Ive heard a few people saying its a lens fall or a result of poor quality nd filters, well its neither so today ill explain what it is and how to avoid it, ruining your videos, Music, hello, im ian and i play with jones, and so i have Often seen this optical feature appear on some of my videos that ive been filming and after a few comments from subscribers thinking, it was a lens fault. I thought id explain exactly. Whats happening its actually a well documented, but not very well known optical phenomenon, that, until the use of drones came along, only ever appeared in very few specific circumstances, its known as an opposition surge or a hot spot, or a glory, or sometimes by the german noun. The heilig chain – and some of those names imply its all to do with where the position of the sun is relative to what it is. Youre. Actually filming pictures are less prone to this effect, but theres uh its there, but its its easy to miss. But with a video from a moving drone, it really does it follows you around, and it looks like a ghostly light that is literally following the drone as it flies along putting yourself in the drones cameras position. It will be most prominent when your camera is sloping down, filming the ground below with the sun directly behind the camera. Now, if the sun is shining down all over the ground, youre filming, why should there be this extra bright spot that follows the drone along? Well, it is literally the spot where the suns light is going to be most reflected back to the camera by the rough surface that youre filming these back reflections are increased when the surface youre filming has shiny components like fresh young blades of grass and its especially Magnified when its dewy or wet, where the tiny water droplets will act like millions of tiny lenses, reflecting most of the light back in the direction that it came from, you can see examples of this on good old wikipedia where the opposition surge is more often highlighted In space, photography, as well as the effect you get from looking down onto clouds when flying in a plane, as i said until drones came along there werent that many situations where this phenomenon was actually apparent but filming the ground from a moving drone is kind of Most of what we do and thats, why were seeing more more of this, but um look thats what its called and, without going into too much physics thats, why it actually happens.

So what can you actually do to avoid it? Well, firstly, try avoid filming the ground with the sun directly behind you, as you can see here, it is always going to be where the shadow of the drone itself is. As i came down to the ground here, you can actually see the shadow of the mavic 3 im using to film this particular sequence. As i increase height, youll lose the shadow itself, but youll still see the bright glory itself continuing to travel as the drone moves along so first step. As said dont film, with the sun directly behind you. That is the simplest trick. Secondly, avoid filming where the ground is wet or covered in due, as this will also massively increase the effect and, of course, if youre not worried about it even being sunny in the first place, you will never get this effect if its cloudy. So that is another trick if you can fly when its cloudy do so and finally, if all of this is still driving you bananas, you can try using a polarized filter, polarizers, reduce and cut out a lot of the reflected light, and this effect is completely reflected. Light you may need an adjustable polarizer and you may need to turn the filters orientation to get maximum effect, but this is going to be another way to reduce the effect from appearing in your videos. The good thing is, though, theres nothing actually wrong with your setup, and there are steps that you can take to avoid it.

So look thats it one of those things that you may well have seen quite often, but unless you actually knew what was happening and what it actually was, you wouldnt know why and you wouldnt know how to avoid it. So nice, quick video today, sadly i am just out from yet another knee operation on my left knee this time. So im going to be hobbling around on crutches, unfortunately again for the next month or so but uh by summer time.