Its already bloody landed. Where is it see now ive lost sight of it. You pair are idiots dont, try and help. Now you idiots this is damaged, youll be paying for it. You better pray its not damaged im just telling you now you better pray ill, be coming out your wages Music. Not really. I got interrupted by a pair of idiots in uniform who just nearly crashed my drone. Who was that i dont know they look like you guys, um, i think its your drone man, no silly question yeah, okay, what is it its a drone? Well, i know that, but what make a model is it is that relevant? It is why whats the wind speed currently in this area, whats the wind speed. Well, so what relevance is that what relevance its an aircraft yeah flying an aircraft yeah where the winds are of lancasters finest, just interrupted me mid flight? Well, that was not me. I am here now and its on the ground, so i can speak to you right, not causing you to commit an offence under a air navigation order im not committing any fences. Technically, you have really youve been flying that in the air yeah, whilst the wind speeds are 30 miles an hour thats a minute too. How do you know what the wind speed is up there because ive checked, whilst when i checked it was okay right, it wasnt. Okay, was it not okay all day, are you calling me a liar? I am.

Are you calling me a liar pilot right for lancashire police right and every morning when we come on, we check yeah the wind speeds throughout the day in every single area of lancashire. Right because we have to respond, we fly the drones right. So we know what were looking for right. We know so you know its dangerous for somebody to interrupt somebody flying a drone. Dont you, yes, i do right, but i also know that that drone shouldnt have been in there in the first place. Well, it was wheres the law saying above 30. of the navigation order, says that if you fly a drone above its capabilities, then it becomes a danger right and if that can endanger people or property, then it becomes a criminal offence. Does it it? Does your paperwork out there arent, you sorry, better, get your paperwork out there. You should know this if youre flying a drone, have you also got your operator id stuck on the drone yeah? Where is it on the drone? Can i see it go and have a look, do you want to pick it up? No, no! No okay! Is it disconnected? No, could you disconnect it? Please so have you registered with the caa as well? Oh, come on now, sonny youre insulting my intelligence. You are got to ask development youre, probably better, just either give me a ticket or go about your business im. Educating, i dont want to give you a ticket.

I want to educate you. I want to make you safe to fly drones, theyre, not a nuisance, so whats the issue. There is nothing about safety. When the other two idiots come out, it was more about. They seem to think im not allowed to fly over this police station. You can, i know i can, if its a mini, then thats fine, im totally happy with that. My only issue is the wind speeds. Weve just been flying for a job. Our drone is capable of up to 33 miles per hour and it was saying it was 30. yeah. It was half an hour ago right and i know all day its going to be around 30 and its going to drop off juventus. Okay, sorry later on youre spouting legislation at me, yeah i just want to know when speed is im going gon na pick, it up now go stretch it off at the back. You know how to do it. Yeah wheres your um operator id on the back. Oh spot on thats good, its the first one ive ever seen where someones actually done it. So congratulations. I am impressed its a bit on the small side, but thats all right. It should have been bigger down the back right now, its just as long as its on no thats thats thats. No, but im more than its like a police officer spoke to me before and he had trouble reading it. You know all right, so i will enlarge it thing with me: ill print, the one off that he could stick on it for you.

So have you got any of the drones really in the car yeah yeah? Am i going to get luke come on? Give me a look guys if you turn your camera off ill show you no, i cant, i cant show you im afraid thats a really nice drone im impressed. I can look at your pepper spray. I can see your handcuffs, but i cant see your drone. Well, its just its all in the boot packed its not secret, isnt it its not a secret ill. Tell you what weve got weve got dji. Did you use one of them as well im going to put it on the bonnet so its not on the floor? So no ones standing here all right paul now why didnt, the other two officers came out act like you guys, because not everyone is like us ill, be honest, whats, your name hey! You know that, though dont you know everyones the same, you must have been challenged before. Yes, i know well thats a good statement. Youve just said not everybodys the same now. You would think that you would be because you all work for the same company and you all you all read. I dont mean this in a derogatory way, but you all have the same rules and regulations dont you we people have specialisms, though dont they specialisms. Yeah were drones, so we know about drones, yeah, no, but youre, still a police officer. You know but its like a doctor.

You know little bits about everything. Just you. If you need yeah, if you need help with something they all adhere to the same rules dont they but theyre, not police dont. You know what i mean the bad ones, dont win. Speed of your drone is 23.48, so anything above 24 miles per hour. Wind speed, its not gon na be safe for you to fly that and its thats, where youre gon na lose your drone youll either get fly away or a gust or hit it if its 23 is that law, thats 23 mile an hour is quite high yeah, But is it lo no no im asking you if its law am i breaking a law by doing that? Well, yeah you committed an offence, article 241 air navigation and were on uh. The caa were on the caa website 241. Is it yeah ill find it for you? Let me show you yeah, because i ive been over the caa website and i never saw anything about that right. Okay, let me find it for you, you know, and the wind speed that end of the road could be vastly different from the wind spin at that end of the road. Exactly so, for the for you to stay, it was above 30 is wrong its not. It is up there its higher right, so you charge me okay. So if you give me a ticket and charge me with that offense, where do you its not giving you a ticket, though no but im, trying to get educated here, because you seem to know something.

I dont im not saying you: do you dont go on im questioning it. Yes, ill, be quiet. If you give me a ticket, okay, yeah for flying it above the the regulations, caa regulations, wind speed, its not its, not so much. Where do you take your evidence from right? Okay, its not so much above the speed right, its more a case of flying. If you think of it like driving a car, they have dangerous driving dont. We all right, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. They have something similar with drones because its treated as an aircraft, so when youre flying a drone and it can in a way that is going to endanger people or property yeah, so basically flying it above. The wind speed is that offense, because the wind will knock it out of the sky, but it lands itself not always well. It did just now around. There did and im quite impressed Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. So are you from preston? What relevance is that? Well, obviously, you find a drone over a police station yeah, its quite lawful, sorry, thats, quite lawful, quite awful, lawful, all right, okay, im, just wondering what youre doing with it. Obviously, police station office vehicles information in relation to a number of things and were just wondering what is doing. Is it your personal driver yeah? Are you interested again? What relevance is that im just going to ascertain what youre doing here find a drone over a police station exactly that what youve just said, im filming the police station from above right? For what purpose do i have to have a reason? Well, obviously, we dont know who you are for one im gon na.

Just ask you a minute what your name is your date of birth and two, obviously its got a camera. You can record yeah all sorts of stuff about private premises with the police station. Well, like what sort of roof tiles youve got on, you mean potentially yeah. Oh, come on right now, theres a grass. They try to get me into trouble with the guys who pulled up in that van. They were all running. Look theres, a drone there. Oh, okay, can you will you pass me your name, a database, no theres. Only one thing you can do with the drone and thats take aerial footage of anything. You are, and you refuse to tell your details. Im not refused im, not obliged to no, no okay. Well, you see youve got to think in the world. Youre using refusal means being obstructive and ive asked you and youre not going to give them to me. So thats refusal, no its, not technically well, technically or not. I take it. Youre leaving the area now uh yeah, i might go around the other side. Okay, well, ive, advised you not to please why, because i just discussed a drone, one of the ticket youve got license for it. Can i have a look at it, please my license. No, i cant show you it just now. Ive got to disconnect my phone. Sorry, its ive got to disconnect my phone to do it all right. Am i obliged to show you what i mean you tell me, you should know your license: im, not 100 sure, really whether if a police officer asks but im supposed to show it im, not, i sure yeah thats thats, my registration number there on the back of The drone its registered with the caa, okay yeah thats, fine, its registered thats fine.

I love that. No, its tough im not trying to be funny im just gon na chat with you and im not trying to be uh. I they police officers then two stood there. I dont know, but theyve got the one with the boat. No, they grasped me into the police van. The other police car pulled in and about four officers got out and straight away him in the shade. Just trying to look cool ran over and he was pointing up its not illegal or unlawful, to fly a drone over a police station. No, no, but obviously all were trying to do is ascertain while youre here, while youre potentially doing it and like there would be a pretty im, not saying you are, but if you went to a prison youre, dropping things off, youre not allowed to fly over prisons. Well, i appreciate that theyre in the red zones we and it shows you where you can and cannot fly. You know like near airports and bnfl and things like that and wart and bae yeah. You know it shows a red circle, so youre not allowed to fly in there. It just shows up there and thank you, yeah youre allowed to put your drone in youre, not like. Well, you can fly it, but if youre flying it for a specific reason, yeah, you know if youre working or youre doing a survey in the area of land or whatever for a farmer or a construction company, then youve got to phone the airport.

You know to get permission to fly in that zone. I imagined your drone hit hit a plane, even though its only tiny yeah. This is under the uh. The restrictions you know, bigger drones, bigger than this uh youve got youre not allowed to fly over. I wouldnt be allowed to fly over this police station. Why cause the size because of the size and weight of it yeah? This is under 250 grams, so the restrictions are practically zero yeah. You know you can fly over people over buildings, yeah, so thats the specific height, no, no, no, no, not with these small ones. What about? No? No restrictions, no score, no thats! Just for bigger drones. If you go on the caa website, it gives you all the categories. This is like zero c. Zero, i think, is the lowest category uh, but above this yeah youre not allowed to fly over crowds normally and people youve got to keep like 50 meters away from people yeah, but not with this weight size. So you can fly all the people you can fly. Just were just not like in other countries, hes a process lancaster loads of these, the big ones – two, oh, so you do know a bit about them there. No, not personally the force, dude dont, get me wrong, but right um, not a massive man but yeah. We do have two all right: okay, yeah, but yeah. I seen them once in blackpool.

They were deploying them the big ones. You know huge things i prefer dont worry, ive, seen them at a sporting event or stuff like that, but im not seeing grounding. Oh yeah theyre huge things. Of course they probably weigh about five or six kilos like the ones that are police shoes, maybe even more some of them ive seen them using two different types. Ive seen, one ive seen one at merseyside, and that was massive. Like a spider yeah, its huge for the eight blades yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, absolutely yeah, it looks like a spider yeah, so yeah that would look a bit scary without coming towards you. Well, even when it took off, it was like yeah lets see compared to that. Little little thing so: oh yeah, but im still learning uh ill have a bit of fun. With your colleague here see there you go guys. Youve got a real emergency instead of a man with a drone. Hey im just surprised to hear that ive not had that one before one with a drone, thats, normally mine with a camera in it yeah thats. Normally what i get normally yeah is this: the drone here is this thing: yeah tiny little things smaller all the time. So can you just be on the ground to deploy, or can you just either launch it with your hands yeah, you can hold it in your hand, so like for now yeah you just throw it up.

Will it open up? Oh, no, no thats, not that advanced! No, i dont think any of them do that they dont know youve been watching too much or something like that without science fiction, though yeah, but if you had it open up and ready to go, could you just and then it goes off? No, you have to stretch it on yeah switch it on and leave it like. Is it good, 4k yeah clear as anything so thats the one we went through? This is a first thing is it man would have drowned the police station? The first one ive heard either yeah. Are we all sorted, yeah yeah right, im allowed to choke cheers guys see you later until then to stop grassing? Well guys, you heard it from the horses mouth there, its normally the camera at the police station, so im the first man with a drone over lancashire.