Ethan, wake up huh you want to be on my drone team yeah. I need a software developer. I could develop hey colin. You want to be on my drone team. I dont really have any experience with drones. Hmm! Well, you seem to have pretty good finger dexterity. So i think youd be useful. All right lets do it. Drone team assemble the team got to work tirelessly, gathering supplies and building out the nations. First, network of drone delivery infrastructure piece by piece: colin whats, your favorite food state of the art drone technology was retrofitted to integrate the teams, custom, designed delivery mechanisms and task automation. Software lets turn on the team persevered through relentless technical challenges. I think you jog the stick in the corner: oh jog, sticker corner thats, yeah, thats, thats whats happening here. I dont know what i did, but Applause Music. Not only was it capable of a static hover, but also high speed forward flight for maximum efficiency and range. Are you impressed, i think it could hold more than one hot dog? Send it wow. Okay, go for three hot dogs, Music. After weeks of development version, one of the system they created was ready for its final engineering validation test before being mass produced on the global scale. Music. Hello, yes, is this daniels milk delivery service? Yes, yes id like some milk, please, how soon would you like the milk as soon as possible were on it? Music, Music, Applause? Boy? Oh boy? I love milk.

Let this be a warning to companies. Spamming me to do product review videos on their cheap toys. The video, if actually created, may or may not include milk porn, but in all honesty this little airplane exceeded my expectations. After using it for delivery, i ended up putting the dji fpv on it, which was pretty cool, so stay tuned for that, but first heres, some more footage of the action from the milk delivery day. Theres a lot of slop on those motors theyre pretty wiggly. This one move too: no, no, that ones fixed and these two pivot up as the picture show up sny me jog sticker corner to start stop motors. We got the insta 360 go 2 camera here and were gon na glue it right. There put a little bit there a little bit on this side. Ready lets go to the park Music, oh its, so windy! This is like the hannah montana of the airplane world. Its got the best of both worlds: okay, im transitioning, Music, Music, its harder to fly in airplane mode; Applause, Music, coming in and transition Music. That is really cool. Can you jump straight into horizontal ill? Try it yeah im gon na transition, one two, three wow, that is the coolest Music and transitioning back Music, perfect its going to be the most efficient delivery system for milk ever straight from goat to drone to colin integrated supply chain, thats right vertical integration. This is how you make our economy 10 times more efficient, still warm straight out the titty.

Nothing like a lot of milk to warm your soul, the finest in the land. Do you really think goats like licorice, i dont know it smells like licorice were gon na. Try it they look a little questionable. Let me find a small one. I dont think theyre fda approved, oh thats, a big one, ill break it. Theyre fga federal government administration, theyre, pretty good its like sawdust and licorice its just really dry. The flavor is not bad. Its pretty bad youre gon na move through that whole bag tonight yeah. This is like the most ironic thing ever, but we actually made this whole video before a serial company became the sponsor. How weird is that? Last year i tried cutting simple carbs and sugar out of my diet, to see how i would feel – and i actually felt really good. My energy level was much higher and it was much more consistent throughout the day which was awesome, but eating that way is super difficult to do and thats where magic spoon comes in. They make grain free cereal that tastes amazing yeah. It has zero grams of sugar. 14 grams of protein, and only four net grams of carbs in each serving and also only 140 calories. I can honestly say that this stuff does not taste like something from the health food aisle. It just tastes like normal breakfast cereal. They offer a four flavor variety pack that includes coca fruity, frosted and peanut butter.

They also offer cookies and cream maple waffle, cinnamon and blueberry. It tastes amazing and honestly, it seems too good to be true. Its keto friendly gluten free grain, free soy, free and low carb click on the link below to grab a variety pack and try it today and be sure to use promo code rc test flight to get 5 off any order or go to rc test flight. Now, back to the video Music, oh jeez, it crashed its covered in milk theres, a problem with milk delivery, the rear motor didnt spin up. I think the rear, speed controller might be too milky Music, it tasted like jello, but it was meat, flavored Laughter. Oh look at the aspect ratio of that goat. It sounds like its easy top got. The funniest beard its like your mullet, but on its chin. Theyre nigerian goats. Are these the goats that climb trees? Oh youre, pudgies, a fudgy, little goat yeah. I feel like theyre a little too fat for that. Do you think we can deliver a goat via drone, probably the whole thing, so i got the dji fpv on it here and i want to try shooting some gaps in airplane mode. This is going to be a little risky Music. That was a bad transition. I did that too low to the ground. Oh, my god were in airplane mode, were doing it were zooming. Oh yeah, lens flare, beautiful sun. My heart is racing, got ta go down, come on, oh abort, thats.

The great thing is: if youre not lined up right, you can just flip a switch and save yourself, maybe ill just fly through this tunnel. First, oh yeah, look at that. I want to fly through this in airplane mode. How sick would that be? Okay lets try a more graceful transition this time, much better. Okay, turning the corner, Music dodge the light pole. Here we come oh, too low, too low. I think i probably only have enough battery for one more try: okay, making the corner got that lens flare again lining up, and here we go much better path. This time there we go. Oh, we got a truck im still in airplane mode holy. I was not planning on going through that gap. There was totally a branch there. So, after that i had a few pretty more eventful flights here we are shooting the gap again and successfully made it heck yeah. But now i got to figure out how to turn around in this parking lot had to climb really fast, coming back and then shooting another gap right down the sidewalk and back to the gap. If youre wondering why theres no one at the park here its because its like six oclock in the morning, it would never endanger any innocent civilians. Just kidding this planes, not dangerous anyways. Its super lightweight came back through this gap realized i messed up tried to transition. Didnt, transition in time and crashed oof.

You can fly like a multi rotor, although its definitely not as good as a multi rotor at going through small things and being nimble. But how many drones can you do this with flip into vertical mode and fly right straight up the side of a hundred foot cedar tree thats, pretty neat and then, with the single flip of a switch boom? You turn into an airplane and fly over the top and dont even get stuck in the tree coming back steep dive, not a very good idea too much speed boom hit. Something got all squirly tried to transition to multi rotor mode, but got stuck in a tree. Terrible during the last flight i broke a wingtip and blew off a control surface, so i repaired the control surface and decided just to cut both of the wing tips off to see if it would fly in pod, racer mode. I think itll fly really well in hover mode still, so i just need to have enough altitude as to where, if the transition goes poorly and it cant fly, i can save myself by switching modes. Okay, switching modes – oh that did not work im, going to try it one more time. Oh my god, its flying. Oh, i dont trust it. One more! Try, oh boy, okay, im in airplane mode, its doing it its flying its barely flying its definitely oscillating! Oh geez! Oh geez, oh geez, its oscillating, it just oscillates like crazy its over tuned, oh and theres, not a lot of control.

Okay, save me back into multi rotor mode, okay, im coming down! Oh, that was pretty dumb. Im really glad that hover mode was stable enough to save me from the forward flight attempts. Oh, maybe thats why it seemed like it was yawing out of control, so i only have one vertical stabilizer so to fix the over tuning problem, i cut the control surfaces down a little bit more and then to fix the tail heavy problem. I glued three hundred dollars into the nose its the insta 360 go to so i will see if this works. Itll probably make some interesting footage at the least Music. Okay, thats pretty high lets try this out Music. Oh my god! It works! Oh amazing! It flies. So much better, just a little extra weight thats all you need awesome. I guess i shouldnt speak too soon, but it seems to fly a lot better. Oh sick, still, oscillating a little bit, wow buzz the treetops, which is a terrible idea. Sick nice view of the city – oh wow, its pretty breezy. This is so cool. Okay, im gon na come in dive. These cedar trees go down to the field, try and turn around the field. Look out for that light, pole still oscillating, quite a bit. Okay lets. Try and shoot this gap that we were doing the other day so close, oh so close, wheres, the insta360. Oh no, my camera.