What am i talking about stay tuned? This drone is going to make the hobby better. The technology that is inside of this thing is phenomenal. Let me start by talking about some of the safety features that come with this drone. I was just outside flying and, as i was flying, they told me that there was an airplane, a protein or an aircraft. Now i couldn’t hear it so i brought the drone down and by the time i did, i could hear that plane approaching now it wasn’t anywhere near me. It wasn’t really going to be in danger, but it is good to know because you you’d never know. That is awesome, so you get ads, beat notifications if they’re aircraft in your area – and that is a fantastic thing. Okay, another really awesome feature on this thing is the break button. You say you’re flying you get disoriented, it’s upside down, you’re, just learning acro. You know what to do. You push a button and the drone stops. It comes to a halt, it hovers it stays in place. You got a scratch that you need to itch. You need to just kind of compose yourself and take a minute. You can do that with this drone. Good luck doing that with any other fpv quad that you already have uh it’s gon na fall out of the sky, it’s gon na crash. You don’t have that freedom that you do with this quad. Then there are the sensors.

There are sensors all over this thing now, they’re called obstacle avoidance, sensors and they’re really not going to help. You avoid anything, but they do tell you when obstacles are in the way you know they go from orange to red. If they’re getting close and that’s kind of nice to know now some people say: oh, you shouldn’t be flying with obstacle voice it’s going to make you a worse pilot, but you know it’s not avoiding them from you. It’S just helping you out, and that is spectacular. Now this thing has gps and gps on an fpv drone isn’t a new thing. I got plenty of quads that have gps and they can even return home, but there isn’t a single one that is half as reliable. As this you know, i’ve had this thing: return home and it’s landing within a meter of where i took off that’s awesome plus it has incredible stability. Yes, i can fly this similar to a typical fpv quad, but it also flies a whole lot like a mavic. If that’s, what i want it to do right and speaking of flying like a mavic, this has a gimbal, a one axis gimbal, so i can get different shots with this drone that i can’t with any of my other quads. I can control this gimbal to gimbal angle. I can move it up or down while i’m flying on the ground, and that is just really pretty awesome. Okay, so let’s talk about this battery.

This is a 6s battery. You can get up to 20 minutes of flight time now it kind of depends on what way you’re flying. You know if you’re really ripping this thing: you’re going to get 10 11 minutes, but slow cruise and you’re gon na get 15 16 17 up to 20 minutes. Good luck, getting 11 minutes ripping on a standard, fpv, quad plus it’s a smart battery. I feel a whole lot safer charged in one of these things. Lipo batteries are dangerous right. If you know anybody that’s been in the hobby for a while they’ve experienced lipo fire. So you know you get a little bit of assurance now. I certainly wouldn’t charge this thing and leave it unattended, but you do have a little bit of dji smarts inside of this intelligent flight battery now it’s going to cost you 150, so that’s not great, but the technology here is really tuned to this drone. So you get the best flight time and flight performance all right. So now these propellers – this is a game changer right here. This is something that manufacturers need to start making right now tomorrow, right, if you haven’t already uh seen these, they don’t need tools um. Now i can do this with my mavic i’ve been able to quick change. My props, but i don’t break props on my mavic. I break them in my fpv quads all the time because i crash and i got ta go into my tool set and pull on my wrench and i got ta loosen the nut.

Take the prop off put a new prop on tighten it up. It’S a process right it’s, not a process anymore. This needs to happen on drones. Now so uh let’s get to it. Plus. You know this prop is a little bit different it’s a 5.3 inch prop it’s a little bit bigger it’s, actually also a little bit stiffer. So i think that helps again with some of that flight time and some of those flight characteristics that we’re getting another really neat thing in the flight experience now, while i’m flying this thing in the goggles, i can see where my home point is so i can See where i need to land again, if i get disoriented, i can hit that button kind of catch my breath and then follow that back home. That is again a really nice feature now. Dji has already improved the fpv hobby with their hd transmission system, and this one is actually even better. It just it’s, incredibly clear this 810p picture. You know i i guess going from 720 to 810. I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal, but it is actually, i think the occusync 3.0 is playing uh into that clarity, but man it is a phenomenal picture and the distance that you can get on this thing. The range is unbelievable. Another nice feature of these goggles is: i can actually share the video feed with phone or tablet. So you know if chris or someone else is flying with me, i can plug in here and they can see what i see now.

I can’t do that with all drones, just with the fpv drum, but that is a pretty awesome feature now if you’ve been flying drones like these, you know that even if you buy a pre made drone like this, this is a great one, the nas ghoul. I still have to bind it to my remote. I still to go into betaflight and set things up there’s, none of that that you have to do when you buy this drone. Some people may say: oh they’re not going to learn how to do it. It sucks it’s, not fun, and it is nice to not have to deal with all of that hassle. Now you still can go in and change your pids and you can change your rates and things like that with the dji fpv quad um, like you can with this, so it is customizable. You just don’t have to go through all of that setup that you do when you buy a traditional fpv quad. Then there’s this this motion controller, and this is really pretty darn cool super intuitive. Now i don’t think you’ll see races or people ripping freestyle with one of these things. Actually, you can’t, because it’s not going upside down, but this is really darn, intuitive and a great way for people to get into the hobby. I think this is something i would like to see on my other dji drones right. This is a great way to share with other people that aren’t super familiar with that two handed controller.

This is something that i think could impact other drones, maybe not so much. The fpv community, but this is a really neat intuitive remote now when it comes down to it. This drone is changing the hobby, and you know whether you like this drone or not that’s a fact. This drone has so much awesome technology built in that things are changed and changing for the better. Tell me tell me i’m wrong. Tell me that one of those things i mentioned is a negative. You know you, you may or may not like this drone i’m. Not super sold that it’s. You know what i’m gon na grab to go fly because it just seems it’s a little heavy. It seems a little underpowered, maybe for freestyle, but as a long range quad. I don’t know that there’s something really that i’d rather fly. You know i’ve flown some long range and i think that’s really pretty fun. This probably the best long range quad you can get. I don’t know that it’s a cinewoop per se, these giant propellers not protected um, but yeah. You can get some pretty unique footage from this, but when it comes down to it right now, this is a pretty awesome, long range quad that has a great camera and some pretty powerful motor. So this does a lot of things really well and while it may not be the fpv quad that some people are looking for it’s going to make those fpv quads that we have right now, even better.

So what do you guys think? Am i wrong right? Did i miss something um? Is this somehow a negative for the hobby? Are your drones going to get worse, because of this i mean the price tag is pretty up there, but you’re getting a lot of technology with this thing. So tell me what you think in the comments down below anyway, if you haven’t already check us out on halfchrome.com and we’ve got a patreon where we give away a drone at least once a month to one of our lucky subscribers don’t forget we’ve got live streams. Almost every other weekend and again we give away drones and stuff there as well plus it’s fun.