Here i promise you the drone made through. We got tons of footage, keep watching and itll all be explained, but lets go back to the beginning. Dji has been perfecting its drone lineup for years, and the new dji mini 3. Pro is probably the most appealing drone. Yet at least to me – and i think, a lot of other people too. This year the companys packed in a better hdr camera which improves low light performance. You can shoot vertical video, its got a new aerodynamic body. A new controller can fly further, fly faster, fly longer and take better pictures, theres a lot going on. So, as soon as we can find, a parking spot were going to show it to you, get excited Music part of the mini 3 pros. New design adds more sensors to the drone so that it can avoid obstacles underneath above and in front of it. This unlocks the ability to finally use djis active track feature in a mini drone, so it can follow you without anyone actually controlling it, and this is honestly, my favorite new feature if youre a solo creator or if youre, someone like me, part of a smaller two Person team, this drone is likely the most versatile option, its a lot more productive than its predecessors, even now, im out in high park in toronto, and the drone is keeping up. We throw it on an active track. Just follows me: its moving out of the ways of trees, people its its pretty insane, and it just impresses me at almost every turn.

I will say that i dont know how well it might keep track of me if i was in a huge crowd, but in all my tests with a few people around the drone has been smart enough to stick with me, its its honestly, my new best friend. However, you cant do this for extended periods of time and, if youre really pushing it, the drone is smart, but its not perfect, and most of my crashes happened when i was using active track and i was just getting a little over zealous, its all the fallen Drones out there, Music ive had this mini 3 pro for about a week now and when i first started flying it, i wasnt expecting that much compared to the mini 2, but honestly now that ive tested them out in various conditions, the mini 3 pro is leagues Ahead sure in good lighting, they both look fairly similar but sunset sunrises or anything where hdr kicks in the mini 3. Pro blows it out of the water plus. This new sensor can take 48 megapixel raw images, which is just a ton of fun as well, but seriously its all about that low light footage Music to help make the new hdr video look even better. Dji has bumped up the size of the imaging sensor and opened up the aperture this year to f 1.7 beyond that. It also added a dual native iso, which lets in way more light than previous mini drones and, of course, allows for that high dynamic range that i keep referencing.

This makes it easier to shoot epic, sunsets, sunrises and basically anything else in low light or challenging light situations. The company, i think, also tweaked its color science a bit this year and it looked really great to my eyes and i love the vibrance. The footage is a big step up over the mini 2 and i think its even comparable to the air 2s. It seriously blew my mind. I mean this. Drone is tiny. The camera on it is tiny, but the footage is incredible. Its more than most people will ever need Music. Overall, though, the mini 3 pros images and videos, look outstanding, theres, good noise control, clean edges, great color and it just looks awesome. I have no real complaints to be honest, even 2x. Zoom is pretty incredible. It takes a little bit of cleanup in post and you know you dont want to use it in every situation, its not as clean as 7x or 2x on the mavic 3, which is a drone with a dedicated zoom lens, but its pretty great. And in my testing so far its made me pretty happy. Oh, and the last thing i will mention is just like other drones. The lens hood will pop off this one, so you can get nd filters for even cleaner footage. We had to shoot all of our stuff on auto because the nd filters arent out yet, but ideally well, get some and well test it out soon, so stay tuned for that one of the most exciting new features on this drone for im, assuming a lot of Creators is that it can shoot vertical video or take vertical photos.

Natively. It means the gimbal will actually turn the camera sideways. So you dont need to crop your photos or videos down to fit on reels, tick, tock or youtube shorts anymore, which is really really awesome, and the catch is that you cant use master shots, quick shots or djis active track when the phone or when the drone Is shooting vertically you can still crop these in and i think it looks fine, but its just a bit annoying that you can shoot vertical, but you cant take advantage of all the features maybe next year. So because dji redesigned the look of the drone this year. It actually has better battery life, you know aerodynamics and all that the new battery life is actually 34 minutes with minimal wind, but in normal testing and sort of in my testing. So far, ive been closer to 25 minutes. If you do need more than that, though, dji is selling something called the intelligent flight battery plus this year, which will actually boost your flight time to 47 minutes, which is pretty incredible. But there is a catch and that catch is that the battery raises the weight of the drone to more than 250 grams, which means you need a license to fly it. Unfortunately, i know whats more worth it a license, getting a license which is a hassle or flying for almost an hour, which is pretty incredible. Id also be remiss to mention that this drone, of course, has djis master shots, quick shots.

The panorama photo mode active track. Basically, all the higher end photo modes and video modes, all the tracking stuff. Of course, its here point of interest thats another one. Its here, Music sing, a little song, do a little dance smile for the camera. Dont, get caught up inside of damage, bring a little joy, find some quirky friends that you think all right, guys im in new york now, but im still talking about drones, lets go. One of the things you might have noticed me holding is dgs new rc controller, its kind of a midway point between the existing rc pro controller and the existing just regular controller that you mount your phone on top of. In my experience, it was fine. It handled really nicely – and i liked having that extra wheel for zooming pretty cool on the bottom theres a micro sd card slot, so you can just put an extra card in there and store files locally to the controller, which is pretty cool or you can use Your micro sd card in the drone in the controller to watch files, if you dont, have the drone on also very cool theres, two usb c ports on the bottom. One is for a china only accessory, i was told the other is just for charging. So not a lot going on down there. Oh one thing i will say is that i think the controller definitely had a longer range and when we were flying around riverdale park in toronto, usually with the old mini 2 and even the mavic 3, with the basic controller, i could only get from one side Of the park to the other, but with this new controller in the mini 3, i was definitely getting back further over the city instead of just being limited to sort of park space by the range of the controller, which is pretty cool.

When you have your phone wrapped up to the controller, yes, you cant use your phone, but it is an internet connected device. This new controller isnt internet connected. So that means, whenever youre, in a like an authorization zone or somewhere. Where you know you can fly the mini, but dgi is like hey. Do you have authorization? You need to kind of prove that you can fly here. You cant do that you cant, prove those things because theres no internet connection on the controller to send that authorization through i was barely on the sun. I was just flying the drone, the top of my head burnt. This part of my head feels burnt and my lips are so chapped all right. This is the moment too, where were going to talk about pillowcases, because theyre our channel sponsor and theyre pretty great and theyre, pretty canadian just like us, which i dont know im into in a weird way: wait: okay, now im back with my canada hat on um, But yeah peeling cases ive been daily driving this one for like a month now and it feels great and theres a secret hidden inside that i was telling you about and it is the extra mag safe attachments. You can buy a little magsafe sticker that you can put inside your case. What is this thing called its called the case and once its in there, you can use magsafe accessories with the pila phone cases on your phone, which is pretty great when i first got the case.

That was like the thing that i was missing. The most i was like. Oh, i wish the peeler cases had meg save and then i looked online and they do its just an add on that. You can choose to add or not, because not all phones have magsafe. I guess, but i have a lot of magsafe accessories, so it meant a lot to me and i was willing to spend the extra seven bucks to get it in there i mean i didnt spend it they they sponsor us. They did send it to me for free, which i guess helped disclose im sure you can assume that, but either way im pretty happy, and i think if you get one too, you probably will be as well Music im in love with mini 3 pro. I seriously do i think its worth it every penny that it costs its very expensive goes from, like uh, 869, canadian to almost 1500 canadian between you know in the price ranges if you want to get the fly more bundles and the rc controller, if you just Want to get the drone, and i should mention that the drone just comes by itself this year, if you get just the drone, the base level package, no controller, no accessories just the drone. So you can control one of your own drone old drone controllers, but something to be aware of regardless of that, though, i still think its worth it.

I i love this drone. The high dynamic range, the stability of it, its got a little jittery. Sometimes i might have to do a quick on and off, but i was blown away more often than not with the footage that came out of it even bright daylight, just yeah. It was really awesome and the small size means you can kind of pack it up and do some quick shots, some sort of more gorilla filmmaking its its pretty small, its pretty discreet as far as drones go and you get a lot of performance out of it. You know even that 2x zoom its, not perfect, but i think you know its useful and that the parallax it adds to those scenes is really really nice, but yeah thats, basically it i i think i covered it all here. I might do another video or i might post some more videos just of all my demo footage because i have so much thats shot with it.