Hopefully, your year has been saved, it has been good and wherever you may be in the world wishing you health happiness and lots of great food into the new year and before we start this video, a little taste test from tokyo, treats and sakuraka. If you guys dont know, these are subscription boxes filled with amazing snacks and streets from japan, shipped anywhere in the world, its the same company. That makes both of these boxes. But there is a big difference between these two. So, if youre, looking for something fun and modern tokyo, trees is the way to go snack guy telling you everything thats in here this one always comes with a cool postcard. Besides that fun information about the stack makers themselves and little fun cultural bits about japan, all right lets check out the tokyo, trees, box, milk, coffee, kitkats, snow peach chips, little froggy, puffs tonkatsu run oh energy drink. Oh this guy looks menacing mochi tag. I dont know what this is, but he looks happy inside the sakura coat box, more traditional snacks. It always comes with a gift. Last time i got a sake cup this time. Chopsticks. Oh persona, mochi, sweet cake, more buns, citrus jelly. This is another gel. I love how they package this every single time, its so pretty. First of all, the kitkat you like no coffee lets use some ramen im going to use my new chopsticks too oh spicy, tonkatsu, oh thats, super nice and the sakura box side.

I dont think you ever really go wrong with mochi – hmm, oh jello. So anyway, the theme of this months, tokyo, trees box is 2002 snack revolution and for sakura co, its new years and come across. So these are only snacks and treats you can find in the kanagawa perfect trip and how it works. Is that if you want what you see here, this is next months box just go to the link below and order by the end of this month, and what this companys really trying to do is theyre trying to spread the love towards japanese culture through snacks and Support japans local snack makers, which is amazing mission, ive, always said this best way to experience different culture take a bite out of it. So if you want to give these a try, go to my link down below for tokyo, treats use my promo called party22 and for sakurako use. The promo called ceramic 22 and youll be able to get a bonus, snack, more japanese, home goodies depending on the plan. All right, well, im gon na just continue to eat here uh. This is my proof today and enjoy the video Music. Oh, what is this its a used towel nice bathroom scale in case you want to see the damage the buffet does to you. Second, bathroom theres, a lot of drawers. People just come here and stay for like a month, dining area view of the parking lot, its a third bathroom shower toilet nice, sweet but curious about that dirty towel.

I just called them about the dirty towel. Uh theres gon na have someone come and just take that away. I think thats all theyre gon na do well. At least the rest place seems clean. So this is the um palace suite uh that ive booked here. Another thing thats not really great, is that you can only connect two wi fi devices per room, its like a pretty unnecessary cutback, but so far um check in took about an hour wait and if you want to check in early um and ive checked in early In a lot of vegas hotels before this place actually charges you 80 early check in fee, basically so far, not a great impression about the hotel itself Music there. It is finally here after over over two years, maybe around two years, the buffet at the win casino have not been to a dinner buffet in las vegas, since everything was shut down, i feel like my heart: is racing? Lets go Music all right, so i havent seen this buffet about two years looks like theres some new stuff. Let me show you around, so this buffet is pretty big. It wraps around the entire wall here it goes all the way back to the entrance. The dessert section is my favorite way over there um right here on this side, chilled stone, crab, oysters cocktail, shrimp, theres, a sushi part here, and they make the roast right in the back. Oh, they didnt have this last time poke balls.

Then some section right here, theres some cha cha buns hi gao some spring – rolls theres kanji. I dont remember they had kanji last time, theres the asian section, some fried rice. Oh oh, this is new. I think this is good. I dont remember this tonkatsu ramen noodles meats, okay whoa, i dont know if they had beef short rib last time but theres beef, short rib salt crusted, prime rib tons of sausages. Here, usually theyre going to have new york strip steak. Pork warming ham, some turkey, try rubble toastery chicken, some fried chicken here, spicy chicken and waffles. Oh, i remember last time really really like the taco stand: pasta section, the pizzas. This is where you go. If you want heated up snowfall, cheese, bread. This is my favorite. Let me show you this is what made me so happy. The first time i came to the wing, the dessert section, all the toppings. You can imagine what is this its like something homer simpson would drink saucer ice cream, a wheel of ice cream, raspberry tango. That looks good heres, where all the cakes are to parts its more mini cars. You get fresh crates right over there. Like i said i havent had a dinner buffet in vegas and all since the pandemic happens. So things are looking good lets, get started: Music, Music, Music, ramen, thats, new, the broth tastes very healthy, the piece of charge, sure the texture is okay, its a little fatty, but really this whole thing just really likes flavor.

This plate im really excited about. I usually say: dont eat pasta, phase to save your stomach, but this looks really really good. Some kind of mushroom ragu pasta, its not bad nice mushroom, flavor, a little salad from the tomatoes, definitely better than this noodle. The shrimp steak, though, looks amazing. Look at this perfectly cooked, it looks so amazingly tender and juicy slightly tough on the outside. That middle is just lightly tender and juicy flavor is really good on this thing. Im gon na see, if i can get up there, they got a new piece of steak and taste how that is, but not too bad. This is what im really excited about giant beef ribs, i mean if you want to make a money on a buffet eat, a beef friend im in this thing, im not saying it tastes like something came out of a texas barbecue joint, but it is tender not Burning a steak thats a great addition to this buffet Music, Music round two soup. This is a clam chowder, but i really dont see much clams in here. Oh its really sweet Music im really not trying to knock on a place. When i go to a buffet. I wish everything would taste amazing im not going to show you here, though, and tell you guys something thats great when its not this is horrible. Clam chowder, i mean its sweet. When is clean, chowder sweet? This is the chefs special soup.

This is good. Hmm. Do you see tomatoes tons of herbs? I think a little veggie here as well. This would be great to dip something in if its like a grilled cheese sandwich somewhere, it needs to go inside this hmm Music round. Three. The tuna looks good, ah tastes good. That is perfectly cooked. Sauce is nice, its fragrant. Those are delicious, going cajun seasoning on that too. This is a chefs special official. I know its every section. They have like a chefs special dish. Oh i like them. Oh puffle salmon. Well, that was a pleasant surprise. Shaming his tinder, the truffle flavor, is profound, so far seafood session rocking it. I have no idea what this is. This looks like a small tater top theres a stuffed cheddar top this isnt, obviously not one of the freshest ones, but still delicious and theres a little ham inside some veg and the outside is crepe. This is so creative, like a chinese, stuffed tater tot. Oh, oh. I think they put some truffle sauce on this too, because i want chica. I need more of that. Okay ive seen chicken and waffles. This is a crispy, chicken and waffles. I had to get some syrup on this a little cold since i think its been sitting there for a while, but waffles crispy chicken is ginger just douse it with syrup not too bad Music, so Music, Music, the steaks and the prime ribs in this place.

Excellent. Also big shout out to the staff working here outside the state counter and i wanted a new cut of steak. We just brought one right out of the oven. Oh oh come and get yourself some of this. Oh, this is a ginormous stuffed taco guacamoles got all my buns and i really dont think thats gon na be a bad thing. Oh, i cant even pick this thing up. I really like the taco last miles here still so good. Also theres, a dim sum section. Theres, a cha cha ball with guacamole a tiny bit sweeter than i would like, but the bun is fluffy and the trash is pretty tender. A little meat it out gon na take a break so crab legs crab at a buffet. This is how asians take food breaks, learn it from my dad. Look at this. Melon went for shootout. Also, if you want to eat a lot of crab, i would suggest cocktail sauce over butter just to give your stomach more of a break, also just so nice being back at the buffet from the wicked spoon breakfast from several months ago to this dinner buffet here. This feels so good to be able to come back to the buffet capital of america. All right that was nice break now more meat Music. The steak smells like something from a steakhouse. This literally just came off the grill thats, so awesome chase with a little jalapeno. Oh, this is a fatty piece right here.

This literally it tastes like something you get from a steakhouse awesome char, so juicy and tender nine million places you can go, find a steak thats good on a buffet. All right remember the awesome dessert section i was talking about. Let me show you: Music got ta, get yourself a crepe, also, my ice cream recommendation. Celtic caramel truffle amazing dish a little chocolate espresso with a doughnut straw, Music, a little smores call Music. Is there any better dessert combination on this planet than chocolate, lava cake and ice cream? I dont think so. Music, this little trimmer soup cup is awesome, Music. Well, i just fun and delicious Music dessert round two key lime pie: hmm, oh thats, just amazing! We didnt flake you with a bite thing just makes you want to pucker up. I love these cups. This is a mocha moose. Moose is one of my favorite dessert items. I still remember like first time coming from china. My friends asked me if i ever had a chocolate mousse at the time. The only moose i knew the ones were antlers. I was thinking out of time. Wow people are really into chocolate covered meats here. Ah bun cake, thats cute. Oh, this might be a tough one, which one rolled up also, i dont think ive been to a vegas buffet around the holiday time. This is so adorable, not a snowman over here penguin on the last cake. Oh, this is smooth Music.

I dont know about you, like i love pumpkin pie, but i never want a full slice. Thats, like the perfect amount. I think im good overall food is delicious love. The steak love the prime rib love. The tacos desserts are amazing and another reason i just really like coming back here. Is the people working here its just the nicest everybody at the food station just so accommodating? I feel the sneeze is coming up. Yeah thats definitely sunny im done thats, so crazy, ive been sneezing or every time im full. Since i was, i think, 22 years old still to this day. So just finished filming. My first buffet video here in vegas at the wynn buffet came home, took a nap about 9 00 pm, so try to see what the in room dining situation here at caesars, so caesars apparently has like a bunch of celebrity chef. Restaurants, like i think, a gordon ramsay grill giada, has a restaurant here: the ferra pizza, homestead, steakhouse and nobu also noodle 99 beijing noodle, something like that wanted to get the fairest pizza, because if you never had the ferris pizza, its a new york institution, its one Of the best pizzas in new york city, so basically one of the best pizzas in the world, but apparently people saying different pizza here is really nothing like it is in new york and none of the other restaurants really looked very good. One thing i couldnt go was nobu and i never had nobu before and also on this trip.

I wanted to stay at the nobu hotel because if you stay at the noble hotel you can water the entire menu they have like, basically a dining experience that essentially brings the restaurant experience up to your room, but unfortunately theyre not doing room service. So i just wanted some nobu takeout and lets see how it is. I think this is my sifu soup. I dont know what this is. Nobu premium bento box feels really light cherry tomatoes miso cod. I think this is uh shrimp, tempura, shishito, peppers and wagyu yeah. They said it also came with rolls. I dont see any rolls theres that theres another one of these in a bag. The rolls ooh look at this wow that looks good, so salmon tartare with nobu caviar, toro, sumiso, white fish, king crab, tempura black cod and then a variety of rolls in sushi presentation. Is nice im impressed so far? First of all, lets start with the soup. This is the spicy seafood soup, ooh, shiitake, mushrooms, some prawns, enoki mushrooms, oyster mussels. Oh a lot of mushrooms in here some scallops, some squid, you know theres a party going in there because thats a lot of fun guys. Oh, this is delicious light. Yes, so incredibly, flavorful huge, miso, flavor wow mushrooms are great seafood, oh so sweet and delicate. Oh, this is so good. I mean this really kind of heals. My body up ive been feeling a little under the weather lately, but this is really make me feel so much better.

I love how light and spicy this broth is. Oh, it looks really really good soup all right im so excited for this. I think this is king crab tempura. This is the miso for the cod, a little salad first of all of sprouts and show you something else: nice and refreshing. King crab, tempura, Music. My sauce is more sour than i thought, wow, its really sour. Oh, that is delicious, though the garnishes are so nice as well little cilantro, onions and jalapenos bagel tender chunks of king crab instead of lightly crispy outer shell thats delicious miso crab. Look at this. This looks amazing and me so excited to eat this well thats off the hook, good off the hook, get up because wow. This is amazing. Its subtly sweet well caramelized on the outside the fish itself, amazingly tender with such great miso flavor. This is such a deliciously, delicate dish. Wow, no wonder nobu is all the hype. I mean this is extravagant. Shashita, peppers, awesome and then the pieces of wagyu wow look at this every piece. Oh this is a hundred percent a5 wagon. Look at that marbling! You dont see this marbling coming from your typical piece of beef. This is signature. A5 marbling. This piece of beef looked like it got snowed on slight heart on the outside wow its more like drinking that beef, rather than eating that beef thats good. I dont know why i feel, like this food just tastes better in the comforts of your own room rather than a restaurant second salmon sashimi with nobu caviar.

I just had a wagyu beef that melted in my tongue, and i think this salmon and caviar just didnt want to get shown up, because i think that melted even faster wow. I think this is a piece of white fish. Hmm. What is this herb under? This? Might be a perilla leaf, is so fragrant wow, and this is um. Cuts of eltoro just had wagyu and chased it with wagyu of the sea, really only things anything better than down underneath the ocean Music. Everything here is after charge. This is so good. This might be too good for something im eating at 10 oclock at night. I feel like the surrounding should have been better prepared for the extravagant feast that i was about to have. It was one of the best meals i had at 10 oclock at night. Well, nobody never been definitely should im really curious too as to what is inside this oh more sauces like a spicy sauce, some sesame theres, some salt soy sauce. All right. I think i am going to give this meal the full attention that it absolutely deserves and see you guys in the morning good morning, gon na go try to find the caesars gym, see what thats all about and show you guys um. One thing i discovered last night, so i had some leftovers – wanted to put it in the fridge. If you want to use the fridge like check this out, use of the refreshment center for personal use one course charge of 75.

This hotel, just nickel and dime you like crazy anyway lets, go check out the gem situation. Another reason why the wi fi situation is so infuriating is because, if youre staying at the palace towers, which im in right now, you have zero cell phone signal. You really cant do anything without wi fi. I believe this is the first time i ever order oatmeal ever just so gooey its like eating a ghost. So this oatmeal has olive oil in there its got mold and salt oranges, almonds and basically a bunch of things. I never thought went into oatmeal. I just been into a really bitter part of the orange. Oh well thats better. So this thing its salty its crunchy. I wish it was like honey or something it just tastes like oatmeal, with crunchy nuts, its not sweet, its, not salty it just kind of like the purgatory of food. I mean its not good its, not bad super blend. Hmm yeah really should be something here. I am dying for some honey or syrup, or maybe sugar, its just so weird. It has a coffee maker, but it doesnt have any coffee. It is any sugar, but it does just have a lot of bathrooms. Im gon na get up um like breakfast today, because a few hours gon na head downstairs – and this is the only reason im staying at caesars right now – baccano buffet, what i consider the best buffet in vegas, maybe best in the u.

s i. Finally, i had to book a reservation two months ahead of time, but finally, today at 3 15 i heard a lot has changed. I cant wait to show you guys, but thats gon na be on the strictly dumpling channel. I dont know if itll be published by the time this video is published, but if it is published, ill put a link down below and then after the buffet im gon na go for some ramen theres. A new roman pleasure somewhere in vegas, looks pretty good. Just finished with the filming of the baccanel buffet video um, i heard about this new ramen place yeah. I think this is it so. The last couple days were going to uh, win, buffet and, of course, the baka now uh at each one of these places. I got ramen, i mean granted it wasnt great ramen, but that kind of got stuck in my head. I just want a good bowl of ramen if i leave vegas. I hope this is the place Music. It was pretty delicious. Oh, there you go, eggs are so delicate, sauce is sweet, but not overly, so sausage is delicious. The rice is cooked perfectly. This is very, very nicely prepared. Oh, the first time, ive seen a llama without trying to move this for now thin noodles, cha shoe, looks nice and charred very rich, very smooth black garlic oil, oh yeah, much better with the black garlic oil Music, a little too nice, not a bad bowl of Ramen, i think, for me im a bigger fan of this almond rice, some Music, oh chilies, is the spot.

I havent had asian food like two days, especially after stuffing my face so much with my face. This is very welcoming, alright, so that pretty much wraps up. My time in lagos got ta, go home, go to bed early flight tomorrow, really short flight to los angeles.