Dont go anywhere: Music, hey everybody david here from aerial influence. Thank you so much for stopping by today we are talking about the dji m30t. This is the brand new drone from dji enterprise. Everybodys really excited about it and for very good reason. Today. What we wanted to do was talk through several of the key features of the drone. We also shot a lot of example, video that were going to be showing you guys throughout, and i want to mention too. This is just a review of the dji m30t were not comparing it to anything else were just going to talk about this drone on its own merits, so lets get started. Music first up lets talk about that thermal sensor. It is a beautiful 640×512 resolution, thats the highest youre, going to be able to get right now, thats the highest compared to any of the other drones out there 640 by 512, is the standard thats going to give you accurate heat signatures from up at 400 feet. You can see from this footage you are able to pick out that heat signature youre able to tell is that a person whatever it is. I need to go inspect it further, so really great with this thermal and the fact that theyre putting them on these drones. Now and making them more affordable is amazing, especially for search and rescue operations, where thermal is really really important. Music. Next up lets talk about that zoom range, the camera on this thing, the zoom lens is pretty remarkable.

Here is some video were 42 miles out from chicago and were able to zoom all the way into the sears tower. So that shows you just how powerful uh this little camera can be. Its got a 16 times optical zoom, its got a 200 times digital zoom. So, in that optical side that one through 16, you are definitely going to see a much better quality of the image because its not being cropped in uh its not going to be digitized. It is going to be truly an optical zoom, so youre going to get really good footage out of that now, once you start going past 16 youre going to get up higher and higher youre going to get more digital break up more noise in the picture, its Not going to look quite as good, but still being able to zoom that 200 times, this drone has everything you need in terms of zoom range. Next up, this drone has a laser rangefinder on it, so pretty cool youre going to be able to point the drone wherever you want within a certain distance youre, going to point to something its going to tell you the accurate gps location of that structure. Its also going to be able to tell you the height of that structure and how far it is away from the drone. So that is a really neat feature with this. Drone is to have that laser range finder on there, its just going to give you more situational awareness, its going to allow you to keep track on certain points that you want to go to and have the actual gps locations of those points.

So a very, very useful tool here with that laser rangefinder, Music. Okay, lets talk about flight time. Dji says that the drone is going to get about 41 minutes of flight time. That is in ideal conditions in our testing were really getting about 35 minutes of flight time. Dji says youll get about 35 minutes out of hover time and in our testing weve got about 31 minutes in overtime, uh, so still really great flight time. For this drone, it does take the two batteries to operate, so keep that in mind. One of the benefits of this drone is that it actually gives you four recordings when youre done so. Not only are you going to get your color camera your wide angle, camera, but youre also going to get your zoom camera youre also going to get your thermal camera, the fourth one is kind of a mix where its actually showing the way you switched on your Remote control in this one file. So if you switched over to thermal thats what youre going to see if you switch back over to the wide angle camera, so those four recordings are really handy because say: youre flying and youre. Looking at your color camera. And you see something well later on, you can go back and look at that thermal image as well to overlay it and to take a look and see what you see different from the naked eye to the thermal camera Music.

The other thing i love about this drone is the locking arms, yes, theres, like a little plunger on each one of the arms that tell you, if its locked or not. This is a great feature and just for overall safety, so you dont get your drone up in the air and it comes tumbling out of the sky, and then you start crying because all the money you spent on this drone is gone. Speaking of your drone being gone, i was just kidding you actually get a year of dji enterprise shield with this drone, so basically thats going to cover you uh for a couple of accidents you dont want to have those accidents. This is very much like a seat belt. You have it there just because you want it there just to be safe, but you never want to have to use it, but you are covered for a full year and then you can renew it after that year as well. So that gives you a little bit of peace of mind when youre, making a purchase this big all right. Next up, we want to talk about how this drone performs at night were not talking about thermal here. We just want to see how its camera uh the zoom camera, especially how it does in low light uh so im outside here at night, uh sunset was around 8 30, its a little after nine oclock. Now so, im gon na get the drone up in the air now and were gon na kind of see what we see uh at nine oclock at night at this time of year in the midwest Music, so Music, Music next up is deployment time.

This is really important if you need to jump out of your squad car and get the drone up really really quickly and what we found is you can get the drone out of the box and up in the air in less than a minute youre. Seeing video of me doing it right now, i sped it up just a little bit for time, but it did take just about a minute for us to get this drone up in the air, which is a great turnaround time if you are in public safety and Need to get the drone up in the air really really quickly. Music. Okay, lets talk about the smart controller. This thing is a beast and it is awesome. Its got buttons all over it different functions that you can do its got a seven inch really really bright screen. So, very very nice, smart controller, the buttons all over its going to look a little confusing until you turn the remote on once you turn the remote on youre, going to see exactly what each one of those buttons are labeled for and you can remap some of Those buttons as well so the remote control on this is absolutely outstanding. You got to get a lanyard for it, though the thing is pretty big. The last thing youd want to do is drop. This thing i know dji is coming up with a lanyard theyre going to be releasing pretty soon, but i would definitely suggest getting a lanyard for this smart controller because you do not want to drop it Music.

Okay. Speaking of that smart controller, you can also do dual controllers on this drone, meaning you can have two remotes. Both of them are linked to the same drone. One person can fly the drone using the fpv camera so theyre, just just using the fpv camera to fly and the other person can actually control the gimbal with the zoom and the wide angle lens. So a very useful tool for search and rescue operations where one person can focus on just flying the other person could just focus on trying to find whatever or whoever they are trying to find. This drone also has tracking, which is a really really cool feature. You pull it up on the screen. Anything like a car or a human being is going to have a little icon tap above their head. You just tap that little icon and the drone is going to follow that person. Now you think youve seen this in other drones before and you have in like the matrice 300 with the h20t, but its not like active tracking with other dji stuff. This camera will actually just use the zoom camera to track. So the drone stays exactly where it is, but it uses the zoom camera to go in and out and continue to track that object. So it could be a car going miles and miles away if the drone is up high enough and there arent a lot of trees around the drone is going to be able to follow that car with no problems just using the zoom and not actually having to Send the drone out to follow the car itself Music.

Okay, next up is the charging station. This thing is really great its small its compact. It can fit eight batteries at one time, as well as two of your remote control batteries. Its gon na take the two batteries that are the most charged and charge those up top them off then move on to the next two top those off and the next two top those off whats really cool about. This is that it not only has a regular charging mode, but it also has a quick charging mode which will take those two batteries from about 10 up to 90 in less than a half an hour. So this battery station is a real key component to this entire kit and it comes with the dji m30t Music. This drone is also rtk, enabled if you dont know what rtk means. It is real time kinematics, but basically, what it means is its gps on steroids. It is going to give you centimeter level accuracy when youre flying your maps when youre flying the drone, if youre flying around power lines its a great thing to have rtk just to make your flight extra extra stable. So this drone is outfitted with rtk and itll work with the drtk2 base station from dji. So if youre, somebody that knows what rtk is and thats important to you thats a really great feature of this drone Music. All right now lets talk about the speed of this drone.

Dji says it can get up to 51 miles an hour. We got it up to about 50 miles an hour and it has a wind resistance of 33 miles per hour, so we can handle some really stiff winds, uh, sometimes with drones like this youll see them like if you were to just actually see them with a Camera they might look like theyre tilted like this, but when you actually see the gimbal footage that comes out of it, its going to be rock solid, but its great that these drones can handle such high winds, because in different parts of the country youre going to Be facing high winds every single day, so that is a great feature of this drone Music. Next up is a good feature. You can go out, you can be flying this drone say youre on a search and rescue mission, and you see something below you. You can drop a pin there and then continue on your flights. You find something else. You drop a pin there then later on, you can push a button and it is literally going to take you right back to that spot. You hit another button, its going to take you right back to the other spot, its locked in with its gps location. You can also make the camera just move to those spots, so the drone itself wouldnt fly to those spots. The camera would just tilt and look at those spots directly, so another really handy tool with the m30t Music.

Next up lets talk about waterproofing, so the drone itself is ip55 rated uh. The remote control actually is ip54 rated, so while neither one of them are waterproof, they are both water resistant, uh, so thats, a good thing ip54 for the remote is gon na, be a little less so in terms of water resistant, but at least its something, its Better than the older remotes that had no ip rating whatsoever, so in some cases you could fly the drone uh in a little bit of moisture, but you couldnt actually stand outside with the remote control and fly it because it would ruin the remote. So the ip rating on both the drone and the remote is a really important thing: Music, okay, finally, lets talk about the operating temperatures. The drone itself can go from negative four to 122 degrees above fahrenheit, so negative, four to positive 122, so it can handle all sorts of weather, which is a good thing. The batteries are functional from negative four up to a hundred 104. So while the drone is functional up to 122, the batteries are only functional up to 104. So you need to be careful with your drone batteries that youre not pushing them as hard as you are pushing the drone, which is impossible, because you need the batteries to run the drone. Okay, thats all weve got for you today. Thank you guys so much for stopping by, especially because youre watching me, sweat, uh, which cant be very pleasant in general, but we appreciate you stopping by.

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