This is the tech, rc tech, rc, wow yeah. You see it illuminator man it’s a light up, interactive quadcopter that’s, what they call. It led lights, obstacle avoidance, that’s, kind of cool 360 flips speed settings which is different rates, one key takeoff and landing as you can see. It’S, pretty cool man has multiple color leds around this crash proof frame. So this would be a good flyer for beginners for two reasons: it has this nice swoop style body frame, so it’s going to protect you from bouncing off walls and stuff like that, and it has this boom obstacle avoidance. So it has a little excuse. Me has some little sensors in here that’s going to detect like the walls and your hands and stuff. You know you can just pretty much fly it without the transmitter and just use your hands to guide it around and stuff like that, we’ll see what it does when we get more in depth into the review here guys. So this is the illuminator all right i’ve. Yet to you know, get this guy out of the box, yet kind of excited to check it out, here’s the side with the transmitter on the side. Looking really cool about tech, rc here’s, the back. It says it has five obstacle: avoidance sensors on it so i’m. Guessing it has four all the way around and it has one underneath i’m just what i’m guessing it automatically changes directions to avoid obstacles.

So this would be a nice fun flyer for kids. Definitely some just toss up let’s get this guy open check it out and it’s, actually a bigger it’s, not the size of a traditional like little tiny, whoop, it’s, actually bigger than what i thought it was look at that that’s my hand. So that gives you a good it’s, a nice size, big big style check it out, really big size. I thought it was going to be one of them. Small, like each scene, like the v010 style drones, it’s, actually bigger than that that’s kind of cool let’s check that out check that out yeah. This thing is pretty huge check that out that’s a big style, nice tri, bladed props on there that’s kind of different here’s. Our little sensors these little black things here and then i guess – and it has a sensor underneath i’m just guessing one of these are a sensor. Something like that open the battery you’re gon na have to slide this and i’m, not really sure how you get this battery up out of here slide that to open huh. You would think it would. Oh there. It goes just pop out it’s a proprietary battery. You get two another one here in the box, so you get two of these not really sure what size it is. I have to look at the instructions but there’s the connection it’s a large size, little whoop draw man. You just stick this guy back in there.

You have your little thing to lock it in place. There you go so here it is man. The illuminator says the illuminator here on top nice green props, i’m. Guessing the green props are the front i’m guessing right. Green props are probably the front we’ll figure that out most we get that guy in the air. I like it, though oh let’s see what else we got in this box, so we got two batteries. Proprietary batteries let’s see what else we got here. So everything seems to be labeled on the remote. Maybe you can turn the lights on and off with this button automatic takeoff automatic land headless mode, emergency stop forward back, trim left right trim that button looks a little could be a little faded or something there led sensor on and off switch that’s, pretty cool high Low mode rates or flips so here’s the rates and here’s the flips, pretty simple, i’m, not sure what these two buttons are yet i’m, not sure if they do anything, maybe that’s for like a photo or video, but maybe a camera version. If they got a camera version, i’m gon na guess, it’s gon na be three aaa batteries for the back that’s. My guess, a really nice simple little transmitter. I dig it dig it altitude hole spring loaded, bottle, sticks, so yeah yeah man see what else we got in this box here Music. So we got a charger, so here’s our got a micro usb in so we got a standard usb to micro, usb to charge these batteries here.

There’S your charger. In there you have a set of extra pops, two green and two white. You got a phillips screwdriver to get that the back of the transmitter off to put some batteries in there, that’s cool here’s, your goodie bag. For that, and then, of course. Last but not least, you got a really thick instruction manual. This guy is really thick, protect. Rc is really thick instruction manual for this guy check it out. So i guess this model number is tr014w pretty well laid out. So i guess them two buttons that i didn’t know that what they did they don’t do anything headless mode led switch. You know switch flash slowly rapidly and turn off, so you can switch it to a couple different settings with the led switch it to flashing to slowly to wrap it that’s kind of cool, low, medium high speed, 360 flips, all that good stuff, so yeah. All that good stuff let’s see what the bat the batteries are. Two 3.7 850 milliamp hour batteries flight time, eight to nine minutes for battery, so let’s see what that guy does man. This is the illuminator tech. Rc guys we’ll be excited to get this guy in the air, so get this guy charged up next time. You see me, hopefully this guy be in the air we’ll, do a quick flight in the living room, because it’s frigid outside guys super super super cold it’s. Like negative seven, so yeah we’ll get this guy charged up, get it in the air.

Guys we’ll be back what’s up guys. Okay. I’M back so i got the tech rc illuminator drone all charged up, it’s, looking pretty sweet there guys and i since figured out that the white props are actually the front, the green or the rear. All right has an on and off switch here kind of blended in right there. You can’t, really see it but it’s blending in right. There all right, nice, looking boot style drone, took about half an hour to charge the battery get two batteries. Here’S, the tx, nice and labeled does need three um aaa batteries that are not included to fly this guy and you should be good to go guys all right. Let’S, detect, rc illuminator guys so we’re gon na just fly this guy and see what it do so. Let’S go ahead and turn this guy on. Do it up down, binds it and we should be able to take off now it has a little light bulb switch that we can switch the color of the leds right here and we’re going to see what that does and by checking it out. So let’s go ahead and just take off. I have to angle my camera up, so this is our first right here flying around in the first rate, check that out not too bad in the first race, i’m gon na hit that, like button, switch, the light, switch and change the lights. Now you can see they’ve changed the flicker of how they flicker you put it over here.

You need to turn them off now, they’re off now they’re doing like a slow flash, as you can see, it’s doing like a flow flash again now, i’m doing a flipper. So i’m, going to put it on a slow flash. I like to slow flash so we’re flying around in the first rate, and i want to see if the optical avoidance is working. Let’S see it is so yeah i’m not pressing anything i’m just going to let it kind of just bounce off things and just let’s see if it runs into the wall i’m, going to try to intentionally run it into the wall and see what happens if they. Let me hit the wall or not look at that. It will not. Let me hit the wall that’s, pretty cool. Look at this that’s, pretty cool guys you can just fly. You probably only need the transmitter. You just follow this. Oh so, and then you just pick it back up and continue to fly, that’s pretty cool, so this is our first rating i’m going to go into the second race. Second speed right here: there’s our yacht right. There let’s go back down to the first race there’s, our y’all, in the first rate, real slow, second rate, y’all third rate y’all, okay, this second rate, four, four flight in the second rate: okay, third rate: four flight in the third race: this is how it flies In third race it’s, not a speed demon or nothing like that, because it’s, a one style drone, so let’s see let’s try to flip Music.

If i can get a pressure button, when you flip you try that one more time yeah press and hold the flip button to flip it. So here, it’s, going to fly around kind of light, bulb see the leds just a little bit better. You guys know. I will pop out with a nice flight with it get a camera. Some love all of your fitness, though i ain’t got to worry about hitting the camera because it shouldn’t. Let me get back, get back, get back, that’s, pretty cool, though now as far as lbc i’m, not too sure about the lvc warning on this guy. I guess we’ve got these five killer, suckers out pretty cool slide we’re back into the second rate. Now they both did about an eight to nine minute flight time with this guy so i’m, not too sure i did fully charge the battery. Definitely a fun flyer, though definitely i’m pretty sure. If i will be one of the dopest night flyers ever see. If i can change up the leds again for you guys, i like that, how you can change it, that’s pretty cool. I like the flow flashing myself this flight time on it covers two batteries. He gives you about an 18 to 20 minute flight time. Out of this job look at two batteries. The fly is really good because it has some tri bladed tops on there, so it flies really well and precise, with the drive right across on there.

Look at that real good still going still going. I looking like my arm. I think that they’ll be see our flash about real flash real fast. I think we’re at lbc, one and all the lights are orange. I don’t have any different colors anymore, so i think that’s our lbc one right there guys there you go. I really like the tech, rc illuminator, guys really cool flyer dope comes with two batteries. Can’T complain: i’ll post a link below, if you guys are interested i’m.