The Assault Rifle of Fishing Drones! Extra choices than a tricked out AR-15. Waterproof with a 4K underwater digital camera. $1699 will get you all of the bells and whistles …


  1. Outstanding, professional and thorough review. Are you able to disengage the emergency land feature, resulting from a low battery voltage?

  2. please test crashing the drone on water while going full throttle forward to see whether it flips over or not. That's the senario you got when you are trying to get a close water shot.

  3. I’m very happy with mine I got 2 of them for fishing

  4. can you fly this drone too if its raining (heavy or light) . and whats the limit if windy? thanks

  5. They also need a 3 axis 4k gimble with bait release system

  6. When is the 4 comming out, they need to up their game and get at least 30 min flight time and a better controller/screen

  7. Would you take this drone fishing of the Point for Big Reds when the wind is blowing 20+ or stick to Poseidon?

  8. What about find my drone option? DJI? Cool drone tho, if your around big water like you? Im not. Ill stick with my collection of almost every DJI. They still own almost 70% of the world market still. Mavic 2 will smash most drones. I have all 3 mavic pros, got to say i love them so much! Depends on my mood. I love my race drones if im wanting to haul ass!

  9. Great video do you know if a new version is coming out any time soon before I buy this one

  10. Hey buddy u really need to make a side too side on this and the Poseidon for fishing a quick brief to help someone like me who wants to buy a fishing drone amd not sure between the too. Any help for me?

  11. Hey justin i have tried to coment on the giveaway so i could win but it wouldnt let me. Would u put me in the race? Please let me know tha ks Mr.Crowley

  12. Excellent review Justin.. this is one super cool drone. Being able to dunk it into the water is excellent. Great video footage as well.. I’m very impressed with it.
    Great to see DJI get some real competition 👍

  13. Where is this drone build or produced?

  14. Excellent aircraft and a great review. Thank you Justin. Cheers

  15. Thanks for the thorough review I have contacted the company about Demo for Fire service use this thing looks perfect for that application . Hopefully they give us a shot

  16. That looks like an awesome drone, especially for someone like me that spends over half their time flying over water. My question is about North Carolina's prohibition for using a drone for fishing…“misdemeanor for any person to fish or hunt using an unmanned aircraft system”. Has there been any further definition about if that refers to just dropping a lure out for fishing or using it to catch fish? I've heard it can be as draconian as referring to even using it to find fish from overhead. Thanks for a great review.

  17. LOL! WRT mixing up the antennas, you sure have a way of making that sound less serious than it could be, though I'm sure it's not intentional. "Might have an issue with connectivity" could be as bad as having connectivity when you take off, then losing it as you fly the drone further away. Lose "connectivity" on the control side and your'e asking for trouble with those airborne knives of fury, fail-safes or not. This big ol' flying vegomatic doesn't have any type of collision sensors either does it?


  19. Cool drone if you play around the water. Nice video sustem. 100K soon Justin, keep 'em rockin'. Jeff

  20. Awesome… What's next drones for catching sharks etc

  21. hey Justin whats up man,i have 26 GPS drones and about 19 race/multi rotors.i love to build them.anyway i have to say this one is pretty cool and i wouldnt mind adding this one to my collection.thank you sir for the review,William

  22. Very nice. Great review Justin thanks

  23. Can it get good underwater footage?

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