I just bought this drone a couple of days ago, as you can see, ive got it here um now. This is a really good drone. You probably wont be able to get anything like this unless its over 300 pounds, and this was 99 pounds in the market. So let me show you the features. So if i turn around, you have a battery here. Insertable battery, which goes in like this youve, got the power button here, as you can see an led light which is flashing, then youve got a micro usb in here, so you can charge it um. It is one of these cables here. This is what came with the drone and you can connect it to a usb socket with the other end now, in terms of safety, this is very safe, as you can see the guards the wing guards which are not detachable, so dont try and detach them. Um yep weve got them in all these sides and then weve got the propellers which do not hit the wing guard, which is good because i brought a previous drone where it hit the wind guard. Okay, now, as you can see, there is a 720 p camera, not the best camera. It could have been 1080p, but its really still really good for 99 pounds, and if you download the telo app, then you can actually see your drone. You cannot fly the drone without the app its theres, no controller.

You have to use the app to fly. The drone, which i think is a really cool thing so um. This is a really good drone id recommend it only 99 pounds on the market or in the usa, maybe 100 um. It comes with one battery online for 42 pounds. You can get three of these, and these batteries here are special ones. It comes with a three port, so you can charge all three batteries and you can use this cable here to put it inside the battery port. Now this the only downside about it, is that the flying time is only 13 minutes, one three, so that is the only downside, otherwise its a brilliant drone – and i recommend this to everybody whos, maybe just beginning to fly a drone or even just just like um. In intermediate, or even an advanced drone player, the only thing about it is 720p camera and the 13 minutes flying time. When you do go abroad, you do have to apply for a pyramid a permit for this drone. You cannot take it abroad without permit, and usually those permits are about 100 pounds. It depends on which country youre going to so yeah. Overall. This is a brilliant drone and id recommend it to everybody, whos beginner, intermediate or advanced. Thank you for watching and i will put a clip of it flying in this video at the end. So thank you.