What dji says so because of that im going to make this video for the professional audience. So if you are someone who has dji drones, but all you do is film: your dogs, cats, children, cityscapes farmers fields and you dont make any money from it. This video is probably not for you, but you will find it darn interesting now, if you are a professional, like i dont, know a wedding photographer, an events photographer some sort of person taking quality images and then getting money in return for your work, then you will Love this video and you should pay attention because im going to tell you a lot of stuff, i did not realize when i bought this now. This is a five thousand dollar drone which equates to over six thousand dollars canadian. So yes thats how much i paid for this, i didnt get it for free. I had to pay it with my own money and if you are a professional, do not buy the base model or the fly more model, because you will not get any of the features. You need to use this as a professional. Now, for all you pros out there, let me tell you the good points about this drone. First off it has a 46 minute flight time, not really its more like over 30 minutes. I didnt get 46 minutes flight time. With this thing, it does have a very good penetration like range very far, so if youre around buildings trees objects like that its phenomenal, it is the best of the best it uses like ocusync, 3 plus the 5k video, which you will need as professional, because youre Going to want to crop in later records to a maximum of 50 frames per second now i know most of you pros are going to record at 24 frames per second, but having 50 frames per second means that you might be able to get a little bit Smoother slow motion when you want to there is a micro four third sensor in the camera, which is good, but here is the bad dji makes the mavic more like an entry level drones, so they use dji, fixed lenses like on your cell phone or action camera.

Theyre very low quality, and i have to tell you from a professional the lens on this one, its good but its nothing to write home about, because its only a 2.8 f stop on it. So its not letting in a lot of light, its not a fast lens, but with that said, with the lens being only an f 2.8, you would think it would not be very good in low light but check this out. This is me filming in front of my house at night and its really good. I was impressed its actually sort of raining snowing, while im filming here and the lens is getting wet. But, however, that lens is not showing the water droplets, even with the light on the ground reflecting off it. So there is some sort of noise reduction going on in this camera that i cant see. I cant control it myself because theres no options for it, but its happening when it films at night. It is adjusting its own noise reduction. Now, if you try to use manual settings as most of us would, when youre filming at night to get exactly what you want, youll find its very chaotic on the mavic 3 cine. It is not designed for a professional to sit there and adjust the settings on screen. The dji fly app is more like a beginner interface and its made for people who know very little about cameras. So as a professional youre going to find yourself struggling and just giving up trying to set settings in manual format on this camera – and i do have to mention – i do love the landing assist light, which is there for the optical flow.

It makes for some pretty interesting video shots when you have that lighting up the ground or people underneath it now, because you cant remove the lens on this drone. Dji said hey. Why dont we put two sensors and two lenses different focal lengths on the drone, and people can pick anywhere in between the problem with that is its not optical, zoom anywhere in between. If you want to look at it that way its digital zoom and its not very good, i know theres a lot of youtube videos out there of people thinking its pretty good, but you got to get the sweet spot for it to look pretty good. So the main camera lens is at 24 millimeter equivalent and the secondary camera. The tiny one is at 164 millimeter equivalent now having two lenses on a drone would seem like a great idea right. The only problem is, if you switch from one lens to another youre, going into something called explore mode and as soon as you do that. Well then, youre down to like 4k 30 frames per second max and you have no more manual mode and your aperture is fixed at f4. So youre going to have some problems, but dji is a very smart company and what they did is they have a pile of software and processor in the drone and what it does is it takes the sample of both images and it sets the white balance and It sets everything the same.

Normally, if you take two cameras in real life and film the subject with two different cameras, you have to do color, balance and white balance and all sorts of balancing afterwards to get them to look the same as if it was the same camera. But dji does that all for you in the drone. That could be a good thing or a really bad thing for me, its a good thing when im just casually filming its a very bad thing when im trying to do something professional. So, for example, let me just show you how bad it is here watch this here we have a cell tower and i am manually flying the drone in an orbit fashion around the tower, because im thinking, maybe this mavic 3 super expensive drone is good for inspections, But no, i just turned my mavic 3 into a walmart drone. It looks terrible but wait. Let me zoom in closer. Perhaps that will fix it well kind of, but the image looks soft and i have no manual control to adjust anything heres. Another example. I fly over to a construction site and im gon na zoom in on the ongoing construction and do some orbiting as im doing here. Doesnt it look a little strange. The image does not look like a 5 000 drone, not in the least, even when i zoom in as im zooming in its its actually getting worse, not better. It looks pretty darn bad, like theres, some pixelation and everything else going on thats what you get with digital zoom.

You just cant fix that now in this demonstration, youre gon na see that the old adage, less is best applies perfectly to the zoom, so the less zoom you use the better your image now here i am on the main camera, which is the best camera zooming In unfortunately, im stuck at 4k and i cant control the f, stop i cant control anything but im zooming in and you can see with the lesser amount of zoom. The image is better but, as i start approaching three times, zoom its starting to get pixelated and youre starting to get noise in the blacks, its not looking the greatest and its gon na get worse. It just gets worse from here, yeah it doesnt. Look. So great! Look in the background that does not look right for a 5 000 drone that looks terrible now, weve moved on to the second camera, so heres, seven zoom and seven times. Zoom is okay, but look at the colors because its an f 4.4 it cant, handle low light and it cant handle a high bit rate in colors. So its messing up the blues and the yellows on my jacket. Pretty soon everything is just gon na become a mess but sit back and watch this demonstration – Music, Music, Music, Music. So i think, because of that, professionals may not use the zoom now you can use the zoom in photos as well, which is really good. However, as soon as you switch to zoom, you can no longer take a photo in raw.

You can only take it in jpeg again thats, because of all that image. Processing going on inside youll never be able to get a raw image out of that now after using this drone for a month now, i have become used to the zoom and i can find the sweet spot that i like for the image im trying to capture And with that in mind, yeah its its its okay, its acceptable to me, but i dont think for a professional. It would be super acceptable. I could not use it for any professional work thats for sure now. The zoom looks pretty good in these examples because im using the lowest zoom level on the second camera and im filming on days, where theres contrast, you know like dull light, so it seems to work out quite well for what youre trying to film and always try To get something in the background when youre rotating, so that it looks like its moving, so my young professional friends, i hope i have not scared you away with buying this drone for professional work, because it is still good if you use the 5k camera and you Record at 5k, in pro res thats, the selling feature on this baby for the camera. Anyways use the main camera record in pro res, especially if you record at log profile in prores, then everythings really good, but you will need a computer, obviously with large hard drives and a fast processor, to manipulate everything in an expedited manner.

Speaking of that, the cd has an ssd on board, so you cannot record pro res to a micro sd card. Thankfully, you record it internally to the ssd, and all you have to do is then connect it to your computer when you get home and just pull everything off it transfers very very fast. The same is true with the rc pro controller say you recorded everything on the screen. Well, then, you just plug it into your computer when you get home and you can pull everything off its just an android device, so it operates just like an android phone Music. So, Music, so Music now for the professionals out there heres some things i honestly did not know about the drone when i bought it. You know i found out afterwards when i was reading the dji specs, but then, when i had the drone, it was kind of disappointing as well, but ive become used to it now. So let me tell you about them. The 5k pro res only works on the main camera when youre recording in non autonomous mode. So that means, if you want the drone to follow you and avoid objects, you cant record in 5k, pro res. It has to jump down to 4k pro res. If you want to do slow motion, you cant do pro res and you obviously get and you cant do 5k. If you want to do master shots or quick shots or hyperlapse youre not going to get the 5k and the prores with that.

So all of those autonomous type features yeah youre not getting. If you want to do zoom youre, not getting pro res or anything like that, so the 5k pro res that this is sold the reason its sold in the seni version, um yeah its only for the main camera when just flying along just using the main camera. As soon as you want to use all those other features, it doesnt work now i believe i mentioned this item, but if i didnt mention it clear enough ill mention it again here, this camera is unable to do depth of field due to the lens and the F, stop its just not going to work for depth of field photos. You can use the zoom control and zoom away in that. You would think you would get depth of field, but its not if you look behind the subject me here. That is not depth of field. That bokeh is terrible. It just looks something blurry and double vision going on behind me. So yeah you cant, get anything professional. Looking with this drone in that respect now one thing i realized i didnt show you is what you get in the box for your five thousand dollars us so uh. Let me show you what comes in the box really fast, really really fast check this out here. We have the box your mavic, 3 cd comes in inside that box. You will find the shoulder bag handbag that converts into a backpack inside that backpack shoulder bag thingy.

You will find your drone and all the accessories that fits nicely. Youll see that your mavic 3 cine is well labeled and full of sensors total takeoff weight of the drone in my test is 909 grams. You also receive instruction manual data, cable, usb, cable and so many sets of props that you could keep flying this drone into the next century. Eight nd filters are provided as well as three batteries, a charging hub and the power supply. Finally, you also receive the very expensive rc pro controller, so one item in the box is this beautiful carrying case its a carry bag, its very nice. I think it. I left a tag on it because im not going to use it. I think ill just put on a shelf and stare at it turns into a backpack. Its very nice did. Dji need to include something like this to raise the price, not really, but it is a really nice. Backpack ill never use it, because i use this so im and most professionals theyre not going to use that so professionals. We all use this a hard case because we throw our camera gear in the back of our vehicles and go from one site to another. You need something thats environmental proof outside, so i use this case here and everything fits inside ive actually modified the interior a few times. I like the ones you can modify yourself. One thing a lot of people think is silly.

Is this jock strap this? They call it the holder, the jock, strap that goes on your drone. You know what, in the winter time, when you have gloves on this thing, is a godsend. I love this now. If it was summertime, i would probably think its pretty silly, but in the winter time one strap to take it off and put it on its uh, its really decent. I like it another item you get with this package. They do include the rc pro controller, its a 1000 nit 5.5 inch display down here. The joysticks are off the dji fpv drone, so its pretty decent. That way, these two tiles are awesome, because you have one for your camera on this side and the other ones for your zoom control over here you have buttons on the side that are for android, just like on an android phone. You know: go back forward, see the options open on the back. You can expand the internal memory with a micro sd card, you have a usbc charge port and you can also use that usbc to take the information out into your computer as well. You have an hdmi at the bottom, you do have two buttons on the bottom that you can configure and you have buttons on the front for your photo and video. Now i do like the controller, but just remember this, just like the other control of the previous version, when youre out at the field, youre gon na have to take your cell phone and turn your cell phone into a wi fi hotspot, so that this can get The signal from your cell phone, if you want to look at maps if you dont, download your maps ahead of time, thats what you have to do.

If you download all your maps ahead of time, then its fine, you dont, have to do that. If youre used to android phones its very simple to operate, and it does all the updates for the drone and controller all via this system here and it does it quite well, its very smooth ive had no issues with firmware updates its very nice. My only gripe with this is the screen is too small. 5.5 inches is very small, and since the display on here can display your image at like when the streaming video image is coming back, you can display it right up to like 1080p 60 frames per second. It lies to you. Yes, it does, and you see that a lot when youre looking at it and you have your camera, set up to take an image of something, video or photo. It looks awesome on here and then you get home and you look at your image, video image or photo and it doesnt look the same. It looks worse so this makes everything look great, whereas whats coming out of the camera is different. If this was larger in size, like maybe eight inches, then we might be able to see whats. Not so great, certainly you can put on the zebras and you can put the histogram to help you out, but it still doesnt work for certain things. My brain after a while gets used to exactly what i see on here compared to what im actually getting out of the drone now the batteries uh.

One thing i want to mention for the professionals is that, if youre out at a shoot, you can charge this out in the field via usb. It does take a while. But if you have the little charging stand – and you put these in, you can plug a usb in and it charges fine. I will say when you charge them at home with the included power, brick and charger its about one hour to charge a fully depleted battery. So if you have three batteries and you want to get out flying its gon na, take three hours now my favorite feature of this drone of the mavic 3, and this is for all the mavic 3s, its not just the sceni im, pretty much done with all The scenic stuff, my favorite feature is the obstacle avoidance. It is really really good and not only that the tracking, its really good as long as youre moving at walking speed. If you run or you bike, you pick up speed and i dont think this here sensor system has the ability to miss objects as well at higher speeds than it does at lower speeds, at least not in my trials. One thing i did notice on the drone is the four sensors one two three four, these sensors here are identical to those sensors on the skydio, its the same sort of system theyre using here the skydio is a better tracking and obstacle avoidance drone. You know you cant beat that this is what this drone does, especially for action.

If you want to do action stuff, like follow cars, mountain bikes, where theres things in the way youre going up and down hills, avoiding stuff, the skydio. Is it this? This does not come close. This is the best for that and if you use the beacon with this, the beacon uh then its its even its even much better. So if youre looking for a tracking drone that can track you at high speeds and avoid objects. Well, this would be the drone youd want not not this one. Now i have my cell phone out here because ive been writing down notes as ive been flying this for the last month and ive been putting down comments on the stuff i like and the stuff im a little bit disappointed in for the price, its all its All because of the price, and because i bought this to be used as a professional drone, i should mention that as well ill. Stop that for a sec. I should mention that as well. A lot of people probably think this is a professional drone, its not a professional drone, because you cant remove the lens. You cant turn off the gps uh. It has no fly zones, its got a pile of other things that make it a non professional drone for professional purposes. I mean now, if youre in business for yourself and you make money by doing something with a drone like this youre, going to call it a professional drone right and i would as well.

But if you want to sell something as professional drone, it has to meet all the criteria, so you dont see hollywood making movies with drones. Like this, i could honestly see a drone like this being used as a b roll camera drone in the tv reality show. Industry, you know when people are out someplace in the back woods or whatever and youre following people around, you need a b roll camera to set up the shot. You know shoot from above. Do some other stuff theyre not going to carry a huge drone with them, because the camera crew is running around with all the reality stars doing stuff, so they need something small and this would be perfect. So if i confused you with b roll, let me explain so this camera thats recording me right now, thats an a roll camera im, the subject it is the best quality camera matter of fact, the lens on this camera probably costs more than this drone. It is the best quality camera for recording your subject and in tv or the film industry. The camera thats on the main characters would be an a roll camera. Now, if you want footage of scenes that set up the shot and explain things as the subject is speaking, those would be b, roll and c roll cameras. So let me show you thats an a roll camera there and then over here i have a b roll camera. So if this was over here filming me from the side that would be the b roll camera and for c roll, you might have something like an action, camera, a gopro or a dji action, or anything like that.

That would be your c roll camera. So back to looking at my phone and ive got it based on a professional point of view, so the positives so positives. I have that this drone and this is very true, its extremely reliable. This drone, i would trust with like 99.9 of my shots. You know whatever i do with this drone move it one place to another. As long as i dont use a zoom, what i get for a shot, i know its going to be good. Its also the only drone that dji makes, that is the most beginner friendly drone on the market out of all their inventory. What do i mean by that say, youre a wedding photographer. You know how to use a camera but youve never flown a drone. You go buy this. This drone will not get you into trouble because, as soon as you fly up, the sensors are on its not going to crash into you its not going to crash into anybody else, its not going to crash into anything its going to sit. Still in the air, its perfectly reliable drones that are made by dji with gps in them are the simplest drones on the planet to fly and theyre known as beginner drones thats how dji got their start, making beginner drones and they still do it today. Thats, why? The dji fly app that you use to fly. This drone looks like its made for beginners because its all made for beginners.

So a photographer, you know an events planner. They could buy this drone and be up and running in no time because they already know how to use cameras, so they would just go into the camera settings and adjust it the way they wish. I should also mention that this is relatively quiet. Yes, you probably could use it outdoors filming at a wedding, because everybodys talking, they probably wont even hear the drone. As i mentioned, the obstacle avoidance at normal walking speeds is outstanding. Flying speeds is good. Obviously, if you put it in sport mode, theres, no obstacle avoidance, youre, just gon na smash into everything flight time is exceptional. 5K camera. I think its really good. You know i complained about the lens being non removable and everything else, but the picture that comes out of it for a 5k camera with a very average lens is actually very good and thats also true for photos. So if you take 20 megapixel photos with the main camera, they look really good. The detail is very high. If you take them in raw, you will find that the exposure is reduced a little bit uh, because the software in here manipulates everything for the jpeg, but the images. Look. They look fantastic, oh theres, one other negative here that professionals may not like, and that is the prores – is only in one format. So a lot of devices that have pro res on them. They might have three compression formats, so you dont have to have the biggest of compression.

The smallest of compression. This here has a format on it that lets compression be very non compressed, so your files are quite large and yeah thats. What you get its great when you put it in your editing software and its great, when you want to manipulate it. However, it does mean that youre going to need bigger and bigger hard drives, and the last thing i would say to professionals is: it does have something like master shots. The master shots is really gimmicky and its sort of made for kids social media, its kind of goofy, so you probably wont use it. However, the video it records, while its taking the master shots, youll, probably use that because its actually pretty decent and it doesnt have to be a person. You can pick something else for it to take a master shot of same as point of interest. If you need the drone to orbit something at a certain speed, and you dont know how to fly a drone, then you would use point of interest if you know how to fly a drone. Youll never use point of interest because youll orbit it yourself hyperlapse, is pretty good and i think pros would use that because its a filler when youre going from one scene to another, you put a little hyperlapse shot in there and it can look pretty decent. So i think pros would use that the quick shots that are coming they dont exist yet theyll just be like quick shots and existing dji drones and those are just made for people on vacation so yeah.

I couldnt see anybody really using those that are a professional. So you see this video is a bit different because since the drone costs 5 dollars, the people that are probably buying something like this that has pro res in it 5k are going to be professionals. So this was all designed for professionals. If i was making this video here for people who are just amateurs, prosumers who buy drones just to have fun, go flying and everything else, you guys will be perfectly happy with this drone because its not going to affect you because you dont make money off it. But as soon as you make money with a product that helps you make money, you have to be aware of the limitations and there are limitations in this drone that can actually ruin whatever project youre working on until you actually overcome them myself. Personally, i like this drone. I really do i have its been a month now, so i have become very used to the limitations of the dji mavic 3 ceni for professional work, but it is expensive at five thousand dollars and at five thousand dollars. It opens itself up to people like me saying what did i get for five thousand dollars im enjoying it from my work? I would not use it for too much professional work but im enjoying it for what i do right now, so yeah its definitely a good drone, its just crazy expensive. So with all that said, im going to put links below to the mavic 3 ceni go check out the drone, the price uh.

If you cant, afford the ceni. Well then, its probably because youre, not a professional, you do not make money off of drones, so buy the lesser version. The lesser versions are really good. You know the basic model and the fly more package without the ssd, without the prores theyre really good and the camera you get the zoom and everything else, the flight time, the range all the great stuff, the obstacle avoidance, so its a really good drone to have And its a little pricey for those ones as well, but you will get some high quality images off that, even though it doesnt have pro res or anything like that to expand the the image quality. But i think youll be quite happy with it. So uh links are below. I have to put links below every video thats, just something i do, even if i think things are way overpriced. Links are below to this way, overpriced drone, no matter which format you get it in and go check it out and see.