So this drone has been out for a while, but after i reviewed the last one thats been out for a while because so many all said it was the best flying drone by holy stone. So many of yall chimed in and said that this is the best flying drone by holding stone, and you know what i got ta agree. This is the best brushed motor drone ive ever flown its, not a gps. Drone flies altitude really well, but this things really fast, theres, no latency when it spins it turns and handles incredible and light wind. You cant fly it if its real windy, because its not a gps drone, but it flies really really good. Its got modular batteries. It does use the same controller as the 700, and you may say why do you have two of them because i loved it so much when holy stone sent me it i had to buy another one, so i give it away at christmas ill be giving away A holy stone 175d, the 200, along with some other drones, so be sure and and check out the end of the video and ill go over the details on how to subscribe, to win these drones for christmas on december 15th. So i really believe this is holy stones flagship drone. Amazing, you might say james. I thought you said the 700e. Is your favorite holy stone drone and it is this really is their best flying drone, but but at the price point that this one is djis just released.

The dji mini sc with the three axis gimbal, and this is more of a professional drone where holy stones are more of a budget drone, but they have their part in the marketplace. Like ive always said, they make the best beginner mini drone when the hs210, but with the shortage of chips and raw materials in china, this ones, this price point on amazon right now, where this ones, this price point on amazon right now, but with the discount and My five percent code that brings this one under eighty dollars, so this one would be your best beginner mini drone, but this one is the best drone to buy. So i love the way its built. I mean its built solid, its not a foldable drone, but it kind of reminds me a lot of the old dgi phantom series, which is still the most solid flying drone in the market. So this is a very solid flyer. The lights are really bright, comes with two batteries, good flight time really good camera, and it takes good pictures. Its not going to get really good video without a three axis gimbal. So lets go over the app how to work the camera and the functions of the drone and how to get it in the air and then ill. Come back for my final review and more information on the drawing on december 15th with me and my beautiful wife and well give away all those drones all right so lets see what she weighs in at she weighs in at 157 grams, which is about 8 ounces.

So how much is 157 grams 157 grams is a slightly used roll of toilet paper, so it comes with the remote prop guards extra legs and comes with the extra set of blades and they are labeled very nicely. So you get that straight. It comes with the handy, dandy, screwdriver and thats how you attach the blade, so you take off this little screw right there and you can attach them. It comes with two extra lights in case you break one of the ones on the bottom. It comes with an extra battery, its a thousand milliwatt amp battery, and it comes with attachment that goes on top of the remote. If you want to use your phone a nice bag to put everything comes with a nice instruction booklet. Now it does come with one charging, cable and the reason it does. That is because you have to put the battery into the drone to charge it by plugging it in right there and you can fly it without the camera. It just pops right off, but i wouldnt suggest that, because it has the antenna on it – and this is how you turn the drone on and off – and there is no sd card, it records it straight to your phone. So the first time ive seen a cover like this, but this is the same remote that comes with the uh 175. If you look right here, it gives you all your directions and instructions, but when you turn it on itll also tell you: the speed is up and down right here.

This is how you start and stop, and then this is how you set the gyros. Well, go over that in a minute right, heres, your trim buttons, so if it seems to be sliding to the left or sliding to the right you push up or down on these two, it takes a little bit of practice, but youll get the hang of it. So it is not a gps drone, it is a wi fi drone. So what you do is you open up to page 123 and if you have an ios, you put that in your camera, open up the app download it its the hs2 fpv thats, a new one. I havent heard of that one once its downloaded. You open it up, then you turn the drone on. You see theyre blinking red right, so you put the drone down on a flat surface. Go back to your wi fi on your settings, open up your wi fi! You see holy stone fpv! You touch that you wait till its checked and the lights are still blinking red, so you go back to the app and wow the cameras already working, but it the gyros still are not set because the lights are still red. So you turn on the remote and you see them blink so its its linked to the remote but its not set gyro so its up and down here so theyre now theyre solid lets, set it back down on a flat surface and push this resync button and That sets the gyros and they flash again.

Then they stop. You have to do this. Every time you take off or you crash so remember its up down, push this button so on the app i wouldnt use the app while youre flying its big, its full size. When its on your phone so on the remote i forgot to mention on the top, is that you push down, wants to take a photo and it took a photo and you hold down to take for two seconds and you see the camera will start. Blinking itll beep continuously as its recording so press it again to stop. So if you push this button, itll start the props and then you just push up and it will start push it again to stop or emergency stop as you push down on both these, if its flying towards the pond and its flying away from you and just Push down on both of these, so its really important to make a pre start checklist to go over everything before you put it in the air for the first time, engine start up really quick, holy moly. This things really fast, okay, a little bit of wind. You know what its another black copter, because i kind of want to put like a red dot on the front or something you can see. The blue dots in the back are beefing all right lets. Stop this beat man Music, its a long press to stop the camera there we go.

Take a picture Music, take a picture. All right lets send her up Music. Okay, so several of yall have asked me to show video just from the drone, even if it is a budget drone and look. This is pretty good right here. I almost hit that tree. I know it. Doesnt, look like it in the video, but i probably came within a foot of this things so fast. I just cant believe how much land it could travel in. Just a couple seconds. Um you see, the video is really kind of glitchy thats. Just the way it comes across with the transmission right here im holding the drone to try to show how smooth i could possibly get and it still comes across a little bit glitchy. But you see theres. No wind so thats the day im flying it with no wind and heres. A couple pictures look at this picture. It did really good taking pictures. So if you want to take it on vacation or just take it out and get some good photos, the photo quality is excellent. Yalls really quick forward backwards, no latency Music im not into flips, but i think it said what is this flip button right here? Yeah turn that off all right that beep is kind of annoying Music man. This things fast, Music, Music, Laughter wow. How is this little thing so fast? Music, all right lets. Try it again: Music, oh theyre, both blinking, now better, not put it out over the water.

Now the sun comes out my batterys dead, Music. Oh there, it goes all right. So thanks so much for watching my review of the holy stone 110d. I mean this is an amazing drone for under a hundred dollars, but right now its under 80, which would make it a great christmas present um. So who is this drone for? Well, it would make a great first time drone, even though ive always said the 210 is the best beginner mini drone to learn the orientation of a drone. The price is so close to these, and this one has so much more to offer and you can fly it outside. I think this might be the best drone for someone to buy as their first drone, also, even if youve got a lot of drones. This is a great drone to take out and fly around to practice on to hone your skills, because its really fast its a great drone to come over and someone wants to fly one of your expensive drones. You can pull this one out and let them fly this one. So should you buy one no buy two and give one away people will like you more. So, as always, if you got something out of this review, uh please like and subscribe so pertaining to the drawing. So all you have to do is like and subscribe or already be subscribed and leave a message and just say the word christmas and ill put you in the drawing for one of these drones, uh the 200 or 175, and a couple of the drones that were Going to give away on december 15th that way, i can try to get them shipped out and be to you by christmas.

So back is the bingo ball machine for the drawing and ill post your letter and your number on the facebook page before december 15th. Unfortunately, ive had a lot of problems, sending them to india ill try again and if your country will not let me ship drones to you im. Sorry, i cant do it also in pastimes when i give away the drone, so many people email me begging for a drone im. So sorry, i cant give them to everybody, but well give these away for christmas.