This set was released in october of 2021. It came with about 281 pieces and two minifigures, both of which are exclusive, its based off a number of things. One of them being one of the suits from spider man, their way home, one of them being concept, arts from spider, man, homecoming and the other being just whatever lego. Four looked good at the time, but speaking of time, if youve got like three seconds of it, why dont you leave a like on this video? It really helps the channel and uh me make more videos, so uh yeah now before saying anything else lets get into it. The first photo of this set is this new black and gold version of spider man. He appears in nowhere home. Well, the trailers not sort of scenic, but he is just really detailed. Just look at all this torso printing, its the same as all the other spider man, but it just looks really nice, the black and the gold together. He also is on printing, which is just phenomenal, look at that. That reminds me of the outriders, or at least the color palette, but his back printing is also really nice. He obviously has the um the biggest spider like logo on the back there, which is something im, a really big fan of tom holt spider man, but yeah. Then you can see that his webbing kind of stops around this line here and then its just sort of black mesh and theres a little bit of a utility belt of sorts there, and he also as im printing on this side, be a bit odd.

If it was only on one but then yeah, i think this is a really nice figure, its really detailed, the leg printing, its a bit ugh, nothing, but the face print and the torso prints and the armpits are all just like theyre incredible. This figure is great and its really accurate to the movie or so far what ive seen also has a few accessories that form these golden wedding pieces. One of these is like this little shield and theyre the same as all the um. You know the webbing pieces that come in the spider man sets, but whats special about these is gold, so theyre exclusive to him. Obviously, thats sort of a little webbing shield and hes also got this little thing which theres a very common build and it just looks like hes shooting the webbing youve got that clear piece there that he can hold on to and then big bang boom, hes shooting Webbing, my little figure of this set is vulture. Obviously i couldnt fit his wings in, but well just look at the basic figure for now his accessories are this. You know this purple little gem and then also this chitari weapon, which i its a flick fire gun, but whatever its nice, that it comes in this sort of silver, color and now ill take those away from him. So you can sort of see the figure better. The torso is like a sort of flight suit, maybe a pilot.

Maybe it could work for hal, jordan. I was just thinking of, but then yeah. If you turn around the back pieces, i really like this print. I dont know why it just really appeals to me, of course, most of the time it is covered by the just massive wings but yeah. I really like that back print. I dont know why it just really appeals to me. It looks nice and clean. He doesnt have a leg print, but he does have a pretty decent torso print. Hes also got this sort of new style of pilot helmet. Where youve got this big lens thing and then youve got this um tube here, but the helmet is the old bolt and if we take that off, we can see his alternate facial expression, which is just uh michael keatons, smiling, and it is still mostly the mulch Mask but its sort of come off, so you can see more of his face and then you can see that his primary facial print is just like um just like that, which has got some green eyes. And then you can only see a sort of um angry mouth there and those sort of look like eyebrows, which is really weird to me, but anyway yeah. I really like this um the new piece with the tube here. I think that looks really cool, especially combined with the helmet but yeah thats. My two pence on this player. The first build of this set, of course, is the vultures wings, and you can see with this clear back piece here.

He attaches onto there quite easily and then, if you fold these engines down a little bit or up depending where they are in the first place, it just stands up like that, and it looks quite good. Moving on to the main, build. The front of the thing is quite imposing there are a few fiddly parts like here, and up thats never happened before. Actually, bad luck! I guess anyway, as i was saying, there are a few fiddly parts like here and all of these and the engine is connected by war joint, which i find nice, its quite a bit of connectivity, but yeah. There are a lot of stickers here. You can see theres one sticker there and one stick in there. I want to get there. I want to stick it there, and these do have a great deal of detail. But again, prince wouldnt have hurt that much. There are quite a few stickers in the set ill show you the rest of them on the drone jewel later, but yeah. This is um its a nice little build. It is obviously smaller than the previous homecoming one, but you know this is based off concept, art and it is technically a different thing, but it is smaller and for like half of a 18 pound sets its not a bad build. It does use its pieces effectively to establish a decent size in the back theres, not really anything apart from this sticker here, which i thought id just point out, is really nice thats pretty clean.

Look at that, but yeah i do like this build. I think its a good attachment to the character, and i think it looks pretty good – and you know its not too similar to the homecoming version, so it is its own thing. Moving on to what i think is easily the worst part of this set spider man stone, isnt, even a drone, because spider man can fit inside it and control it. So its not a drone, i dont know well, they couldnt exactly call the set spider mans little quad helicopter, whatever fights a concept art form anyway, i dont like this build. Can you tell its weird its got just four helicopters blades and little knives and its a good idea? And i guess it looks it doesnt look terrible but like it its golden black and thats nice, i guess, but then its just yellow. Why not make them gold? The trans yellow it looks so out of place. Well, this is not a flick, finder, so yeah, but its a stud shooter lets make it go. Ah, if youre wondering what just happened, i shot a flick fire, not a flick fire missile. Little stud shooter banged into one of my guitar strings, huh thats odd anyway. One of the bits i dont like about this thing is this thing opens here and then you can open this thing here and then a little spider drone a second. This is actually a drone because spider man cant fit inside it flies out of here, except it doesnt fly out.

It gets stuck in. Why is it translucent? I guess its translucent because its like its got light to know whatever just make it gold, not that difficult anyway, whatever it flies around and it comes back – and this is the most difficult thing to fit in it does not fit in it. Just does not want to, and then you cannot shove the thing in and then once you do finally get it, it is impossible to get out again and anyway well ignore that once you close this and then close, this theres a massive ugly gap left here and Its just really weird – and there are just these sort of gray bits poking through and its, not very nice. I think the front looks pretty good. I really like this golden piece, and this is all right and its also a bit confusing, which side is meant to be the front and which side is meant to do better. You think this is the front because theres like a camera – and this is where spider man sits. But then the logo here is facing this way and i dont know well thats. Basically the only evidence for this being the front, but most of the promotional material. This is facing front and spiderman is hanging up here so, like i dont, even know what to believe anymore, but anyway, getting to spiderman hanging off there. This comes with a golden robe, which ive lost like three times now in the course of getting everything ready for this video ive had to look for it three times so yeah.

Maybe that has contributed to my dislike for this build, but whatever you get spider man out of there and oops figure is great and i dont know looks okay. You can just get him onto here and his hand doesnt even fit on this, its not its just a little too big, and i feel every single time. I do it im gon na snap, which is the same because its a really nice figure, but then yeah. It can just fit like that and itll hang off there, but its really awkward to display because the drone is like here, so you cant just play it on the ground because otherwise on the ground, because otherwise spider man is being dragged all out. Its being dragged around and you cant really have it and theres not really an easy way to get a podium or something to display in the air, because it doesnt even look that good. I dont know i just i just dont really like this build lets. Just move on and get it out of my sight. This is the part of the video where usually id suggest, modifications or show you what ive done and maybe tell you how you can improve yours, but for this i think theres only one real way. You take a real long, hard look at this set pick up the drone, you throw it across the room and just ignore it. Just leave it get these two of bricklink.

These figures are incredible. The vulture build is fine, but it goes so well with the figure. Theyre really good figures. Let me focus the camera there, just get them theyre. The best part of this set thats it im out conclusion. I dont know, i guess if you just get the two of these for, like nine pounds of bricklink, maybe its worth your money. But you know 18 pounds if you just want the figures in the vulture and you can scrap the drone for parts and the stickers for the journals. Okay, then yeah. I guess this is said, but do weigh up your options. Do you, like the spider man figure enough? Do you like the vulture figure enough, because youre not getting this set for the builds? The figures are the only good parts of the set well, the vulture wings are fine, but whatever there are better 18 pound sets, but this that is good figures, so maybe get this one or you have the far from home, four plus one by the way, the Not drone thing is fine, dont even worry about it. Just ignore it. There should be two videos put up here.