I have nearly all models of dji drones ever made, but the drone that almost always makes it into my camera bag is the dji mini 2 and rather than just sit in front of the camera and list off a bunch of stats. I thought id just show you what the dji mini 2 can do. Um leading line to nothing Music, see if we can save it in editing. Why should you get the dji mini 2 in 2022 because its tiny and cheap here in china? I can pick up the mini 2 for about 150 pounds refurbished it shoots 4k video takes good enough photos for instagram and more than good enough videos for youtube and travel content, also its not so much of a big deal losing 150 pound drone, rather than losing The 2000 pound mavic 3 in more risky areas like this. To be honest, i have no idea like a six megapixel pit. This might make a good picture to be nice. Music, Music. I dont know whether its worth upgrading for the mini to be honest. Just for that, the uh portrait shot this building here on the left might look bad but probably end up cropping out anyway, its a pretty cool shot. So if youre thinking about picking up the mini free pro, then you have to ask yourself this: do you already have the mini 2? Is it worth the extra cost? What are you going to do with the photos like? Are you going to make money from the drone or are you just buying it to practice or as your first drone? So do you just want to get started with drone photography and get over the anxiety of the first few flights before jumping into a more expensive drone? Then i think the mini 2 is probably perfect.

Well, that looks pretty cool, at least with the um. If you do the two times and just make sure you do a panel stitch them together, youve got a 12 megapixel should have flew like 10 minutes later, so i could get more of the night shots. I didnt realize the sunset would be so bad Music, Music. Eventually, i will buy the mini free, but the bugs on the new drones take a while to get fixed personally its not worth the extra cost to upgrade at the moment since i dont make money from social media or youtube and if im doing paid work, then Im just going to use the mavic 3 or inspire 2.0 Music, my Music Music, Music, watching Music, so Music Music. So if youre just getting started with drones, then the dji mini 2 is absolutely perfect. To get the experience, you need to then jump into the more higher end drones. If you enjoyed watching this video make sure you subscribe ill, be doing some more pov drone photography videos using all the different models in the future.