They need to change that need to change that first thing to do hit. My maybe i see, but the battery went flat. I'M. Sorry, i hadn't used it in a long time and i gave it a quick charge, but not enough. So here we go and i've got the transmitter down here. So we can see what's going on and i'm going to plug this in and one thing i have to say about the whole thing: the setup was so brilliantly super simple and easy: didn't need a computer, it didn't need anything, you just plugged it in and it Worked and that's one of the reasons you'd probably buy this, probably the main reason you might look at buying this particular oops, very noisy, probably the main reason you look at buying the system is it it just works out of the box. It does what it says on the box, and i was both running myself actually pleasantly supplies surprised at how well this works now. Let me see one of these buttons takes me into and the all the voice prompts are already programmed into this it's all set up ready to go and here's. This is a really nice screen, a telemetry screen, and it tells you lots of stuff like at the moment. There are no satellites. Let me just pull in a bit because you probably can't see on that. Okay, hopefully we can get a bit of view now, but all the information is relayed back in real time to the transmitter here and come on.

Let me get some try and get a. What am i doing here? Okay, um gps coordinates you've got just everything. You want um inclination, declination pitch and roll sort of stuff you're not going to look at this while you're flying to be honest, obviously, because if you're flying line of sight, you're going to be looking at the model if you're flying fpv you've got goggles on. But this is the kind of stuff that would appear in your. Let me go for it here, this kind of stuff that would normally appear on your osd. In some cases, um we've got voltages, we've got distance, um we've got the mode that's operating and we've got this uh switch here which changes our modes, so we've got gyro mode, that's kind of like right rate mode, so there's, no self leveling, but the gyro stabilized. The aircraft – this is the most useful mode, probably i think for most people. It just makes the model so much more stable turbulence. It doesn't, you don't, really feel the turbulence, and then there is the safe mode. Now safe mode is angle mode. Basically, if you're flying along and you flick it into safe mode, it's, just gon na, if you're upside down, it'll level itself come up the right way and if you, you know massive great dive, it'll pull out level it's it's a common mode in a lot of Flight controls, it's that's, just basically save your bacon mode and if you're learning to be honest, it's not a bad way because as soon as you let go, the sticks, the model will return to straight and level and that's.

What a lot of people like makes them feel far more confident, so you can start with that. Then move to the the gyro mode, which is the like the rate mode, and then you can go right back to manual because it toes right, that's passed through. So the flight control does nothing in that mode and then you got return to home on another switch, and this was all set up. I don't know if this is the way the system comes or whether they pre set this one up for me, but it's really really simple: it's a one switch to change your modes, another switch to bring the model home and it just works as advertised didn't have To change any of the pids, there is a thing with a little remote controller here. Let me plug that in and show you, oh, i can't actually because i've got the receiver in now. I should have done that before, but the little box, i showed you the little three in one box. It gives you the ability to change stuff like the the the radius of the loiter circle. When the model returns home, when it's circling over you, you can see that it's currently comes at set at 25. But you can make that much bigger. If you want to and probably a good idea, because 25 meters radius is a pretty small circle and when we were flying the model, it was actually banking quite steeply to maintain that so i'd widen it out to 50 meters in most cases.

But you can do that through the control. You can also control the the gain of the gyros or the the effectively the pids for pitch and roll all very simple it's. Just so simple to do it. You can reassign channels and switches to functions in the flight controller without the need for a computer and that's that's it now to be honest, if you go to the trouble of setting up inev and tuning it and and doing all the soldering, it you'll get a Better result, you get more flexibility, you get more control, you can determine the return height when you're coming back. You can do all sorts of clever stuff that you can't do with a super simple system like this, but this is super simple and, as i say, we sat down, we plugged it in, went out and threw it and it flew, and it did what it said On the box – and there was no messing around that – was brilliant, fantastic. That is just so good for people that aren't tech heads, so i can't really fault the whole system very much now. Would i recommend that people buy this transmitter and the flight controller with the receiver in it well it's pretty hard to make a recommendation like that these days, i've got to be totally honest. I mean there is nothing wrong with this. Once i tell there is something wrong: a little wheel on here, doesn't work properly going one way, maybe it's just this unit – i don't know but it's it jams, it jams, and then you push it hard.

It actually clicks so there's a fault in that little. These little thumbwheels, i don't know no manufacturers, apart from jr, seem to have been able to get them right. I mean we've got the radio master and the jumper they both have issues with the little wheelie wheels. This has an issue with the wheelie wheel. What is it about wheelie wheels why can't people just make a rotary encoder that works? I don't know, but this one is faulty on this transmitter, as i may just been in production. This looks like a bit of a secondhand transmitter. I think this was probably one they've been using themselves and they sent it off to me. It works. I say this wheel is the only problem. Would i buy the transmitter? I don't? No, if you are someone who really just wants to totally turn key, you know. Take it out of the box half an hour later you're flying it, don't have to set things up and mess around yeah. This will give you that it will give you that, but there are downsides. It is detrime product i don't know what's compatible with it. If anything, i will check the spectrum compatibility. I haven't had a chance to do that yet, but you are tying yourself into a brand, and i don't know that that's such a good idea these days when you've got such a range of multi protocol radios that will work with just any receiver on the market.

If you're willing to take a moment to learn how to use something like opentx, then something like the the radiomaster would be a much better value proposition than this for long term use. But if you just want to get kickstarted and you're prepared to say, i want a radio and a receiver flight controller that i can throw in a model and i'll use it and when i'm finished i may look at buying something else. Then this is a viable proposition. I don't know the price. Don'T know the price, so i can't give you a value equation on that. If i i'll put a link in the description to the manufacturer's website, you can have a look. The dsa you'll find prices out there um it depends on the price what the value proposition is, but um. Certainly the flight controller itself built in receiver flight controller working with this transmitter. It is a fantastically simple and very easy to use system that works as advertisements. As i say, though, if you weren't someone who were willing to pay a premium for that super super easy functional use, you might be better to look at the standalone unit, which is this one here, which you just is still just one lead from your receiver s. Bus lead from your receiver into this and you get all the functionality that offers, but you get it with the flexibility of having a radio that's, you know, can work with virtually any receiver, so that's what i'd say, but yeah um.

I am very impressed with the way that this works straight out of the box. No tuning required, i didn't even have to use. I did plug in the little three in one box, but i didn't have to use it because it just worked just worked as as it said, and that's that's. All you can ask so there you go. Um i'll put a link in the description to the manufacturer's website. As i say, you can go and have a look see what they've got there. I think they've got a website and if you've got questions comments, let me know i'll do my best to answer them and the questionnaire comedy bit down there in the meantime, if you've got the money, you want something super simple or not, but super easy to use. It'S worth considering this whole setup, if you already have a radio and just want a simple flight controller that will bring your model back, then you're better to go for the standalone and use your current receivers and and it's worth noting that originally i looked at this As a fpv flight controller, but while i was flying it, i realized the value actually is the line of sight. This is a fantastic line of sight. Now, i've had a really bad week with my parkinson's, and so my hands have been pretty unsteady today and i'm. Also, just really not in the groove – and it was really nice to have this set up here, because i flipped it into the the rate mode and it was flying.

Super stable, super, steady, brilliant and if i had got totally confused and lost orientation whatever, because the sky was very gray and the model here is white if i'd lost orientation. I know that i could have flicked the switch on the transmitter. It would have come straight back the right way up and circled overhead, as it did. I mean that's that's great and, if you're a learner, those are really important things so line of sight. This has real application. It probably wouldn't be my choice for fpv, because, if i'm flying fpv, i want something that has an onboard osd. This doesn't have an osd, so just like the zod hd co pilot, which doesn't have an osd. This is really a line of sight tool for a lot of people, although if you fly bareback fpv nothing wrong with using that either downsides this horrible horrible horrible gps thing, they should ditch that throw it away use some silicon leads like we've got on the servos. There to a much smaller gps, because you don't you don't need a compass for a start. No fixed wing aircraft needs a compass and gps. These days size your thumbnail much lighter much more much easier to find a place for away you go that's it guys. Thanks for watching um would i buy this. As i say. Yes, if i wanted something that i could just take out of the box and get flying within half an hour without having to touch a touch, a thing without a program, anything this would be pretty damn good there you go thanks to my patreon supporters.

Make this all possible bye for now made the noises i got the screen up again here it is here's the i don't know. If you can be moving on this, probably not yeah enough. I can do a separate video yeah anyway. We'Ve got five already mates. Oh that's good that's, nearly enough nice it's, just the gyro stabilization, oh yeah, so it's very smooth, it's, um, yeah it's, just self leveling. It just stays where you put it that's kind of nice, it's working extremely well: oh yeah! No problems with that and now i'll try to be self leveling, which might not be very good because i'm going to receive a level very well. I have to step in and recover it Music what's that oh that's returned to home. I pricked the wrong switch, not familiar, i'll, try it again: okay there's, the self leveling i'll put some turn in no elevator and it is losing height, but it's leveling out now it's, maintaining altitude now and that turn i'm just using aileron cranking that over that's. As far as it goes here, we go release the control back to level i'll, put it into a dive release. The control come straight back up as you'd expect it's it's a it is a flight controller and it's doing all the right things now. We'Ll flip the routine to home, i'll, grab it further out and try to return to home that's risky Music coming back he's coming back that's what it says on the bottom.

Does it go around above us or what we'll find out? Why is it climbing yeah here we go it's doing an orbit, didn't seem to be coping with the wind as well as it could be, but it's. This is in the gyro mode, so it's, not self leveling, but just cut compensates for wind and turbulence. Look at that that's, brilliant! Oh, this flies really well. I'Ve got to say, look at that! Oh there you go right.