So let’s let’s just open this thing up straight away. It has its own little case and everything i love it this. This has a different feel to the holy stone cases. This is the this is the one for like the um hs510 uh. This one has like more of a rigid feel, but i like it it’s still a hard case, so it protects everything i like the box too it’s pretty nice um, so let’s let’s unzip this Music. We got some uh some of this, which is nice all right. So right here you have your remote control, it’s, a weird looking remote control, actually um put your phone on here and i’ll put some batteries in this. It seems very uh. This doesn’t, like it seems pretty loose on here so hopefully that’s just like what it’s supposed to do um, but i mean it seems a bit fragile but it’s a cheaper type, drone um, then on and off trim. You got the emergency stop and up and down button uh, so um this is um headless mode and the 360 flip. This is the speed and the video and camera also it has a trim button. I don’t really know how you’d use that, because um i wouldn’t, really know how you you would use the trim button because it just says trim. So what part are you really trimming that’s the problem here cool? I was looking at one of the reviews before i got this and yeah it’s a bit hard to come off the first time, but it takes three double a batteries which i’ll put in shortly then on to the real deal.

Oh, this is a tiny guy. This is a tiny lightweight drone it unfolds. This is a tiny little drone and you got the 720p camera. Apparently, the app that i came with actually has a little bit of problems, but usually these drones work with other uh other apps. So we could uh i’m gon na test out the app and tell you which one to get for the best thing. Oh there’s stuff. In here too notice that so in here you have the charger extra blades um little screwdriver always got to appreciate the screwdriver um chargers. All that, then you got prop guards which i’ll put these on for the sake of the review: okay, actually, i’m. Gon na put these on right now and for the camera very interesting little drone. Actually, so how do you put these on let’s see? Oh just like that, okay, that’s, pretty straightforward, seem a bit loose. I mean i mean there might be a specific one. You ah yeah, okay, so yeah they’re specific for some reason, so you got ta push it in there. These are surprisingly sturdy. I used to have the d50. Hopefully i’ll, be able to review that at some point, but the d um, the d50 is actually like. D50 um prop guards came off really easily. These ones seem pretty sturdy, though, which is nice um, and then you got two batteries in the case right here, i’ll charge these up and then i’ll do the review on them.

But you just take these out just like that, and then you insert it just like that and that’s that it’s pretty lightweight drone the case itself is actually really heavy um. What else we got in here? We got more stuff, so we got the instructions. What else an orange page so warranty 30 day, whole unit warranty and quality related issue 90 days accessory warranty? Okay, so you get 30 days if the drone breaks or anything, it will be fully replaced. Um you have 30 days and for the whole unit to be replaced. If you have an issue with it and then 90 days, it can need new accessories like new, prop propeller blades uh new anything, i guess also do not charge in the carrying case um. Caution of battery oh, no. This is the caution, the battery right here, of course, um, and then you got the instructions which i’ll read over. While the batteries are charging but yeah, it looks like a pretty nifty drone, um and let’s. Do the actual flight review all righty everybody, so um i’m, not i’m, not actually having my phone on here right now, um i’m, just doing a quick fly test just to see how everything is and it’s chilling, alrighty so i’m just doing a quick little fly test Here without the phone um so start it up flies um. You can hear it. You can’t see it right now, but once i push up then there it is it handles really nicely it does.

Handle really nicely it’s low battery that’s. Why it’s going down a lot but it’s really it’s, really um good for that i’m. Just gon na try doing a flip one sec. Oh wow, that’s, that’s cool. I like it. Okay, i don’t know if you were able to see i’ll try this again watch one more time: okay, one more time: okay, i’m gon na. Do it one more time and i’ll just cut out the ones. That thing goes a little bit high when it does the flips very fun. Um it’s actually got some speed to it once you put it on high speed mode, it goes down really fast. Oh yeah, it goes up really fast too so yeah it’s, it’s really responsive. I like it, it seems wet really fast, like it’s, really fast, uh brushed drone bring it in for a landing. Okay, yeah. That concludes that um just wanted everyone to note here. Um i tried connecting like i like for a bigger iphone 11, like what i have um it doesn’t really fit on the remote controller like it fits, but it kind of slides out. So you have to rig this to have like um padding. Maybe uh maybe put some hot glue, spikes on here or something so it sticks um. But i just rigged mine with tape, but yeah it’s it’s still pretty handy how it just kind of folds in it’s nice. You know the controller is a lot better than the eight um and i like the little stub sticks.

The stub sticks are nice. Anyways, i’m gon na show you uh the uh in flight app with some music um and yeah enjoy so i’m. Just gon na record some videos with the in flight um i’ve noticed that it’s actually a lower frame rate but it’s still like it still works. Fine it’s actually has um higher range than the ht02, but it has a lower frame rate and it’s a little bit wide, so um so yeah.