Now it did post a clip on the channel a few days back explaining the application where it came from what it was intending to do. But there still seems to be a lot of confusion about the application in general. Now, just to do a level set, the application came from DJI it's, not a live application, it hasn't been published. They have no intention of publishing it. It was a proof of concept to show exactly what the FAA is asking for in their new proposal, and that proposal is the FAA 2019 1100. I have it below, so the application was really exhibiting the things that the FAA thinks they need to identify a pilot in the field. Now I don't agree with it. I don't agree with the NPRM either and I've made my comments known to the FAA. Well, my strong suggestion is, if you saw that video and what they're exhibiting in that application, where is you go over to the FAA site, there's, a link below where you can both read that NPRM and there's a link below to go to the web site? To comment, and let them know that you're upset about the proposal as it stands today, because the only way that's going to get changed is enough of us head over to that site and let our comments be known. I promise you they're gon na read those and the body of conversation is gon na carry the day. So if you want to roll those back a little bit so it's not as onerous and invasive as a lot of us feel definitely go to the FAA site.

But I thought, rather than he's, sitting down trying to put a clip together and explaining it again. I would head over to DJI and sit down with some of the folks that worked on that application. That really understand where the FAA is heading with this proposal. So I've got two interviews coming up. The first one today is with Adam Liz Berg he's, the corporate director of communications for DJI and he's, going to talk specifically about the drone. The phone application in the next day or two I've also got a second clip where I did interview with Brendan Schulman who's, the vice president of policy and legal affairs for DJI and he's, going to get into the NPRM specifically and how much work DJI has done To really advocate for the hobbyist out there they're flying drones, so both of those are going to be really going to introduce the catch today, I'm going to do the Adam Liz Berg interview and I'm hoping you're listening closely to this, because this proposal from the FAA Dramatically changes the way we fly and I'm upset about a lot of provisions in it and I'm working on a few more clips, that'll help you do some things after the proposal period closes for comments, but you have five days left. So please, when you're watching this video, stop the video right now go down there hit the link go over the FAA site and make your comments known because it really is important.

I think there's, twenty plus twenty thousand plus comments over there right now, so let's get it up to 50000. If we can, anyway stay tuned for the interview and stay tuned to the channel, because I'll have that second interview coming up – probably tomorrow the next day at the latest. So thanks for watching and please comment to the FAA – hey there drunk man's we're, cured again through drug Valley today, we're at DJI and I'm talking to Adam Lisburn corporate director of communications for DJI and we're here to talk about the drone opponent application. A lot of you have seen on the internet, I'm sure there's a lot of questions out there. I try to answer most of them, but I thought let me go to the source you guys built. The application and I've got a lot of questions from jurors that I thought I'd. Ask you. So the first question is: why did you build the application? Where did that come from sure we built this because remote ideas come there's, and I appreciate you giving us the opportunity to come in here and talk about this presenter there's a lot of confusion, a lot of theory, a lot of concerns about this shirt, so remote Ideas coming not just in the US, Europe, okay, all over the world, and it makes sense because the authorities want to be able to understand what a drone is doing in the air ice it's sort of a basic.

There are some there's. There are hardcore people who says nobody has anywhere I'm. You know anything about what I'm blind as long as I'm, not doing any sure in practice. That'S not gon na fly right and you think it's a legitimate, legitimate request for aviation people, guard airports or prison guards for Police Department's to be able to answer who owns that throne? What is it doing up there? Let'S um let's be able to respond to legitimate queries about okay. So the big question that you've seen you know the debate over the NPRM is: should drones identify themselves by island into a cellular network and putting they're putting their their location and their pilot information. All that into some nationwide database that queer they'll sprint, which may be appropriate in some circumstances, or should it be a simpler system that simply broadcast a signal from the drone to any receiver within range and accuracy? We can say: oh, that thrown up in the sky. There that has the serial number. This is the path that it's been flying and you know yeah alright. So I think where the confusion starts out there is that you guys didn't come up with this on your own. You didn't decide hey we're, going to build some kind of identification system for drones, so people can sort of sniff out everybody that's fine. This came from the NMR NPRM, which is the FAA 2019 1100, which everybody's reading through 319 wonderful pages of complicated wording.

But in there they talk specifically about having the ability to identify drone and in some cases where that drones violating airspace or the reviews concerns about it to identify where the pilots standing. So all this application does essentially it's a proof of concept to show a simple way of identifying the drone and, if need be, identifying where the pilots and right yeah it's, not something DJI came up with on the round. Well remember: the NPRM is the culmination of literally years of discussion about how it was two years ago today, through an advisory committee, to study our new ID issues. There are so many complicated crispin we should have access to what kind of data should be transmitted. How should it be stored charge for that data what's, the best method of transmitting it at a technical level of a theoretical level? Right I'm, awful lot of discussions – and you know you've – got give perspectives from the security agencies from regulators from the companies that make drones from the people that fly drones from people who build their own drones would have to add something on to what they shell bring. So these kinds of discussions were all part of the discussions along year two years ago and in even that creation is precision years earlier grandmother. So the it's there have been a lot of discussions about how a remote ID should be accomplished and that's, something the DJI incorporated into our air scope system.

This is a remote ID system that is proprietary to DJI equipment that we first launched a couple of years ago. That is working right now at airports, spread prisons, stadiums, locations like that people and people who have legitimately done something very wrong with drones, have been arrested and prosecuted yeah if you're gon na be done with a drone. Absolutely yes, yes, people who do clearly, who intentionally do clearly illegal things, should face the consequences right so and what we've seen is that by introducing air scope that critical locations like this are much more receptive to the idea that drones are in the sky through it's. A part of modern life right. You know that the some of the pushback that the FAA has gotten over the years is from security agencies who say we will not let you return, authorized lights at night flight over the people. Frankly, I'm line of sight, unless we have an easy and effective way to be able to identify what's that sure so it's I certainly understand, and I think we're rid of it kind of a dangerous pivot point for the industry. Right because I want to sound too dramatic with this but we're at a point now where, if the FAA puts this proposal through into law, the way the NPRM that's written we're, not only gon na have to broadcast that digital license plate. But you're gon na have to physically connect virtually connecting the internet over a high speed connection that information, not only your flight characteristics but where you flew, where you were standing.

How long you for all the details about your flight are going to be uploaded to some database somewhere in the cloud and it's there for analysis for six months minimum? Who knows how long that part of it scares the bejesus out of a be honest with it? So I think what I'm? What I'm? Looking at with the drone phone and the reason I came out, the first clip is they think what you've done with that application has built a really simple technology that is already built into the drums. It runs on Wi, Fi, that's, a tautology connection and anybody with a find that has the right to see that data will see it and I'll talk a little bit later about the public sing because there's a kind of a queasy place. But I think in general you're getting beat up a lot because people are upset about the MDM program and you didn't invent the NPRM. I knew you would Bob with that. I know that you had people team members as one of the 74 that were in the art committee to come up with. I saw a pretty sensible rules and, unfortunately, the FAA completely boiled that up and through having to start it from scratch. Yes makes a great coming about: it was the Ark nothing dead, so no that's, okay, no, no, no it's yeah! We have a lot of these enhance for sure, but and I'll talk about the article later, but I think what I'm trying to get across is people are viewing this dude, your video and you viewing the video going what's DJ like well.

This application seems so intrusive. So you know owner is to me yeah. Why are they doing yeah but – and the answer is, as you said, we want to demonstrate that there is another way, simply an internet, connected database, where the idea is, if you're not doing anything wrong if you're not flying in a congested area, if you're not flying In controlled airspace, if nobody calls the cops on you're, not right, why do you have to transmit that record of your flight exactly the time? This has eventually an area right? So this is a again. There are plenty of circumstances where a networked real time system does make sense. I would agree that we're taping this right now in New York City, a lot of places in York City, where even if you're an authorized permitted thrown pilot right flying, I would wonder for insurance purposes of fascia on buildings and stuff sure the insurance companies you're gon Na say we want a record of that flight get from takeoff to landing. Yeah makes perfect sense, but for the average hobbyist the guys are attached to this channel for the most part having that owners guy can actually network with a flying and remote areas. Yeah, the Dakotas that just seems too much yes, I don't want to get it too much into the minutia. No, I hear it right now yeah, but our attitude generally is Network, has its place broadcast, which is simpler to make cheaper for the drone operator brands.

A lot of other benefits is also a very relevant technology yeah. They are gon na allow eating bread whatever is appropriate for a particular place. Okay, so the point of creating this demonstration app, which again, has never been released in a while. I was gon na ask you that yeah it's not out there, no one and we developed it ourselves, proof of concept. Yes, proof of concept to show that when we say that broadcast remote ID system could work could display all the relevance required information on a handheld device. It works right. Let me demonstrate it in Montreal that's. What was really drawn went up in the air was broadcasting over a Wi Fi, the, where signal to the handheld phone, rapidly of cell phones and again it's a off the shelf drone with a simple firmware custom firmware update off the shelf phone with a customer who Vote for Indian books, gotcha and what I would like about that I'm trying to play devil's advocate is I'm thinking. Okay, I'm flying I don't my neighbors ID and a gentleman come looking for me but I'm. Trying put my shoe on the other foot and think if I'm, in my backyard I'm enjoying an afternoon with my family and at the pool, and this dark drone is hovering over my pool for 20 minutes at 6 o'clock every afternoon. I kind of want to know who's doing that, so I could either go talk to your market reporting to the police.

If it's got to be an owner thing, so having that ID for me and then throwing the phone application, I that's going to get awkward here but I'm, not comfortable having the public know where that drone operator standing what I'm comfortable with is. If I can read the remote ID just like a digital license plate and I decide, I have to call the police to get involved. I can give that remote ID. They then there's a there's, a wall between that information and what's public. They can then investigate, find out who use the drones flying it and go have a conversation with it. What you're describing isn't exactly the digital license? Okay, that's a great way of a car, just something I'm, not going to chase the guy to his house and have a conversation. Well, you! You have no way from looking at the cart. The grant always address it. That'S Randy, but there's numbers and letters written on the front and back of the car. You can then take to the police. This guy did this to me. They hand it to them and they take care of everything that's their job line. Yeah I don't want to be as a citizen chasing people down yeah, so I think that's really great yeah and that's. A great example of how, over time society has decided to D be up what's. You know in the various cost invent bits of current information available, but only the police should be able to track down your home address.

Of course, I suppose anybody want to be able to see the license right if I'm doing something dumb and they can read the remote ID, then they can report me being done to somebody else so I'll handle it the technology side of it, I think, is something Else, that's lost in this conversation. I think this is a really important point right. Has it drones they're in the air, from DJI broadcast over a Wi, Fi topology, the rockiest hangar light bridge buried in that transmission on your latest applications in DJI? Go for or you can put information in there that IDs the drone. I keep and put a little bit of script in there saying hey I'm doing a house. You know if somebody reads that information a narrow scope. They know: okay, we're here's, his ID here's, the FFA number and he's filming a house near an airport and I've got permission to do that, that's already built in right. So all your drone stay or compliant. If you go with this Wi Fi on the phone that technology, if it goes the way the FAA is suggesting, may end up being very expensive, is you may have to transmit in a different frequency which requires no hardware or less battery it's, just a nightmare, which Means all the drums that are on today essentially could be obsolete if that technology goes, that direction and I'm trying to jump. I know right yet you know I appreciate it yeah.

I don't want to get too far ahead and discussed in the technological solution, because there are, there are so many compatibilities that we'd have to check out so many different possibilities. Would you be able to to connect to the internet using the phone run tactic to the control or observe? Perhaps that would make the next election data crossed, oh sure, absolutely and it's a new generation of product and that's the challenge with a lot of people, because I have blanks to me all the time I love this hobby and just looking to upgrade rumor. Has it DJI has got something coming? I want to ask you about that, but I'm sure. If you do that wheat Road revolutionary, we always have some people coming I'm going to sit down with a cell phone company with computer. Make me come in there always there's something amazing about like an you want to wait. Six months for that that you want to have the next six months to be applying on you and that's. My attitude is that every day, there's just sun shining I'm out in the field flying and the difference between what's out there today and what may be coming is just to me not a big enough Delta. Wait wait right, so I want to fly so get out there and fly today, but the good news is if this drone law application of the Wi Fi becomes real and it becomes something they're going to use or some similar analogy to that they can use the Drones they've got today with minor modifications in the firm that already broadcasting information, so it's free tack, basically yeah yeah, and we think that one of the reasons they keep saying we're not gon na get too far into the interior guy.

I can't help okay Devin attempt. Well, it's, interesting and it's, you know, none of these questions are easy. I'M gon na be wrong. We don't know how far now respective, but on so many factors involving nprm broadcast versus network pilot location. There are good arguments on both sides there and you know that's. Why it's great to have and compromise that's against you get a room, the temperatures not right for everybody right, something's, too cold! You got a million people with opinions. You'Ll never do this yeah, so it's, right, yeah, so but what's. What I think is really valuable in this exercise is showing how the different expectations that people bring to what should be transmitting, where should have who should have access to information, because there are different expectations of what that's bring them it's. It is also going to be shaped by societal expectations right now. Everyone, everyone watching this is address idea, pretty general Clement. Everyone probably knows someone who has a drone or they've seen a drone, and I know brother in law that, if you're a business owner but people aren't really used to seeing them all right. So you know your your example: the family sit in the back yard, all the time right now, that's gon na be concerned now 10 years from now it might be perfectly routine tennen rishin out there are delivery, drones going back and forth and I'm in craft. You know continue doing surveys right like that fully autonomously will be a lot less worrisome right now.

Everyone has seen examples, something does the cops called on them because they were flying the drone and, I think, make sure the Sun sets right soon. Somebody'S upset when it was right here any they have those pencil cases, hopefully there's more scientists, so it what I'm get into is. If some of these rules need to anticipate how that's gon na be changing over time right now, you know it will be routine to see them and hopefully it'll be routine. The expectation that if there's one really causes a problem or something all right – and I guess one of the last comment – I'll make and then I'm gon na sound, like a huge DJI family. I got ta choose that all the time. But if ly everybody's throwing because know that what I love about this company and it's, the fact that you guys are ahead of the curve, anticipating where things can get weird and you really first within of ZZZ, which kept pilots out of dangerous sensitive areas. A lot of people complain that I want to have the Nazis in my drone they're, protecting you from kind of wandering through that invisible line in the sky onto a military bases, protected area. I think that's, a good thing I think, drawn upon application. I work along with manufacturers. No one else is touching this. No one else is going close, so DJI, Stefan Alec you're, taking a lot of arrows based on this right, because you're trying to get ahead of it and showing what's available today, yeah and again it's the expectation that there are that there are real concerns out there.

That need to be addressed. You know the Wild West drone days. Yeah, usually you know we still get complaints of people who don't think that anyone I know – and I understand that theoretical perspective right but it's practical. It protects me from inadvertently flying someplace. I shouldn't find you can't tell I use applications to know where I'm standing – and I know where else I want to near that. If I put it up in the air and go 600 feet this direction, it might be violating a military bases right already. You know yeah yeah, tell me getting better warns me yeah, so to be able to have that kind of engine as a practical matter. You know we believe the any rules based assistive print or drove it's, very responsible that's, all we're responsible, firearms yeah. So a couple last questions I want to get these in the technology you've gotten the drone, the phone application that some people out there wondering is it proprietary, you're trying to get first to market and then charger to live your fortune, I'm sure, with minor modifications based On Wi Fi technology, which other buildings using they probably can tweak the application with often shelf AP is another software to make it work with your drawings, yeah we've developed it's. What our intention is that this is this is demonstrating. It could be a solution, for everybody has sex appeal good and there are other drone manufacturers that are testing out different kinds of I've, seen a few that work yeah.

So you know this is you're, not the only one. By the way, I shall further bread in the beginning is that there's, probably three or four other applications that do this already yeah I've seen flight time and a few people working with other organizations but yeah. You know again again. This sport has been going on for years. You know ASTM International. There is completed, work, very comprehensive standard, I've read it. It was Saturday. It was massive and put me to sleep but yeah it's, good detail, but it's, oh yeah, yes, and exactly but that's the level that you need to be able to make this purchase. Well good. So so you know there are multiple approaches to this and again we built this app concept to show that you don't need to have everybody connected to a network all the time to get all the benefits. Okay, good, all right. So a couple points I want to make at the end, so we don't miss these. The application was developed to show you what was happening in the proposal from the FAA. You guys didn't invent it. You put it together, basically to exhibit a simple way of adhering to what we're looking at today is the entire proposal wasn't something you're putting out there is like promoting it DJ. I built this dish the way it should be you're just exhibiting what the NPRM is asking for. There'S, nothing proprietary in the application, it's not been released to the public, yet no intention of releasing to the public until this law passes from the FAA perspective and they mandate that there should be some kind of solution like this.

But last thing I'll say to you, and I know it sounds like again here comes the DJ, a fanboy, but I have to applaud you for meeting today because you're taking a lot of grief on the internet for this and people are upset about it and blaming You, I think mostly because of the anger they've got over the proposals is, it is pretty shocking, so it was pretty brave. You could have said to me nope we're, not talking to anybody, but we have nothing to hide. No, I know that speaks volumes. Thank you. I mean we very often think of ourselves as a de facto voice for most drone fliers right. No, we, we are the largest manufacturer of drones, and people who use our drones and professional contacts they can often advocate through professional, are going to say, frankly that people who fly for fun enjoy it and not burden anybody. They'Re, not breaking laws they're. Having a great time yeah, who else is up there speaking up for them right? So we are, we sort of take it upon ourselves to be their voice and know that for people who fly for fun or who want to give a drone as a gift for fun, the prospect of monthly fees to be able to connect to a required network. From OIT, so it's really discouraging, it is it's going to shut it down. So your flyer on the flyer, where I'm flying all the time again I'd encourage you guys there's nothing better than this option.

You get having a sunny Saturday afternoon with the family, get the kids out there flying it. Just changes your perspective, so don't pull back if you're going to be looking at the drawing Springs coming by when you can afford its a DJI drone great. But if you want to buy something else, there sorry Cappadocian makes everybody just get out there to fly. You just have a lot of fun yeah. Thank you.