This is something that the original application didn’t had. They had very nice modes, but this was missing there, so this application comes just for that for tracking yourself a face or a person and follow it automatically and it’s amazing how it works is the application analyzes. The drone’s live video feed and applies computer vision, technology to track a face or a body, and there are different modes like follow orbit or spot light that we’re gon na see later. When you download the application, you get the demo version first to test the compatibility with your phone before purchasing. This is because the real time analysis on the application requires actually a recent phone, a good and quick phone. So this is good. That gives you the opportunity to check it first before buying it. The demo that you will download will have many restriction. First, you will not be able to record a video second, you you’ll not be able to screen record your phone with any other application. Like do you recorder, i try it out. It’S, not working and third you’ll have three days of testing period. You can remove the restrictions if you decide purchasing the full version as in app purchase, and it will cost you around 5 euro. But before that, you need to make a performance test of your phone to see if it’s compatible, and this will happen automatically when you first connect your phone and if the test fail, you won’t be able to purchase the full version as most probably your phone is Not strong enough to handle the application, and there is nothing that you can do about it, just getting a better phone.

So let me take you outside to show you how it works. So we came outside to check the telomere app. Okay let’s. Do it so i’m. Gon na click record and let’s see we’re gon na put the drone up three two one, yes take off. You have similar controllers here, like that. Okay, now i’m gon na try some uh here what they have to do with some tracking modes here so most prominent face. Okay, it’s me go so this now it’s tracking my face you’re gon na follow me i’m, not doing anything and it’s. Following my face i’m. Turning it’s tracking my face automatically and it’s following me: if i’m going backwards, if i’m going on it, it’s gon na go back, keep distance on me, nice, cool, yeah, that’s nice by the way, okay, so let’s stop that we’re gon na track another one let’s track! Gon na turn here up how to turn actually the thing let’s turn it and now we’re gon na attract selected person. You can select most premium person, i’m gon na select, select person, okay, i’m gon na click. You you see it’s already tracking me and christina. Here. You can see, look and i’m gon na select you and go so wherever you’re gon na move now it’s gon na follow you, you can go so it’s dragging christina. Oh it lost you go back. Okay, i can move it down, we can track. I can select now most prominent person.

Okay go gon na, be christine again, you can move move on the drone. Bravo it’s gon na go back now, go behind again because it’s gon na crash yeah, oh sometimes it’s, losing it’s, not following me. It confused itself. I still i steal your truck. I steal your drone just like that. Okay, let’s stop because i select just the most prominent person. So if i select person okay, i’m gon na select i’m gon na select, you again go now it should. It should follow only you so move right, left, yeah it’s following you it’s following you exactly so what if i go also here on the side, it’s gon na? No, no, no, not this time, it’s, not confusing i’m. Just passing and it’s not confusing. When i pass in front of you, oh i steal it: okay, sometimes it’s confusing now it’s following me: okay, but anyway, sometimes it’s confusing, like that that’s good. What is orbit i’m gon na click, albeit so, when you click orbit it’s just going a bit on the right, yeah it’s. Following you same, but going a bit on the right, that’s nice, you can select on the left as well. If you click spotlight anything happen, it does not following you with the spotlight is not following you it’s, just staying in the same spot. In order for you to follow, you’re going to click, follow and now it’s gon na come most probably yeah it’s coming slowly.

Are you gon na go back if i’m gon na go close to it or you’re gon na follow me back here? Oh it’s, still tracking me yeah it’s gon na, come to me because it’s following me now and let’s run to see what’s gon na happen. It’S following me: yeah it’s following me: kind of it’s good, not bad, very nice, nice! Oh you steal my tracking nice tracking. You you can move that’s nice, so that was the features here on the track. We cannot select group of person to track group of persons so that us actually so how we can now can select both of us here. We select both of us no, this hard coin. It was like both before now select only me let’s go closer. Ah now we are both. We are. Both click go so where we move now, you’re gon na follow us should be. The tracking green box became bigger. Here on the application and following both of us both of us, what if we gon na split you go there i’m going there, the green box becoming bigger, but the drone don’t know what to do and it lost us. We should be near okay and landing Music. Okay, so right now, we’re tracking, christina playing basketball it’s on follow mode, try to go to the other basket after. Oh it came to near and it’s following now, it’s following you nice now i should go back and it lost track.

It lost struggle here. Okay, sometimes losing track, as you saw, the active track can be lost very easy. If there are many persons and the drone might follow someone else like here, for example, it just follow a total. Stranger also keep always your eyes on the drone. Just in case there is any obstacles, as this tracking mode will not give new obstacle, avoiding sensors to your drone right. The drone will follow and track you blindly without tracking any other obstacles on the way. So if you use orbit or follow, make sure to check the path of the drone constantly. Additionally, the drone will inform you like the original app about the low battery depends on what percentage you put it and it will land automatically when battery is very low. From my experience, i would say land it immediately when it drops 20 percent. If you don’t want to lose your drone. No, and let me know in the comment section below what you think about the application, i believe it’s a good additional application to have, of course, it’s not working perfectly all the time but it’s nice. When you do some sports or something – and you want the drone to track you and follow you it’s amazing, actually so guys, that’s the video and until next time, let’s make moments.