Oh my gosh whoa. Oh, this is wild. It has no clue what to do. Oh man, it did wow. I dont really know what that was. It just got me into the middle of the road, so teslas full self driving beta has been out for almost a year now i havent been able to check it out yet because its only been in the hands of a select handful of beta testers that we Just recently learned were under an nda now, tesla has expanded the beta and given it to a lot more customers, starting with customers, who have a perfect 100 safety score. A friend of mine happened to get a 100 safety score and hes letting me check out his model y performance today, its a beautiful car, and it has the full self driving beta. The latest version, 10.2 im sure theres going to be times where im incredibly impressed by all of the features that it has and all the turns its able to take and then theres going to be other times where im absolutely terrified and cant believe this is in The hands of normal people and a special thanks to blockfy for sponsoring this video so lets check it out right now, im in irvine, california, and im going to be doing a route. As you can see, it takes a few different streets up to the 5 north. Then, to the 57. catella douglas road and then its going to take me over to angel stadium thats, the first drive im going to do and then well take it from there all right, so ive seen tons of videos of this.

This is my first time experiencing it. Myself lets go for it. I believe i just go into drive and then go into autopilot as soon as im ready, and it should take everything for me here. We go wow so yeah. Those visualizations are way more in depth than what you have on your normal car and i guess, were turning left here. Yep wow, okay, slowing down nicely definitely taking this cautiously. I would definitely give the car a 100 safety score so far, its taking it very cautiously, but wow were going to be taking a right turn here. So im curious if it lines up behind this car or goes to the side of it uh. You know, like the average person might try to sneak in there, but its actually lining up exactly behind this car, which is a little bit odd, but it makes sense here we go taking the rightmost lane and were off wow overall. Hopefully, this should be kind of just a boring drive where it just happens to do the drive for me and its pretty impressive, all right, green light. Here we go so we have a half mile returning right, it already is putting me in the rightmost. Lane should be good to go curious if it will go on red whoa. That was pretty aggressive. Oh my gosh wow that is more aggressive than i would have been uh wow. It went for that great. It did a really good job all right, so it got me off of the freeway as it should and then its gon na have to do a right turn and now were back in full self driving beta mode.

Now that were off the freeway, its going to choose a lane here, really we just have one right turn here. Two right turns so signals red, thats, an aggressive turn good job, now its red theyre probably going to go on the other side. So i want to see what it waits for, so i would go now if i were driving because theyre in a left turn line yep there we go wow. It really hugs that uh median and it got me: okay, whoa, okay, so that is no good im out of that. All right. We should have been going straight here and it just put me into a left turn lane and almost just stopped in the middle of the thing, so uh thats, the first big fail that ive seen definitely a big issue right there. This street is pretty self explanatory. So yeah that was a pretty weird one, but definitely not a good situation. If there were cars around me, it would have veered straight into there and not been good, but now im at angel stadium and, of course, its closed. So im gon na turn around and pick a new destination im, definitely not used to how often you have to nudge it, like my hand, is here but im having to do it a lot more frequently than normal autopilot, and that seems very intentional whoa. Oh, oh, my gosh, now its in the middle and it got over im gon na have to take over if it keeps doing this because its very much bugging the car behind me.

Okay, it figured it out even signaled. There got very far to the left. There. Almost went into the middle the thing not accelerating enough, but its getting in front of this guy wow. That was, i mean it made it so thats impressive, that it made it, but there were three or four times where it did something very, not good and still figuring out what lane to choose its choosing. The rightmost lane that you can turn left at did a fairly decent job there, a little bit of a hard stop ill, be turned off the blinker. Now, its back, it says: changing lanes, okay, its not should just be able to take the car right behind that forte whoa; okay, that was their fault. That was this cars fault. This is another one of those situations where theres kind of three lanes that are going and the rightmost lane has a right turn, but it also has enough room for people to pass in turn versus just stay in the lane and right now, its just hanging out In the middle, it is impressive to see the brake lights on cars and how quickly they disappear, especially in this lighting, because its very bright out its hard for me to even tell when this audi in front of me is breaking but yeah like here. It should be already kind of signaling its intention to the car behind me and its not and then its going to realize and it pulled out right in front of them.

This is no. That was not good yeah, so i just look like the worst driver in the world to the car behind me. It definitely didnt succeed. There ive had probably three or four pretty rough failures already on this 10.2. So definitely a lot of work to still be done, but its still exciting to see a lot of the turns it can do. The capability it can do is impressive, but i think elon has kind of burned himself a little bit by talking about a million robo taxis in 2020 and talking about how this is going to be mind, blowing and all this stuff. If he had tempered the expectations. A little bit and talked about how theyre going to be pushing some exciting, full self driving features to people and didnt, sell a ten thousand dollar full self driving package. With that name and promise and everything, i think it would have been a lot more. A lot better received, but since its been claimed from the beginning that this will achieve full autonomy, this car will be able to be a robo taxi, and now the software is here and its very much a beta and has issues. I think people kind of are like well, you said it was supposed to be perfect and he kind of did and its been very late and its been a very long beta process, and so this is incredibly impressive, but i just wish elon wouldnt have promised so Much up front so that this could be just exciting and impressive, instead of being like wow, they still have so much work to do before they get to what theyve promised all right.

We should be going, but it is a green light, not an arrow. So its waiting on them now, i just went for it: Music, everythings, very jittery, too uh the wheel, the braking the accelerating but its taking turns pretty quickly, sometimes too, sometimes its like wow. That was really impressive and really aggressive and other times its like whoa. This is super slow and it barely seems like it knows what its doing okay creeping up a little bit. So this seems like a turn. Itll take pretty aggressively yeah right into the rightmost lane and then in point four miles. We have a left turn so its going to need to get over fairly quickly good job. There just went through that yellow easily, which was good okay, so its got a left turn here should take this gap. To get into this left turn lane uh its pretty frustrating that it hasnt done it. Yet. Okay, now were in that im getting lucky that there arent a lot of cars behind me because thats a situation where the cars behind me would have been honking. You know its proceeding its making. Most things happen, its just definitely missing a lot of rules of the road before we go any further id like to thank todays sponsor block fi blockfi is a new type of financial services. Company building a bridge between cryptocurrencies and traditional finance and wealth management products, they offer a simple way to earn crypto interest on your cryptocurrencies with their blockfy interest accounts, but they also offer crypto backed loans, trading and payments as well.

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The left. Turn should be going into this middle lane. Im glad the cars around me did that correctly. Stuff like this is whats really impressive, that its seeing like out there. You can see the median across the way, and that is accurate and then over here see that yellow line it disappeared because of that usps truck and stuff getting in the way of the cameras but everythings there all right signal starting to slow and the car behind Me is like what are you doing? Oh, oh, okay, yeah, four way stop, so we stopped before them. I would proceed there. We go definitely waited to see that they werent gon na go but yeah. It could have been more aggressive there, but it did do a good job and it did take its turn because we refer to that intersection, more speed, bumps that its slowing down for so thats impressive, its going to speed up again. We were at 19, just then so now were back up to 24 and then its gon na slow down for the speed bump, so thats impressive, to see. Definitely if it just barreled through that speed bump. That would not be good for this car all right back into beta land, headed to a supercharger in roland heights, very jittery right now, and i dont really understand why its just straight for 0.9 miles also the blinker turned on again. I guess its turning on. For these curves um, but this is definitely not a situation.

The blinker needs to be on at all at least not for 0.8 miles, and the navigation knows so. Thats, pretty weird um im gon na bump up to 40 here see what it does. This curve says 20., so im curious if it decides to slow down for the curve or if it takes it, super quick, yeah, its slowing down that felt natural. Okay, oh got onto the middle of the road there again with the signal. I guess it sees this as kind of like im turning left and signaling okay, nice job there i didnt even remember it was gon na turn here. Oh whoa slammed on the brakes, okay, Music, so like i would have to inch out here which it kind of did now. It just goes someone to avoid and it sees it, but oh didnt seem like it was going to do a good job there, nice and cautious. The last second turned all the way in really aggressively now were going 25. This is probably like a 40. Music back to it and we should just be turning into a mall, which is a little bit of an odd scenario, so it might get confused but well see again going 25 yeah its 40., but it hasnt seen that sign yet Because i turned on this row before there was that sign so now were going 40 because i scrolled us up to there and then it should see the sign. Oh proceeding through the yellow good job now.

Is it going to c40 good job? Oh suddenly, turning! Oh okay, wow and now were stopped. It took that turn pretty much as well as it should now its waiting for this van, but then once it got into here, it just kind of slammed on the brakes now its turning left so im at the puente hills. Mall right now and im curious when itll, let me go into it so theres a supercharger right up here, but im just gon na proceed around until itll. Let me go into the beta, not sure whoop, okay, it just turned us into here, which is incorrect and slammed on the brakes. So this is a takeover situation, but i want to see what it does. Is it going to try to solve this and figure it out? I just turned in the wrong spot and then went oh crap, oh no, okay, yeah, so theres, no one behind me or around me, but this is wild. It has no clue what to do. I just want to keep watching this okay, now its wrapping us around the mall whoa. Oh, oh, my gosh, that was probably one of the worst demos ive ever seen of this, its just in a mall parking lot. So i dont know what i expected, but not that so now it should be turning left theres a car here. All right definitely couldnt get me out of this mall on its own. Even this turn im gon na do after that debacle.

You know i can go into it. Its gon na be a long wait here, so im curious what it does. This might be one of those situations where i end up just turning right, because its gon na be like a couple minutes before i can make this turn and then theres people turning left into here traffic going both ways uh. I dont really see this opening up and im guessing. It would just get us stuck here for the beta, whereas i would reroute personally no ones pulling up behind me. So im just gon na see uh what happens here like how long is it gon na wait and will it wait until theres a gap and actually succeed? Oh no, it tried but theyre turning left, so it should open up after this next car. It keeps nudging and jittering come on right here. Right here go go! Oh man! It did wow! Oh okay, so it wasnt the best turn, but it did wait and wait until it was the right moment thats, when i would have waited until to make that turn. So thats pretty impressive, yeah theres a lot with this beta. That is sure mind blowing theres a lot with this beta. That is incredibly impressive to me and the fact that it could wait and see if my car can wait and see exactly when its safe to turn like that is incredibly impressive. But then, once it turns its like whoa theres, some work to do on that turn.

For sure that was not a natural turn, but yeah definitely beta software, but impressive, beta software Music. Alright got us over signaled a little late, but good job whoa. Okay, oh wow, now off to the right yeah overall, with this its like yeah, it did it, but it was. It was close. I got very close to that prius, i think, and then, as soon as it turned in got very close to this curb and of course it did it fine im perfectly safe and i was ready to take over nice. It got over for these cones right away. No issues there – oh oh whats, happening okay. I dont really know what that was. It just got me into the middle of the road where youre not even supposed to go Music. Another very impressive turn: yeah thats, the stuff that makes this really impressive and really shines for the future. It wasnt jittery. It knew exactly what it was going to do. It was aggressive or assertive whatever your word of choice. Is there just the right amount? Cool should be getting to the left of this gon na be turning left and it looks like its turning right and the car yep. I knew this would happen. The car is like what are you doing behind me like? I should be here, but i probably will take over in a second here: yep im, just gon na go straight. Whoa wow, like that, was like a performance model acceleration into that turn, which this is the performance model but yeah, i wasnt, expecting it to take advantage of the speed go for it Music, this persons parking, oh wow, so it is getting around them.

That was impressive. Whoa huge mistake: there wow, okay, yikes now its hopefully taking this left turn here. Oh my goodness, okay. That was really rough. That whole last section i had to intervene because it would have just put me into the median or something all right. So i successfully completed that whole drive testing out the beta today and overall. Some aspects of it are incredibly good and some are incredibly bad. Its one of those things where the technology itself is incredibly impressive and its going somewhere and the fact that it can do even a portion of this is incredibly impressive and well done tesla, but at the same time you have to be monitoring this thing. 24. 7.. There is no chance that i would ever trust this to take a turn and its one of those things as well that its at the point right now, where theyre trying to give it to more people, because people want this and theyve paid for it. But if i was given this, i would only use it for videos or for the times when i want to really test something out. I wouldnt actually use it just to get to the grocery store, because it would just be more stressful. It would get me there slower id, be making the drivers around me pretty angry and right now its one of those things where i would just rather drive myself, as i was saying earlier, its a little unfortunate that tesla promised so much because people are expecting so Much – and this is incredibly impressive – that these cars are doing this stuff, but its not at the level that they have promised.

Everything is working super fast and theyre, pushing new versions every day to the point where this video is going to be outdated within a week and thats awesome to see its awesome to see how quickly theyre improving stuff, but based on my experience here and the fact That theyve been working on this beta for over a year and done a couple different rewrites. It doesnt really feel like the end of this year is actually a deadline to where theyre going to get city streets, auto steer to customers as usual with any of this stuff. I would absolutely love to be proof and wrong and love elon musk to rub it in my face that this technology did exactly what i said it wouldnt be able to do this year, but so far my experience with it today showed me that it has a Lot of issues – and there were a lot of actually scary times where i had to take over or times where it was just incredibly cautious. It got me to the destinations, and the drives i did where i didnt have to intervene, were very impressive, but at the same time they were very slow. They were very cautious and they were driving like a teenager riding in the middle of lanes. Sometimes when it should have been off to sides and stuff, so it got me there, fine, but it wasnt doing it as it should, but that has been my experience with the full self driving beta version 10.

2. Im so glad i got to finally check it out and special thanks to my friend for letting me check this out. Im curious, though, if you bought the full self driving package and have been waiting for the beta. Does this feel good enough to where it would still be exciting for you to get and youd feel like you finally got the feature you paid for, or does it feel like its really far off, and you really want that feature that was promised and this isnt Quite there yet leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts in the meantime.