I was incredibly excited about this car and after ordering one a few months prior, i was able to take delivery on march 30th of 2020.. My vin is within the first 2200 model, wise built, which, as we know with tesla, is both very exciting and a little terrifying. This was a brand new car and many had warned me about buying an early release of a tesla ive. Had a number of service appointments for the car, a battery replacement and more but ive also had a ton of great experiences with the car today, im going to review the model y after two years and break down the good and the bad of that car over A longer period of time so lets get into it. Music, since i purchased the 2020 model y, the price of that car has skyrocketed, and so has the demand and popularity of it. Currently, the long range model y, which is what i have starts at 62 990 dollars. It comes with a few very small upgrades over the model y i purchased, but overall its the same car for availability, though the model y with stock wheels currently says it will deliver sometime in early 2023, which can mean at least, if not more than a year, Wait for this car at such a large price tag and such a long wait. Many wonder why people would want to buy this car. Many have heard that teslas have cheap, build quality, terrible customer service and they dont get as much range as they quote.

Also, where do you even charge? This thing here is my experience over two years with this car im going to break it down into 10 parts. First up is number one. The driving experience driving the model y is fantastic, its the best car ive driven in its size and the fact that its electric just makes it even better. You sit high, like most crossover suvs, and it gives you a great view of the road, its also incredibly quick and fast, with a 0 60 in 4.8 seconds on the model i have. The performance model takes that down to 3.5 seconds, which is even more impressive, but ive found the 0 to 60 on the long range to be plenty for actual use. It helps out merging on freeways or doing any sort of aggressive moves you may need to perform on the freeway or elsewhere. The fact that it has instant torque also makes the speed immediately available and incredibly smooth theres, no jerky motion when accelerating, unless you deliberately step on the accelerator trying to launch accelerating, is incredibly smooth and you just glide accelerating up to the speed you need or want. You also have all wheel drive which helps with the power but helps in many other situations as well. When you need reliable power from all wheels on top of the speed is just how easy the model y is to control. It includes regenerative braking which is becoming much more common on electric and hybrid vehicles, but their implementation makes one pedal driving a reality most of the time when driving.

When you let off the accelerator, the car begins braking for first time ev drivers. This can be shocking, resulting in a very jerky ride, from a driver who is used to coasting and then applying the brakes, but after you get used to it in a day or so its just way better. You just finesse the accelerator, pushing it down to speed up and letting it off slowly to slow down. Usually you can come to a complete stop with ease this way, im so used to it that i probably use the brake one to two times. Total per drive included with that as well, is the hold feature which will hold the brakes for you once you reach zero miles per hour. This means that at a stop light in a drive through or anywhere youre remaining in drive, but not driving, you dont actually have to keep your foot on the pedal. These may sound just like small things that you have to get used to, but ive found them to make the driving experience far better than any other vehicle without regenerative braking. The only weird part about the regen braking is that it varies in how much its available. If the car is very cold or your battery is charged beyond 90 or so less regen braking is actually available. This is in part because theres nowhere for that energy to go since the battery is full. So if im going on a road trip and charge up to 100, the first 20 minutes of my drive, i kind of feel like a beginner, and i have to relearn how to let the car coast and then apply the brakes again.

It comes with the territory of an ev and its something you rarely experience since you charge the model y to 80 or 90 each day for best practice, but i wish that full regen braking was available at any temperature or charge level. As i mentioned its a rare occurrence, though, since charging to 80 or 90 is the norm so overall driving the model y is fantastic on to number two which directly relates to driving and thats. Autopilot autopilot is included with the model y standard. You cant buy a model y without it, it includes traffic, aware cruise control and auto steer. These features together will keep you centered in your lane and slow down or speed up based on the traffic around you and in your lane. In practice, this means that on most decently made freeways and roads, the model y can drive for you once you need to change lanes or the road looks especially questionable youll want to take over. In my experience, this is what i do. The majority of the time on freeways driving across los angeles, driving to washington state, from los angeles, to arizona or any other road trips ive done in this car just show how useful autopilot is its hard to fully communicate just how useful it is until you experience It for yourself, you still have to pay attention and be ready to take over youll, also find yourself taking over for lane changes and more, but for the majority of a long drive the car is doing it for you, it reduces the stress on a drive tremendously And i honestly dont think i could do most road trips.

I do now without autopilot. That said, its not perfect. Sometimes autopilot rides shockingly far over in the lane and closer to other cars than feels comfortable other times. It will see something in the road that isnt there and break for no apparent reason. These are cases where you need to take over and they can be pretty frightening. So youll learn over time when youre most comfortable using autopilot. For myself, i usually merge onto the free one myself get into the lane. I want to use and then turn it on. Then. If there are a lot of curves or a sudden slow down on the freeway ill take over again in most of these situations, it will actually handle fine and it wont hit the cars its close to. It will also stop in time for a sudden slowdown, but it usually isnt as smooth as i prefer for long drives like driving from southern to northern california, though, that drive is fairly straightforward and ill use autopilot. For the vast majority of that drive. What you may be wondering about here is the full self driving package that tesla sells on top of autopilot. I actually have this package on this model y and in practice, the only feature i actually use is auto lane change. For me, the rest of the features are fun to play with, but not at a functionality, yet that makes them practical. Tesla has also been promising that auto steer on city streets is coming soon, since i ordered this model y in october of 2019.

So, im definitely not counting on that functionality coming in any timely manner at 12 000. I wouldnt recommend this package to anybody until tesla adds more functionality to it. If youre curious, though, just know that you can add this package after delivery within the tesla app and its a software update that pushes to your car with no additional hardware install, you can also subscribe to fsd for 199 dollars per month from the app while. I dont recommend fsd at this point in time at its incredibly steep price. I find autopilot to be a tesla feature. That is absolutely worth it its one of the biggest reasons. I love this particular car and i suspect its a big reason why many people are willing to pay the premium tesla price. Is it at over another brands ev for number three lets talk about ride quality far and above my biggest complaint about the model y. Is the ride quality, its a very stiff and bumpy ride, theres no way around it? I have test drove newer model wise and found that tesla has improved this, but its still bumpier than youd expect for a car in its price range. This led me to do two separate upgrades for my personal car. First, i tried the unplugged performance luxury coil over suspension. Overall, this has led to a small improvement. Then i switched from the 20 inch wheels to the 19 inch wheels by swapping with another owner.

This made the biggest difference for me and made my model y feel the smoothest i had felt, but still its pretty bumpy on the freeway with any very large bumps. You definitely feel it going over rough terrain will also have you bumping around quite a bit its actually the bumpiest and stiffest of all of teslas cars. The model 3 s and x all ride much smoother than this car id love for tesla. To improve this or realize that many customers want comfort, not a stiff sport suspension on their model y now number four is storage. The model y is a crossover suv. It feels small but large. At the same time, i have found it to be incredibly versatile for storage. The model y has a ton of cargo space. There is a large trunk, a very large under storage compartment under that two sizeable side, cubbies that could each fit about a basketball size of cargo and a second smaller under storage compartment. Then theres the front trunk and additional storage underneath the front seats that you can utilize. If you so choose, the rear seats can fold flat for a pass through and as a drummer. I use this feature multiple times a week. I fit a lot of stuff in here and youll quickly find that the model y has a lot more storage than the average vehicle its size, because its electric, that under storage is much larger than people realize until they actually utilize it.

My only complaint here comes with the sloped roof. The model wise roof slopes quite a bit in the back, and that limits the height of cargo that you can put into the trunk area with seats, folded down. Ive had a couple of times where i tried to fit something very large and it would have fit inside the car in the middle tall part of the roof, but i couldnt get it into there due to the sloped. Back aside from that, though, storage is great. In this car it feels like a larger model 3 and has a similar width making it easy to get around in, but it can fit so much more ive experienced all four of teslas vehicles quite a bit and due to the storage in the model y and Its size, its my personal favorite, its the car i like using the most day to day for number five lets talk about the sound system. Tesla doesnt have a bose or b o sound system attached to the model y, which makes many wonder if its any good, in fact its fantastic im, a musician and a very picky music listener, and the model y is my second favorite vehicle sound system. Next, to the refreshed model s i use title to listen to hi fi, music in the car and its just incredibly great. You can adjust the eq if you prefer to turn on immersive sound for more of an immersive surround experience and more, but ive found that keeping everything dialed in normally gives it a great representation of records.

I love listening to music and the model y. My biggest complaint for this system, though, is that its amazing, but can get covered up by road and wind noise. My model y has single pane glass in the front compared with the newer ones, which has double pane glass to help with acoustics. It was also a very early build, so wind noise has likely gotten better, but still at freeway speeds. I think you can expect to need to turn the music up a little bit to hear it over the road noise thats, something that doesnt exactly feel. Like. 63. 000 of quality, if they could improve that again, it would be a significant improvement, since the sound system and implementation on screen is so good on screen in the model, you can choose from a few different audio sources built in or use bluetooth. Bluetooth automatically connects whenever you get into the car and makes that very easy. The only complaint i have here is that, if im parked and watching something on my phone, the audio to the car is significantly delayed. Far more than most bluetooth devices for audio, though, and listening while driving, of course, you never notice this delay. I used spotify for a while in the model y and loved it, because the app is built into the screen you can log in have all your recently played music playlists and everything there. However, i found spotify to be quite buggy. Sometimes id have to load up the streaming app from slacker, go back into spotify and troubleshoot more before i could just play a song.

Then if i lost lte connection, of course the music simply stopped. This was part of why i switched to title and havent. Looked back, title is now built in on screen includes most of what spotify includes, but since they focus on hifi sound, you can actually download albums offline to the card directly. I now have a number of albums downloaded to the car so that, if i ever have connection or loading issues, i still have music on screen. Ive also found title to be more reliable for streaming, and some have blamed this on spotify constantly changing their api as opposed to tesla. Making a bad app either way. Having these apps built in on screen is really handy and keeps your attention away from your phone that much more if youre, an apple music subscriber though tesla still, unfortunately, doesnt have apple music built in so youll need to use bluetooth for that, while im very much Enjoying title on screen, teslas music search is still pretty wildly bad. It at least distinguishes music sources. Now, when you search but some of the navigation there just makes no sense if you search for something click on a song and then click back. It just goes back to where you were in the app prior to searching im, still not used to this in over two years with this car, and it makes searching on screen very frustrating. I wish i could just have the title search within the title app and that leads us to number six, which is the software and the model y overall, using the 15 inch center screen for most vehicle controls is actually fairly easy to get used to.

In my experience, tesla revamped the model wise operating system in december, and, while many have complained about it, ive actually enjoyed most of the change. It brought new things like the blind spot camera popping up on turn signal which the car didnt have before auto heated seats. A customizable dock and more, they are just now expanding the dock options as well for customers who want heated seats to frosters or other climate controls accessible immediately in the dock instead of within the climate menu. The software overall makes sense everywhere it needs to, and while there are some quirks about it, the majority of the frustrating ones actually come with music. As i already mentioned, everything works great and hardly anything lags also. I mentioned features being added to the model y. Since i got it and thats because tesla pushes free over the air software updates to all customers, so my 2020 model y has the same exact features as a brand new one minus a couple, very small things. Its one reason why i use tesla can be a great option, because your car always gets the latest features throughout ownership. That leads us to number seven, though, which is the tesla app. The tesla app is a huge feature of the model. Y tesla has also continuously updated the tesla app since i purchased my model y, adding a slew of new features, as well as a full app revamp. For me, the best features are the phone is key, meaning i dont need to carry a car key for the model y as well as climate preconditioning.

I can precondition the car from anywhere anytime so that when i get to my car, its the right temperature, you can open the trunk unlock check. The cars location schedule. Charging live stream from the sentry mode cameras to check on your car when its parked get charging stats and more theres, actually so much to do in the app that i could probably make a full video on it. But overall it works really great and continues to improve. Tesla has improved the app lately so that you can start certain controls before it actually connects to the car, which is a big improvement. I can open the app turn on climate and it will take care of everything one tap on the tesla app though that you hopefully wont have to use, but i have is service for the eighth part of this review. Lets talk about issues and service, then. Well finish out with safety range and charging ive had a number of service appointments for my model y over the course of ownership. Initially, i had a couple service appointments to fix things like rattles and squeaks in the car. These have improved on build quality overall, but still can come with the car. I think i got an especially bad one since it was within the first 2200 built and it was built right before teslas factory had to shut down. Most things were fixed, but i did have issues where it thought the front trunk was open and would force me out of autopilot that took two appointments to fix, which was extremely frustrating and luckily isnt an issue on cars anymore for initial production issues.

I found that i pretty much count on at least one tesla service appointment to get things fixed now. Its frustrating and shouldnt exist, but still is a worthwhile trade off for all the good stuff. I get with this car that i cant get elsewhere. Still, though, this 63 thousand dollar car shouldnt come with issues that need fixing. Currently, i have a squeaking issue that pops up every once in a while, but i havent been able to diagnose whether its an issue with teslas parts or the third party unplugged performance suspension. I installed the most recent service appointment happened on april 12th. This was for an issue where the car told me that maximum charge level and range was reduced and that i needed to schedule service. I took it in and lucky for me. The repair only took two days, the weirdest part there was that tesla showed me the invoice which mentioned removing and replacing the hv battery thats the main battery on the floor of the car. So i asked questions about what repair occurred exactly since i thought, remove and replace could have meant that they simply took it out inspected it and put it back in the repair was also so painless. I figured it couldnt be the entire battery. The person at service was actually unable to tell me what the repair was but said shed have my advisor reach out, of course, that advisor never called and it wasnt. Until i was looking on twitter that i found out, i got a new battery.

Other people with the same issue got a full battery replacement and after thoroughly reading my invoice. I realized i got the same repair, so my model y after about 25 months needed a full battery replacement due to an issue with the battery. I looked around forums and while there are definitely posts about this issue, it doesnt seem to be that common. Luckily, for me it was within warranty, so i got a brand new battery pack for free again from what i can tell it isnt a common issue. But if i was out of warranty, it would be a terrible and costly repair to need on this car. At this point im just a little bit convinced my particular model y is cursed. I rented it out on turo and it got rear ended. Then i got rear ended a few months after that in the car. Each of these accidents were very pricey, repairs completely covered by the insurance of the at fault drivers, but with all the issues, two accidents and now a full battery replacement. This particular car definitely isnt. Lucky still, though, its great to use and everything has been fixed under warranty. If my experience was the norm, though id be much more concerned, but its not, it seems to be an anomaly in those accidents that happened, though, the car kept everyone safe, which brings us to number nine safety. The model y has 5 stars in every category from nitsa and received the iihs top safety pick plus award when it gets in an accident, its incredibly safe, and it includes various crash prevention technologies.

These are included with autopilot and include emergency braking forward collision warning blind spot collision warning lane, departure avoidance and more. The model y is one of the safest cars you can buy and it definitely kept me safe when i got rear ended on the freeway. A few months back now, the 10th thing to talk about is range. Tesla quotes an epa range of 330 miles on the model y. This sounds fantastic, but in the real world, driving at faster speeds, using climate controls or accelerating quickly, youll find the range of the model y can be significantly less. The biggest example of this i saw was on the drive back from arizona in early 2020, when it was about 110 degrees outside we had to charge at least one to two times more than we expected due to the heat and freeway speeds, its rarely ever an Issue for us in this car, though, and even with a real world range of 250 to 280 miles, or so in this car, its plenty for daily driving, thats way more than most need, which is part of why tesla recommends charging to 80 or 90 each day. Its best for battery longevity – and it still gives you plenty of range each day, then, on road trips, there are tesla superchargers, most places you need to go. Tesla has over 30 000 charger stalls globally, and this is another one of those things that makes people pay up for a tesla tesla superchargers are incredibly quick, convenient, reliable and available for myself in california anywhere.

I want to go on a road trip. I can do so with tesla superchargers for most people this will apply, but you can check out their supercharger map if you arent sure it will add a little bit of time to your trip, but i only usually feel it when im at the end of a Very long drive most of the time the charge is about the same time as it would take me to grab some food use, the bathroom or anything else id. Do it a road trip, stop the one thing that definitely takes getting used to, though, is that for the battery charging up to 80 is actually the quickest from 80 to 100 takes the longest. For this reason, its actually quickest to only charge to 80 at each supercharger station and stop again as opposed to waiting longer for 100 in order to drive longer its something to get used to, or you can just never pay attention to it. Since the car will automatically tell you each stop to take for how long and when you have enough charge to complete your trip or reach the next charger, the majority of the time, though you arent using tesla superchargers. If you can charge at home thats what you do and its almost silly just how easy it is, i drive into my garage plug it in and the next morning my car is charged. You dont forget about it, because the cable is right there and you can even schedule charging to match your electricity off peak hours and set charging limits.

I found that this has saved me a ton of time over the past two years, since i never needed to stop off and fill up with gas. Even if i include the road trips with supercharger stops, of which ive probably taken eight ive saved time. The use case that might not make false sense would be if youre, a constant road, tripper or dont have any good charging options at or near your home. Overall, the model y has been a fantastic car. For me, it has included some flaws, but i personally think that it mostly relates to just how early my vin is its no excuse, but a newly delivered model y doesnt seem to have the issues i experienced in mine. A new model y also includes a couple upgrades like the hepa filtration system, which is really great. It also includes a new center console, the pedestrian warning speaker, a built in drive for sentry mode and more. The one thing a new model y has dropped. Is the radar sensor for autopilot that currently means that my 2020 model y can actually use autopilot up to 90 miles per hour, whereas a new 2022 model y is limited to 80 miles per hour? Its something tesla and elon musk have said, is being updated soon with a software update, but its definitely an odd downside of buying a new one, depending on where you plan to use autopilot, ive loved the model y. So far, and after 25 months, i found it to be the best tesla.

For me, i hope this review was helpful for you and, if youre deciding between the model y and a model 3, you can check out my review of the model 3 linked up here or in the description below thanks.