Well, this is another episode of these two little drones, each of them costs 30, U.S and theyre quite high in technology for what they do for thirty dollars and what you get for thirty dollars. And if you watch my previous episode of this one, this is the jjrc h11. I showed it flying indoors Outdoors, the camera quality and all the features and its pretty sweet, and it comes in this display case. This one is called the s96 and it only costs 30. Us as of today would I check the website. It also comes in a display case and on the bottom is where you store the joysticks, which I think is pretty cool. One thing I find thats interesting is these: bottom portions are the actual controller. So if you have big meaty hands this ones pretty good in the hand compared to the smaller one here, which is quite tiny, the jjrc ones, its a little controller. Oh, I turned it on now. This little 30 s96 is pretty cool because it does have a 4 4k camera shooting out the front. You do get a camera shooting at the bottom. You do have 360 degree obstacle avoidance its not going to crash into anything. So, all in all, pretty good now everything I just said probably makes you go. Where do I hit the button to buy it hold on the 4k? Camera is not 4K, as in really good quality. Youre going to see it in this video, its 4K, but its its, not that good and the 360 obstacle avoidance.

Well, it does work. You know, Im gon na give it that it works and youre not gon na smash into anything, except that sometimes its going. This way and theres an object, and it goes well. I better not hit that so Im going to go this way. It doesnt just stop. It just goes in the opposite direction, so you might find it drifting around. It has altitude hold, which is really cool optical flow with the camera on the bottom. It does flips, it does rolls it has. Gesture control has three speeds that you need for outdoors, because if theres a slightest bit of wind thats going to blow away now, you do have the little glowy lights up top and you can turn them on and off. I just left them on here. So it looks pretty sweet, this little drone spin it and it comes right off. Your joysticks are right in the bottom here, so you just pull them out and they plop into the joystick holders on top and youre all set to go. It works really well and of course, just like all the little drones it works with an app on your phone to get you all the features you need to see. So we are going to take this for a flight indoors now and then were going to take it for a flight outdoors and Ill also show you what comes in the box so lets go. Oh one last thing: I want to show you before we go check out the forward camera its got the Hasselblad logo just like on the DJI drones and all the expensive Hasselblad cameras up front, but nope thats, not a Hasselblad lens or a camera heres.

The s96 were going to take it for an indoor flight and I did put the prop guards on it. But you do not need the prop guards on this Im just going to get the camera to focus because it has 360 obstacle avoidance and it seems to work quite well. So lets fly this release the joystick right now and see if it stays there. And let me walk around it: yep thats, pretty darn, solid and accurate in the air. If Im going to go over here and about to hit the wall Whats it gon na do its gon na hit the wall right, boink and thats. Why we have our little prop guards on so you cant damage anything that is obstacle avoidance its on and now I think the lights flash when its on yeah. So that tells me its working right now. Its flashing now lets go to the wall and uh. Well, I cant even get there see nothing because the obstacle avoidance is on lets, try sideways nope. No, I think youd have to go back farther. Let me try this lets. Take it back and well try forward. Nope obstacle avoidance is on. It will not crash into anything in your house. Next thing to do is show you, the camera, so Im going to take our little guy here and Im going to turn it around and Im going to face me and Im gon na sit on the couch phone.

Is in the remote I am using an iPhone 11 Pro Max its very large, but it fits all. I have to do is connect this phone to the Wi Fi of the Drone sitting away over there. So I pull down my little Wi Fi screen there. It is right there flow 4K flow. 4K click on that one thats, your Wi Fi thats. What you want to connect to once youre connected your phone starts talking to the Drone and then you just open up the app the app you want to use is called Wi Fi UAV click on that. So, on the left hand side you can see, I can switch to the bottom camera which is going to be black, because obviously the bottom camera is looking at the table. The bottom camera is half the quality of the camera youre looking at right now, so, for instance, Im going to put on bottom camera Ill. Just show you and Ill pick this up there we go so its up theres, my carpet, theres my feet, see that there you go so now youre getting an idea of the quality of the bottom camera. So if youre flying up high, you can put the bottom camera on to get some sort of image. You also have, on the left hand, side to show you your photos and videos that youve taken already it says, Ive taken one video and zero photos, then on the top right is where you get all your cool options go to the top right.

You have the bunny ears, thats gesture mode, so if I hold up a hand its going to go in the gesture mode, you hear it and it started recording a video. You see up up at the top of my screen, its recording, a video, and it took a picture at the same time and taking pictures because I wont put my hand out okay, Im taking my hand down next, you have the zoom function and I can zoom Into my GoPro hat there we go nothing exciting next theres, a follow me Ill put it on that it says, adjust the lens angle, 30 degrees and keep safe distance of two meters, so figure followed, has been turned on. Please click pedestrian on the screen. So let me just tell you now Im turning it off it doesnt work very well. If you put follow me on this thing and youre Outdoors, the wind is going to push it off to the side. Ive tried it on the previous drone and Ive tried it on this one. It doesnt work, so I dont even bother showing you next. You have make this drone fly a flight pattern so, on the right hand, side of your screen. Well, maybe its left, for you draw something Ill Draw Something Like A a little wiggly ish line. See the Drone follows that. So, if my drone was flying right now, it would do that pattern. Next, you have VR goggles, you put your phone in them and you see yourself as one image.

Next, you can reverse the image. The rest things are just calibration. Things then go over to the right and we have 30 60 100 thats. Your speed then take a photo, take a video and thats pretty much it. So I guess the next thing to do is just show you the video quality. So let me take it for a flight with the video recorded. I think the camera on this one is a little bit better than the other one for indoors, because that image doesnt look bad Ill, try to fly it around the house, and you tell me what the image looks like its recording the 4K video. This is 30. 4K, video, by the way, so you get what you pay for going this way going in the other place, this one looks better than the other one, the other one. I called it quits early, because I was like yeah it doesnt. Look that great, but this one actually has a pretty decent camera on it. This could be the best thirty dollar budget drone on the planet so far, Im thinking it is with all the features it has its actually quite decent. There we go now Im pretty sure. I mentioned it before for thirty dollars. You dont get brushless motors theyre brushed motors, so you know for thirty dollars. What do you expect, but its pretty decent? So what Im going to do now is Im going to go slide in my backyard.

Its a little windy outside and well see how it does in the wind Ill. Do some flying in the wind, with the different speeds, do some flips and rolls and try the camera outdoors and see what it looks like, but before I do that, let me show you what you get in the box so check this out. The Drone actually comes in a carry pouch and inside that carry pouch youll, find your drone accessories and manuals accessories include a battery charger, spare props, prop guards and a micro, Phillips screwdriver, removing the display case. We can see the remote and the remote does require three double a batteries to power it. The remote does have a hidden mount for your cell phone, as shown here when you power on the remote, the LED blue lights will start to Blink theyll go solid when the Drone is connected. Speaking of the Drone, you do get a lot of technology in your hands for such a tiny device. You can see the obstacle avoidance on top and on the bottom, you can see the additional camera the forward camera can be adjusted as desired, and this is a foldable drone, so just unfold it for your first flight. One thing I have noticed is that the forward lights are extremely bright. So if you fly this at night, youre going to see it from a great distance to attach or remove the Drone from the remote simply twist it in place.

The Drone is designed to be stored in the display case and you have the option of leaving the glowy lights on or even the Drone lights. On its all up to you, total takeoff weight of the Drone is 71 grams. Im going to do a test of the speed, see how good it is in the wind, because there is wind in my backyard but less the closer to the house. I am, but as soon as I take this farther away from my house, theres quite a bit of wind so well test that out and the flippy mode and then the camera and the obstacle avoidance. So here we go all right lets. Take it up see how it does in the wind in the back at normal speed, okay, this is no obstacle avoidance on Ill, bring it back to me so Ill get it in both cameras flies quite well. This is normal mode, its not bouncing around or anything. I can walk around it, this ones quite good and then forward, not bad theres wind back here, but its not having any issues. Okay, now Im going to try the second speed on this thing, medium speed, since its in first speed, theres medium speed. Look at that! Oh yeah, I think a beast. I think the speeds are pretty powerful on this one and high speed. This is sport mode. Oh yeah, look at that! This thing just goes. You can easily lose this because its pretty fast but well go back to normal speed there.

We are and well do, the flippy mode, so just let it sit there looking at me actually Ill just spin it around this way, bring it close and well do a flippy mode find the button on here and to the right there. We go flippy mode to the left there. We are and of course, Ill bring it back here and do one to the front. So this little camera over here catches it and over here we have flippy mode to the front. There we go and, of course I can turn the obstacle avoidance on. How will it work out here because everythings far away here, we go Optical avoidance on now, okay, so Im here, you cant crash into me, see as I walk towards it my hand, everything see. I can move it just by being around it, so let me fly it now towards my house: will it crash into the house, will it crash at the house? It should not so its coming back there we go just pushes itself away from anything thats in front lets, bring it back and well try out the camera its over here, bring it this way and bring it down there. We go so to try out the camera. I have to use the app so put my phone in here, so Im going to fly it with no obstacle avoidance on different image on this one than the other little drone is flying. Okay, records on even gives me a nice little sound here.

We go thats, not bad. Its pretty good image of me. There flashing lights up front, which means that its running low on power so Im just going to take it up and see what it looks like when its looking across the street at the hoses. How does that look? Looks like everythings kind of washed out all right lets bring her back. I think this thing this one needs more contrast in it all right, well bring it on down this way, but lets bring it over here and land it like this. There we go all right. So that ends my video. I will say right now that I think this is the best buy for the 30 price tag. I think this is probably the best drone you can get for 30 U.S. I dont think theres anything else better on the market, so uh yeah thats. What thats my recommendation best drone you can get for 30. Us all right guys hope you enjoyed this video Im gon na put links to this drone below, as I mentioned, its 30 bucks, its on the banggood website, and there might even be a coupon or a discount so check below to find out if there is, and It might be good for you. Why am I holding that up in the air and with all that said, I say if you have any questions on the Drone, then post them below, but for now I say thanks for watching.

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