I did do a review on the camera. You want to see what the camera looks like. The camera is not really too great on this little guy, but as its just a flyer, just a standalone line of sight flyer. This thing flies excellent, you guys, so i mean i really expect. If youre going to be getting a drone, this cheap, if youve, been in a hobby for a while youre getting drone, is cheap. I would expect you were just getting something just to toy around with and just fly around with that. You wouldnt be too concerned with the camera anyways at least thats, just how i feel thats my opinion about things and a lot of people may feel different, but thats just what it is. These little toy grade cameras unless you get like something like dji or something like that. Youre, not your camera quality is not going to be the greatest guys: okay, so but anyways thats, neither here nor there i mean not only dji theres, some other companies as well, but thats, just the big major reference that everybody knows but theres other companies out there. But youre gon na have to spend some bucks for a good quality camera its like every time i do a review or a flight review, or these little budget budget cheap little drones, everybodys, like oh yeah, but the camera im. Like guys, you got ta, you got ta expect uh. If you want something with a decent camera on it, i suspect you be expected to spend at least 200 or more and thats at the bare minimum at least 200 or more anything less than that expect.

The camera to be crappy thats, just in my opinion, you know im saying unless you strap a gopro on something but thats just thats, just what it is, but just flying something and flying well is the main concern of what i like about toy grade drones and Just flying them just getting out and just having some fun and just you know, being able to enjoy the hobby and thats what were going to do here today. So this is this tech, rc, predator. This guy comes with two batteries and it has a prop guards. Already you know already installed, i did promise you guys a flight without the prop guards, and that will be coming soon. Here is how you take out the battery im. Gon na, i dont know the size of these batteries. I forget its been a while. I got ta bug them its been a while, since i flew this guy, but you get two of these, you get a nice little charger to go with it and it snaps in you got white props in the front. Look at that! You got some nice little rubber footies on the bottom got a guy stick. Some landing um transmitter is very simple: its laid out automatic takeoff power button altitude hold 360 rolls and your speed buttons guys, of course, the fpv phone mount. If you want to use the camera, but, like i said, were not using the camera today and three aaa batteries is all you should need for this bad boy to get it airborne.

So were just gon na go for a quick flight and enjoy the hobby today, guys lets go ahead and just do that so were gon na go ahead and turn the drone on. You see lights flashing. This is the only lights on this drone. Two of these two little leds you want to turn on a remote. You have a led flashing inside the remote you want to do up down on the throttle. Stick see the lights, go solid. There you guys, and then you want to move both. Let me get my hat cam mounted, so here we go, so you want to move both of these joysticks down to the lower left corner that calibrates the gyroscope, and we are ready for takeoff with this bad boy. So this guy has three rates. Well, try the first rate, but i know its not going to be too too much control in this first rate, because its just a slight breeze, but any slight breeze. In the first rate, this guy will be running around so thats automatic takeoff Music. So we are in the first speed here. This is first rate im full forward on the stick in the first rate and the wind is blowing from behind me, so theres our yall first rate yall getting on over here we are in the second speed now. So a little bit more control in the second speed the wind is kicking up, so lets go to the third speed, so this is our highest speed or our highest rate were flying into the wind were twitching.

This third speed the yards real fast and that first week at least it felt fast theres, our yall Music, bring it on over here: Music heres, our yah and the third third speed. First speed, yall slow, look at that first b: uh, the wind would stop blowing. First, speed yall second speed, yall third speed yall, so you could tell yall did increase on all three speeds. This thing is a little twitchy in the third speed, though Music tech rc, predator guys, like i said this is a good front yard backyard flyer one on one you just get out. Of course, you could fly it indoors too, because of the prop guys and its small but Music, its a good little decent flyer. Dont worry about the wi fi and just learn how to fly drone for cheap its going to come with two batteries and the good thing about this small one, which is not too common with a lot of small ones. It comes with removable batteries. You can remove the battery and keep flying pop another battery in there. So you have two batteries already charged. Have this little bad boy out with you and get some decent flights in Music? We are in the third street, still flips right there thats nice flips. You know, like i said, its pretty peppy and its third rate: Music, Music Applause. There little buddy is hanging, though Music, Music, so Music, Music, no Music. Nobody hanging Music check him out: Music, yeah man, Music, wow, Music, beautiful day to get out and enjoy man lets get out and enjoy something.

Oh Music, first good day we had in a minute guys this little battery is lasting Music. I smooth that thing flying Music, its precise Music, definitely can do some. Some nice bank turns with it banking, it banking it banked. It got lost with the altitude there, banking, it Music and thanking it yeah it does. Nice little bank turns with it because its so small and agile, you know look how quick the little thing is. You know Music trying to fly that battery out guys Music. You just keep going and going and going and going i mean how many of yall remember the energizer bunny this one energizer bunny drones, oh Music. I will make myself. Let me bring it on in landing hand, land, your boy, drones, the dogs, tech, rc, predator still, didnt even fly the battery out. This thing is a beast catch. You guys.