Why im bundled up well im out here with the newest latest greatest invention from seafly and its called the faith 2s. This is their latest drone, its supposed to be fantastic. Well at least thats what they tell me so im gon na go fly it here and see if it is fantastic. Now a lot of you may know the previous model, and or maybe you dont, so what im gon na do is show you some features on this drone, as well as the previous model, and show you what the improvements are so uh check this out here, ive Placed the old faith 2 on the right and the new faith 2s on the left. Can you see a difference nope they look the same, but lets look at the bottom and you can see on the bottom. There is a difference. The new faith 2s has a fan, a cooling fan, because the transmission is super powerful, its like seven kilometer range compared to the old three kilometers. The cameras remain pretty much the same, although the new faith 2s has a slightly different camera sensor. Also, faith 2s is clearly indicated on the arm. The good news is, the batteries are identical. So if you have the previous version, faith 2, you can use those batteries in the faith. 2S and flight time remains at 35 minutes. The older version of the drone weighs 530 grams and the very new faith, 2s weighs 527 grams.

The controller for the new faith 2s has been redesigned, youll notice that the buttons are in different locations, labeled differently as well. You now connect your phone to the controller via an included cable. Also, the battery in the new controller is much larger compared to the battery in the old controller. However, when you weigh the two controllers, youll see, the old controller actually weighs more with the smaller battery than the new controller with the larger battery. And if you want to post photos or video on social media in vertical mode, you can you just select vertical and then you take a photo or you can take a video and everything will be in vertical mode and then you can send it off on snapchat Or tick tock, okay, youre back to me, lets get this drone flying its very easy to set up and get going because you dont need to do any sort of calibrations on it. Its ready to go right out of the box just charge up the batteries and then spread out the arms. Take off the gimbal guard power it on put it down. Put your phone in the controller, connect the little cable here and youre all set to go. One thing i like about the controller is the way the arms work they go this way these are real antennas uh. It has changed from previous versions. Now you connect your phone directly to the controller via a cable, thats supplied, so lets power.

This on really quick. I have no phone in it yet, but ill just power it on there we go its on and now im going to power on the drone. There we go play some beautiful music and plop. You down get the gimbal guard out of there. One thing i will mention is the room they give you to put your phone in. I have a quite a large phone, it will not fit if i put the phone case on the phone, so i have to take the phone case off and then it fits nicely like that. You see so the app you want to use on your phone. Is the cfly2 app im going to tap that now and im going to click on start flying and were all set to go its very easy to set up and get going its a pro drone. So on my screen, its telling me on my phone, i have 15 satellites, its really quick to catch satellites and get going like. I said out of the box charge, it up, connect everything and youre flying. So here we go. Let me just start up the motors and take it on up. The return point has been refreshed: okay, pay attention to the position of the return point there we go im taking it up, lets see how well the gps works in this wind. There we go baby, yeah, shes, pretty good here, ill walk around it, Music.

All right, ive got the record on this camera and, as i recall, the previous version had really awesome, colors good image, so hows the image quality here im just going to walk around like i do with a lot of these drones. Just to show you how motion looks on the drone im going farther away and then im going to come up nice and close to the drone. Where are you drone here, we are getting close. Close lets go close, close close. How is that? Oh, am i even in the pitcher there we go hows that how is that there we go all right lets! Take it up. Let me show you this as well, so you see im sort of out of the picture. Uh wheres my little dial. It does have a really smooth gimbal on it, so you can go down really smooth, so i can look at me see how smooth that is, nice all right. So let me show you how this flies im going to whip it past me. There we go. This is a normal mode, it stays above the grout its very fast. I dont even have it in sport mode and it just whips around here where that thing goes so on my little switch here, i could put it in sport, sport there we are and uh here we go, it should go like a bat out of hell comes In sport mode there we go okay, im in photo mode and snap a photo there.

We go photo success, it says, try another one. There we go theres a photo, really quick. If my phone screen is recording, let me just show you the settings. You can see all your video resolutions, your exposure settings, your white balance, video watermark, photo watermark and photo resolution, which is really high. 5120 x. 3840. Your iso, your field of view, your scene mode and your effects mode. So for camera settings. This drone has quite a bit okay, if youre looking at my phone screen, where is it yeah see, my arm is pointing at it over. There is a picture of the controller tap on that, so the first one i want to do is follow me. So ive done this before and i know how it works. Now you got to put the drone up in the air. Now i tap on follow me there we go next step and it says theres a little blue box that says get in that blue box. I dont know if you can see it im in the blue box now and start it will follow whatever whatever was in that blue box. So here we go im going to walk away from it and it should follow me as best it can there. We are theres the back of my head as its coming along. How good is this attracting? Let me try this you ready im going gon na sprint lets see, can it catch it keep up with me im, not a fast runner.

Oh its got me its got me thats, not bad and thats sideways. It flew sideways to do that and if you walk at it, lets see how it is. If you walk at it, walking at it. Looking here, yeah just flies backwards. It doesnt matter which direction you go ill, try to fool it go this way, yeah pretty good tracking and its like a gps tracking. Actually, so i could walk under trees or something, and it should still track me all right. Lets stop that. So we did follow me. Let me show you something like uh circle all right, so let me click on circle and next step. Normally i put that thing over a point of interest focus on the target, which is am i in there again there? We are me hit next and here it goes in a circle, so there it is going around im in the center here. So, whatever you stuck in the middle of the frame for the circle that that is focused on or whatever it just orbits it, which is me in the center here for the circle same, is true for all the other ones, rock and helix, and all those other Cool things it has on here all right. Let me stop that all right lets try waypoints on here, so im going to click on the waypoints there we go next step. It says: take a look at your map, whoa its doing some cool things on my map.

Here so im going to zoom in go into the map. Are you going to? Let me zoom in, let me zoom in okay, so the blue dot would be me and of course the drone is the drone. So this big field is where i want to put waypoints so im going to put some waypoints. You can see theres a little finger that says tap so im going to go tap. One way point two waypoints three waypoints all around me: there we go and over on the bottom right, it says start and i confirm well. I can i dont know what im confirming but im confirming something and i hit go and lets see whats done there. She goes wherever i put those waypoints over here thats, where its going to go and on the map. You can see it going to the waypoints. Oh, it goes pretty high. There we go its going to one way: point its gon na turn, going to the next waypoint and then come back to the third waypoint, and it should stop and all right the wind is blowing out here. This is supposed to work in level. Seven winds. So the wind should bother too much next thing. Ill do is ill fly it around here and take some video and photos. So here we go going up: Music, okay, im, getting to notice that my battery power is low, so im going to hit the return to home button right here, press it do i get a noise there.

We go two beeps and it says, return to home and well see if it lands on this landing pad right here there it is coming down. Wow comes down fast Applause coming down coming down and look whats below it check that out right over there there. She goes shes going to turn itself off, but look at that look where the landing pad is its pretty close, not bad, all right, just a few other things to show you really quick is the settings for this drone. You can see right here, theres. Quite a few settings for it uh just scrolling through the screen right here things you can change on it and your controller things. You can do your battery and, of course, items for the drone. You know its enough for a beginner, its really designed for a beginner. How about i show you next? What comes in the box so check this out? This is the box. Your drone comes in inside that box, youll find a very nice carry bag and inside that carry bag. Youll find your drone and accessories just remove the protective plastic from your shiny new drone, and it looks like this. The 4k camera is attached to a 3 axis gimbal and you can record your video and photos to a micro sd card. The included battery comes with a battery charger. The remote is rechargeable and comes with several cables for all types of tablets and cell phones.

Finally, spare props and manuals are included alright. So my quick final thoughts on the c fly 2s. If you watched my review of the previous version, ill put, a link to it below all you have to do is take that review and then make it a little bit better. The the drone is a little bit better over the previous one thing i will say thats a lot better is that the controller connects to your phone via a cable, so you dont get any of those weird lost transmission or anything like that. Its really good flight distance, i didnt, have any problems here. I flew quite far over a lot of congested areas: theres lots of traffic. Today the schools happening theres construction going on theres housing developments and transmission came back no problem, so i have no complaints there. Video quality of the image i have not looked at it, youve seen it. I have not seen it so if you liked what you saw from the video and the photos then great. The only thing i did notice is that it is pretty windy here and theres gusts of wind happening up top, and when i was flying and gusts of wind would hit this up top. You would keep on flying no problem, but every now and then you could just see the camera turning a little bit, because the drone was getting battered by the wind that it was causing it to to move a little bit.

So with all that said, im gon na put links to this product below i do not know the price. But when you click on the link, youll see the price and if theres a discount code, youll see a discount code. I dont know if theres a discount code, but if there is youll, see that below all right guys thanks for watching this video, if you have questions on this drone, just post them below and ill get back to you with the answers.