1 for drive with an unprotected left. Weve got around about some other things with downtown milwaukee joseph is out flying the drone, so well get some different shots than what we normally have and hopefully well get some interesting things and see how the beta does so weve got. It set up im just gon na go and put it in drive now and, of course, were starting off in the middle of a roundabout as we like to do well see if the beta lets us start off here, uh. Sometimes it takes a little bit. Okay. There we go and ill just engage and were off so were just going to come out of this roundabout now turn right on about here and then head to that unprotected, left, uh straight away, so we dont have any cross. Traffic here should be pretty standard, but it looks like it is creeping or wanting to creep a little bit just to make sure im not going to give it any accelerator. If i were just driving normally thats, where i would just give it some pedal and just let it know its clear to go so heres our unprotected left, i think we got four lanes and weve got some beautiful, porta potties blocking our view and sort of a Weve got a corner over there, thats also making a little bit tricky for any oncoming traffic which we dont have right now so were getting some creeping all right.

We should be good to go. We got a pedestrian here, um again, im not gon na give it an accelerator. We got a jeep coming and yeah so now its stopped and were in the middle of the intersection. No cars coming but theres one coming there so were gon na have to get out here and its not doing it. So i got ta take over so not great. It kind of stopped us out in the middle of no mans land and uh wasnt, decisive enough. If i would have given it an accelerator a little bit of acceleration, i think it would have, i think, in these beta versions. I think its really just waiting for that input out of an abundance of caution, because, unless youre trying to see what it will do, if youre driving and paying attention, theres no problem to confirm with the accelerator that that things are good. But in our case were really just trying to see what the system will do sort of on its own. So let me figure out our navigation here, um and well continue on our route. We might lose the drone footage a little bit uh, so we might switch out a little bit of the camera stuff thats going on here, but uh were gon na head to that sort of hairpin turn area and then the roundabout section that weve gone through a Couple times and well see, if we can, we havent had a lot of instances with traffic in that roundabout well see if we pick up any this time, for whatever reason were taking this out at thursday at 11, 30 a.

m, um, for whatever reason there hasnt been Or for whatever reason, there seems to be a decent amount of traffic so far today, so uh well see what we see. Obviously, right now were just on lincoln memorial drive, which i think you guys have seen a couple of times now, which autopilot works really well on in general, or the fsd beta. Rather, all right so were taking a right here were going a little a little quick but slowing down. Okay were taking it right here and were going up into that hairpin little hairpin area and then thatll carry right into the roundabout and then, while were doing that ill. Try to re navigate us to sort of our endpoints avenue. Then turn right on to east north avenue so very solid. So far, this is kind of the sharpest part of this section got a car coming there great, really good north terrace avenue. I dont know that i would have driven that any differently. So this is weird because weve got a left turn weve got cars coming uh. That was very close, very close, so we got a left turn out of here and then we got an immediate right turn into a roundabout and i just have to give it accelerator. Now turn right on too easy um seems to be that, where it wants to drive is often right, its just not super confident, sometimes okay, so were going through the round about here, which was good but again, no traffic, so not not the most interesting of parts And then were gon na go down lake drive here and its trying to go around this car okay, so i dont want that.

Obviously we cant pass them alright, so reengaged uh. Sometimes the beta will do that itll just kind of try to edge around those those parked car or the stopped cars, even though they obviously should be the lead car instead and now were heading back and well take sort of a little whiny road and usually theres Cars parked on the side here, sometimes people getting in and out. We got four way stops. This is more of like the scenic area of downtown lake drive nice area all right, so it saw that pedestrian slowing down and now were clear. So i dont know if you guys have noticed yet, but when theres a pedestrian in the path it will turn to a darker gray like a lead car would just visualizing that it is waiting for that car or person or bicycle. Whatever is whatevers in your path. That will turn to the to the dark ride in 500. Feet turn right onto east newbury boulevard. So on these types of roads, where you have to really clean clear lane markings the beta functions really well and thats, where people are mostly going to be using it. You know if youve got a roundabout like that most people are probably just going to take over drive it manually, but theres still a ton of value of these more simple situations having happening so we cant see really well im guessing itll creep pretty slowly here and Then weve got these pedestrians, which i would like it to just go so theyre not confused, but they dont seem to be crossing anyway.

So were good accelerator just so theyre, not confused, so theyre, obviously yielding for us, which again, the beta is going to be more cautious uh and just wait for you to confirm those types of things which is no problem in this stage and now were in a Parking lot, its theres no route for it. So all right, so we are going to take another attempt at the same unprotected left and see if we can do any better on this. Second go around so were just going to jump right into it right away. Now turn left onto north lincoln drive very clear right now and well see if it realizes that its showing creep on the display were going a little bit into the left and were going all right, not not bad. It waited a little bit until there were cars.