Uh demoing the rainbow app so ive decided to proceed to the litchi app which ive been covering extensively in in on this channel, at least along with the mavic mini, which is now possible to do with the mini 2.. And i guess one of the most sought. After features are the active tracks, of course, that would is going to be included and lets see what else we can squeeze into this video. I often get the question which app you would you invest in if you had to go and spend the money and theres? No doubt, in my mind, at least from based on past experience, that the digi act is a really good purchase for its money, its only around 25, and it will add a lot of additional functionality. At least it did that to the original mavic mini. So it was a pretty cool purchase and, of course, i will make sure to link it to a playlist with all the stuff that i made about. The lychee app, including waypoint, tutorials, active track flight modes and all the stuff ive been covering its the same way. That it works regardless, if its the mini or the mini 2 and youll be able to find that playlist in the description below. If you want to study the app for yourself before you head out somewhere in the parking lot as uh theres, not many cars but theres a lot of other building equipment here, so that we have to stay clear of.

Because i want to put in a disclaimer when youre using these third party apps, especially with the mini 2 that are adding a tracking functionality and stuff like autonomous flights to the drone, you might risk wrecking it because there are no sensors. As you know, on the drone that will save you in case that it tries to run into something on top of that, theres also a risk that you would void the warranty of the drone, as well as the dji care refresh program in case that you crash The drone, while youre operating it with these apps, bear that in mind before you start experimenting with all these new great features lets get the drone in the air. So its up, the bastard is up so lets uh jump in the menu here and then simply select. You know you notice theres a follow mode and there is a tracking mode. The difference between these two modes is the follow mode. It follows the remote and the tracking mode thats, actually tracking the object using the camera. So you need to use two fingers to pitch a square thats, something that many are missing and you cannot make this work because of that i understand the risks. Yes, i think i want for all safety position the drone higher than all this equipment. That is around me and then we can try and start the car and just drive a little bit around here, just to see if we can make it follow so right now its doing pretty okay, definitely a lot better and easier than than what we saw with The the rainbow app so in our case, i think it would be a really really good idea to invest in this app see its taking very nicely along its not.

This is not going to be like a really like maximum test of its capabilities, but its its doing like a pretty nice job, and this is a i dont know if its a closed parking lot. Its not but its uh were just doing this very slow and theres. No people around so just do a parking here. So i actually think that the result here lets uh. Oh lets just do one more where we actually record some video. So this time we are recording video and the drone is very nicely following along give it speed it up a little bit here, theres a certain limit to how fast i can drive here. So so i guess this was a pretty convincing demonstration of what is possible with the lychee app and, of course you can study the videos that are put out on all these tracking functions, because you can do a lot with it using it for different purposes. What else we have the waypoints and lets just create a smaller mission here just have a mission where it flies from this point to this point to this point, and they are all in 30 meters high, so they shouldnt be colliding with anything. Here lets just jump into this submission setting. We put a point of interest here, maybe all right and then we launched the mission lets just see what its doing here its going to waypoint number one, and it continues to waypoint number two where it has a nice curve.

Okay, a little bit of a curve, and then it will turn around and it will go back. Okay. All of it was not pointing toward point of interest number one, but this was just a super fast demonstration that the waypoint mode is actually working with this setup. As well and as we dont have that much battery left, maybe we should just spend the time on testing out something that is not available with the dji fly. App. So lets just put this one up here and then jump into follow mode, and then you press the gear wheel here and then youre saying: okay, we want it to be at 20 meters. Then we make sure that we dont destroy anything and then we just say go normally. This is not very smooth, so lets just try this and see how it goes, and this might give some problems because im inside the car here so its its following along, but its definitely not as smooth as we saw with the active track. So it moves along. So it can be used to some extent and now we are running out of juice, so ill just land the drone here. So, as you saw in this demo, there are a lot of cool things coming your way. If you own a mavic 2., you will be able to do if the fpv mode, which is the normal flight mode, that we know youll, be able to do waypoints.

You can do orbit mode where you set it to hover around the drone. You have a focus mode, which is basically, i think, its like a spotlight function where you can make it focus on a certain point and you can just hover the drone or fly it around the drone on a horizontal plane and then yeah make the drone. Take care of focusing on a single object for you, you could do panorama shots and you can do the tracking feature. The tracking feature is probably the biggest asset of this app. So if this is something that say up to you, you should consider investing into this app. I managed to complete this video before it started raining so thats pretty cool. That was why it was a little bit rushed, but i hope that is okay. At least ive made a ton of videos where ive covered a the lychee performance or what you can do with it, together with the mini one and its exactly the same that you can do with the mini two as it seems as you like. It lets include a few questions from the previous video about the rainbow app using the sdk for the mini 2., and that is of course, true. Active track is also, in my opinion, very overrated. I think its more the technical fascination that its actually possible for the drone to use the camera to track an object more than the actual use case for it.

I personally prefer to fly manually if this is something that im being paid to do or if i have to produce something specifically for the channel. What about you? How often do you use active track super request? Of course, i can demo that if the weather permits it so make sure if youre not already a subscriber to the channel to hit that subscribe button, so you dont miss out when i launched that video. I think the reason why we see low scores on these apps are that they are sort of tapping into an ecosystem that is very well working, dji produces premium software and they control both software and hardware. When a third party tries to produce something, it would often be maybe with a little bit of box in the beginning as well as and not working as smooth as you are used to expect from dji software. So what do you think about the idea taking some of your questions, putting them into the video if you like, that idea, make sure to pop some questions below and then you might be featured in one of the future videos. I hope you like this video.