It is the new eachine ex5 lets. Take this little baby out see what it does lets. Go me: Applause, Music, hey guys, thanks for stopping by really appreciate it, its good to see you! This is your first time here. My name is keith and this is alien drones and i do mostly drone tech technology, photography, tips, tutorials and industry news thats, something thats of interest to you. You may want to hit the subscribe now that way, youll be notified. If there is something new that might be of interest to you all right, so as i mentioned, this is the e sheen ex 5, pretty dandy, looking little mini drone, it really is so were gon na. Take it off first here see how this thing flies see. If it does the functions that its supposed to here now, one of the first things i want to mention is that this particular remote has this kind of cool little out little clip here for the phone and im not really a big fan of this particular design. When i put my phone in here – and you can snap it back in it – pushes on the buttons, because theres kind of no place for the buttons to go in here. So when you push on it first, its its kind of in my way – and it keeps wanting to turn my phone off so its not the uh, the snazziest design, with how they hold on to this phone ill, try to make it work.

I think this guy with the lawn mower has now decided to mow right around me because he saw a camera set up here. So i think hes uh excited to try to get him safe, so maybe well get that lawn mowing guy in the video. In a little bit here because he seems to want to just mow around me in a circle for some reason and well see how that goes, uh. So first weve turned the drone on itself. Were gon na go ahead, connect the wi fi to the phone. It is a wi fi drone. There is no sd card that is in the drone itself, so were gon na have to make sure uh that any of the video that we capture is going to be captured to the phone uh. There is no way to capture it uh other way, so if we lose transmission were going to lose that video. So i have to keep that in mind. All righty so were going to go ahead and give this a calibrate. Here there we go horizontal vertical all right and there we go. You see we do have some video coming in here uh, so we are good there, its nice theres, no people out here besides the longmowing dude, all right, so lets go ahead and give this a shot here, uh. With that, all we should have to do really since were calibrated is unlock. The motors which are down and out on this particular ones, were going to go ahead and do down and out one key take off well its a little wobbly uh theres, not much wind.

A tiny bit, but i dont know if something is maybe unbalanced a little bit, but so, as always, i like to go around a little bit lower here. You can see weve got a fence around and that is on purpose. I always like to make sure if the drone is going to actually go somewhere and run take off on its own, but im low enough where i can catch it. So let it run into a fence rather than running up into the air space or landing on a highway. Now the actual wind has dropped down a little bit. You can see its actually stabilized quite a bit. Uh theres its its sitting here, pretty good, actually in front of me here uh, so i think i feel a little better now. This does have gps, of course, so uh lets uh lets. Take this around low see what this does here see what the video looks like Applause. Well, this things pretty snappy. I got to say that uh, it is trying to fight that wind, but you can see its uh its fairly bouncy here. Of course, these darn things that are so little thats one of the things that happens, so it does have an adjustable camera by the by the app itself uh or on the remote itself as well. You can see there that were going up and down kind of at a nice little slow pace. So if were trying to get some video too bad, this video isnt stabilized, because i think it would do a really nice job there.

Of course, a shot of the lawnmower guy, who decided to uh go back and forth back and forth uh in front of me uh, i dont know. I guess i think hes just trying to make a point but hes just kind of going back and forth here. As you can see, all right so lets just do a little video, so you can see what that looks like here. Flying actually pretty good, though really is doing a nice job. Alrighty. So lets take a couple pictures there. It is all right so lets go ahead and try the few of the functions here. Uh. We do have a circle b mode and we do have a track. So we can try that as well just see what happens with that. Oh there, it is turning around okay lets see if it gets me in the orbit, and indeed it is doing a nice small orbit there. We go okay Applause, so it is there we go, it is doing a pretty nice. Little orbit looks good, looking good alrighty. So lets get me back in the picture again here, so there we are. Let me try this one more time that follower didnt seem to work with a darn here, so uh lets uh lets see if we can make that thing. Do something here lets try that follow mode again, all right and there i am in the picture, so lets go ahead and try this one more time clicking on the follow and for some reason it is uh deciding its gon na head due south.

Well uh. It is not working for me at all. I dont know where its going, but i am not over there uh. So unfortunately, uh looks like that. Follow mode is a fail uh here now i mentioned in my last video, too um. You know this follow mode in orbit. Is this something that you guys do much uh, or am i wasting my time helping uh, you know see if this works for these drones or not? Is this really something that is useful to you? Please? Let me know in the comments: if this is something that uh you usually do and if it works, what you use it for Music all right. So the follow mode after a couple of tries here, for whatever reason, im not sure what compatibility that might be, but uh it is what it is, but lets not do a little range anyway and just see kind of how it goes. Music, okay, so it just uh cycle. They return to home uh im assuming its a low battery return to home, but uh you can see as well as i do this double kind of a thing here: im, not exactly sure what this exclamation point is looks like they could possibly use a little bit More work on the wrap, but it is coming down above me here, Music, all right, so you can see where this landed here on a low battery return to home. Apparently, that is one thing in the kit that ill mention, but there was only one battery in here with this particular kit and of course now.

I would like to go out and do some more range and some things, because i wasnt able to get very far with that. One battery that really does uh limit the amount of time that you can spend uh doing testing of a drone, because that wasnt very long. I will double check at this video and ill put a ill put the amount of battery time that was uh actual flight up here in this video im, not sure how far that was but ill pop it up here. So you can see it, but you can see here i mean thats a solid 10 feet again. It is much better than nothing. I have flown drones, i have no gps and that is very difficult when you lose those they just take off and fly. So certainly the gps did work, so this, indeed, is a pretty nice little starter drone i mean for around 100 bucks uh. It does a nice job with the gps brushless motors things like that, even if a couple of the functions are a little quirky. A few of the features but really thats uh, that is a pretty nice setup and uh 400 bucks. Also, i will put the links in the description as i mentioned, but i also have some coupon codes that should be able to get you a little more off. Of that i mean so, if you can get this thing for under a hundred dollars, uh i mean really ive had some some junk for a hundred dollars or less, and this is not.

This is really. This is a contender. I have to say uh with that. I really do appreciate you guys coming along, and i hope you enjoyed this drone really. It was fun to fly uh for uh for that kind of price range. It seems like a pretty fair deal so with that make sure you guys subscribe if you havent already hit that like button, i really do appreciate it and until next time, next video good flying Music boy that long wine guy is irritating.