So if you guys want to see whats good to eat for dinner, stay tuned for this vlog Music, doing Music, hey guys! Welcome back to another video youre watching richard, if youre new to this channel, first of all make sure you hit that subscribe button. Thats number one! Yes turn on our bell notifications, so you know every time that we come out with a vlog. We are cruise vloggers. So we have lots of vlogs on cruise ships. So if you like cruising, we are the people with you its like crucible, kids, we the root for you. Today we are doing mason jar. You hear all that music. In the background they got ta be good theyre. Getting down yeah, i cant wait to see what its all about. I cant wait to see if it lives up to the height and were going to keep it real with yall. Let yall know if its good or not. Now we live in the south. We live in atlanta, georgia, so right we we, our taste buds, have adjusted to the south were not from the south, but we we lived there for the last seven years right. So we we think we could. We got the taste buds. We definitely got the taste buds for tea, so lets get together, get a critique Music, Music, Music, all right guys. So we are here and lets look at the menu, so theyve got live music. So theres no reason for background music tonight on this vlog.

You can just listen to the live band, so wet your whistle theyve got 13 cocktails, theyre all very unique cocktails. You got like a mississippi moonlight, which is an old, smoky blackberry, moonshine, fresh blackberries, top 11am. Think about that one well: im thinking about theres, a peanut butter and jelly old fashion that sounds very different: screwball peanut butter, whiskey mixed with kentucky bourbon, strawberry, jelly and walnut bitters garnish, with a mini crustless, pb and j. What in the world? That sounds very interesting, but you like old, fashions, thats, not really my kind of drink, but i think that you should try it. You know what else i like, besides old fashioned, what peanut butter jelly, i think im gon na go for it. Okay, ive! Never seen that on the menu so im interested, i think the manhattan sounds good too, but im, not a bird um, a bourbon drinker um. I think that im gon na go for the the mississippi moonlight. The the blue, the blackberry, moonshine drink, yeah yeah with the fresh blackberries topped with lemonade, so um yeah well try that out. Okay, so they have these mason jars automatically on the table when you come and they fill it up with your water, okay, mason jars, all right, so the bread is here and the bread monster has fallen asleep after she just finished saying she doesnt need a nap. So much for that, so they got some jalapeno bread, so jalapeno cornbread whats, the other ones.

You know the jalapeno cornbread and a buttermilk biscuit healthy, uniform bread, cajun cajun butter, and then this is a honey butter. Okay, so lets see if theyre, actually nice and warm. Oh okay, so i couldnt wait for rich to get this camera set up. So i said, let me just go in and try it. This is a good buttermilk biscuit and the cajun butter on it is very good its a compound butter. So its not whipped, like you cant, just dip, yeah yeah dip it. You need a knife, its a nice, warm flaky, biscuit Music, jalapeno, cornbread butter, pizza im. I dont really want to eat a lot of bread because im very interested in trying all the food with that jalapeno cornbread thats a yes for that one thats. What you guys for the biscuit and the did you try this one. I didnt try that one. Yet i i could eat a lot of that bread. I could eat a lot of that butter, so this is the honey butter, the honey butter on that bur. On that biscuit right, so the peanut butter and jelly old fashioned actually has. If you see this a little mini cutout a little peanut butter and jelly right here, yeah so take. I took a bite of the peanut butter and jelly. I put the whole bite in my mouth right and then i had the uh old fashioned with it, washing it down its a burst of peanut butter and jelly like intense peanut butter and jelly, not in a bad way at all the drink.

Without that and mine is a blackberry, moonshine um, i like a moonshine drink at southern restaurants, so uh it has a little mint leaves in it. This is really good, even without the little bites that yeah its you have to like peanut butter, joe. If you do and you like old fashioned, this is a disappointment: oh no, its weak, i dont taste, no liquor, it tastes like juice, all right guys. So the first we got one two, three four one, two three four five six appetizers, because they all just looked really good and you youre paying for this wanted to know what the best thing is. Whats. The best thing is, and we want to tell you guys what we think is the best thing to order. Well, we recommend to order right what we recommend. So we got the pimento cheese um. The paving cheese is usually like a thick a thick cheese with the peppers. Its a real southern thing lets. Try it out on a cracker. It comes with a saltine cracker. I love the presentation of this cute little jar that it comes in. Go ahead. Okay, go ahead, we got ta, do like same time. All right lets do the same time. Same turn, spread it on my cracker. All right lets go in for it. I like that. I, like that a lot i like i love cheese, so that works for me. Thats, a strong cheese, well yeah its like that, but i love cheese so that im very okay with that it gives you that strong, sharp its delicious.

I think lets move on to the next fried green tomato lets. Put this in half, i love a fried tomato. Now we hadnt had fried green tomatoes because we grew up in new york and we went to the south and we somebody was like. Oh, you ever had fried green tomatoes like ew thats, terrible that sounds horrible and then i had it and now were addicted to it. We love it okay, so this is a sweet bacon jam. Okay, you just make sure theyre sweet bacon, all right, wow its like a bacon, relish kind of taste, yeah, barbecue, ish kind of thing and the other its a spicy remoulade sauce thats, pretty standard thats, what it belongs: im just gon na dip it on in Music. Oh Music, as soon as it came out to fire Music, they brought it on this plate immediately. This will burn you, your mouth, the roofy amount. You will lose a layer of skin. If you dont wait, we wont come back to heaven its real hot, but its very good im going to jump into this while richard is eating. This lets talk about the presentation of the crab beignets. It comes in a cute little bag like youre, like youre in new orleans and youre, getting beignets in the bag, from like cafe du monde or something yeah yeah, so uh they have these cute square sides and it comes with two four five of these now i Would have to eat these all by myself, because rishi cannot eat shellfish, shes allergic whoa, its terrible, no Music Applause, its really a beignet with crab in it, oh wow! So, are you happy that i cant share right now nothing happens, wow, okay and then on the side.

This is a creamy, a creamy lump crab dip that you can dip it in. So it says its snow crab inside of the of these fritters, with a creamy lump crab dip on the side. I wish you could taste how good this is really, so they got a little bit of old bay seasoning on top okay. This is a hell. Yes, Music: this is going to have me like when im at home, its really good guys. Definitely all of them were going around. Let me look like youre, not gon na be able to stop until the bag is empty because he got ta wait im. Never about to move into the on to the next all right go ahead, introduce this one: devil: eggs, whats special about these devil eggs. My friend, it has a fried chicken skin on it. Really yes, with crispy papers around it, i think deviled eggs are meant to just eat the whole thing right: dont bite, Music, Music, its not my favorite double leg, theres, nothing! Spectacular about that! For me, Music! I like it. I like them. Yes, i love the. I love the saltiness from the the crispy paper on it and then that taste of that fried chicken skin it gives it a good its definitely something different. I mean ive, fried chicken figures were talking about cheese right now. You can taste that yeah. I think its really good. This is the definite order. Really. This is a definite order.

Guys i mean you know: okay ill come back, maybe ill. I need to process. I dont need to process that, but i need to process another video. No, no. We got ta move on, we can come back Music. You just cant help it all right what we got here next. These are called blueberry, johnny, cakes, a blueberry johnny clay is a cornmeal like a little cornmeal flapcake jack, its like a um, a pancake, and this has the crispy chicken skin and pulled pork on it with some coleslaw on the side, its a lot its a lot On one little cake, im ready for it: youre gon na just go for the kale yeah Music. They put a lot of a lot of pulled pork on mine im gon na take some more yeah. Yours is like twice as high. They were generous there, Music Applause. I just stuffed the whole thing off: Applause, Music, what Music whos all right? Music, thats good! It has a nice flavor real good. I almost want another johnny cake because it was so much for no. You had too much on your own. The flavors is nice. No thats good, i wouldnt think that blueberry and pork go together, but it does so. I have the lobster. First of all lets talk about the size. The presentation is everything. Okay, this is the lobster and crawfish gumbo. It has a crawfish just hanging out chilling on the side. We like that.

Okay on the inside of it is, they say its thick cut, lobster juicy pork sausage okra the holy trinity, which is basically onions, peppers and celery, bold cajun spices and its simmered, slow, like they do on the bayou with white rice, all right well, im about to Go down to bayou and try it out. We got ta go to the bathroom Music Music. My white rice is overcooked, where its too sticky i like rice to be fluffy. The rice is literally like a bowl because its so overcooked and its stuck together. I dont like when, when people cant cook rice right, this white rice is all wrong, but the flavors of the gumbo Music. I see a lot of sausage. Does it say chicken i dont say chicken. I dont see no lobster Music, oh thats, a pizza laksa, its cool a little salty, a little salty, a little one of salty side, Music, its a little high on the salty alright. So the main course is here. As you guys know, i ordered, or maybe you dont know – i ordered the st louis style. Ribs theyve ran out of collard greens, which ill tell you i was pretty upset about, because this is a specialty restaurant. This is not the main dining room, so youre paying money to be here extra money to be here, and then you run out of calgarys to me, thats that really doesnt make sense, but not the end of the world, but um.

I would have liked to in a southern place, have the collard greens so now i cannot tell you if the collard greens is good enough, so thats why i was upset about it yeah. So we cant tell you guys so never eat here again dont eat here, because they run out of coffee. All right so lets talk about what we have to dinner. We have the st louis style, ribs coleslaw. This looks like craft macaroni and cheese to me, but you know maybe the deluxe deluxe box, the premium version yeah the one that they dont sell in the store yeah. Definitely let me taste that its a no for me do not order the macaroni and cheese the kids like macaroni. Again, it sure, is no macaroni, oh my god. That is not good, not good at all, and i got the fried chicken and as a side, sweet potato mash youve got nashville fried chicken, so i did both. I did get the nashville, i got hot and i got regular. I asked them to switch it up. Its three pieces that come here and a little bun, so i asked them im, not sure they want you to make a make a chicken sandwich, its a half, a bun like an open face, fried chicken kind of thing: hey some people like the bun. You know. Oh, the bun actually looks nice and uh nice and soaked in hot sauce and like toasted, oh yeah yeah.

I heard the crunch when you bit into it. You want to try this chicken um sure Music yeah. I think so, Music for me personally, its enough really. I dont know its given the fried chicken that they have at cracker bell. Have you ever had it its exactly that it tastes exactly like the fried chicken that cracker barrel, if you ever had it thats exactly what that tastes like it is thats very accurate. Actually, i had to sit here and think like damn well, okay, so this is called the kentucky bourbon barrel alex its a nice, its a nice bourbon tasting beer. What whats that Applause its like baby food? That is not good like thats, actually not okay, thats! Actually pretty bad its like baby food out the jar like you see how this is not her style of chicken but its not that it tastes bad. I dont know that dont order a sweet, potato man, thats terrible Applause, all right lets get on into the ribs. All right, so we have the ribs were gon na. Try them you ready Music, Music, a little smoky taste to it, not necessarily smoked on a smoker, its like a artificial smoothie like an artificial smoke, thats added to it, because it couldnt possibly be really smoked because it would have a smoke ring on it, and these Dont, so they added like a artificial smoked taste to it. These are not bad at all. The barbecue sauce is very good.

Theyre nicely seasoned, not over salty yeah theyre, pretty good people at home, probably like Laughter. I would order that. I would order that again. I would order that before i wanted a chicken matter of fact. I personally i dont care for the fake artificial smoke taste if its not smoked. Really. I dont because all i taste like that after youre done chewing is smoked in your mouth, but its not really smoked. You know what im saying im theyre, not bad ribs, though i just dont, think they needed to add that smokiness to it. I like it Music. I love them. They are nice tender ribs. I love the fact theyre, not too salty, because a lot of places they they just go crazy on the salt. The rip weve now eaten weve, now tasted all of our meals right. So what are we thinking like? Overall, its a walk, walk with a little speed yeah but dont run again yeah i wouldnt run here. I dont see myself. I dont right thats. What im saying, if i, if i say royal, am i going to be like? Oh, i want to go to some mason jar tonight i have to get there. No, i will say the best thing for me was those crab beignets. That was that was really really good. Ive really enjoyed this one. The crab beignets, like you, just want to come here and have that like? Can i just order just that to go that and what else did i have i really liked it.

I mean i could make a deviled egg at home as a simple, but the deviled eggs was really good. Yeah, the fried green tomato wasnt bad, but it was very standard. Um uh, the the gumba was way too salty rice was way too mushy. What are you feeling like an overall score, the drinks? What did you think about that? Well, you didnt, like your drink, my drink was terrible. This is a nice magic was pretty good. Um, did you say sapir this beer is good its a good beer, its a good beer, so im thinking overall, overall overall overall im gon na go with a Applause im, not thinking about just cruise ship food in general in general. If we were at a restaurant on land, i would say this was six and a half. I was gon na give this a seven. I give it a seven yeah, a seven so between the best things for my highlights was the crab beignets, the egg, the we really enjoyed the bread and the corn, the um breaded biscuit yeah, the buttermilk biscuit. Oh, the bread was excellent. The cornbread we also really enjoyed, i think, thats it like. We really really enjoyed it. Oh, i really like the um, the johnny cake, oh yeah, you did. That was. That was good. I love blueberry taste because i didnt expect the little muffin on the bottom to be so light lightning light and airy and juicy yeah yeah yeah yeah.

I enjoyed it so but heres a question for you. If this place was in atlanta yeah – and you ate here right, would you go back? This actually reminds me of the area that we live in southern hoop. If you know what i mean, you know what i mean were going to leave it at that yeah. So um answer the question. No, i would not. I would not return. It is feeling very cracker barrel ish now that you mentioned the chicken. The whole thing is very cracker barrel cracker, barrel ish, but first personally sorry. Firstly, when i go to crack brow, i just want um waffle. The sides need to be stronger. The side seems to be stronger. A basic coleslaw is not cutting it. A sweet potato mash is not cutting it. A french fry that you serve all around the ship is not cutting it. You running out of collard greens is not cutting it thats. Why i didnt give them a seven. I was like right. I paid extra money to be here. I guess because i really care for i really like the crab beignets, but for it to be forty dollars its an open minute so and there you have it my friend, so you know what take away walk with a little speed. Its a walk. Dont run no speed, just walk, no speed, as a matter of fact its a before you get on this ship if youre giving us a lot of different one which one no, i was going to say something before you go on this ship.

Stop at your local cracker barrel, if you have one in your area, have some food there and then come here, because you really want to taste it right, youre, watching this and youre like well jazzy. I still want to taste i dont care what you say go to cracker barrel before you come here and then come on this ship and then taste it if you come here, hey where youre coming here when you come here, go back to this video and comment Is it cracker barrel or is it not cracker bell cracker barrel for me is giving cracker balm guys? All i can do is be honest. I give you, this is just strictly my opinion. Dont take it personal. You was not in the back cooking and neither was your mother. Oh no, like neither was your mother. You know people taking your mothers clothes people just act like you, leave a review and they dont agree with your review. So, all of a sudden, now they butt hurt dont, be that dont beat it dont, be that guy anyway, guys. We hope you enjoyed this. We hope this was helpful for you definitely and um if youre coming on royal. This is this is our review. Your review is your review. Okay and um wait, but we didnt get dessert so pause. Well. Come back well, be right! Back! Okay, so i have the warm bread pudding, its a buttery croissant, as you guys can see, with the raisins in it and then on top is a creamy, vanilla, drizzle, not ice cream, a drizzle on top, and it has a rich, vanilla, bourbon custard in the middle.

The girls have twice fried oreos uh, basically its a funnel cake, fried oreo and then with a bourbon sauce for dipping lets see it looks like its very hot, with the obviously powdered sugar on top. This thing is like extremely hot wow. Have you ever had a fried oreo, no, its very hard Applause, Music. This is not what i imagine the bread pudding tastes like, but its not bad. A fried oreo is its different. I dont know that i would order fried oreos and um. I hope that you guys enjoyed watching us eat. I hope that you had a snack while you were watching us because its very hard for me to watch somebody eating and they eat, but anywho um off to our next adventure and to another restaurant so guys. I hope you enjoyed this vlog make sure you do all those appropriate things if you loved it. You know the thumbs up the subscribe. The comment and come back for more and lets share come back for more and until the next vlog, which will still be on the wonder of the seas, continue to live all right. Music is Music Applause. Music.