. I answered some of your questions on Reddit recently. Today, Im here with a recap for those of you who missed it.. My colleague game designers here will help me answer some more.. There are a lot of ways to restore durability, mid combat nowadays.. It takes away the premium from the repair bots.. Do you plan to make the support class more viable Definitely., But not by playing around with grey structural damage. In future updates repair will only be one of the tricks from a support, bots arsenal. Think shields suppression and more Will there be a new Tier 4 mothership? Next year, How many new robots are in plans for 2022? We plan on releasing 5 new robots and 3 new titans next year. And yes, there will be new motherships. Join our Discord. I sometimes share leaks there with content thats still in development.. Why do the old bots cost that much gold, It doesnt, add up.? We were thinking exactly the same. During the preparation of 7.7.7. We reconsidered prices for most of the lower tier equipment.. The list of new prices is in the video description. For some items. It also means cheaper upgrades.. Can you work on adding new maps as hard as you work on adding new robots? In fact, we already put as much effort into creating maps as we do with robots., But Maps are very time consuming.. It takes nearly a year for the art and level design departments to do their part.

Right now. Their primary focus is to update graphics for the old maps.. Then we move to the new one. Why dont we add module slots or design legendary pilots for the old robots. The role of the good old robots is to help new players, learn the ropes., The less complex they are. The better. War Robots is a mobile game and we want to keep the amount of mechanics at entry level to the minimum.. Will there be a way to communicate to your team in battle? Combat pings, like I need backup and Form up on me, are one of the features on our improvement list.. We arent sure of the priority of this feature, but we definitely have plans to add it.. Why do you add new items instead of new features and technical improvements? Short answer? We dont. There are different teams within the company that work on different types of tasks. Game designers. Like me, well design new content and features. Technical artists, create the visuals. Code teams, develop and tweak the core of the game. Revenue managers, ensure that the company remains profitable. And so on More content, doesnt mean less technical tweaking.. We fix bugs and introduce tons of optimization with every major update.. Will there be any improvements to the targeting system? We made some really important tweaks to the system in 7.7.. Now you should always be able to fire back at a robot up in the air or down on the ground.

. Additionally, the aiming system will now ignore targets that arent in front of you.. This gives you a more direct control over the aiming process.. You just need to turn in the right direction.. We will continue working on the targeting system in 2022.. Massive drone update when We are working on it. Well. At this point we are writing the docs., So I can only give you the general idea of where this is going.. The main goal is to make each drone a unique and valuable item, regardless of its microchip build.. A drone should be easily distinguishable like a weapon.. This will make War Robots battles a bit less chaotic.