This is amazing it’s, something that i would make Music welcome home Music, easy bud, easy, never going to guess what i just found in the trash drone yeah guys that’s a phantom 4 pro ain’t. Nobody throwing that in the trash. Please explain to me how she did not hear that take off. Drones are loud. You wouldn’t hear a swarm of bees, while you’re getting out of the shower. You can’t fly these in the house, it’s dangerous. I haven’t touched that thing today then that’s, what she said. The drone moves around the house by itself versus here then it’s. There is this girl deaf, because she would hear it. Obviously i love drones. You all know i love drones. Why would you have it just sitting on the couch chris i’m telling you the drone was operating the tv wait, no tv’s in on this what’s, going on over there, your next door neighbor was found, murdered, murdered. You account for your whereabouts last night. Did he get that cut from the drone, because that is up and down props go laterally? The drone he’s been acting. A little funny looks like your remote is not paired with your drone it’s, actually a common problem, which is weird because it shouldn’t be flying and he shouldn’t be looking at the girl with the forest whitaker eye. One miles you will die. The drone is controlling itself. Uh time it gets a competent pilot Music. Our drone is trying to kill us now.

She sounds like a wife. She really just spray hairspray on a drone. What what’s? What what uh excuse me, what now’s trying to kill you our drone, not yours! You found it in a trash, can can we not look up its faa registration number? Is that a swat team for a drone that you could just go and knock out of the? What does sky girl weigh 120 pounds ain’t happening with that drone chris? That tickles, you say something: no, no.