At least i was because the sun was shining brightly, but now theres only like a few clouds in the sky and it happens to be behind it. I have no luck. It is kind of cool out this morning, its only three degrees celsius, but with my coffee im feeling kind of warm. What is that in fahrenheit there? It is right there. Why am i out here this morning, speaking so fast? Well, thats the coffee once again, but its also because im pretty excited to fly this. I havent flown this. Yet this is new by hglrc. All the companies are moving to the 3.5 inch drones, and this is a 3.5 inch drone. This beast is called the viron 35 cr pusher drone and yeah. It looks like its going to be a lot of fun to fly because when you get up into the 3.5 inch range thats thats talking about the props by the way 3.5 inch. That means that a drone can usually handle a gopro, so ive got a gopro hero 8 on this one. Now i just want to show you a size difference. This is the viron 30 that i reviewed previously, and this is the new one, the viron 35. You can see its larger because it has to fit those 3.5 inch props, so this will be more powerful than this, although this was a pretty cool drone. I like this one so now, im hoping i like this one as much or even more now check out the construction on this thing ill get out of the way, so it focuses on it.

I like the fact that theres a lot of yellow and theres, even like yellow mixed in between the carbon fiber thats, pretty slick, it looks really good. Ive shown it to a few of the guys and they thought it looked really different awesome. Looking actually, it looks like a bumblebee in many respects, but its sweet looking now since its a pusher drone, its not a long range drone. That means the vtx in the back is only going to shoot out at 350 milliwatts, which is perfect. For you know, several football fields of distance, which is fine, has an f7 flight controller, so its going to stay very stable, even with the weight of the gopro ive got canada geese. You know photobombing me back there uh and on the front i have an analog camera, you can get it in digital, but the version they sent me is the analog version and because of that, its a cad dx, typical everythings cad dx nowadays analog camera up front And because of that im going to use my fat sharks to see where im going when im flying im, also going to record the video from this tiny little pilot camera in my fat sharks, its very low res low quality, because fat shark recordings are only designed For when you crash or lose your drone, you play back the video in your goggles, so you can go find the drone but ill show you that anyways.

Finally, the radio im going to use is this one here, which is a copy of the tx16s. Although it says tx16s its the eachine brand, so its a little bit cheaper than the real thing, but i like this one as well, so i use it every now and then and im going to use it with this drone. Today now mine is a 6s drone. So it means it takes 6s batteries or less, and because of that, the motors stay stuck on here. If my eyes, arent going funny, are 2 800 kv. Hopefully i got that right now. If you fly this with no heavy gopro up front, you know a lighter camera. You can put like a 1300 milliamp hour six cell lipo battery on here, but ive got this massive gopro hero 8 up front thats a lot of weight for the nose. So im only going to try to fly it with a 10 50 milliamp hour lipo battery. It is a six cell. You can see theres six cells right there, so thats quite a bit of weight plug that on there, and we should be good to go. Also. The way you put your battery strap on here, i noticed you can either put your that causes you to put your batteries this way for big batteries, or this way you have the choice. When you hook the battery strap on all right. So ive got my little gopro on my hat here and im just going to turn that on, because what im going to do is im going to fly this drone, and i am going to leave my little hat on because im going to fly.

It right here line of sight. I just want to see what it looks like when its flying so lets go. Do that now all right. So i got my radio out here. I have the drone im going to plug in the battery there. We go its a six cell battery plugged in now one thing: ive done and ill show you this close up. Let me just stop the beeping thats the finder unit on here, so that if you lose your drone, you can find it. Let me just turn that off there we go. So if you look at my drone here, ill get close youll see that ive taken the camera off so right here to fly line of sight. Im gon na fly with the camera off and im also gon na. Do the first flight with no camera and just use the pilot camera up front all right, so so we are ready to go. Ive got an angle mode for this type of flight. Our motors, oh theyre, powerful its very powerful. This drone easy to fly but powerful. Like if i want it to go up its up there and thats just touching the throttle lightly, it is not your grandmas drone. This thing is massively powerful. All right lets uh plop it down over here and take it for a flight. Okay, we got our fat sharks lets plop. Those on remember this flight is only with the pilots camera, so the crappy video that comes into my fat sharks is what im going to show you.

So here we go so now i got to change it to acro mode there we are arm it, and here we go. Oh this things a monster – oh my god, look at how fast its going look at how fast that is insane this things, not a freaking pusher drone, its a race drone. These guys down here, probably wondering what the hecks going on wow hey. I got ta slow! It down so okay im having a blast with this. Oh my god. Oh my god, this is going to be one of my favorite drones. Look at this thing. Hopefully, the video is recording in the fat charts, the crappy video but uh man. This is not what i was expecting at all. This is like 10 20 50 times better than i was expecting. Okay, so im flying it right now, with a 1050 milliamp hour, lipo 6s battery look at the power to go up. Look at that! Oh, i just pulled all the voltage or the abs out of the battery, but were still going all right lets, bring it back. Okay lets bring it back and put a gopro on it, bring it over here ill, slow. It down come on ill get in the the camera, so you can see it as i go by. You can see me up against my jeep im going to bring it over to the gopro Music a little early, but there we landed all right this flights going to be with a gopro in the front and once again im going to use a 1050 milliamp hour.

Lipo 6 cell battery – here we go again this time we have the gopro on it and ill see if i can keep it nice and low to the ground a little bit later. So here we go, uh were at my aqua mode. There we are arm it new battery on it, its gon na fly heavier. Oh my god. Its almost like i dont, have a freaking gopro on here. This is insane okay. This is just craziness. You know what this is just crazy. This should not be as it is. This is weird its like geez ive got a freaking heavy gopro in the front and its still flying like a race drone, its like the gopros, not even there. This is the most amazing drone ever made on the planet, its like theres, very little fanfare about this drone. But god is it awesome. I like the color, the beautiful color of the trees this time of year. That is so nice all right. So youre probably wondering with the heavy gopro on it. Can you still do freestyle well lets? Try it yep! 350 milliwatt is really decent for uh this area, because im standing behind my jeep and im flying all over the place, and so far my battery is not complaining about being low. I thought with all this weight id get low voltage in no time, but no nothing lets go up here, so much power to go up and down its just it its almost like.

Ah, i cant stop saying its like im flying with no gopro on this thing, but yet ive got a friggin heavy gopro on it and the size of drone. This is insane. This is like the drone to have its its the everything drone, its a race drone, its a scenidrone, its like a freestyle drone, its got a bit of everything, man, its fast isnt it – and this is with the gopro look at that that is craziness lets slow. It down a little bit and go around things and through things lets go back. I heard a bunch of planes land there. It is okay. Here we go lets see. I think my battery would go low if i try to yeah thats a jet ill get a low battery. If i try to follow it, so what ill do is ill cheat and ill go the side well its too fast for me. Is he coming down for laddie no touch and go theres, something in the air there thats another drone, oh im, getting low battery warnings! Now this is pretty cool. Ive, never chased a drone with a drone thats a pusher droid as well ill get all these low battery rewards. I cant stay up there with this is hilarious. Okay, my batterys going loud now i got to bring it back. I got ta, bring it back and nice and safe all right here. We go all right im over there. There we go look at that out of power.

It died right. There now hglrc sent me this drone for review and im very happy. They did because im really loving this drone. They sent me a lot of cool things in the box. I dont know if everybody gets the same things. Maybe you do youll have to check what the product list is. But let me show you what came in my box check this out here we have the box, the buy ryden 35 comes in and these are the specifications of the drone. I reviewed in this video straight out of the box. This is what your viron, 35 cr will look like, and you can see it is a well constructed drone. I love the yellow and the black carbon fiber put together. If you order batteries for this drone make sure you get them with an xt60 battery connector. If youre going to use this drone to fly indoors, you might want to put the foam protectors on you can see them. Here. I received yellow black and an off white color. I put on the yellow, because the yellow looks freaking awesome. In my opinion, please keep in mind that this drone weighs over 250 grams, its actually 275 grams. Other items included in the box would be one spare set of five bladed props extra battery, strap small camera mount with hardware, camera protector spare frame and stack screws, propeller direction, information card, receiver, information and flight controller information. Oh dont forget the stickers all right.

So my final thoughts on the viron 35, while i love it, i love this drone and i highly recommend that this drone is so powerful its its craziness. So if you put the camera up front forward like horizontal everything flat, you can then fly slow and low to the ground and get all that cinematic footage. If you tilt the camera up like i was flying, you see its a little bit on an angle. There then your gopro goes up and because of that, you tilt the drone a little bit more just slightly. I was only tilted this much and you have a freaking race drone on your hands and freestyle drone. If you tilt it even more well, then youre just going into insanity land, because this thing will just boogie. But i will say the more you push this drone, the more its going to suck power due to the weight of the gopro up front. But i was surprised i was getting a long flight time with that little 1080. I think it was a 1080 or 1050 milliamp hour lipo battery. Let me check there, we go. I dont know if the sun is allowing me to show you this, but thats what i was using. These things here have a c rating that are super high. I bought these off at amazon and theyre really good. So, with all of that said, i am going to put links below to, i think its on hglrc, because theyre the ones who sent it to me.

I think it might also be on maybe banggood i dont know check below the links will be down there by the time. This video airs and uh check this out and see. If this is drone for you, mine is the analog version, im very happy with analog. It performed very well, the vtx is perfectly, if not more than fine, for what i was using it for here and its very inexpensive for the analog version. I think its just over the 200 mark, so for a drone of this quality and size. That is really good. Anyways check the links below and see if its for you, if you have questions on this drone, post them below and ill get back to you, and if you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and i will catch you in future. Reviews of products like this and other products as well all right guys until then bye Music.