So i believe this guy does have three rates, so i believe by default. We are in the first rate, so heres our first rate, nice little docile rate heres, our yall, with it heres our yall first rate, okay and im. Remember if i ever mentioned this before to you guys in the other previous videos of this. The only leds on this guy is the little blue eyes up front. Guys. Has little blue leds up front that look like little eyeballs thats, the only leds on this guy, so heres the four flight? In the first rate, this guy actually flies really good. It does so lets go to uh. Second rate two beat. This is the second right here. Look at that you all right, thats, all yall second rate for a flight, and i got this guy off amazon in case some of you guys are wondering uh. If i can remember ill post a link below in the description, if some of you guys are interested in picking one of these guys up, this is a nice little beginner flyer. As you can see, it has the prop guards already already installed. So you know so. Should hold up its direct drive motor, so its a quiet drone its not really that noisy. This thing is really quiet. Look at that, its very quiet ill, be quiet, listen to it! Music Applause, youre, all quiet that figgis, oh man, i might not have fully charged this battery.

Lets go to start right. Yeah eyes are flashing, so were not going to be able to test the flip shot in here all right. The flashing but theres our yall in the third rate, yall yeah check that out alright yall, look its really quick, uh! Sorry, look at that uh starting to land there go. It just died yeah, so i didnt get a full charge on this battery, but i did want to do a quick indoor flight with this guy. This is the tech rc predator, with indoor fixture boy, drones and dogs catch you guys in the next episode.