and many people argue its the best tiny whoop you can get today whether you agree or disagree with that sentiment, you got to admit its the most popular. I dont have any data to prove that, but i think its true good enough – and this is the happy model – mobiel 6, the successor to the mobilis 6. – and there are some things about the mo beetle. That everyone would agree are improvements. For example, it has much longer video and control range than the mobile 6 and it is significantly lighter whats not to like well whats, not to like ask angry don the happy model team pilot who worked to develop the mobiel six hes come out on social media And basically lambasted it pointing out all the ways that happy model didnt develop it to his exact, precise spec. But is he just being like super picky like top racers, and pilots always are, and maybe the mobius 6 is actually still pretty good, even though its not exactly what angry dawn wanted to make? Or maybe you should just buy a mobius 6 instead im joshua, bardwell and youre going to learn something today, heres the number one thing that makes the mo beetle so freaking, amazing, the flight controller, its the happy model diamond f4 flight controller and its small and lightweight It has a 5 amp esc built in for the brushless motors and what makes it really stand out in my mind, is it can be ordered with built in express lrs.

So you get much better range and penetration than the free sky, typically free sky, based receivers that are built into most tiny whoops. The video transmitter also stands out its 400 milliwatts and it uses the open vtx code, which means its technically open source, but the bottom line is this is an all in one flight controller for your tiny whoop, with built in express lrs and built in 400 milliwatt. Video transmitter thats incredible and that alone, like i kind of almost dont care, how it flies. Obviously, i care how it flies and were gon na see it fly, but my god there were people buying this quad just for the video or just for the flight controller, because you couldnt it was out of stock everywhere they were like screw it ill, just buy The whole freaking drone and take the flight controller out and do whatever i want with it, its so freaking good. The other major change theyve made is to go from 0802 motors on the mobilis 6 to 0702 motors on the mo beetle, and that means that the mo beetle motors are one millimeter smaller in diameter than the mobile 6 motors. And that means that they have less torque and less power and thats part of the reason why you see the mo beetle ships with buy blade props instead of the tri blade props that people usually use on the mogulus 6.. I have heard from some people who say that the 0702 motors can handle a light, tri blade prop and in fact patrick clark, the tuner from project mockingbird says he really loves it, but other people, ive talked to say not.

You really need to stick to buy blades and thats going to affect the handling, although the reduction in thrust from the black blade propped little say that three times fast, the reduction in thrust from the by blade props is going to be somewhat offset by the lighter Weight another change thats a little bit harder to notice – is that the mo beetles motors are unibel its a single piece, aluminum bell, whereas the mobilis 6 motors lets take a closer look. The mobius 6 motors you can see the top is a separate piece from this. Outer cylinder and on larger motors that can result in the cylinders separating and coming down, but uh um. Some people argue that its not as much of an issue on these smaller motors angry dawn actually has some strong opinions on this that well get to later. In the video when we address his complaints about the mobiutyl 6., the mo beetle is significantly lighter than the mogulus 6. mo beetle comes in at 18 grams. Without a battery, the mobilis 6 comes in at 21 grams and before you think, ah three grams, who freaking cares thats more than ten percent of the weight of the quadcopter. It does make a difference in the handling. Now these little pieces of wire here are a little bit controversial in order to save weight. They have used those little soldered on wire antennas instead of giving you a ufl connector for a proper circular polarized antenna and instead of using a ceramic antenna like the ep2 express lrs receivers.

This does reduce the weight, but it also reduces the range and, if youre going to have a 400 milliwatt video transmitter, how much are you losing by having kind of a crappy wire antenna well well, see. Well, do some range and comparisons a little later in the video, but there definitely are people who would prefer that we had a ufl antenna and prefer that we had a ceramic express lrs antenna for durability reasons, if not range and penetration reasons. If you do manage to damage one of these wires, the good news is that you just have to solder on another piece of wire. Dont just go, get a piece of copper wire off your bench. It has to be enamel, wire or motor winding wire, its coated in an enamel coating that makes its basically like plastic sheathing, but its enamel as long as its the right length, its relatively simple to solder, it back on. You might want to measure that length. Okay, for the record, this one on the left side is about 30, probably 31 millimeters. When you take into account that little bit of bend, uh thats going to be the 2.4 gigahertz antenna, and this one on the right side – is about 18 millimeters, thats gon na be the five gigahertz one for the video. If you do have to repair one of these, the best thing to do is to cut the wire long then solder. It on then measure the length and cut it to length, because, of course, you can have a little bit of wiggle when you solder it on the canopy on the mo beetle is a novel weight, saving design its printed out of tpu.

It does have fixed up tilt, however, you can change the up tilt by moving this screw position and know if its clear here but theres additional screw holes here and by just changing which screw hole goes through. The camera will get more or less up tilt. The box does come with a standard mogula 6 canopy. There are some people who feel that thats more durable than this plastic canopy, which can like let the camera smack into the main board don, has some recommended upgrades and improvement that you make on day. One and im going to put a link to that video in the video description im not going to be doing those things, because i kind of want to fly it out of the box. Like many people will and see how it comes out. But if you want to get the best reliability and performance out of it definitely check out angry dawns, video linked down in the video description below alrighty folks, heres going to be the course you ready, for it were going to come around the back side of this Cube, thank you. Gem fan were going to go tight left here back through tight right. You want to get one sided were going to sweep around here and come through. The table were going to go through the high side. Here then, come down and through the low side, then through this tunnel of mo billy gates. Thank you. Mobility, then, were going to come up here and use this environmental obstacle were going to drop down and tight around the race day.

Quads gate back through here, and do it again for this part, if i drop down too low im going to hit these chairs and theyre going to suck me under and im not going to be able to get up, so you really got to control altitude there And not drop in too tight see losing altitude 3.4. We got another lap in us. Keep that nice and tight picking up speed there through there. Okay, stay nice and high dont get eaten by the chairs. Keep it tight there: okay, okay, tight there tight there there! You go bardwell there, you go thats, looking real good, and that is a pack that is a pack the mo beetle. Well, the camera is significantly worse in the dark ill. Tell you that lets just take a couple passes around here and see how it flies. It feels less powerful, but oh yeah, immediately less powerful, jeez Music man. I can hear the pid tune, straining the little oscillations of the motors high frequency oscillations. They get this thing tuned within an inch of its life. I am not really going fast enough to push it as much as other people might, but Music thats so much better. Ah, now you might have noticed. I was struggling a little bit with altitude control when i switched to the mobile and it didnt feel like that was happening with the mobiulus 6. and i think that had something to do with the weight of the batteries i was using.

I am running newbie drone. Nitro nectar, 300 milliamp hour packs, and i got to say these are the best tiny wood packs you can get. You can buy them from newbie drone, but the exact same pack well, like i dont, know that its the same pack, but it sure, seems like its. The same pack, its sold also by we bleed fpv and by tattoo ill, put links down in the video description where you can pick them up. If youre interested in tiny whoops theyre just the batteries to have. I was reluctant to give up my beloved nitro nectar. Gold batteries, but i felt i owed it to angry dawn, to give it a try. So i put on the happy model batteries that come with the quad theyre about two grams lighter than the nitro nectar gold batteries and sure enough. The quad got a lot more controllable and the performance wasnt even that bad. You can see here that i had flight times of about plus on this battery 4 minutes 32 seconds, thats, pretty respectable for a tiny, wet battery now its time to see what really separates the mo beetle from the mobilis 6 and other tiny whoops that came before It because the mobi itll has express lrs on board, and that means youre going to get way more range and penetration on your control link than the free sky control link thats on most tiny whoops. But none of that matters, if you lose video, who cares? If you have a failsafe youre controlling, if you cant see where youre flying and most tiny whoops have a 25 milliwatt or maybe a 200 milliwatt video transmitter at most, but the mo beetle has a 400 milliwatt video transmitter, which means we should be able to fly.

Like pretty much anywhere, we want to fly on my property im, not sure ive ever been able to do that with a tiny look before now, when i test quote unquote long range, which really isnt. That long, i know, but when i do this test, what i like to do is fly off my property down towards this ridge line, and you see me doing a little safety turn here to see if im going to lose video. When i turn around and put the antenna behind me – and i didnt so i keep going – i do a little safety turn here and the video nearly completely drops out so im going to go ahead and turn around and come back thats. How far i got and if this was a larger quad that would be pathetic, but for a tiny whoop to be able to go. This far is really impressive and bear in mind im not standing on my porch, where i sometimes stand im actually standing here. Ill show you all the way down here right, so yeah its thats, really impressive range for a tiny whoop. I got ta say now. As far as the control link goes, i am running at 50 hertz and i am using the happy model pro module at 1 watt output power. So this is absolutely the best case scenario when it comes to control link range. If you have a controller with only 250 milliwatts output power, youre going to get a little bit less range and if youre racing and you choose to run at 250, hertz or 500 hertz youll get better latency, but also a little bit less range.

The point here i think – and i think this is always the case with express lrs – is that you have the choice. You can choose low, latency with reduced range. You can choose a high latency with extended range and you have the option to use high powered modules to get even better range. This is hands down the best range ive ever seen on a tiny whoop, both in terms of the video link and in terms of the control link, its pretty freaking amazing. Well, it wouldnt be a good review. If i didnt tell you some negative things about the product – and this is going to be a tricky section of the video for me to get right, because i have a few criticisms of this quad theyre relatively mild and overall, my impression is positive – not to spoil The ending, but the designer of this quad angry don, who partnered with happy model to make it has some big criticisms of it and ive talked to other people who fly tiny whoops way more seriously than i do way more often than i do, and they also Have some small things they would do to improve it im going to tell you about all of that, but i want you to keep in mind a piece of advice. Someone once gave me, which is you, always have to consider the perspective of the person whos, giving you the advice. If the person whos giving you the advice, is a hardcore, tiny whip racer, they may have different standards or different priorities for what they want out of it, and so, despite the fact that they may have strong criticism, it may not necessarily apply to you heres.

My criticism of this quad, the quad, comes with these happy model, 300 milliamp hour packs, and they were fine in terms of performance theyre, probably not like top tier, but i didnt notice any problems with them, but the thing that makes them stand out is that they Have this battery lead on them and, of course they plug in to the battery lead on the the tiny weapon on the mobile? If you choose to use a pack with no battery lead like this newbie drone, nitro nectar, then the provided lead is just barely long enough to just barely plug in and the whole time youre plugged in its under tension and its just, not a good scene, although It does keep the battery from sliding out and thats. Another criticism is that this is a criticism all of these frames. The battery doesnt really stay in, you can add a rubber band or you can add a little piece of padding if you prefer. Some people are putting longer battery leads on here because they like to use these this style of battery you would, you would definitely want to put a longer battery lead on there. If you did that regularly. Now we got to discuss the criticisms of angry dawn fpv. The original creator of this product – and you got to ask yourself: how much can you really trust a product if the very creator has criticized it aggressively and he has criticized it aggressively out there on the internet, we can take a look at this video worlds.

Lightest 14 gram, tiny whip ill put a link in the video description, its nine minutes long so were not gon na watch the whole thing, but it shows what angry don was going for when he started designing the quadcopter. That eventually became the mobile, and we can see that he was trying to build a very different quadcopter than we ended up with here. With the mo beetle. For example, his design was just 20 grams. All up weight. The mo beetle is 25 grams. Angry don feels that the unibell motors on the mow beetle are just marketing hype. That two piece motors are better because they can have better cooling because you can have better venting and because the increased durability of the unibell isnt doesnt, really matter when youre flying a tiny whoop that has prop uh prop guards on it. So the motors shouldnt really be taking hits. It seems like many of the things that angry dawn criticizes are just a really really passionate person being really really picky and theres. Always a trade off between the product that the engineers want to make back in the lab and the product that is actually sold and is best for the average consumer, and that, i think, is how i would start to sum up this product. Before i sum up. The product i got to acknowledge one other thing that comes in the box, which is this carbon fiber frame. You can swap out the standard, tiny whoop frame for an open, prop design, carbon fiber frame, and it makes it fly way way, freaking better, but im not even covering that here, because it also like.

If you are a great pilot who never crashes, then this is fantastic, but literally everybody i talked to. I asked them. Would you fly this indoors and they said no, because even these tiny motors youll be cutting up your the fabric of your couch, your furniture youll be marking up your walls, the kind of just go hog, wild and bounce off the walls flying that tiny. What pilots really prefer to do, they felt like they wouldnt feel comfortable doing it on a frame like this. There is a place for a frame like that. If you look at the rotor riot babito, which is uh bubbie, fpvs new version of that same thing or the newbie drone mosquito, which is very very similar, people rip the hell out of these things, they fly so good right up until you crash and then youre You know, then youre sort of marking up the walls and tearing up the furniture and getting it in somebodys hair, so thats a trade off you might be willing to make and it is included if you want to make the swap but were not going to be Covering that in this review were just going to be treating this like a traditional, tiny look, the mobile 6 is the most popular tiny whip today and is extremely good. The tune that comes on it out of the box is very good and if you dont, like the tune, theres a lot of other people who have tuned the mobius 6 and you can get a very, very good tune that probably suits your needs.

The main criticisms of the mobulus 6 are number one. The 25 000 kv motors are probably more powerful than a lot of pilots are going to be able to fully take advantage of including me, you can solve that with a motor output limit in beta flight, and you can make it less powerful. But obviously you know if you have a super high kv motor that youre dialing down it might be better to just have a lower kv motor to start with. The other main criticism of this guy is the video range and the control link range with the spi based receiver and the i believe, its a 200 milliwatt. Video transmitter still respectable, but it could be a lot better when we come to the mo beetle. I love this thing so much for its flight controller, the built in express lrs and the built in 400 milliwatt video transmitter. Finally make me able to fly a tiny whoop without constantly being anxious that im gon na fail safe or lose video. No, you dont get as much range as you would on a larger quad with a proper antenna, but you get a lot of range more than ive ever experienced on any tiny whoop. But i think that for a typical beginner pilot for sure youre not going to care because you dont need more power and even for a mid tier racer, if youre not consistently hitting full throttle when youre racing its, not the motors that are holding you back.

I think youre going to have pretty good results and the lighter weight is going to make a difference in the maneuverability and the flight time of the quad. A lot of people, though, are buying this just because the flight controller is so freaking good and then theyre upgrading the powertrain put the 30 000 kv motors heck. You could put 0802 motors on it if thats, what you prefer, you could do whatever you want with the motors thats, a relatively easy change to make the main person i would steer away from the mo beetle would be somebody who was looking to do indoor freestyle And thats a shame, because angry dawn really designed this quad, first and foremost for indoor flying and freestyle, and so for it to sort of miss that target when thats. What you specifically wanted is a bit of a shame, but the lack of power down low and then and the lack of mass and fling ability is going to affect the ability to do freestyle in a little bit of a negative way. Again. That could be solved by modding the design, but if you wanted something out of the box that was going to freestyle youre, definitely i think going to steer more towards something like the mobius 6. im going to put links to this product down in the video description And i sure would appreciate it if you use those links. If this content was valuable, helped you learn about the product, helps you make a buying decision, those links down below are affiliate links, and what that means is that when you click that link and then make any purchase at the affiliated store, i get a small commission.

So you want to pick up the mo beetle click that link go, buy a moby dont want to buy the mobile 6 click that link go, buy, mobilistics or just click. Those links to those affiliated stores before you do any of your shopping as an easy way to support the channel doesnt cost you anything just take the time to click. The link im also going to put a link to my review of the mobilis 6. heres.