air and she did just great so to keep this video from being an hour long, like i said, im going to make a part two im going to go over all the aspects of how the drone flies. The return to home: how far will it go? Uh the circle, the follow me how good the camera works. The camera works really good, the color saturation on its really good here. If you look at the bushes behind here, you can see how hard that winds blowing its blowing like 20 some miles an hour, and you can see the camera tilted, because the drones trying to fight the wind but its doing really good.

The app seems to be a lot better than the affiliate go app. It seems much more user friendly. So here it blew my hat off my goodness its windy. So here me and my son were trying to go over and fly both the drones. At the same time and comparing them – but i dont want this to make to be a comparison, video between the 720 e and the g, but um just let it stand alone on its own ill. Compare those in a different video later and ill, especially put it up against the 700 e, which is my favorite holy stone drone, but maybe not now i mean this drone is pretty awesome so up next, i am going to do a deep dive into the app And all these aspects of the drone, so if you bought this drone and youre watching this, be sure and watch all of it and make your pre start checklist off the things that i go over so lets go inside and lets go over everything all right, guys Lets see what she weighs in at 360 grams, which compared to 476 for the 720e and the 700 e its about the same 370s. You know which is still less than half as much as say, a maverick 3, which is at 876. and of course the the mini me of it comes in at 167.. So i thought the 440 looked like the 720 before, but now the 440 even looks more.

Like the mini me of the 720 g, i mean these things are look almost identical, so how much is 366 grams? Well, 366 grams is the weight of a wonderful can of chicken of the sea tuna fish and a chicken of the sea sardines, which ones your favorite. I know which one mine is so on the drone. There are some changes, of course, the most noticeable is the two axis gimbal. It doesnt have that third axis, so it doesnt pan to the left and right, but it does go up and down in turns, but really you hardly ever use the pan axis. Most people dont even know how to activate it on their drone so going up and down in this really stabilizes the footage. So this one now has vents theres vents up here. That bent in and theyve been out back here so on. The bottom gone are the lights that they had on the 720. It still has the optical flow sensors, but the lights are gone and it has two optical flow sensors versus one for the 720.. One thing that was a big complaint on the 720e is trying to hook these batteries up in here, and it was a pain and they would fall out while youre trying to charge them well gone. Are these chargers and whats great about this drone now is. It has intelligent batteries, so all you do, is you plug your c into the bottom, and these lights light up it and unless you know when its charged, so you hold down on it and once to turn the drone on and off, and this is how you Turn it on and then you press down to hold it off.

So if this batterys on and you pop it in itll, still turn the drone on so youre swapping batteries but whats nice when its flying, you can look back here. You can also look at the app, but back here, itll show you how far the batterys going its got a really nice light in the back. So how you charge the battery is just with the c connector on the bottom and it does come with the cable and it takes about an hour to charge, and you get about 25 to 28 minutes of flight time. So lets look at these motors. These motors are significantly smaller, theyre a little bit taller, but theyre way less wider, but but this the 720 g is faster, better life, even with the smaller motors. So your sd card goes in here. You change the props the same way with the two little screws on here, and these props are labeled a and bs so be sure when youre changing the props, you put the right ones on, because the angle attack is different and it wont fly if you get That wrong be sure when youre packing it in the carrying case that you put it into the you put. The gimbal guard on. My son has broken two drones before by sticking the drone into the into the case. Without this on there not flying it, he broke it, he broke it, sticking it into the case without the gimbal guard on.

I thought the case was nice on the old 720. This one has more much more of a pleather feel to it and its got a nice handle on the top, instead of being on the side. Holy stone really does a good job with these cases its the same remote, but the only difference is the switch is gone because there is for the lights. It comes with the extra props so to pull the battery out its got this little button that pops, if you know, youre, going to store your drones for a long time, put this back on there its best that these arent connected in here for, if youre, going To be storing it for a long time, so the bat the lights are on the back of the 720 back here and now theyre on the battery right here, and of course, this is how you turn it on just kind of like you. Do the maverick three? Well, the power switch is on the battery or the power switch on the 720 was on the top. So on the remote it takes two double las that go in the back and these fold down. So you can hold it better. Your phone, just like the other remote, is the same. If your phone goes in here, we pull it up all the way this little flap will come down. You can put your phone in there also every time you turn it on its best to hold down on this when you, when you turn it over.

This is, and this is to start and stop the motors and if it seems to be flying away from you or youre out of control. You just press down on this and its emergency stop also, and it will stop the props from spinning and itll fall out of the sky. So im gon na fly with my phone, but im gon na show you how to use the app with my ipad. So you go to page 19 and you find your qr code. You open up your camera and its the first time. Ive seen this app its the ophelia fly, app, not the the other one was the affiliate, go you download the app and then you can open it so to get it to work. You turn the drone on. You return the motor. You turn the remote on. I just make it a habit of holding this down every time connected quick, so you can tell its connected because the it shows you the batteries, the the gps is on, but we dont have any satellites right now and it shows that were in speed. Two, you see that blinked on and off that was for the calibration. Well go over that in a second and down the remote. This is your take on and off button, but this starts and stops the motors a short press takes a photo and a long press takes a video. This little dial here. Doesnt do anything, but this dial moves the gimbal up and down so its a wi fi drone.

So before you do anything part of your pre start checklist, you need to get out of the app go back to your wi fi. Look for holy stone, pull up! Pulley stone now its connected to the app we know the remote is connected to the drone, but now we need to connect the app to get the camera to work. So im going to go back to the app and now the camera will be working. It takes a second and now the camera works and see, even if i, even if i tilt the drone, it stays see, it takes a minute when you go straight into the sunlight, but it adjusts to the color. The color is really good on it. So it says weak gps signal because we are not in there. This is follow me points of interest and headless mode, dont ever use headless mode. Follow me the drone will follow. You and points of interest is my favorite thing. Uh follow me could be kind of scary, because, if its following you it does not have obstacle avoidance. You need to really pay attention when its following you point of interest is neat because it you can make a circle around you return to home here and take off here also, but you can also do that on the remote over here is your gallery. You can get a free battery if you fill that out. It says heres, where you switch between photos and videos and heres your camera adjustments, so you can set your brightness color saturation, your iso id leave it on auto your white, your your white balance, your video size, if you want to shoot in 1080, 4k, takes a Lot more, but the if you look the 1080s and 60 frames per second, you can clear your catch, so you can do the gimbal gyro calibration here.

So when you hit calibrate youll, see that it calibrates itself best to have it on a flat surface and then the roll adjustment you can set, how much you want it to roll here. Of course, we dont have any satellites. It shows you the batteries, the remote signal, if you can, you can actually use vr glasses with this, if you want to, but up here under settings use metric or british theres. This is real important here. This beginner mode, if you have beginner mode, turned on its not going to go very far and its not going to go very fast and it wont turn. So if you turn the beginner mode on, you, dont have any its not going to go more than 50 feet from you, but heres where you set your orbital diameter. This is for the when it circles around you maximum distance. So we have it at sixteen hundred and forty feet, thats about a mile maximum height, so you cant even set your height higher than four hundred feet. Thats, where it needs to be um. Return to home is very important, so right now its set on 49. If theres any trees higher than you than 49 oop its beeping at me because were not doing anything lets start the motors start. The motors itll quit beeping at you by pushing this button and hold back down on it and itll turn off all right, um. It just itll overheat if its just sitting there, so this return to home is real important.

If theres trees around you higher than 49 feet, itll smash into them. If you want to set that higher than any anyone around you, you can start your calibration here or you can start your calibration on the remote by pulling down into the left on both of them. So lets do lets do a calibration. You want to do this. Every time itll itll prompt you up here, therell be a little a little satellite that shows that it wants to be connect a compass calibration. What compass calibration is, if you get in your car – and you turn your gps on until you start driving those satellites. Dont know which way your your car is pointed so its real important that the satellites know which direction this throne is going in. So when you hit start what youre going to do like almost all drones, you even have to do these on the expensive, drones and spin it three times now see it. It tells me to hold put it up and spin it three times this way. Well, like that, gimbal is getting hot, and now it come now its calibrated. So now the satellites know which direction its pointed and vertically it knows which is the top and which is the bottom. So anytime, you crash it hard or you go somewhere. Itll itll notify you, but if you crash it, even if it doesnt tell you to recalibrate it, you want to recalibrate the compass.

So if you make a pre start checklist, the first thing you want to do make sure youre connected to the wi fi, make sure the remotes working on the phone and then make sure you calibrate your compass every time i hear about so many flyaways, but if It starts toilet bowling on you or something like that. Then theres, something wrong with the compass calibration, also on the app itll show you your distance and your height and how fast youre going. But it also tells you right here on the remote, the distance and the height. All right lets come back for our final review, hey guys! So thanks so much for watching my review of the 720 g, although ive done over 20 holy stone reviews and they send me the drones, they dont pay me. So these reviews are my honest feelings about it. Ive even told you about some of the holy stone drones. I told you not to buy that theres other better drones out there, but this one and this one flies good. It just came out today so heres, like i didnt, say earlier, heres the price on it and i didnt know this price until just now and usually theyll send when they release something.