Now you can go up and down all right here we go first flight, hey everybody! Welcome back to the channel aaron around. So in todays video. I got a new drone that i got for my trip so when i go travel im going to fly the drone in nice areas and i think itll be really good, but first i want to say thank you to gary dayne williams. I appreciate the new subscriber. I got 23 now and uh. I love that mukbang chicken fried chicken video you have on your playlist thats, pretty funny um, so anyways, im gon na try to fly around this mountain right here. Im gon na use it ive, never ive, never flown a drone. So this is gon na, be a like a beginner uh review from a beginners perspective of the drone, so im gon na try to get a a picture around this mountain right here. Okay guys! So here it is dji mavic air 2s. You can see that thing up close, so thats the actual unit heres the remote and you cant really see the screen right now, but i got to do a quick guide or a quick tutorial and then uh i mean its my this is my first time flying It its my first time flying it so its probably kind of dumb to do right here, but i got ta i got ta. Try it out. So is Music Music, Music, okay guys.

So this thing is awesome. This thing is crazy. Its uh! You can see it right here it just stabilizes in the wind look its just im, not touching anything, and then you just hit Music. This thing is awesome. Honestly, if youve played video games before like you, can easily do this its kind of freaky at first because its expensive, but if you play video games, you can definitely fly one of these and honestly, its pretty easy. My final thoughts on this thing is sick. I mean that thing is crazy. I cant, even i felt like i just rode like a roller coaster or something like that, its like an its amazing machine and if the shots came through that you just saw, it was its only a couple of minutes because i dont have a card yet so It was only on the hard drive, but i mean this thing is, i would say, from a beginners perspective, this things easy to use. It gives you a quick tutorial automatically through the software and basically just gives you the controls. Just like a video game would do its like hit left hit right and then you just start flying and it has it. Its thing is so cool its got like it has a radar for the aircraft, so itll say aircraft incoming, be careful, and i look up theres like an aircraft there and it has like a home button to where it just picks up your gpss location and if Its way, far out, you just hit home and it just flies back to you and theres all kinds of other settings that other people break it all down.

But i would say, as a from a beginners perspective, this thing is beginner friendly and as long as you play video games and you got a little hand, eye coordination, youll be okay for sure, and it was pretty windy once i got up here on the hill, It was pretty windy, so, if its just, if its still and and everything is nice itll, be really easy. So thanks for watching this video, i appreciate it and well see you on the next one i bought a drone. I bought a new maverick air s.