. Now normally were flying fpv drones here. That means were doing freestyle racing fast, chasing very dynamic shots. The mavic 3 is a whole different animal, but we love all drones here. So we wanted to see where does this fit in if you want to get into drones, if youre already flying fpv drones, who is the mavic 3 4 right? So this is everything you get in the box. You get the drone itself, you get a radio, you get this cool little cover thing. Some spare props cords charger everything that you need to fly. Many people buy a mavic as their first drone, its very beginner friendly, but also has professional capability weve. Seen a lot of people start with the mavic and then maybe they graduate to fpv. It really all depends on what your goals are in doing drones. If you want to get some great real estate, photography or videos, this is badass. If you want to fly in the smoke of a drift car youre going to need something a little bit quicker and a little bit more dynamic, youre going to need one of our fpv quads right, the mavic 3 is covered with more sensors than any other mavic. I mean its got the front sensors, its got the back sensors, its got bottom sensors, its even got top sensors. How many christmases have we seen the news article about how many people crash their drones the first day they get it and i think dji is trying to cut down on that number a little bit, but this drone isnt just for beginners.

It has professional capability, the camera on here this hustle blog camera is, i mean its a four thirds sensor size. The image quality is incredible: it can do 4k up to 120 frames per second, the bitrate is bananas. I mean its just its a really sweet camera and youll see it its actually got two smaller camera above it is actually for zooming in 28 times total zoom, i think eight of its digital. So you can get right up on your subject kind of get that news. Chopper sort of look so were gon na. Take this mavic out, along with one of our fpv drones and kind of see what are the different types of shots that you can get with. Each different drone we got rhys behind the camera now hes got a lot more experience flying this style of drone, so were gon na put him in command of the mavic im gon na break out one of my freestyle quads and were gon na go fly and Film, something that can be both dynamic and fast, as well as slow and predictable, really put both the fpv drone and the mavic through their paces and see. Where does each one shine, Music, so being a cinematographer? I try to be on location earlier than everyone else. So i figured that this would be a great time to test out the low light capabilities shooting this in 4k 24 frames per second at f 2.

8 im, allowing the most amount of light into the sensor for a drone. This is absolutely incredible. There is hardly any light in the sky, and the mavic 3 is picking up a great deal of information. I also use this time to check the weather app, as the winds today feel stronger than usual and the windy app confirms it. Eight knots gusting 13 predicted throughout the day it wasnt very long before sean showed up with his boat, and we were ready to test out the unique camera that this mavic 3 drone Music has beautiful. The bottom lens is the hasselblad four third look at that it, even when you change the aperture it closes the iris like just oh, my gosh, its got a baby iris, so is that a micro, four thirds camera im im thinking so thats crazy, yeah thats? What that is, yeah same exact camera, so cool, just look at the colors that cmos sensor is freaking nuts yeah if its micro, four thirds truly like look at the dynamic range yeah. That is just something 12.8 stops of dynamic range. I know that just sounds like a bunch of jargon, but thats what a lot of cinema cameras have and then above it is a optically. It looks optically but its they call it a hybrid 28 times zoom. Well, the thing about it is, though, if youre on a vibrating flying drone, though and youve got like 28 times zoom, is it actually going to be stable, or is it going to be like this when youre zoomed in every little movement? Like you, you pick up a lot so ill be really curious to see like how well can that gimbal stabilize for 28 times yeah, so i was looking at it.

The top camera has some kind of optical, like its its doing its own thing inside the gimbal. So the camera, this whole thing is stabilized with the gimbal and then the zoom lens in there also has some kind of it kind of kind of was wobbling. I was shining some light just trying to see what was going on in there yeah and it was kind of doing its own little thing inside yeah, thats cool lets see if you can track it with like some significant to do all right, Music, hey that looks So good that looks so good thats incredible. It definitely takes some finessing. This looks like youre in a helicopter, dude yeah, Music, 28. 202. Take it out. Oh, that is an irresponsible amount of zoom to put on a drone that is, i dont know what else to call it yeah a quick note. While we were really excited about the zoom feature, when looking at the phone screen, once we reviewed the footage on a larger screen, its clear that theres a drop in quality when zooming in thats to be expected with any digital zoom, and it could probably be managed A bit better by not zooming in so far, but no matter what you just shouldnt, expect the image off of the zoom camera to look anywhere near as good as the full size camera. That being said, its still a pretty nifty feature and dji does call it an explore feature to set the expectation that its for looking around and having fun and not necessarily getting the highest quality image.

Okay, here, while were going slow, while were while were going catch up to him, see if you can do an active track orbit im going to go way slower yeah inside the boat boats in frame draw the picture over the boat were going to do an orbit. So point of interest and set it up and hit: go oh thats! Okay, now im just going to slowly cut over to sean yeah. Okay! So now lets do it so thats. What its supposed to be doing right – and i mean we are moving – were only going about two miles an hour to go, going about three miles an hour and now its able to keep up with us. That is crazy. That fully autonomously its orbiting around us and tracking the app is an amazing tool that helps dial in any setting. You may need for the camera. Dgi also has ample flight modes like the active track or my personal favorite. The point of interest to help beginners create cinematic moves out the box. However, i rarely use the active track mode and, while testing it, i was struggling to get the app to lock on a subject so fully autonomous. It was tracking and orbiting that is really cool. All on its own, i wish i could do that at speed, though it just cant. Do it at speed. But but there is this new active track: 5.0 thats going to be coming out in a future update, because we have a pre release, drone being able to track an orbit stop at 3.

I still think its really impressive, but if we could have a little bit more speed to be able to track you when youre doing your thing im interested to see how youre going to land your fpv drone ill, just plop it in the boat yeah. Good luck! This is not a beginner friendly operation to fly fpv over water, like this, like you got, ta know what youre doing like the mavic. Aside from your sketchy takeoff and landing id flower water all day, no problem, but i would say, like you, should really be taking off and landing from land from a dock. When you fly too long, the mavic will just take over and be like im going home im going to land the fpv drones. This is all manual like youve got to be you gon na, be pretty skilled, Music, hey so whos. This drone, for i mean its really easy to fly so like a beginner, could get into this right, absolutely yeah its a its a beginner friendly drone with a lot of features, so even the advanced aerial cinematography pilot would love this platform with the micro. Four third sensor and 12 stops of dynamic range. I mean it is a dream to fly if youre gon na get into it. You know youre gon na, be looking at over two thousand dollars thats over two thousand dollars over two thousand dollars, thats a little up. There for a beginner, then yeah yeah its a its a like.

Why cant you like, if man, if you know youre gon na get into this, this is the way to go this. This drone is badass but thats a lot of money it. It has a lot of features because i mean the air what you can get an error for, like five six hundred fly more packages, a thousand dollars yeah, so for a lot less you can get in the air and doing it get your feet wet again. If you want more more power more flight time, more capabilities, uh youre gon na – want to lean towards this, and on top we didnt even get to test it. The cine mavic 3 has a one terabyte solid state drive built in, and it allows you to shoot. Prores, how much is that one, oh uh, like five grand yes over five yeah, oh my god, better, be showing out those big dollars. I mean i mean but thats for pro grade stuff, right, youre gon na be on a movie set. Why not right, i guess so i mean i do think that this comes at a steep price, but youre going to be able to day one fly. This get pretty good shots, theres, so much headroom with this drone. It can really grow with you. However, ultimately, if you want to get into action, got ta say: fpv drone is the way to go. Youre gon na win it every time, but then i mean your skill levels really got to be up there right so and and the skills that you develop on this dont even necessarily translate its a much different skill operating a throttle.

Stick instead of an altitude stick not having auto leveling its a whole different beast. We have seen a lot of people start on mavics and eventually come over to fpv, and i think weve also seen pilots start on fpv and get a mavic to add to their tool bag. Even though ive been flying fpv drones for years, i still love having a mavic. There are certain shots that fpv drones, just arent good for out on the boat youre doing that birds eye view. Looking straight down at the boat, you just cant do that with an fpv drone, theres, all sorts of different types of shots, you can get on a platform where the camera can move a little bit more independently of the drone. It just opens up a lot of things, and i would say just the portability is a huge, huge part of drones in general for me, because the fact that you can start folding this thing down and put it in a backpack along with all your other cameras, Youre youre able to bring this on so many different trips. Someone told me once thats pretty nice. The best camera is the one that you have yeah. So if youre, you have this thing in your backpack, its its available its the best room, this folds up so tight and then this little carrying pouch. I know you dont even like to bother with it. Can i call it a muzzle its a muzzle? Can i call it a muzzle, you got ta muzzle the beast, it looks like a shark, and that looks like now.

The shark cant bite you all right, youre out in the field. Three actions about to happen. Two one go come on michael bays, calling action. The ambulance is moving down. Oh man ready to go its pretty quick, although the button being on the back is kind of weird. That does aggravate me that its trying to run away from you, rather than be on on top, where its just not yeah the older ones they used to have the button up top, which i think was nice, putting it on the back. I dont know its just its kind of weird its cute. If you want to charge this drone, it comes with a 65 watt charger and it plugs into the rear. So is the only way to charge this through the drone correct right there. That seems kind of weird to me that you cant charge the battery separately from the drone. I guess, if you buy like one of the fly more combos, then you get a dock with it thats correct. But if you started with the drone and then just bought another battery fly you cant charge, while youre flying thats kind of annoying yeah. It is so i didnt even get to fly this thing. I want a shot at this all right, so you youre gon na put her phone on it right. So this pops up and then theres a cord in there. You just pull out once this thing is gon na plug into my phone correct, all right, thats on its a new chirp.

I like the chirp all right lets back it up, where what are we doing were just backing it up. Okay, oh lets hold everything: im safety, okay, im, captain safety, oh boy, yeah, so already the sensors are beeping at you, Music. Oh my, it wont. Let me flat at all wait a little bit hey! Look at that thats crazy obstacle. Well, even let me go up. Look at this: can you guys see this im pulling full up yeah its actually since in the ceiling? So this is the ceiling. I need to tell you on the app like how many phones – oh yeah, im, holding full back its smart, but i can turn this off right. Yeah. All right i go in here. I dont want any of that optical avoidance, and now i can kind of im moving it yep. Now you can control it im moving it. Oh yeah, that is a nice looking sensor. That is, what do you guys think is this uh? Is this the ultimate mavic ever made thats the new mavic 3? We hope you enjoyed the video im. Reece dockhead, im ladrip.