Lift i dont know how to say it. Im saying loft discs lets get into it: Music, all right! So loft was good nice enough to send us a few of these to try out uh. If youre wondering why im holding my phone its because we forgot the mic, so this is the mic all right. I can already hear the comments about that, but very excited to try. This disc out loft has been doing some pretty cool stuff with discs so far. Uh theyve ran kickstarters to get both theirs started. They came out the hydrant putter first, that one was all about the speed of a putter, and now we have. This is the first time ive actually seen this in disc technology, where this driver essentially has a completely rounded rim. Well get some b roll shots of this completely rounded rim on the bottom. The idea behind this is to decrease. Drag, i guess, is what it would be and increase the speed of flight, so essentially theres no pocket where air can get trapped. While this disc is cutting through the air and in theory, what theyre claiming is that that makes this disc fly faster, go farther and just overall be a little bit more enjoyable to throw. So with that being said, were now just going to jump straight into the review im going to treat it like a normal disc, go over the feel the flight and then give you my final thoughts.

But before we do that, you might be wondering i havent seen a disc review on this channel in a while uh. Well, that is because we actually started a disc review channel. So you can find a link to that in the description down below its called foundation. Disc reviews, where youre trying to do one disc review a week that hasnt always happened but thats, where our home for all of our disk reviews are going to be. So if you really like learning about new discs, checking stuff out, you can check that channel out and if youd rather read about these new discs. Instead of watching disc golf reviews, you can check out fdn sports down in the description down below, because we also do a blog to accompany each disc review, and so, if youd, rather just kind of read about the discs and that works better for you than watching. You can check that out too, but yeah so starting off with the feel its cold out here, so that makes the plastic feel a little bit slicker than it actually is. Im gon na warm my hand up, uh, really quick, so i can give you a true feel of what this is. So the plastic almost feels like a slightly slicker version of star nothing wrong with it, not not like the best plastic ive ever felt. Nowhere near the worst plastic ive ever felt its just a good premium level plastic were in a kind of open field, so i wont really be able to tell you too much about the durability of the plastic in this review, but feel wise.

Nothing to complain about when it comes to the plastic. The first complaint, youre going to hear from me feel wise is a personal preference thing, which is that this is just a very shallow rimmed driver, my hands on a backhand. You know i just wish there was a little bit more meat there that i could get my fingers under on a forehand. My finger kind of sticks out through the bottom, so it does scare me that this disc might slip out of my hand a little bit, but when we do the review im gon na make sure flight wise. I only count shots that i know i hit pretty. Well, so we can actually get a true flight and we wont worry about any that do slip out. If that does happen, the other thing ill say is. I think, because of how shallow it is it really when im holding it uh kind of emphasizes that rounded rim, which just is something thats new, so it feels weird to me um as i throw it. I dont feel like its gon na affect my throwing too too much. I think i can get a good enough grip that it should be okay, but again just having my fingers feel that rounded rim, because its such new technology and ideas um it just kind of feels off. It feels a little bit weird uh, just because again its something we havent seen before without further ado ive never thrown these.

Before i wanted my first reactions to be live on. Camera were gon na. Go ahead, get a few backhands in im gon na just start. It off throwing flat or maybe a little bit of hyzer. I dont know what this disc is supposed to. Do: stability wise, i believe they actually give this a quote: unquote: 14 speed. I could be wrong ill double check that to make sure im right there, but i believe the whole reason its nothing to do with the rim width, but its just to do with this new technology of the rounded rim theyre saying thats going to make it fly A lot faster and go a lot farther, so lets see if thats true first slippage of the day, all right so first four throws in. I had one slippage: uh, where the disc slipped out, um, which again, i think, was a little bit expected initial thoughts. Initial feelings, its a disc golf disc um – i really want to see the technology see whats going on were going to give this a fair thing were going to go hyzer flat, anhyzer forehand, now kind of our normal format of reviews give it a fair shot, but Initially, i didnt notice anything too crazy about those shots. They went. They look like ill measure when i actually get out there. So i know it looked like it was landing. 330 350 range. Two of them i hit pretty flat, got a nice little turnout of came back one.

I had a slight hyzer on it. Didnt really seem like it wanted to flip up and ride one. It just kind of like went straight with that hyzer and then hyzered out. So not a crazy, overstable, disc, very controllable. You know it flew like a good disc. Nothing wrong with the flight so well see that if i notice anything when i put it on hyzer flat, anhyzer and forehand, if i start to see some type of difference, i might actually get a normal disc out of my car. So i can throw them back to back in case this disc is doing something crazy and im, just not noticing it, but initial gut reaction. Nothing too, too crazy that i noticed with those first set of throws well see if something changes, as it goes on all right, so for this next portion, uh, im gon na, be throwing each angle with two different discs: well, the same disc but two ones since We have four of them so ill go two on hyzer, two flat, two on anhyzer after i get through that. I also brought out a wraith and a destroyer that way. I can throw it right next to each other on similar lines and just just to kind of see the speed see if maybe im, just not throwing that far today and thats. Why theyre not going very far that way we give it a completely fair test because it is cold out.

I havent played disc golf in a solid week and a half, maybe i dont know whenever we filmed the last video. So i dont want my bad performance to make this disc look worse than it actually is when it might just be that im having an off day today, distance, wise um. So that way, the wraith and the destroyer will be able to kind of put it into that, and i can throw them next to each other and see if im like oh wow, that disc is moving considerably faster or if its just a normal disc. Like kind of seeing those first, you throw so were gon na start out on heiser and see how it reacts. I mean i had really nice, like flip up and glide all right, both hyzers down the range. The second one slipped out a little bit early, but it was a good enough. Throw that im. Okay, factoring that in the first one was a much better hit. It actually had a slight flip up. Uh had a decent bit of glide got out there to, i think it looked like it landed. It was a decent bit past. The 300s were gon na call it like 320 that it landed, which, on a hyzer i mean thats decent for me, id put that kind of in the same class, of where i would get a destroyer or something along those lines on a pure hyzer line. Only thing thats a little bit different, is a destroyer on a pure hyzer line for me, normally isnt flipping up, so that did get a little bit of flip up and carry to get there.

I think what it might just factor into is rim width wise, its probably like a 10 or 11 speed rim width, wise theyre, calling it a 14 speed. I actually looked at the flight numbers 14, 6 negative 1, 3 and the 14 speed is again just because of the rim shape. So when you factor in that, the disc rim width wise, the 10 speed thats incredible performance. But when youre out there, when youre, claiming to be one of the fastest discs on the market. I got to compare you to the fastest disc on the market. And so, when you do that, its you know right in the right in the same range, so were going to go ahead actually now rip these out flat. I expect to get a decent bit of turn if i can actually release flat and see what the distance potential is on a flat line, all right, the two flat ones are down the range. There is a slight chance that one of the four that i brought out here today is from an older run. Uh they act. They sent us original ones. For this disc review emailed us were like hey, we actually sent you the wrong ones, weve retooled it. The first ones are way too stable, so were sending you the retooled real version that you know everyone at home that donated the kickstarter is going to get, because if you noticed the first one i threw it was low, i actually wanted to keep that in the Video for a specific reason, but it i didnt intentionally throw it that way, but i wanted to keep it in the video for a specific reason, but it did get some nice turn out of it and then some fade.

The second one was just i mean it. Flew the flight path like a brand new destroyer, where it just goes straight and dumps which isnt, what the other three are flying like so im gon na just take into consideration, theres a chance that that is not from the correct run and not gon na factor. The flight of that in at all um, but the first one that i threw the reason i wanted to keep it in im, not re throwing. It is because, on the kickstarter page, one of the things that they claimed uh is that because they reduce drag it. Actually is what increases the glide, so normally you see like dominant stuff like that, be whats, really increasing the glide on a disc like a river, for instance, which is another one that has acclaimed six glide, but on this disc whats increasing that glide is the reduced. Drag that the rounded rim gives, according to them, im not smart enough to know what the heck that actually means, but what i did notice is again that came out low worm burner turned over, but was able to still push out to that like. I think it was just shy of the 300 mark when it hit, which, basically, if you have a disc, that doesnt have a lot of glide and you throw it on the line. I just threw it on its gon na get to the ground fast. Its gon na have a big flare skip that was actually able to get almost a full flight out of it.

Didnt burn didnt do whatever it wanted to stay in the air. So when the disc is up in the air up high you, i dont really notice a huge increase in glide, but when it was low i did notice it and thats actually something they said. Is they said this disc because of the reduced drag on the rounded rim is great for like low tunnel shots, and that was the first time ive experienced that yeah. If i had a really low tunnel shot where i cant get the disc more than 10 feet off the ground, i could see where that disc performed slightly different than what i would expect a normal distance driver to do so. Im going to get those four out. Imma release two on anhyzer and then were going to go with the wraith and the destroyer head to head against the next two on a flat, maybe a heiser line, to see how they perform. Oh wow thats. Like that all right, i think im gon na redo both of those anhydrous shots. You just saw, i left them in just because i felt like i hit them both decent and based on how the disc flies when thrown flat. I would expect, even if i didnt hit them decent on a decent bit of anhyzer, for it to kind of pan a little bit more. But one thing i did notice on their kickstarter page. Is they again claim because of the rounded rim that it allows? The disc to have high speed under stability, but a lot of low speed stability so again, im gon na throw those both again just to make sure that this is whats going on, but im wondering if its not a super great disc.

On anhyzer for a player like me, because i struggle a little bit with a nose up, anhyzer release, so a normal under stable, disc and normal disc that flies on this path. I dont have any trouble with because im able to still get it over and its still able to cruise off im wondering if this disc, because im not able to get up to the same speed. I do flat when i throw out an anhyzer, and i have a little bit of that nose up. I struggle with it because its not getting to that speed if thats making it the low speed stability kick in sooner and thats. Why we saw what we just saw, but im gon na go ahead and throw them next to the wraith and the destroyer and then ill redo. Those anhyzers before i throw the forehands and then well wrap it up with some final thoughts on the disk wow. All right so now that ive thrown some normal discs um without the rounded rim, the destroyer and the wraith that lime green was the destroyer. Ive got shut. The camera destroyer didnt hit super well um, so i wasnt able to actually get over on it. So it hyzered out a little bit. It looked like it went basically just as far as the boream did um the borium this, the first one wasnt great, i dont, even know if we put that in the video, probably didnt thats up to conor.

Second one, though i hit where i was happy with it, i got a little turn out of it. A little fade out of it went exactly kind of where its been going past. That 300 mark that 320 30 range, maybe 350. I dont know the wraith, though looked like it broke 350, maybe got to 375, which was definitely the farthest throw ive had today. So i think the reason that im struggling with this disc is uh because of the way that it was marketed beforehand. So i came in with the expectation of the reduced drag, having the biggest impact on the speed of the disc um, and i expected to be throwing a disc and being like holy cow. Ive, never seen a disc fly that fast and thats, just not whats happening. Uh, the wraith in the destroyer, for me at least, went just as fast just as far with the same amount of effort. Actually, the wraith went farther with the same amount of effort, and so i didnt the the increased speed. I didnt i didnt really notice, but what i did notice is. It does seem to have more glide than a typical disc with that shape, so meaning it doesnt have a lot of dome theres, nothing crazy about the rim shape other than the rounded rim, the or the uh underneath side. Yeah, the rounded rim thats the only thing, thats, weird about the disc, the actual like shape of the rim, the flight plate.

All of that feel very normal and for that disc, in my hand, to have that amount of glide is not normal. So you can definitely tell the rounded rim gives the disc a lot more glide favorite line ive been able to throw it on. Is that hyzer? Let it flip up a little bit and just go, and i think that if it had been marketed where i came into this thinking purely about the glide id be a lot more impressed than i am right now. One thing i also did notice is its very cold out today. Throwing the rounded rim disc, didnt, hurt my hand at all didnt rip off, because its smooth there was nothing that ripped against my fingers. I didnt have that. Like cold pain, i thought it was because of the hand warmer turns out. It was just because the shape of the disc, because the second i threw that wraith. I wanted to ball up in a ball and cry like a little baby, because it hurt so bad and caught me so off guard, so its definitely, the rounded rim is why i wasnt feeling it but downside to the rounded rim was that when ive been throwing It we have had a cross weve thrown uh 12 of them so far, i believe, maybe more. I think i think its at 12 and ive had two or three that slipped so where i threw it my hand, everything about my throw felt good.

It just came out of hair early, so thats a little bit higher than normal. If i throw with normal discs, i do occasionally have one slip out early, but were probably talking. One out of every 20 to 30 throws not 2 out of every 12 throws. So that is something to keep in mind, but were gon na redo. The anhyzer were going to try it on four hands and then ill. Give you my like official final thoughts on the disc technology, the disc itself and whether or not i think that you should try it out all right, quick distance report, uh now that ive walked out and looked the destroyer was actually the shortest again. I didnt have a great throw with it. It was at, like 3, 30 were going to call it about 10 to 15 feet farther was the boream, so well call it 345, and then the wraith was right around 380 or so which for me today, really good uh. If youre curious about my normal power, normally i can reach like 425. Its cold out here so like 380, is a great throw for me. So the borium is kind of performing right in that range which again for the rim width, thats, very impressive. But when youre trying to say its the fastest disc on the market, 14 speed its no longer impressive, so that you got to take with a grain of salt, whether you think thats, impressive or you dont, think thats impressive, holding it in my hand and having it Go that far, i think, attributes a lot to the glide and it does feel impressive to me, but again, when youre looking at it, if youre trying to find like the fastest disc in your bag, the fastest, this money can buy thats, not it so were gon Na go forehand and heiser and then wrap her all up and put a little bow on it.

There we go that was an anhyzer yeah. It actually fought out like crazy, Music, all right so final thoughts on it. Now that ive thrown it every which way things that ive noticed when throwing on hyzer and flat and youre able to get enough speed on it. It does have some nice high speed under stability where it does want to cruise, and then it kicks back in so on. Hyzer it does want to flip up and ride does have good low speed stability on anhyzer. Yet again i mean i threw that on an insane amount of anhyzer. Again i do struggle with nose up anhyzer, so keep that in mind threw it on the same on anhyzer and it fought out like a mug. I think its again something with the rounded rim where high speed it does have that under stability, but something about it allows it to have a lot more low speed over stability than you can typically get in a normal disc. So it has a much wider range. You normally dont see a disc that has that high speed under stability, its also able to have that low speed over stability. So only thing i can factor in thats different is the rim width. I think the biggest question that i had coming into this video and what i imagine you might have at home is essentially is the rounded rim shallowness of the disc that provides discomfort to me as a consumer as a thrower, not a huge fan of it.

But does the flight that it provides outweigh the uncomfortableness of the shallow and the rounded rim after throwing it, unfortunately, no it doesnt for me it might for you. I think that if you have someone with smaller hands – and you know, a destroyer is too big for you. You dont, like the feel of that. Maybe even a wraith is a little too deep. This might be the like exact disc youre. Looking for you might love this thing, if youve thrown the prodigy x series, thats kind of the similar uh depth um, this actually might be a hair shallower. But if you love the x series – and you have really good success with that – might be worth checking out but uh, hopefully you kind of understand what im saying as far as the depth goes. Hopefully those are good explanations, but you got some smaller hands and youre. Looking for a disc that can fly kind of like a 12 speed, or so this might be one worth checking out. I wouldnt super recommend this for brand new players, because you do have to get the disc up to at least a you know, 350 plus level of speed to get that under stability to come out in it uh. If youre throwing at only 250 280 its just going to kind of dump on you, and at that point i mean just throw a destroyer, really its not going to provide that much advantage to you.

But if you are throwing 350 plus, i can see some instances where this would be worth it. You know lower tunnel shots things like that on forehand. It actually flew great for me. It did slip out on the second one i didnt throw more because, if its slipping out on my backhand, its gon na slip out on my forehand, that just is what it is. I dont have a great forehand im, not gon na learn much from it, but that initial flight before i hit the pole, was actually looking pretty good. Overall. If you havent watched our foundation disc golf review channel, one thing we do is we provide a foundation certified score out of ten uh and for this disc for the boream by loft uh, which again im probably getting flame for saying it wrong. I think its luft im going to go with a 6.9 6.9. The flight, the flight, i think, would go put the disc somewhere in the 8 range, really enjoyed the flight of the disc, but the feel just brings it down a little over a point um. I just cant get super comfortable with the feel. I dont think that this is something thats like the future of this technology. Uh like it possibly could have been. When i was you know, thinking about doing this review, i dont think that were quite there yet, but i really applaud the guys over there for trying something new. At least they put it out there and tried it.

They were able to accomplish a great flying disc. They were able to accomplish a disc with insane amount of glide without feeling like it has insane amount of glide. They theyre able to accomplish a lot of things that are very interesting, but again, i just dont think that the flight it accomplishes and what it does is different enough from normal discs to justify the rounded rim and the unique feel in your hand. But if you have a shop where you can go in and feel this disc, i definitely recommend it see if you like it or you know, if you have a buddy or you want to pick one up yourself. The kickstarter is unfortunately over, but they will be hitting the market here shortly, and you can definitely do that. Then. I think that you know if youre a disc golf fan and you love just trying new discs – you got to get your hands on one of these. You might fall in love with it if you hadnt had a chance to throw it. Let me know in the comments down below what you thought, yeah other than that well see you in the next one Music that was a sink. The audio yeah ill.