My name is trevi and its time to talk about some tao, some good alliteration right there. The internet has been currently ripping itself apart after some tau spoilers were released on warhammer community and so lets talk about the knowledge that we have about the new tau codex for ninth edition coming out early 2022. That has been released so far so that we can get a holistic view of what the new faction is going to look like in its new incarnation when it releases spoilers have been dropping for the last month or so on. Warhammer community, as we sort of glacially move towards its release window, but the last spoiler spoiling the new profile of the tao tx7 hammerheads railgun weapon has divided the internet more dramatically than a political debate and you had better believe were going to talk about it. As always, if you enjoyed this content and want to support the channel drop a like and a subscribe, if you like, tao or even if you dont like tao one way or another thats fine by me and lets talk about the new tactical philosophies that are gon Na define the ninth edition, tau codex tactical philosophies are essentially gon na, be the unique faction benefit that a tao empire army will get. These are sort of combat doctrine, command, protocol style abilities that will affect your whole army, depending on the philosophy that you choose at the start of each game. This is different than the current way that the tactical philosophies operate, which is a once per game aura.

That is projected from your commanders on the turn that you choose to use it. Instead, these new abilities will come into play at the start of the game after the role to go. First, the tactical philosophy that you choose will give you some a series of special abilities to your entire army on particular battle rounds. The first one montca the killing blow benefits you in the early game, giving you an additional benefit on rounds, one through three that slowly degrades over time in these battle rounds. This allows your entire army to count as stationary after it performs a normal move or advance. Allowing you to move more quickly to get within the range specified by the tactical philosophy and also allowing you to benefit a little bit better from heavy weapons on your infantry. That range i mentioned earlier is important because, as long as your units are within that specified range band and attack the closest eligible enemy unit, meaning that youre not going to be able to target select very much when trying to make use of these tactical philosophies, which Does introduce some interesting counterplay for your opponent. This philosophy will give you plus one to your armor penetration characteristic and you get to re roll rolls of one to wound the range that that benefits you in degrades over time. So, on battle rod, one its 18 inches battle round two, its 12 and battle round: three, its nine inches after battle round three.

You will lose all the benefits from the monster philosophy, meaning that you no longer will get that plus 20p or re rolls, and you will no longer count as stationary after moving the second option for a philosophy, the alternative to montca is the kauyan. This affects you in the late game and allows your entire army to fall back and shoot with a minus one to hit penalty. So essentially the ultramarines chapter tactic for your entire army on those last three battle rounds of the game. This also has an additional ability, but thats, essentially locked to a 12 inch range band. So, unlike the montca, the range that kayana is effective in does not degrade, but also it only starts at 12 inches, which isnt that great. It also does not give you any effect if you fell back or are engaged and only works when youre targeting the closest eligible enemy unit within that 12 inches. So again, there is a lot of counter play from your opponent to try to negate the effects of the calyon. In this case, this gives you exploding hit rolls so additional hits on an unmodified roll of whatever and the hit roll required to get that explosion. Slowly, advances as the battle rounds go on so on battle round three: the first battle round that the kaoyan is going to be active. You get exploding sixes on battle round four, you get exploding fives and on battle round five you get exploding.

Four plus. This is an incredibly powerful ability, but again has a lot of criteria. You have to target the closest eligible enemy, you cant have fallen back and you cannot be an engagement range. There are going to be a lot of units in this town codex that well talk about later, that are going to be able to fire well within engagement range, something that tao players and even people who played against how have been asking for for years. So thats super exciting, but obviously the effect of exploding hits is a super big deal. I actually super duper love this mechanic, i think its super flavorful. The flexible strategy of the tau is really kind of made manifest in these mechanics, and i do also appreciate that theyve tried to limit the power of ranged alpha strikes by either making the more powerful benefit. The khao yan only affect you at the end of the game, meaning that your super faction ability your your big faction. Mechanic is going to do nothing when youre trying to commit a ranged alpha strike, whereas the montca has a limited range. So if youre going to use the version of the philosophy that works immediately, then your army is gon na have to move forward aggressively to engage the enemy army. This is exactly what i wanted from a tau codex. The worst thing that we could get from a tao army would be to be. You know an adeptus mechanicus redux, where your entire army is incentivized to sit on your table edge and fire immensely powerful long range weapons at your opponent with this super uninteractive super boring game plan, but fortunately this tau codex either forces you to choose between dealing additional Damage early, but also having to move forward aggressively versus playing cagier and dealing additional damage later at the expense of doing less damage in that early game, where the most of your army is intact and youre gon na be the best set up to deal that powerful Ranged alpha strike.

I also really appreciate that there is counter play on both sides of the table because you choose before the game starts or you choose after the role to go. First, which means the tau player has a lot of control over which side of these tactical philosophies you choose, but also because all of them have this kind of positional requirement where they only work on the closest enemy unit. Within a certain distance, you can potentially be throwing screening units in front of your more powerful units in order to have them soak the benefit of these tactical philosophies, which i think is very cool. It just adds a new layer of interaction to the tau match up and i think thats a really good way to approach it. That said, we have been given a lot of knowledge about the weapons and units that are going to be benefiting from these tactical philosophies. So lets move on to some of the other spoilers more unit, specific spoilers that weve gotten. We get a couple spoilers about buffs to infantry weapons. We know that pulse carbines are moving up to range 24, still, an assault. 2 strength, 5 weapon at a 24 inch range is a very powerful infantry gun, if i do say so, myself pulse rifles moving up to range 36 from range 30 that they were in the previous version and getting ap1. That is still a rapid fire one weapon and that extended range means that theyre gon na get their second shot out to 18 inches, which means that while they dont necessarily have the consistent two shots that the pulse carbine has and the ability to advance and fire.

Obviously, although you can use monka to count them as stationary, if they are advancing with their strike teams that 18 inch range, two shots with the extra ap makes that pulse rifle option. Super duper nice. We also saw an article in warhammer community about the darkstrider character. A character who saw a little bit of play in eighth edition for his ability to benefit troops around him. To give your infantry the ability to fall back and shoot, which was pretty effective and had an ability to give them plus one to wound, to a single infantry unit within six inches against a single enemy unit. That ability has been significantly buffed now just requiring the core keyword. This is a pretty big deal. Giving plus went to wound to an entire core unit, especially with how powerful tau death stars can using bodyguard battle suits or crisis battle suits. This guy could be an absolute auto include in lists that use the classic tau sept. Now we dont know any of the sub faction abilities or their other benefits that youll get from your sub faction selection. So, whether or not tau actually ends up being the most optimal pick, i dont know but im sure this guy will factor into that now to be fair, we dont actually know what has the core keyword. I would be shocked if battle units do not get it or at least the smaller jump pack battle suit units, especially the crisis battle suits.

But again we just dont know, and it may only be restricted to a lot of the infantry units. We also saw the model spoiled and i think he looks very cool. He has this little sensor drones there that give him that plus one to wound effect. They can go out and scan enemy units to show off their weaknesses. I did think that this dude had a camo cloak when i first saw the model, but it turns out hes just on like a tactical uh ruined wall. I guess, although i think uh, i think, if you modeled with them with a camel cloak, it would look absolutely sweet. So all you modelers out there get working on your camo cloaks. I think that would be super cool. We also saw an entire article based entirely around battle suits and the benefits that battle suits and a lot of their weapons systems are going to get first off battle suits with or units with, the battle suit keyword can fire within engagement range now. One thing thats important to note about this ability is that any weapons with a blast keyword will still be ineligible to fire in melee, because the blast keyword itself is what makes that weapon ineligible to fire. So things like air bursting fragmentation, projectors, which i assume will retain the blast keyword, although we dont know that i imagine, will not be fireable into melee, despite the fact that the battle suit unit can potentially fire into melee.

This is almost a copy and paste the big guns, never tire, but also does not impose the minus one to hit role for firing heavy weapons into engagement range, since that part, is a component of the big guns, never tire mechanic. So that means that your non monster, non vehicle battle suits, which is probably going to be the majority of them, will be able to fire all of their non blast, weapons into units that theyre in melee, with without any penalties which is freaking super cool. In addition, we got some updates to further ranged weapons in the tao arsenal. Burst cannons, going up to assault six from their previous version of assault, four still 18 range and strength, five ap zero. This does mean that the volume of fire from a burst cannon equipped unit, although the actual stat line of that weapon, is still not the most exciting thing ever string. Five ap zero is a fine profile in the current metagame of 40k, but not incredible. That said, obviously some things are going to buff them like, for example, the montcha philosophy which will give them that coveted, plus one ap. In addition, upgrades like the target lock now allows it to ignore cover, which is a pretty big deal essentially in a lot of instances, especially now that light cover area terrain is so ubiquitous in the competitive 40k scene. This is a lot of times. Gon na give you plus one ap against infantry.

We also see tau flamers, going up to d6 plus two shots from their regular d6, still a 12 inch range and still automatically hitting with all of those attacks at strength. Four ap zero. This is a pretty nice quality of life change as well. We see an upgrade to the multi tracker, which gives the carrier exploding sixes against units containing six or more models that gives these battle suits if they elect to equip that multitracker a little bit of additional punch against those big horde units. Something thats going to be very useful since we talk about their alternative anti armor options later in this video now we also saw some previews of battleship specific stratagems, and these are an absolute doozy. The first one is drop threat acquisition. This is a very expensive stratagem, costing two to three cp, depending on the size of the battle unit, youre using it on four plus bottles. It will cost three cp. Otherwise, a one, two or three strong unit will cost two cp still relatively expensive for just a three model unit, but the effect is pretty good. It gives you full rerolls to hit with your ranged attacks if you are set up on the battlefield using a manta strike or homing beacon. So so, essentially, your deep strike style reserve abilities. That said its not any reservability, so you cant strategic reserve in units which means that this might mostly be restricted to units coming in with jet packs.

The effect, though, is absolutely great for earls to hit, especially for a unit thats, probably locked, a blasted skill, 4 or ballistic skill 3., most likely with taus classic weakness of having relatively average ballistic kills, despite the fact that they have such a high volume of attacks Is gon na make a strategy like this incredibly powerful, especially with the additional attacks that all of these weapons are probably going to be performing? That means a model equipped to two of these. Things could potentially be firing 12 times with full rerolls to hit at a potential plus one ep from the montca or exploding sixes, both from multi tracker and from the kao yan tactical philosophy, giving you a tesla effect, thats, pretty cool. That said, even cooler is the other stratagem that we saw previewed, strike and fade. This is a return to the old jump, shoot jump mechanic from the days of yore. This is used at the start of your shooting phase and allows a jetpack unit, which is essentially just your crisis. Battlesuit teams to fire immediately then make a normal move of up to six inches. This can allow you to move the unit farther along the table using it like fire and fade that we see eldari use a lot, letting them take their normal movement then use the strike and fade to move on to an objective or a similar, crucial area of The table, in addition, you can also use it and its probably more intended role to get the unit back out of line of sight after theyve made their attacks.

Now the stratagem does have a modal cost, its one cp. If you are five or fewer models, six plus models, it will cost you two cp now theres some interesting things that we can glean from the wording of both of these stratagems. First off drop threat. Acquisition specifically refers to battle suit models in your unit when you are assessing the cost of the stratagem strike and fade also, when assessing the cost of astralism specifically excludes drone models, which means that we may have jet pack models that are not necessarily battle suits. Currently, this keyword is just restricted to ethereals using a hover drone, but those units dont innately, have any ranged attacks. That said, those hover drones can be accompanied by drone models in the current version of the codex and the striking trade and fade stratagem specifically excludes drone models when assessing the cost of the stratagem. So, interestingly, that probably means that drones now become part of their parent unit when theyre added in the list building step. Currently, when you are accompanied by drones, you are deployed as a single unit and then the drones split off, meaning that all of the drones operate as individual units and then well typically use their savior product. And that may mean that drones are just essentially ablative wounds. For the units that theyre accompanying with units like shield drones able to potentially force big heavy anti tank rounds onto an invulnerable save rather than going through the savior protocols.

Mechanic as we saw in the previous version thats how drones have worked traditionally with the overall effect being significantly less flexible than savior protocols and probably less powerful, since youre no longer able to sync infinite last cannons into the dozens of individual tactical drone units or accompanied Drone units that have split off from your battle suits and battle suit, commanders and riptide battle suits and all that stuff. That said, it does make the army probably a lot easier to play and prevents you from giving up secondaries like grime them down or in gt 2022. The new retrieval mission alternative primary scoring that focuses on killing more enemy units than you lost. Those two individual drones that could split off from a single battle suit oftentimes ended up being a liability in those cases and allowed your opponent to farm a lot of victory points from you over the course of the game, but no longer if they do end up Being part of the unit, which is what it looks like, it does theyre just going to be additional models in a unit and your total unit count is going to shrink significantly, which does have a lot of significant benefits. So theres a lot. We can glean from just this one article that hasnt necessarily all been spoiled, which definitely heralds some fundamental changes to how the faction operates from their 8th edition codex and with that lets, move on to the ps resistance from these spoilers.

Its time to talk about the railgun now the tx7 hammerhead gunship has been kind of a meme in 40k for a really long time, but in the 8th edition codex, the railgun hammerhead was 140 point platform for delivering a single ballistic skill, three last cannon shot for That sweet sweet d6 damage. It was a potential for some additional border wounds on sixes to wound a one in six chance. Youll deal more than maybe six damage with this thing, but overall it was ridiculously underpowered, probably one of the most poorly designed vehicle weapons in the entire game. That said, the glow up that the new railgun has received in this recent reveal is pretty insane. The newest version of the railgun that was spoiled on warhammer community is a 72 inch range which is to be expected. One shot, strength, 14, ep 6, d3 plus 6 damage weapon. That is already an impressive offensive profile, although at one shot, meaning that we are relatively high variance. That said, the abilities on the weapon are really what takes the cake. First off, you cannot take invulnerable saves against it, full stop, which is obviously the number one defense against these low volume, high impact anti tank weapons, meaning that this thing is the terror of any heavy vehicle, regardless of its defensive profile. In addition, each time a successful wood roll is made for an attack with a railgun. The target suffers three mortal wounds in addition to any other damage.

Now the timing on this is important, because that phrase, in addition to any other damage, means that the mortal wounds are applied after the normal damage from the weapon, which means first off. You know how much damage youve taken before you suffer border wounds, which means, if you are, for example, a space marine vehicle and have taken the d3 plus six damage shot. Maybe they rolled a one and only dealt seven, you know three. Mortal wounds are going to be coming in and you could potentially use an armor of contempt to try to save one of those to keep your vehicle alive. In addition, if this thing, fires at smaller targets say, for example, just a unit of one wound – infantry, the railgun shot – will go through automatically vaporize one of those infantry. Then three additional mortal wounds are applied, meaning it then the shrapnel from that exploding infantryman killed. Three additional models in that unit, which is, i dont, know kind of an evocative image. All of this insane offense is compounded by the new targeting array upgrade, which gives it a reroll on one of its hits. Every shooting step, meaning that probably lacking the core keyword and its associated benefits, wont be a huge issue for this newly updated hammerhead, but no worries. I hear you type out in the comment section ill. Just take high model count: a big horde army, where its one shot, plus a couple mortal wounds, will have no power.

Well, dear commenter, let me introduce you to the submunitions stratagem, this stratagem for the low low cost of one cp and sacrificing your railgun shot. This round allows you to fire the special submunition shot at a unit within 36 inches in line of sight. It doesnt require a hit roll. This thing just happens automatically and you roll one d6 for each model in the target unit, adding plus one if the unit is 11 or more models, so essentially a super blast weapon for each four plus, including that plus one so three plus four eleven or more Model units the unit suffers one mortal wound to a maximum of eight. This means that, on average on ten model enemy units, these things can plaster you for four or f um for five ish mortal wounds instead of the four that it would normally be doing by firing its normal gun, but those big horde units, its almost a hundred Percent of the time, unless you roll spectacularly bad gon na be plastering them for eight mortal loons. Now that sounds like a lot, but in fairness, its probably an actually pretty fair strategy, considering the unit that it slaughters most efficiently are low cost single wound infantry, against which mortal wounds are mostly inconsequential. If you can imagine that this was like a strength, six ap2 2d6 shot blast weapon. Instead, it would probably be doing a similar amount of damage to a light infantry unit. The difference is that this can punch through a lot of defenses.

Like invulnerable saves. That said, it does cost one cp and can only be used once per phase, which means that if you have multiple hammer heads, they cannot all be firing out submunitions every turn and depending on how cp starts tao end up being depending on their swath of stratagems. You may actually not be able to use this submunition shot very much at all and be relying on the extra three mortal wounds delivered by the normal railgun shot in order to be whittling down those infantry units from super long range. Now this article has had the warhammer 40k online community in a great flurry of discussion. Half the internet seems to think that the gun is the most broken. Oh, my god thing, thats ever been released and the other half, interestingly, typically tau fans. I dont know what the correlation there is. It must be something think its actively bad. I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle. I am worried about the inherent uninteract ability of a weapon that ignores functionally every saving throw in the game, since you need a zero plus armor save to even get an armor save against the ap6 value, so thats. Basically, a storm shield terminator with the effect of something like side, steel, armor or standing in light cover and then obviously ignoring all invulnerable saves as well and all on a weapon that has a high enough output that damage reduction is no defense against it.

Damage ignore rolls, or just an immensely thick wound count are the only ways to avoid being absolutely crippled by a single shot from this gun and thats all at a reasonable degree of reliability. Giving the high strength base three plus ballistic skill, probably thats what it has in the current codex and a built in hit reroll from a targeting array. I have a sneaking suspicion that the camp naysaying the power of this weapon arent, really assessing it holistically. As part of a tau army, if this was the only long range dancy tank, the faction had access to it would seem fairly tame. Actually, but its not like tao wont, have access to a plethora of long range. High impact shooting to clean up after the railgun leaves your 12 wound vehicle smoking on a single hit point. This is, after all, a faction whose base infantry have 36 inch range ap1 weapons. In most cases, despite the d3 damage variance of the weapons core damage profile. A successful converted wound might as well be a death sentence to any regularly standing vehicle in the game for most factions, its also very hard to counter attack. Given the vehicles maneuverability at a 12 inch move, probably with fly and adequate defensive stat line with t7 at 13 wounds again thats all in the current codex. But i see no reason that it would change its all nothing to write home about, but definitely requires actual dedicated anti tank to reasonably kill and at a 72 inch range that allows it to sit at the absolute maximum of any possible counter fire, meaning that most Factions in the game that dont have access to super long range blast cannons or something like that simply wont have an easy way to deal with it.

That said, is the sky ray falling, because this one weapon is good against some of the vehicles in the game? Absolutely not a lot depends on the points cost of the whole system, its likely that we see this new incarnation of the hammerhead around 170 points, a good tool in the toolbox to deal with heavy armor, but not so inexpensive to be spammed, regardless at a significantly Higher point cost, you probably wont see too many of these on the table, but at too much lower and things do get actually scary. That said, the spoiler does still worry me a little bit, not because i think its necessarily too good, but i think it might actually be bad if the level of damage grouped at the tau faction and 40k as a whole has reached makes a weapon that one Shots the vast majority of vehicles in the game more than 50 of the time and has the potential to invalidate any faction or army archetype that relies on heavy armor and invulnerable, saves to keep themselves alive in the center of the table not immediately playable. Then im worried for the tenor of the faction that that weapon belongs to, especially since there may very well be more powerful or effective combinations of units in the final ninth edition tau codex. But that brings up the point that theres still a ton of the codex to be revealed so making any snap judgments about the relative brokenness of specific weapons and units is prognosticatory to the extreme.

At the very least as a fan of the aesthetic of armored cadres. Im very excited for their vehicle selection to get a big glow up and i hope for the return of the mechanized tau lists from the days of yore. After all, these vehicles are cool, looking enough to exist canonically in the marvel comics universe. Tau are one of my favorite factions visually, at least for their sci fi pseudo military, look and visual cohesion and id like nothing better to see shoals of hammerheads and devil fish, delivering tactical strike teams to critical areas of the battlefield under the surgical covering fire of Electronically, guided submunitions, if that doesnt get your nerd sensibilities, excited 40k, might not be the hobby for you. I dont know what to tell you as a bit of an aside. I am a little disappointed just with the general design of the railgun. I dont, like that ignores invulnerable saves those are the defense against a lot of heavy anti tank weapons, and i think there are more elegant ways to get around your weapon being hamstrung. Buying vulnerable saves, i like the idea that it deals damage regardless of whether or not your target has passed their invulnerable save, and i would like to see that mechanic extrapolated further, rather than this kind of mess that the railgun has currently just simply making it a Hugely damaging weapon that did not ignore invulnerable saves but potentially had reduced the damage. If your target passed their save could make it much more interesting to play both with and against making it, for example, like 12 damage, or maybe like a d3 plus 9, or something means that, failing that invulnerable, save is absolutely terrifying, but then maybe making a deal.

A flat 6 damage, if your target past their save means that the railguns always doing consistent damage, but your opponent does have some counter play in order to try to keep their units alive, whereas the current version, assuming youre a 12 wound model, you basically just have To hope they dont roll the three on damage and one shot you anyway thats all. I have to say about that. Thanks for watching all the way to the end of the video. Let me know down in the comment section: how excited you are for the new tau codex and big thanks as well to everyone who supports the channel over on patreon the tactical tortoise youtube channel members. Also, you can join in the link down below the video. The new advanced tactics, video just came out for both patrons and channel members and i deep dive into transports which, if we do see devil fish on the table, could be very relevant. I think thats a very good video. Actually, i was pretty proud of it to be honest, also twitch, subscribers over on twitch, i stream every day. Uh 4 p.m. On weekdays, us eastern time, which is pretty cool and im going to end the video here, thanks for watching everybody remember to keep it classy.