The customer just ordered this last minute and it needs to be delivered today. Oh no worries Alan, just ask faithful, Byron hell, get the job done. I appreciate that man. Thank you. What are you? What are you doing? Sorry? You asked a question yeah. What was that? Oh, I was just checking weather conditions and wind velocity before takeoff take off yeah doing drone deliveries. Now oh holy, like like Amazon, its pretty sophisticated man, its a pretty big box, though Byron, are you sure, thats gon na be okay? Oh drones are extremely effective and non invasive on peoples, privacy. These machines never make mistakes, so the Drone is autonomous yeah, But I have to Pilot it. Ah, do you have the right license for that whats, the best way to say this, um yeah, hey Rowan? What is it Alan? Oh holy Rowan? Are you aware we are doing drone deliveries now? Is it drone day already yeah sure is? Oh, yes, okay! No guys. I think this is a really bad idea shut up Alan everyones doing it Amazons doing it. Have you heard of Amazon, No Rowan Ive heard of Amazon everybodys heard of Amazon? We are not Amazon, though. Like do you even know the right permits for this? Is this legal, okay deploying the Drone onto the landing site as we speak? Okay behind the line? Please guys this is a safety place is. Is that it? Yes, Alan? This is a drone.

Have you not heard of drones before sorry about him Byron? I know what drones are you guys, but this one is just incredibly small. This drone is extremely effective. The smaller the better Zing zing zing zing, zing Byron. There is no way this is going to work. That is exactly what the caveman said about the wheel, Alan and where are they now extinct? What he said extinct, what initiating launch in three two one Byron, this isnt gon na work. I cant hear you because of the rotors theyre, so loud, Byron, this isnt working just let him Focus Alan okay. This is insane Hey, woah, woah woah, behind the line. This is a live aircraft site here, Byron, theres, absolutely, no way. This is going to work. Why not just take your bike, I sold it. What why to pay for the drone, solid investment, damn it Byron, please. We need to deliver this: okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, bring it down hold on hold on hold on hold on bring it down, bring it down down down down. I guess youre right Alan! Thank you. I underestimated the size of the payload, no thats, absolutely fine! We can we can take my car, its okay. I think Im gon na make some minor adjustments. What You got ta be kidding me two drones genius. If you press the Subscribe button, does that work just and then maybe tick the bell and check out the other videos? Will that make it work? I mean its worth a shot.

Okay, maybe try that its worth a shot.