This is just so long. So if you watched my last video about the dji fly app, not working on the android version of 12, which i guess kind of recently came out um, i told you guys that eventually my dad was able to kind of look around a bunch of text threads And figure out an apk file and downloaded it and it ends up. I guess working. I think so today were going to check that out. So here we go lets see if this works, so my dad has a apk file on this phone. So lets see if this works all right, so heres the phone trying not to explode any personal info heres the dji fly app that my dad supposedly installed and ill see if it works well now the aspect ratio is all messed up hold up all right. Well, it looks like it works um. It seems to be displaying perfectly fine, nothings glitching up, i dont think im able to press stuff around there just went into something really annoying and now were in the weather, but anyway guys it looks like it works. So i got the menu behind me and lets see if we can get the second part of the review to work so lets go, get the drone all right guys. I took everything out of the case here. Im kind of over here so ill just switch to this camera, so this is kind of the stuff that youll need.

Really, when you want to fly youll want the battery. You want the controller which, right now i kind of unfolded the legs. If you want to call them that want, i mean obviously the drone and whatever cellular device youre going to use. This is a samsung galaxy, s10e um. So what im going to do is, i think, with this one, i have to take it out of its case, because these cables that they use that um dji uses are just super annoying, sometimes see if it works. Okay, so it doesnt work. So what were going to do is were going to have to take the phone out of the case right here and you have to align your phone inside these holders like. So let me move this around one thing i like to do is i like to plug it in first then fit it in, and only just remember that i like to do that, so you just plug in the cord, this uses a type c cord. You just kind of slide your phone in there and then these things will grip onto it. You unfold the antennas to like this right here, dont, mind me and then that should be good for the controller now for the drone. Very simply, you just open up the back hatch pop in the battery um. The little sticky uppy piece on the battery should go in top right. There close up the hatch and your drone should be all set to go, so you just plop it down there and let me start my screen record so um.

I dont remember if i showed this in the video, but the way to turn on the controller and the drone. Is you press press and hold makes that noise on the controller and on the drone? You go press press and hold and it does all this stuff. The gimbal does something pretty cool. I showed that my last video, if you want to see it, you can go to that video and check it out anyway. So um i got the phone on. The controller will start like charging your phone uh because because it has a usb connection, so it asks that it gives you a little prompt um if you want to like open it up. I just got into the drone thing, but let me uh swipe out of the app turn on my screen record, so you guys can see this um because i dont want you guys to miss this. So lets go okay. So when youre in itll find once its plugged in and the drone is connected, itll eventually know that you um, are on uh, that you have the mavic mini and you can just hit, go fly right down the corner, and then eventually your video will come in. So this all seems to be working good im able to get good control of the gimbal. Here you can switch to video here. Oh 2.7 k, thats kind of its kind of shoddy im going to change it. So up at the top, you can see im getting eight satellites so far.

I still need to get more um, but at the top it says compass calibration required every single time. I turn it on now. It asks for that so im just gon na. Do that you just click on it and then hit calibrate, so there we go see it hit start right there. Okay, now it says rotate the aircraft 360 degrees horizontally. It wants me to turn it this way. Uh, you have to tilt it upwards like this and tilt it. This way calibration successful, thats, a good sign guys now it says, take off with caution: no gps, but thats, obviously because im in a hoard of trees here so um, it takes a little bit to get enough gpss to actually take off. Well. So now im just gon na wait and uh then well. Take this baby off so lets go guys all right guys! Well, here we are um, itll, say takeoff permitted once you get at least i think six satellites, or something or more, but right now i have currently 11 satellites so im going to start the video um over here. If you im going to go over to this camera, so in the other video that i did at the start, this is video. This is photo you just press it boom. I just started the video look at that. I can tilt the gimbal up and down so enough with that junk um thats, not junk, but whatever so lets go over to this camera now.

So the easiest way to do this is to engage the blades just bring them out blazing gauge. If i turn the camera in, you can see that those blades are spinning like mad men, okay, thats, good, okay. So then what you want to do is you just want to push up on this one and well. The dang thing goes up. Look at that sweetheart. So look at this, so this thing um, is a super awesome. Drone um right now, im shooting in 2.7 k on the mini right here. This thing, i guess, is kind of known for its rock solidness. A lot of dji products are known for the rock solidness. Let me tilt out the gimbal or the this camera a little bit so look guys. We have it flying around in the sky. Right now see its looking at my main camera right here. So yeah. This guys is the quality of the mavic mini in 2.7 k. So thats this is actually the highest that this drone can go, is 2.7 k, um, so yeah guys. I hope you liked the video theres, some wonderful video, the mavic mini just in general, has really good video quality. So yes, ive done a bunch of videos with this bubba um, so yeah. Let me just get some cinematic scenes for you guys and uh yeah. You guys will just uh see that and then ill get into some more specific stuff. So yeah guys.

I hope you like it: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, all right guys enough with the amazing shots from this bubba lets. Uh bring this guy back um the batteries um in this drone, its supposed to last for like 30 minutes, which i mean that isnt bad um um in the videos i made before. I said how many kilowatt hours that were um, how many watts it was or whatever it was so im bringing this guy back and right now, im shooting in 2.7 k 30 frames. So this is what it looks like so im just circling the drone back um im going to land it and im going to tell you the three most important things that i feel you need to know for this guy. I actually brought it pretty high all right guys, so here i am on the in my backyard again, so the three most important things that you really want to know for getting different kind of speed shots. Are these three things? So if you look up right at the top left corner of my screen, you can see it says: p mode. Yes, p mode is a mode for speed. This is the mode that your drone will load into like right, like the first mode that it loads into when it fires up its its just regular mode, its not too fast, not too slow either. You know its just its just regular all right, also guys. I so wish i had my gopro right now to get some headshots but its, but i have glasses on right now and my gopros having problems anyway, so yeah p modes, regular.

If you press p mode, it actually goes. This thing called s mode and sport mode. You can see it says, high speed. You know this goes like zooming fast, like i aint kidding. None bro like this, like this thing, zooms when it goes into sport mode, all right, sport mode, its fast mode. Think of it that way, okay and then, when you click it again, you go into cmo. This is, if you want to get like cool cinematic shots, it pretty much delays all the functions like if i push my joystick all the way to try and yaw as fast as i can thats as fast itll go im pushing my forward throttle im going to Fold thrust as fast as i can thats how fast it goes you can see by the video um and then, if you click it again, you just go right back into p mode, which is the regular mode. So there you go guys. Those are the three main modes that you really are going to want to know im quickly, trying to figure out how to change my quality. I really just wanted to change the quality, but i cant remember how to oh. There we go. I think this is like the most updated version of the app. So if you click that thing down there, you can change it to 1080p and do 50 frames just because it looks better. So there we go. I just started the video again im at 48 percent.

Um so anyway, thats how you change the quality of the drone im shooting in 1080p 50 frames just for a little change, swatting out a lot of flies here, um. So there you go uh. If you want to look at your gallery for the videos youve gotten, you can click that little play button down there, and then you can look at all the videos. You can cache them to your phone. If you want there, you go thats your gallery. Um heres me um, i am so upright says in flight um thats, where all like your notifications will come in like if it says like you need to do an imu calibration or like a compass calibration like. I need to do right. The start of this um theres your satellites, your percentage, whatever your height, is press, those three dots right at the right corner. You have all these settings max distance max altitude that you can go return to home altitude. You can change that for when you go to return to home and all this other stuff controls you can change all these controls. Camera aspect ratio, sd card transmission, all that other stuff about you could just scroll through this endlessly or not. So you go guys. Those are kind of the settings in the main piece of the app. If you want to click down in the right. No sorry left bottom corner. There is actually a map. Google maps no way im just kidding thats obvious that theres a map so yeah theres a sick map.

You can do um a whole bunch of stuff it like shows where you are relative to your launch, pad its kind of accurate. I guess accurate as it can be. You can draw out a whole bunch of stuff its its relatively a good map, like, i must admit, and go out like really far yeah. Look at that, but yeah dji implemented google maps into their stuff, and i mean honestly its pretty good thats good. So theres me again, you can minimize plus. However, you get out of this yeah like that. If you want to return to home, you can press that button so lets just do quick. Uh lets just do a quick example of that. So im gon na go out were just gon na go out and out and still farther out. Okay were gon na fly out. Okay, so say we want to come home, so you just press that button. You can either press and hold to land or press and hold to return to home Music boom, just press and hold, and then its like, tapped or tapped. You cant return to home or whatever so then its gon na automatically come back home. This is a gps drone itll lean against the wind. You can do all this stuff. Now i dont normally like doing return to home in my backyard, because the drones always crash into the trees, but this time the mavic mini seems to be doing good.

It does not look like it is crashing into the trees. Lets turn down the gimbal, oh its. Looking pretty good were gon na be off, though, were gon na be off, but its pretty close, its pretty close, pretty close, pretty close yeah, so theres the launch pad and heres, where its gon na land, so im just gon na hit that x. So because i dont want to land in the grass so yeah guys here, we are and by the way, guys theres going to be more videos of doing each function like im doing with the hubs you know pro plus um hint. One of my next videos is going to be uh doing um was it 360 shooting on the xenopro plus, but anyway just decided to do this. I was not paying attention there, son, so that that should be like a fail army thing anyway. That did not happen. Okay, guys so yeah guys thats pretty much it for this video um again. If you want to change your camera quality tap down there, you can change all that stuff. Storage. Doesnt really do anything eevee! You can change that auto! You can change it to this terrible thats disgusting. I keep it at auto so anyway guys. That concludes my video. Pretty much um in my next video for the mavic mini will be looking in quick shots. You can do all these things. Oh, my gosh, its going to be beautiful all right, so let me take a photo real quick.

This is im um im going to be shooting in jpeg format. I think thats the average format so lets get me right in the shot and just press and hold that or not press and hold, but press that photo button and then boom. I just got a photo of that thats, so pretty ill show that in the video so um yeah, i think im gon na land it now because i mean really thats all i need to show for this video. I hope you guys liked it. Let me record this last piece of it just because let me tilt the gimbal down. I want to get this as accurate as i can yeah. The one thing i really do love about this drone is that its so solid it doesnt move around much so im. Hoving right over the launch pad right now and if you want to do a quick land, you can just press and hold down on this uh your throttle, joystick down press and hold landing itll land for you right and then the blades automatically stop and then Music Yeah there there you go, you have a landed drone and then theres like a little ant thing anyway. Guys hope you liked the video um – and this is 1080p 50 right now. I think so anyway, guys. I hope you liked this video and i will see you next time on drones flights interviews watch out for the next mavic mini video and the next xenopro plus video.

So anyway, guys wrap this up, and i will see you guys and whenever my next video is just yeah, guys see you later, hey guys. Thank you so much for watching sorry for that, abrupt, ending, but anyway, guys. Please subscribe for more stuff, um im, so glad that i was finally able to get that mavic mini video done um, but anyway, guys subscribe for more videos and ill catch. You later on.