If your drone lets you control the aperture and also the iso, but some people arent perfect with it and you guys might not know how to get the perfect exposure and one big way to check that youre actually exposed correctly is using the histogram. The histogram is honestly pretty easy to use. The left side of the histogram is for the darks and shadows, and the right side of the histogram is for the highlights, and basically what you want to make is two mountains on your histogram, so you want to mess around with the shutter speed and iso until You get a mountain on the left side and the mountain on the right side and try to eliminate anything in the middle and thats. How you get a correctly exposed image, and the next thing is not adding any extra movements to your drone footage. Because what i see some beginners just doing is spinning around in a circle or just rising up the drone without any extra movements and these types of movements arent the best looking because if you take a look at a clip of my jaw, just spinning in a Circle compared to a painting shot. The second clip is honestly a lot better, its a lot more cinematic, and it really just shows what were looking at a lot better. Also, if we compare my jar just rising up without any extra movements compared to my journey, rising up but also going backwards, this is honestly a lot more cinematic and just looks a lot better compared to using only one movement.

Sometimes one movement is good, but also a lot of times adding any extra movements like that could actually change your footage now. Number three is not having the best settings for your camera. Simply changing the normal mode to descent like could actually make your drone footage. A lot better because the cinelike is a flat color profile, so that means straight off the camera. The colors are not really going to be there, but that so you can get better dynamic range and you could also do more with the footage to your style, but simply adding a lut will bring back those colors and also, if you guys want to make your Footage even better then id recommend adding this custom setting. So all you have to do is change these simple settings, and this could even make your footage better and just because the footage doesnt look that great right out of the camera. If you just take some time to edit it, your footage could actually end up looking very, very cinematic and i think thats it. So thank you guys for watching.