Well, i may have a solution for you. Do i need to say more, i think you know with media, especially online video, its important as ever to have those cool shots, because you just want to be able to give people different types of perspectives, and i think the drone shot just really gets a unique View of landscape, you know establishing shots. The uh the place that youre at it just kind of gives you that cool, uh feel and all the more it gives some life and a breath of fresh air when it comes to your environment, all right, so i didnt want to bore you guys to death With uh montage of an unboxing things like that, but here it is right here, very lightweight love the feeling of it, so it feels just as heavy as like my iphone. So, according to the skydio website, if you were to buy this by itself its going to be a little over a thousand dollars, i believe it just comes with one battery and then the case. However, there is some accessory upgrades that you can take advantage of so ill make sure to leave a link down in my description, so you can check out the specifics of each of the upgrades. The one that costs a little over a thousand dollars is a starter kit. It comes with a drone one battery extra propellers usbc wall adapter and charging cable. It also comes with 128 gig micro sd card, so my wife, when she purchases did get the sports upgrade slash kit.

So it comes with this drone. Everything else previously that i mentioned in the starter kit, um. In addition to that uh it comes with the beacon, which is this small remote control, also uh, two extra batteries and also a dual battery charger, which is pretty cool, but before we go outside and test this bad boy out. I want to ask you that you please hit that like button and subscribe button, if you found any of this content useful so far, i post on this channel every single week, and so, if you are a business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur out there, looking to Increase your knowledge when it comes to media and business. This is the channel for you. We are gon na go ahead and do a test flight im, not gon na go into the details of doing the setup, maybe ill do that in a separate video but comment down below. If you want to see something like that and ill be more than happy to show you guys how to set up the skedio skydio drone were going to connect were going to wait, were going to wait were connected to the drone. So now you want to press the begin flight button, so the important thing is that you want to be in a nice spread out area. Obviously, you dont want to be around a lot of objects. You dont want to confuse a thing. You are good to go.

We are going to go ahead and hold the launch button. Okay, so we have it in the air. As you can see here on my screen were gon na. We can do a manual that is totally autonomous. So if youre im not gon na run into a building, but if it senses something its gon na, avoid it um, so pretty simple stuff left right, um and then we can put add some height to the bad boy. Pretty sick, dude whats great about this is that its gon na have uh usually has like a ceiling cap to it um, but i took it off so it can be pretty cool. Okay, so lets go ahead and land. This bad boy were just gon na Music. Initial thought so far guys is that this thing flies really really good. I mean it was just so simple to use, and you know to be honest with you guys. Let me uh pull it back here. Whoops im not like a huge professional when it comes to drones, but i can tell you right now. This thing is just like so so easy to use so im impressed as you can see. Now i have it on the auto tracking, oh its basically following me. Wherever i go, oh – and so the great thing about this is that say: youre walking on a path, theres, trees or buildings, its going to automatically um avoid those things. So look at this bad boy.

It is just so sick. You can control the range. How far you want it to go out, and it is just incredible man – you can get a dynamic range of shots Music, if you guys are looking to step up um your film game when it comes to quality content. So youre, you know a content creator or your work in a real estate industry. You want to get some sweet, uh, drone shots of houses and things like that. Definitely check this out guys because again, its just really really easy to use, and it connects to your phone really well and just the responsiveness on the app and using it is very, very top notch. So again, you guys this is just kind of like a first impressions of it um. If you want to see more videos on it, i can go into massive detail about the different types of cinematic shots it does and and things of that nature so comment down below. Let me know if you want to see more ill, be more than happy to make more videos on that. So far, you guys im gon na give this a nine and a half out of ten im im, just totally blown away. Uh, like i said in the beginning, the video this is by far the best, probably the best birthday gift my wifes given me, you know super grateful super blessed to be able to have this thing and play with it and use it uh for business use and Also for fun as well so im, also gon na leave a link down below.

If you decide to buy this youll get 50 off. If you use my code so definitely hit that link in the description um. Its gon na give you 50 off these bad boys or any other kits that you purchase. That is it for the video today. If you like this video make sure you hit that thumbs up button as well as subscribe to the channel.