This is by far the best tesla i’ve ever driven and that’s expected. Of course, this is a 130 000 car uh. The quickest car in production right now and the most aerodynamic car 0 60 in less than two seconds here. We go i’ve done that five times and i literally have to space them out, because i get queasy doing that. That is a roller coaster. I mean look. It knocked my camera back so just think of, like the fastest car you’ve ever been in and times that by 10.. It takes your breath away. I’Ve spent the better part of today driving this model s around town. This is my kind of my first impressions review. After spending a day in the model s plaid coming from a model 3. to start off, i want to say thank you to preston and kelly preston, as was kind enough to reach out to me, and let me spend the day with this car let’s. Do a quick overview of the model s plan, this particular one that he he has so this was supposedly the first model s plaid that was picked up out of indy. It spent the whole week first week getting paint protection film ceramic coated by the good guys at two guys window tinting in indianapolis in brownsburg he’s got the midnight silver metallic paint color on it, with the 21 inch arachnid wheels. But this comes with the new tri motor carbon wrapped rotors that are brand new to any tesla and that’s.

What gives it the ability for the sustained peak performance for the 0 60 in under two seconds and then also the quarter mile in under 10 seconds? Just absolutely incredible what a feat of engineering this car is: it’s, expensive, but man this is the most luxurious comfortable, quickest car i’ve ever been in when we’re talking four door sedan. This takes the cake, i mean there’s, nothing that beats this things that stand out to me coming from a model 3. When i get in this car. The first thing is: the seats are more comfortable than my model 3, especially the ventilated seats. When you turn these things, these ventilated seats on it is amazing. It feels so good. I can feel it coming from the bottom and from the back and that’s the biggest complaint from my wife in my model. 3 are the seats they get way too hot there’s. No airflow back there, so i always come home with like a sweaty back. The seats are super comfortable they’re, a little bit wider i feel like, and they just they feel more plush and it just feels like a more comfortable ride. Obviously the suspension is better. So i feel, like i’m floating on clouds a little bit more than my model 3.. This is a fantastic luxurious, comfortable interior. He chose to get the walnut trim and this is real walnut. I believe – and i think carbon fiber is another option you can get and then he chose to get the cream color, which i got ta say, maybe probably my favorite interior color for the model s compared to the black or the white interior.

Just it’s got this nice cozy uh feel to it and the reason he chose cream is because he sat in a model s uh performance last year. I believe that had cream and it kind of takes on. He said it takes on the color of the car. So the he sat in a red model s and he said, like the cream, just kind of had a little rosy tint to it, uh, which was pretty cool. I thought that was a neat observation, but yeah. Definitely this interior is fantastic, of course, got the new center console uh with tons of storage areas, and you can kind of slide these compartments back and forth. So the front compartment the top compartment, and then you got more storage underneath with the cup holders. You got the new 17 inch screen 2200 by 1300 resolution. I believe this screen will also tilt there’s, a software update, that’s coming that will allow it just to tilt a little bit left or right, which is really awesome. I mean that’s never been into tesla before, but this interior is so much better than the previous interior. It was just so outdated, so this was a long overdue update in the interiors feels fantastic. You got. The black alcantara headliner up here feels great. The speaker system is phenomenal: it’s, like 22 speakers and tesla’s known for putting just the best audio systems in their cars, and this is the best sound system, i’ve heard since being in my model 3.

. Of course it has the brand new ui, the user interface. You can move windows up and down. You can actually move them to the other side, which is really nice and that should be coming to the model. 3 model y soon so stay tuned for that, and then you can actually customize the dock down here. So if you want to put certain icons down here, you can click and drag and put them down here in the main menu there. You go uh. So just a nice welcome change for the user interface and the screen looks amazing. He has full self driving on this car as well. He paid the ten thousand dollars for it before price went up but uh. Maybe the subscription will be coming soon. According to elon it’s, coming in two weeks, so that’s automatic smart shift when you get in and press the brake, it knows if you want to back up or go forward, and this is just how you change gears on the screen automatically pops up here on the Left hand side up for forward going forward down for reverse, pretty easy and just like with any tesla, you can change from forward to reverse if you are going five miles an hour or less and then once you’re coming to a complete, stop press the brake, and This park button shows up and there you go so what happens if your screen is unresponsive or something happens to your screen? How do you change gears? Well, there are backup gears here on the console and they’re capacitive as well, so they don’t actually press in.

But if you just press on them pretty firmly it engages each of those gears and that’s where your hazard light is as well and one of the cool features about the model s is, it has adaptive air suspension, so it will automatically adjust the suspension based on The road and terrain that you’re driving on another new feature in this tesla model s plaid – is the noise canceling right here built into the tops of these seats right now, it’s not enabled i think, it’s going to be coming in a software update right now. It still sounds pretty good in this cabin compared to my model. 3. it’s, a lot quieter, the double pane windows. I think the the cabin noise is definitely better compared to my model 3, which you can hear a lot of the road noise in a lot of wind noise as well. Tesla is moving to all cameras for autopilot, so the tesla vision, they’re, cutting out the use of radar and these new model s’s still come with radar coming from my model 3, which also has full self driving capability. I’Ve noticed that the autopilot on this is it keeps lanes very well like there’s, no bobbing and bumping back and forth in lanes it’s pretty much straight fluid movements, it stays in the center of the lane. Lane changes the automatic lane changes are very smooth, not saying that not not smooth in my model 3, which they are, but like let’s, uh, let’s bump this up and we’re going to do an automatic lane change.

I mean no hesitation, no jitters very smooth. You can use it as uh a fun poi that launches 0 60 in two seconds or in the case of preston. You know this is for his wife that his wife’s gon na drive this, because not only is it the quickest car in the world, but it’s also the safest car in the world, one of the safest cars ever tested tesla always makes safety their priority when they’re Producing their cars – and this is no exception, so obviously the biggest change is driving with the yoke, but before we get into that, let me quickly tell you about today’s sponsor private internet access, which is the best vpn, simply because you get access to the largest server Fleet on the market at an extremely affordable price, a private internet access is an easy to use virtual private network app for windows, mac, android, ios and more, and since it has the most servers worldwide, it can deliver the three most important features from a vpn speed Security and reliability with private internet access, all of your web traffic travels through a secure tunnel, and your data is encrypted. It’S not only a great way to stay safe from spammers and hackers, but it’s also really convenient when you want to unblock certain location, restricted content from popular video streaming. Services such as netflix, hulu, amazon, prime and others, and the best part is private. Internet access is super fast and reliable.

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There are no stalks on either side it’s, literally just the steering wheel. You have these buttons here on the steering wheel. Your turn signals are actually on the steering wheel here and they’re capacitive buttons, so you can press them with your thumb and it turns it on. You press it again, it cancels it. So up is right, down is left, and that is the biggest thing i think that’s going to take to get used to when you’re driving this and you’re coming from any other car i’m. I still feel myself muscle memory. If i go to turn i’m trying to turn this, the turns in the lawn over here and it’s, not there. So i think, with just a few days of driving, this you’ll probably learn the where the placement of these turn signals um, because i still find myself kind of looking down to see where they are. But with the more you drive this, i think you will get the hang of it and it’ll become muscle memory and hopefully it’ll become easier. You don’t have to look down to see which button you’re pressing if you’re merging on a highway. If you’re trying to pass somebody so yeah, i think that’ll take some getting used to i mean it feels good when you’re driving with two hands. Obviously, i think it’s just a much better in control feel of the steering wheel compared to just like a normal steering wheel, maybe it’s, just because it’s, a new fat, a new factor and a new feeling.

But it’s got that newness to it and it’s different. But it has these little nubs on here. So if you’re doing a turn or u turn, you can kind of use these nubs as a force and a grip, i still think it’s i’m having difficulty uh turning it uh all the way in in certain areas. So when i turn into the driveways and roads um, it feels just a little awkward still in time, it’s just another thing that tesla implements that you can just kind of have to get used to and once you get used to it, it probably will feel normal Because, in my model 3, i usually like 90 percent of the time i’m have either hand on the bottom right or left of the steering wheel. So it’s either like this or like this and with the yoke that’s no big deal at all, because it has that it just feels a little different because it’s more angular than a circular steering wheel, so that’s not bad at all. So if you’re used to driving like that it’s not going to be much different, so the other thing about the yoke is yes: tesla is wanting to go to full self driving, so they want you to drive manually, less and less, and maybe this is why they’re Doing it uh when you’re on the freeway on interstates on highways, you’re most likely going to be using autopilot so who needs to use the top of the steering wheel anyway, so hey, maybe that’s the way they’re.

Looking at this, i just wish they did give the customer the option to have a regular steering wheel or the yoke having options that’s better for the customer, so try it out, hopefully it’s not as bad as you may think. Now the thing i noticed with the screen and the button placement of the yoke is the yoke is blocking the button. The quick controls button on my screen, so i can’t see exactly where that is the good thing is. You can actually just swipe out from the left hand, side, and it just brings up the quick controls. So, instead of just tapping this button here, you can do both, which is nice. The turn signals are probably the biggest learning curve, which is something that you’ve probably never heard before on any other car review. Learning how to do the turn signals. The good thing is, there is a little bit of a raised up notch that separates these turn signals. So if you kind of feel where that is, but the problem is you can’t really feel for it without enabling a turn signal, because these are capacitive buttons. So if you press, if you just lightly press your finger on it, it’ll enable the turn signal so there’s, just certain turning maneuvers that you cannot do because you don’t have the top half of the steering wheel. So you can’t just kind of turn all the way and just let it slide right, because you do that with a steering wheel, just like the turning will just the wheel, just slides through your hand, to go back to original position.

But this you kind of have to keep your hand on the wheel, uh and and on the side around the corner, just kind of feels awkward at times and a matter of like using something uh us humans, we’ve used something for years and years and years and Our body just gets used to it and then we just kind of have to learn a different way to to do something, and this is just the same thing with the yolk here. So you can see. I still can use my palm and like rotate it like that, no problem there, i do feel more comfortable with it now, at the end of the day than i did when i first started the day, so i think that would just get better as time went By to not buy this car, just solely based on the yoke you’re doing yourself a little bit of a disservice, because this car is absolutely phenomenal. The specs speak for themselves, the performance, the new interior. It is what you expect it to be, but everything is buttons here on the yoke, even the horn, the autopilot so we’re, going to tap down once for the traffic aware cruise control and we’ll tap down twice and now we’re in autopilot, so that’s how you engage And disengage autopilot with the new yoke with the capacitive buttons. It also has a dedicated wind uh button for windshield wipers, which is nice, because you can press that and then use the left scroll wheel to adjust the speed of the wipers which is cool.

And then you also have the voice activation button. So if you want to do voice command, you have it right there on the microphone button on the on the yoke. The reason that they did this or one of the biggest reasons why they they put a yoke inside the model s plat is so you have a full view of the instrument cluster right here and yes, obviously, that is the case. Uh the instrument cluster behind us, the yoke, is in clear view. You don’t, miss anything the instrument cluster, it seems to always be in dark mode. I don’t know if there’s a way to change that, to where i i was assuming, it would be like the screen where it would automatically change from dark to light, depending on the time of day. So, if it’s, during the day when sun is out, i figured it would be white or a light. A theme on the instrument cluster well it’s, dark compared to my model 3. I like the instrument cluster in the sense that it shows me the directions. My next step in my navigation right up here in the left, i can see my speedometer. I can see the speed limit sign. I can see my battery remaining and then also up here on the main screen. You got the navigation as well sitting in this car and driving it. It feels like a dream. I mean the launch of this thing is from any speed that’s.

The thing like i’ve done, 0 60 launches all day today, pretty much the fact that you can pretty much accelerate like a rocket ship from any speed. I’M going 60 miles an hour right now. Okay watch this just absolutely insane like in saying how powerful this thing is, and there’s really hardly words to describe you just kind of have to experience it for yourself and to have that type of performance and range in like a family. Sedan like this is still like: a family that seats five people uh. I sat in the back seat, the middle seat for me, i’m, 6’4 and the middle seat is a little too short. For me, my head hits the glass, but for any other adult that’s, you know six feet or under they’ll, probably fit just fine in there. So you can probably fit three people back there, no problem, so a total of you know, seats five people, you got the hatchback in the back. It has cargo room for cargo. It’S got the frunk. It has a lot of features that you look for in a family sedan, but also just has like. Oh, it just happens to be the quickest car in the world, which is insane. Oh, my gosh that’s. I i’ve been saying that adjective a lot insane and that’s almost what i would just pretty much call this car. The model s is definitely the best tesla ever made it’s just hard to beat.

If you have the budget for this type of car, not everybody’s going to have a budget for a six figure car, but the performance on this is competing with cars that cost a million dollars, which is something to be said in itself. So, coming from a model three i mean i would love absolutely love to have a model s plaid. Maybe the model s long range for eighty thousand dollars right, that’s, always an option if you don’t need the crazy two second zero to sixty, but would instead like to have over 400 miles of range. So you know the plat actually only has ‘0 miles, but the long range model s the new one is over 400 miles over 400 miles for 80. 000 is pretty incredible. It is just a hat tip to the tesla engineers to get this type of performance. Very pricey, obviously, but nothing short of amazing really. So if you want to see more tesla videos or tech, videos in the future be sure to subscribe. Give this video a thumbs up.